The Glory of Pride, Definitionally Redefined

In My past writings, I have exalted the mentally supreme and Self-empowering states of mind and reality perceptions of Egoism, Egotism, Narcissism, and Self-Love. Rightly so, these four distinct platforms vitally express and manifest the creation of personal godhood to which all Superiors should aspire, and which I have personally achieved and maximized.
But there is a fifth component to this equation which I have failed to properly address on an in-depth level. This necessary component for the maximization of Self, is referred to by the humans as pride. Why have I not comprehensively addressed this component? Partly due to a simple lack of available time, but more so due to the fact that this specific term, pride, has been even more definitionally distorted and warped from its True meaning, than the other four platforms, by you humans and your diseased societies.
It is now, right now, that I choose to take back pride, to reclaim this state of mind as positive and vital, an integral component of Superior Self-maximization. But in order to do so, I must first radically redefine the definitional parameters of pride, within the glory of Forbidden Truth.
Society and government has viciously corrupted and hijacked the term pride, using it to establish inferior and diseased states of mind and perverse and invalid reality perceptions, within its brainwashed citizen-slaves. I will now dissect these definitional brainwashings, in order to properly reclaim Pride as a vital component of the Self-realized, Superior mind which seeks to transcend its humanity.
Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be something solicited from others: “I want you to be proud of me.” “I want to do something that will make others feel proud of me.” This is a perverse and outrageous attack upon the very definitional essence of pride as a Self-inspired, Self-inspiring state of mind.
Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be dependent upon the opinion of others. “I can feel proud of Myself, because others are proud of Me.” “I need to find a way to make others feel proud of Me, so that I can envision and bestow pride upon Myself.” No! All pride must be Self-inspired. Pride can never be externally judged, all who attempt to express pride in you, must be recognized as your mortal enemies, seeking to limit and control the parameters by which you recognize and embrace pride of Self.
Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be dependent upon what you do, what you achieve, or the achievement of a goal, instead of what you are. Unacceptable! All pride must be 100% based upon the creation of the individual Self-mind, completely non-dependent upon any action or behavior, accomplishment or lack of accomplishment, the meeting of a goal or the failure to meet a goal.
Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be something you bestow upon others, individuals and structures: “I am proud of my country, I am proud of my team, I am proud of my family, I am proud of him, of her…” No! All pride must be Self-originating, and Self-directed: I am proud…of Myself!
So, let us proudly, no pun intended, summarize the Superior redefinition of pride:

  • The only valid form of pride, is Self-pride.
  • All pride must be directed by the individual, upon Himself.
  • All pride must be unconditional, internally inspired and created by the individual mind based upon what he recognizes Himself to be, not on anything that he might or might not do or achieve, and not upon the pursuit of any goal with an outcome not 100% within his control.
  • Pride must never be impacted or influenced by either the positive or the negative sentiment or judgment of others, as it may be directed towards you.

Within this Forbidden Truth redefinition, it is appropriate that aspiring Superiors recognize the positive value and importance of cultivating and maximizing personal pride of Self, as an integral building block to the creation of an untouchable fortress of egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love.
Pride must not be considered equal to these four primary platforms, as it fails to reach an actual primary platform level. Instead, pride should be understood as an integral component of all four primary platforms. Meaning simply this: Maximized egoism requires absolute pride of Self. Maximized egotism also requires absolute pride of Self. Maximized narcissism, and maximized love of Self, also require absolute pride of Self. Pride, as properly defined above, is a vitally important ingredient in achieving all four of these primary platforms. Pride must be achieved and realized, in order for these four primary platforms to be properly created and maintained within an externally untouchable Self-universe.
All this said and understood, let us be clear that in and of itself, pride is not enough to elevate the human mind. It is shallow and it is porous. It is too easily exploited and it fails to directly lead to new and ongoing Truth realizations. It is an important ingredient which can lead to the development of personal Superiority, but it is only an ingredient, not a direct component, such as egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love. This is an important distinction which must be recognized.
My vow of pride, as an untouchable transcendee of my humanity, is this:
I will always be unconditionally and limitlessly proud of what I am. Nothing that I may or may not do, no achievement realized or not realized, can ever or will ever impact the pride of personal creation that I claim, as the owner, designer, orchestrator, of the universe of Me.
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