The Forbidden Truths of Rebellion

All who seek to understand the hopeless nature of the human condition, must consciously analyze and decipher exactly how the universe of illusion humanity has built for itself, undermines all capacity of the species to positively evolve. This universe of illusion is foundationally rooted in the embrace of unreality, a total incapacity to face the facts of this artificially created universe, and by proxy, the nature of every individual interaction with this universe.
Let us explore this human failure from the specific perspective of dynamic, external rebellion. To rebel is dictionarily defined by society as:
To oppose or fight against a government.

To oppose a person or group in authority : to refuse to obey rules or accept normal standards of behavior, dress, etc.

You can extrapolate from this dictionary definition that he who rebels, seeks and demands change. But of what use is change, when the human has been rendered Self-hating and only pursues change which sabotages his own existence, change which only makes things worse for him, change which only legitimizes the status quo of universal oppression rooted within the matrix of universal illusion??

The Forbidden Truth is this: Throughout the modern era of human existence, the individual humans who have been defined by society and government as revolutionary rebels, of thought, of mind, and of action, have actually been conformists. The handful of genuine rebels and revolutionaries who have existed, have never been allowed to claim these titles. This handful of genuine revolutionaries, with Myself at the very top of the list, have been relentlessly ostracized, ignored, shunned, and demonized, as criminals, as mentally deranged, as suffering from organic brain disease, as pariahs and as lepers, in order to extinguish the very capacity of the brainwashed masses to even understand what it is to rebel, much less to consider embracing Truth-based rebellion via ideology and actions.

All over the news today, you see the glamorization of the organized terrorism of government, of isis, of al-qaeda, of boko haram, of the kkk and of the fundamentalist christians and of the new black panthers and of the feminists demanding their right to wear high heels, alongside their right to refuse to wear high heels. And why? Because every member of every such group of organized terrorism, who is of course a created victim of the terrorism of government, legitimizes and strengthens the diseased and genocidal structure of government itself. Their illusion of rebellion has at the end of its rainbow, the formation of a government itself, the very structure that any True rebel must seek to eradicate from the human experience of existence.

Every form of rebellion that the broken human enthusiastically embraces, is in Truth an act of conformity, inspired via the brainwashing and indoctrination of brain function by society and government, to the degree where the actual rebellion cannot even be conceived, much less recognized, as such.

Not even the hardest of hard-core anarchists deserves to carry the title of rebel, unless he is equally passionate and resolute in demanding the eradication of religion, the family unit, all punitive punishment, and every form of institutionalized oppression, made manifest by not merely the very structure of government itself, but by the destruction of human potential to visualize an existence free of these toxic scourges.

You do not rebel by rejecting god, or condemning religion. You rebel by demanding the eradication of all religious concept from the very face of all human existence. You rebel by demanding that god and religion be ideologically outlawed, so that the believer in god, every believer in god, is overtly judged with the same degree of universal condemnation and disgust, as one who eats his own feces and tries to entice others to eat their feces, is judged today.

You do not rebel by being gay, or lesbian, or refusing to get married, or engaging in fornicative sexual contact, or by refusing to breed. These are all forms of conformity to societal decree, masqueraded as rebellions, overtly intended to render actual rebellion impossible for you brainwashees to fathom. And what is the True rebellion? The absolute and utter and universal elimination of the family unit as human operational structure. No more marriage, no more parenthood, no more aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, none of it, all of it eliminated from the very face of all human consciousness.

The criminal is not a rebel, unless he overtly seeks to destroy and eliminate the criminal justice system itself. And how many criminals have this tactical goal, or even ideological demand? One in a million, at most.

The conspiracy theorist who rails against big pharma and against the american cancer society for making and keeping humans sick, and blocking efforts to cure fatal diseases, is not a rebel, unless he overtly demands the immediate implementation of technological immortality, of which science is today fully capable.

Let us not even address the motorcycle riders, the tattoo enthusiasts, the skydivers, the hair color bleachers, the bondage fetishists, the nudists, or any of the other many thousands of absurdly impotent behavioral and lifestyle choices offered up by society and government to its children, as they are being destroyed, to entice then away from pursuing even the artificial and invalid forms of rebellion, I have articulated above.

The most effective way for any society to subvert and quash all rebellion, is to render it impossible for citizen-slaves to know what constitutes rebellion, and to offer up an endless stream of useless ideological and behavioral variations on the existing status quo, which are decreed to represent rebellion, but in Truth do nothing but ensure conformity and the maintenance of the status quo itself.


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    1. Indeed they do not. They do not want to know, they cling to their delusions and illusions, individually and collectively. They make up imaginary rebellions, and then promote and popularize them, to children and adults alike, so that the universal matrix is maintained. Conformity is disguised and cloaked as rebellion. George Orwell would be so proud. The Truths which George could only find courage to reveal as fiction, deserve to be formally outed as absolutely factual Truths, and this is a small part of what I do in My uniquely brilliant writings.

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