The Future Is The Present

A top-level Forbidden Truth: Every horror you will experience, you have already experienced.
There is NOTHING mystical or supernatural or speculative in this Forbidden Truth. It is simply logic, pure deductive reasoning, factual reality rationally realized and consciously embraced.
You do not need a memory of the experience of a horror, for the horror to have happened to You, fool! You only need to understand that no future horror that will happen to You, exists in the future. It exists in the NOW, in real-time.
You will not GET old, you ARE old. You will not die, you are already dead. Your chronological age or relative state of health has no bearing upon this Truth, and denying it is simply the face and mind of cowardice, denying reality.
This Forbidden Truth is so precious: It is the only path forward. To know at age 18 that you are already old and dead, to consciously appreciate the horror of the matrix of universal illusion, denying You this mind bomb of Truth. Only within the embrace of this knowledge, can you save Yourself from these horrors.
You save Yourself via the conscious recognition that no horror you will experience exists in the future. No horror you will experience can be dismissed, ignored, put to the back of the mind, tucked away for future processing in years or decades.
No! You have no time. You are old and dead at age 18. Only via this conscious recognition can you propel forward, with the time, the strength, the insight, the motivation, to change the future by changing the present: To prevent the horror that has already occurred, from destroying You for all of cosmic eternity.
If you do not understand how profound and utterly True this Forbidden Truth is, as factual reality, you are & will always be hopelessly lost and doomed. Old and dead, but pretending to be something else, something you are NOT, trapped within the mass delusions created and propped up by the matrix of universal illusion.
The only way to be inspired to destroy what is destroying You, is to know You are destroyed.
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  1. Yes THIS is Brilliant! We are the hollow men… the stuffed men… headpiece filled with straw. The illusion of time is also a huge cage. Whatever this existence is… it isn’t what we have been trained to think it is. What a strange death trip~ humanity’s vacation from reality! Most of youth is about adapting to being half alive or… dead as you say. Thank you! I love reading your essays at dawn.

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