The Forbidden Truths of Judgment

Seekers of Truth must understand how and why the external and internal judgments they integrate to personal consciousness, impact their quest for Truth, and their capacity to accurately perceive the external universe. The purpose of this blog post is to dissect the issue of judgment, referring specifically to an individual, mind and intellect-based examination and determination of external and internal structures, individuals, and Self.
Let us begin with the judgment of others, as individuals. The Superior understands that all judgment of individuals reflects a bias on the part of the judger, because all personal reflections are valid, and every personal reflection exists as a unique reality interpretation which cannot be externally experienced, therefore cannot be externally judged. We must judge the actions of individuals, based upon True consequences to them, to others, and to the universe itself, without passing judgment upon the individuals. This has nothing to do with condoning inferiority or stupidity or insanity, but rather consciously recognizing the individual right of the inferior to be inferior/stupid/insane, as a result of the victimization imposed upon him.
Superiors judge the beliefs, behaviors, and ideologies of others, and even as we decree them hopelessly broken, inferior pieces of human garbage, this judgment is not personal, but an accurate assessment of what they have done, what they choose to do, the harm they cause to themselves and to others in clinging to the diseased structures which are guilty of their personal destruction of mind potential, on an individual basis.
We judge inferiors to be victims of external structures. We judge these structures guilty of and responsible for destroying the capacity of the inferior to dwell within the light of Truth. In refusing to negatively demonize any individual inferiors, we properly place guilt and blame where it belongs: Upon society, government, and humanity as a collective species.
Our mandate must be to judge ourselves, to dissect every perception of reality so that we may come to recognize every Truth, and our judgment of Self must cut to the heart of only one question: Am I accurately embracing and reflecting every external Truth that I have realized, within absolute accuracy, absent all brainwashing, indoctrination, deceit, and all external influence, as well as personal desire, which may be capable of distorting the external Truth??
Self-judgment must be rooted in personal entitlement. I am entitled to do this, because doing this expresses the Truth, because doing this reflects what was done to Me, because doing this harmoniously meshes with the reflective mirror, allowing Me to more accurately reflect My True Reality.
I possess a sacred obligation to judge Myself, and this judgment cannot be legitimately made absent a continuous, sustained, and obsessive focus upon judging each and every external structure that has ever imposed itself upon Me, or that is currently attempting to impose itself upon Me. My judgment of Self must always be based upon accurate and Truth-based judgment of everything which attempts to impose itself upon Me, because all such imposition attempts exist as attempts to influence Self-perception, hence to impact Self-judgment. Every Self-judgment is based upon Self-perception.
No outside force, be it an individual or a structure, can ever possess any legitimate right to judge Me. All such judgments are invalid, and every negative judgment constitutes a direct attack upon Me, an attempt to harm, and must be consciously understood and treated as such. Key to the development of personal untouchability is the absolute and complete rejection of all external judgment upon Self. It must be understood that highly positive judgment, in the form of flattery and admiration and agreement, can also be supremely harmful insofar as it can compromise independence of mind and thought. No reliance upon the positive judgment of others, may be permitted to influence a personal Truth quest or any aspect of Self-perception.
Within the social structure of humanity, the right to judge exists concurrent with the right to punish, which bestows an entitlement to harm, as all punishment seeks to harm, and imposes harm. Society instructs individuals to judge themselves negatively, knowing this will inspire them to harm themselves. Self-harm, inspired by negative judgment of Self, cripples all capacity to develop egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love. All who seek Truth and to transcend their humanity must understand the daily war being waged against each of us, to inspire negative judgment of Self.
I judge Myself entitled to harm others and to destroy social structures, free of all externally imposed limitations or attempts to impede the embrace of this right. I do so in conscious acknowledgment of the war being waged against Me, using judgment, punishment, and harm, actual and threatened. I did not start this war, I fight it in defense of Self, as lover and worshipper of both Self and Truth. Entitlement is not obligation, it is a sacred right, a right nobody and nothing can take away from Me, and at the same time a right that no external force can manipulate My reality perception of, for the purpose of distorting My conscious understanding of a sacred right, to any type of perception of obligation.
The Superior embraces judgment as absolutely vital in charting his own life path within the glory of Self-love and the seizure of all Truth via conscious analysis and understanding of factual reality. At the same time, the Superior understands that judgment is being actively deployed against him as an offensive weapon intending to harm, by society and government. It is this duality of realization which must be present, in order to avoid being harmed by the structure of judgment itself, as you use it to create an untouchable, Self-nurturing universe of mind.
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