The Forbidden Truths of Pet Ownership

So often, I struggle in choosing an appropriate title for these blog posts. The struggle is rooted in My devotion to Truth, and the pervasive use of language by your diseased and deranged societies, for the purpose of definitional brainwashing. The fact is, “pet ownership” is an utterly invalid term which betrays the reality of what is occurring, and why it is being done. “Pet Slavery” is the accurate description, but I will retain the invalid title, just because it allows Me to open by exposing the universal nature of how humanity uses language to engage in collective Self-delusion and denial of its functional pathologies.
Every “pet” exists as a piece of owned property, a slave whose terrorization and brutalization helps the human to cope with and to cloak the nature of his own slavery, terrorization, and brutalization at the hands of fellow humans and of human society and government. The pet is an animal the human uses, without any moral or logical justification, not to improve his own existence, but to establish excuses not to try to improve his own existence.
Let us begin this dissection with the Forbidden Truth understanding that every species of life is superior to the human being, on every level: Functional intelligence, genetic health, instinctual behaviors, moral judgments, etc… Every animal, from the maggot to the cockroach to the cat to the elephant to the dog, is a creature of nobility and grandeur, a creature who has earned the right to not merely look down upon the human, but to actively plot and achieve his destruction, on an individual and species-wide level.
Humanity is guilty of crimes of genocide against every other species of life, and these crimes are never greater than in regard to the issue of pet slavery. Every animal is a Superior creature, enslaved by an inferior creature in order to establish a delusional pretense of superiority, rooted in the mental illness and derangement of the human species. Humans enslave and brutalize animals for the same reasons they enslave and brutalize every child, as emotional catharsis, to gain a victim for use as a Poison Container, and to try to extract from others, the things they need but are too broken and destroyed to create and nurture within themselves.
Society and government maliciously promotes pet slavery all across the world. Every society and government overtly approves of and encourages pet slavery, just as it encourages parenthood, marriage, consumption of brain chemistry altering substances, interactive sexual contact, etc…, because owning pets directly contributes to the universal matrix of toxic illusion which props up every human society.
Classic illustrations of this pathology would include the labor slave, forced to humiliate Himself and beg others for money, deriving cathartic relief in coming home to witness an enslaved animal pet frantically begging him for food. It makes him feel good to witness this humiliation, it helps him to ignore and reject the Truth of his own horrific slave status. Or the “empty nester”, having already wasted 20+ years of her imaginary existence in destroying her child(ren), moving on to keep animal pets after the broken slaves leave, so that she can maintain the Self-illusion and delusion of being needed and loved by others.
It is impossible to rationally or morally justify the human possession of animals as slaves. Let us understand that the harm this toxic ritual causes is just as great to humans, as it is to their animal slaves. We must understand the absolute orgy of eugenics which exists as the very heart of pet slavery. Humans, the most genetically diseased of all species of life, have undertaken an orgy of deliberate genetic mutation and mutilation of other life forms, in order to create “pets” which help it to deny this Forbidden Truth about itself. This is one of the greatest of all crimes against nature carried out by the human, and must be consciously understood as such.
The dog, cat, and horse are only the three most obvious examples of humanity using eugenics to destroy the genetic health of noble and Superior species of life. In Truth, for thousands of years, humanity has engaged in this perverse genocide, against many other animals, never admitting to or consciously acknowledging this Forbidden Truth.  Look at this wikipedia article, which describes a genetically modified fish, the “GloFish:
as being “one of the first genetically modified animals to become publicly available”, absolute bullsh*t, and a perverse whitewashing of human history, which has been overtly and intentionally genetically destroying animals for at least the past 13,000 years.
Let us clearly understand that all genetic interference in the natural development of animals, from selective breeding to interspecies breeding, to behavioral manipulation of animals via “training”, reward, and punishment, has always been and remains today, impossible to justify on any level, and constitutes a holocaust and genocide in the most accurate definitional parameters of these two terms. Nothing done by humans on this level has had any positive benefit for any animal species.
All animals kept as pets have been stolen from themselves and from nature itself, enslaved to an artificial state of existence within which they can never realize their potential , in the same way that no human child is allowed to realize his potential at genetic conception or at birth. The issue is not whether a pet can enjoy a “good life”. Nothing that dies can be said to experience a good life. The issue is that overt malice and harming of animals runs concurrent with the very concept of pet ownership, and is rooted in deliberate genetic and eugenic deformation of naturally healthy species of life.
So many of you deranged creatures claim to love your pets, and to be loved by your pets. There is no greater example of functional derangement, than this absurd illusion and delusion. You do not love your pets, idiots! You use your pets in order to extract an illusion of being loved, so that you can continue hating yourselves, the exact same construct behind parenthood. Your pet does not love you, your pet is your slave, your hostage, and your victim of terrorism. Your pet has been rendered dependent upon you. Your pet might act “happy” to see you, but this is because he has been experiencing terror and trauma at your absence, you are literally terrorizing your pet in order to delude yourself that you are loved and valued and important to an animal, when in Truth you are so genetically destroyed that you cannot even be loved and valued and important, to Yourself, within your own conscious experience of your existence.
Pet slavery is a perfect example of a human mistake, begun thousands of years ago, ruthlessly exploited by your slavemaster leaders, and impossible to rationally justify. Your genetic devolution is proven by the consistent human failure to recognize pet slavery as a horrible injustice, both for humans and animals, and your inability to even conceive of abandoning and outlawing this horrific practice which should have never begun.
You need to own animals as slaves, because this helps you to deny and reject the Forbidden Truth that you exist as slaves. How pathetic and perverse and supremely ironic it is, that imposing the same injustices and torments you endure, upon other forms of life, helps you to accept and embrace these very torments. As always, it is your utter blindness to these Truths, which outrages Me most of all. To destroy without any awareness that you are destroying, much less a Truth-based understanding of why you choose to destroy, is really what marks humanity as a species unfit to exist in the universe.
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  1. Your so right, i just realized this when in meditative trance, pets still retain some of those traces of wild behavior but are being used and exploited by humans for their own benefit, this level of manipulation saddens me. It can be also the result of genetic manipulation or cross breading as i can’t see a wild animal being willing to completely accept humans and abandon his freedom, no matter how much a human tries to tame a wild animal the instinct is still there, it can’t be forced out. My own cat is treated by me with a different kind of love, more like praising than love. This triggered changes in her behavior, she only engages and comes close to me when she wants to. She displays when it night time outbursts of instinctive behavior and i understand her wild side, even though she doesn’t attack me she’s very alert.

  2. Interestingly, pets cannot vocalize to their slaveowners that they are tired of being exploited by them, so slaveowners view their pets as being loyal and loving because of it. If only pets could speak, pet owners would be in for a rude awakening

  3. Yeah, SEER, I know this guy who is not only enslaving his pet, but he is enslaved as well. It’s related to him not wanting to be alone and fear loneliness in which he keeps his dog in slavery to meet his emotional needs. It’s devastating. Humans unfortunately, don’t view owning pets as slavery and believe that they are benefitting from someone providing care to them. However, what they don’t say, is that they are using these pets for their own selfish needs

  4. I agree SEER. Animals have been trained against their true nature and are dependent like humans are, in relying on others to meet their emotional, social and physical needs. Humans not only destroy the self-determination of their fellow beings, but they destroy that of other animal species. It’s tragic, for example, that cats cling to humans because they are unable to be self-reliant due to the manipulation of their natural abilities in fending for themselves. It’s ridiculous and humans have the slightest clue of what they have done in depraving animals of their natural abilities

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