The Glory of Personal Perfection Within Self-Perception

Yes humans, I have achieved personal perfection within Self-perception. What does this mean? How does this supreme state of mind manifest itself? Let Me give you just one comprehensive example:
You humans are obsessed with the optical illusion of change. Every day you embark upon your grand odyssey of change-obsession. You crave difference, newness, internal and external changes of every stripe. But every change must fit within narrow parameters defined by society and the matrix. And so every change is but an illusion, a Self-deception of perception.
But still, your obsession is very real. You cannot bear to think of even two consecutive days occurring as exact repetition, much less weeks, months, years, centuries, eternity.
Why is this so? Because there is NOTHING even close to perfect within your Self-universe. You hate yourselves and your lives, only the thought of things changing, prevents you from affirmatively committing dynamic acts of immediate Self-murder.
I am the polar opposite. I need and want NOTHING to ever change, because I have attained personal perfection as a Self-universe. There is only one necessary change, and this is external to the Self-universe: I demand technological immortality, simply because the Self-universe is worthless if it can and will be destroyed.
No other change is needed, ever. Understand the vast chasm of difference this creates, between Me and you humans. I want every single day to endlessly repeat, every detail exactly the same, every day, for a trillion days, for all of eternity. Pick any day, a good day or a bad day, even a 16 hour slave labor day, and I want only for it to endlessly repeat.
This is bliss. This is the True version of heaven. And why?? Because My mind is vast and untouchable, limitless and infinite. My brain creates for Me bliss, at My will and command. I do not need new and different experiences, I do not need any external stimuli. Nothing ever needs to change.
Ironic, isn’t it? I provide humanity with the most fundamental and radical of changes, at every level of structural and ideological formation, yet I want and need NO changes. While you creatures desperately crave change, but only useless illusions of it, only changes that maintain the existing status quo.
And so I say again: Cut off My head, remove My brain, preserve it within a noxious chemical compound that allows My brain cells to thrive forever. That’s ALL I want. No need for arms or legs or sexual organs or any new experiences or even memories. Just give Me ONE single day to replay over and over, identically. Any day, you choose it. Give Me this and I shall be content, content to spend eternity happily raging and hating and loving, each in its own proper direction, immersed in the personal perfection of Me as it is realized and cradled within My True Reality.
You will know perfection of Self when you have no desire to ever change anything in your mind universe.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I’m here just stating the obvious but i find it ironic how this is all based on only your own perception if you think about it. I will respect your viewpoint, but I do not agree nor disagree with you.

    1. My perception is the only valid perception. The perception of one who has maximized Self within Truth.
      Humanity as a species is inferior and fatally flawed, therefore any level of agreement with Me regarding My personal perfection, would indicate I have strayed from the path of perfection.
      I seek no agreement from anyone. The more agreement I receive from others, the less certain I can be of My superiority, because inferiors are incapable of recognizing and appreciating such superiority in others.
      Everything i reveal within My texts, regarding Self as well as Truth in general, has been proven valid to Me, by Me. Me: The only valid judge, based upon what I know Myself to be.

  2. Another 5 star post, at least in my book. I always hated how much people love to change stuff, vacation destinations, redecorate their room, etc. Very little change should be required, to the superior mind(some things DO break and need replacing etc..). Excellent post!

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