The Glory of Isolation

I wish to be alone, always alone. When I am alone I am surrounded by the glory of the universe that I have created. When I am alone My perfection of mind can be fully realized and appreciated. Eternal isolation is My earned right, by virtue of the mind I have created, and yet it is denied Me.
I am forced to leave the glory of personal isolation, forced to look at and talk to and smell and otherwise interact with humans, the lowest of all species. A species I used to be a member of. I am forced under direct threat of suffering personal harm and deprivation. This is unacceptable. This is an example of a True crime, a crime of the state, a crime of government and society, committed against Me, a created victim.
And so I will leave the glory of My isolation, I will endure this injustice, this ongoing crime being perpetrated upon and against Me. But as always, I will never forgive and I will never forget. I will use this and every other injustice carried out against Me, to nurture and strengthen My rage and hate against others, My unconditional and limitless love of Self, and the functional capacity of My brilliant mind to thrive under any environmental condition.
In other words, I must now stop blogging and get ready to perform slave labor.
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  1. SEER, I also love isolation being away from inferiors. Isn’t it tragic that humans are forced to interact and be around other humans when they really don’t want to? I don’t know if inferiors have given this any thought, or have simply taken this as a trivial matter–in essence, it’s not at all. We are robbed of our autonomy, freedom, and personal space and universe that should be our natural right. Inferiors wonder why their fellow inferiors go berserk! lack of autonomy and not enough isolation is wiping out humanity slowly but surely

    1. The right to absolute isolation of body and mind from the contaminating contact of humans, deserves to be recognized as sacred and inalienable. Explosions of justified rage and hate via mass and serial murder, as well as rtitualized orgies of socially sponsored violence such as war, are directly caused by humans being forced to interact with other humans, denied their right to create a universe of personal isolation within which they can learn to glory in undisturbed Self-obsession.

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