The Forbidden Truths of Human Touch

"You will know the nature of the divine, when we join together, your cold hand in mine."

I read the above quote many years ago, as a young child. Where it comes from, I cannot say. A Google Search fails to return this sentence as a quotation from any source. But it remains a beautifully enigmatic expression of…the need for accurate interpretation of reality. You see, as soon as I read this sentence, as a child aged 7 or 8, I understood it to be an expression of menace, of homicidal intent, “Come to Me, join with Me, so that I may destroy you, murder you, leave you dead, lifeless, cold, eternally cold.”
Many years later, as an adult, upon replaying the sentence in My mind, it occurred to Me that most of the humans who might be confronted with this sentence, are more likely to perceive it as a call to romance, a hero or heroine offering a warm hand to someone they perceive to be cold and suffering. Here you see the dark shadow of mind imprints, the inferior association of personal reality to external illusions and constructs.
As a child, I never received a single benevolent touch from any living thing, human or animal. Never. Every physical contact was always menacing, traumatic, and harmful. A mother holding Me down as she inserted chemicals into My eyes. A father holding Me down as he inserted his sexual organ into My mouth. I am grateful that all of My physical contact was traumatic, because this prevented the societal lie and illusion of benevolent external touch, from ever taking root within My reality perception. How sad and pathetic it is for you who are torn between the factual Truths of human touch, and your romanticized memories of and cravings for what you falsely believe to be precious and valuable forms of human contact.
The Forbidden Truth: All human touch, which we must begin by defining as another human touching you, is motivated by malice, motivated by the need of another to extract from you, the obsession of the other, to induce false reality perception within Self, using your touch to accomplish harmful Self-delusion. “Touch me, so that I may feel cared for, so that I may be able to successfully lie to Myself, that you care about me. Touch me, so that I may be freed of the burden of knowing that I am all alone in the universe, so that I may be freed of the burden of establishing love of Self.” These are the unwashed masses of broken inferiors, using the touch of others to create toxic structures of illusion which haunt them for their entire existence.
Let us be perfectly clear: There is no such thing as benevolent or benign external touch from a human being. No such thing. There is honest touch, brute force and violence which makes no secret of its intent to harm. And there is dishonest touch, far more common, the vampire asking to be loved so that they may extract the illusion of love. The succubus with the innocent smile, offering empathic hugs or a warm squeeze of the hand, pretending to be interested in comforting you, but in Truth desperate to obtain comfort from you, false and useless and conditional and predatory.
Beware of all who offer human touch. Beware and shun them. Reject each and every one of their many thousands of predatory approaches. From the street hooker who flashes her panties, to the 60 year old homemaker who invites you to share your life story with her, to the handsome 30 year old male who stretches out his strong arm to you in a structured pretense of vulnerability. All humans are contagious, they carry mind viruses, they seek to infect you with their pathologies. It makes them feel better, to draw you into their toxic webs. Understand that their offers of touch to help you heal, are pure deceptions. They are trying to take from you, not to give to you. Every offer is an attack, no matter how gently it is presented, no matter how alluring the external facade of the presenter.
I am an adult virgin, and further, I have never engaged in any human touching rituals. No hugs or strokes, no squeezes or pats, none of this vampiric enmeshment, rooted within inferior incompetency, the inability to see Truth and to meet needs.
Who touches Me? A slave labor boss, he has been given this power over Me by your society, and I accept it. It helps to feed My homicidal rage. The barber, he performs a service, and in turn allows Me to envision his head exploding, with each touch. The dental hygienist, a female, graced by My gift of not biting off her fingers. The dentist, a male, to be murdered over and over the night before and after My dental appointment. The doctor, allowed to touch via the grace of My limitless and unconditional love of Self, and the body dependency imposed upon Me by your malicious society.
Let us understand the difference between professional and personal touch. Professional touch is solicited by Me, it serves My physical needs, it has no basis in emotional connectivity. And yet it still disgusts and makes Me shudder in revulsion. The barber could at least wear latex gloves, as the doctors and dentists do, no?? But its okay, I am strong, My mind is strong. Ordeals lead to later triumphs. I go to the barber once a month, an ordeal I could avoid. But no, I am not a coward, I face trauma, I allow Myself to be touched, but only within the supreme detachment of a godhead properly maintaining his untouchable universe.
Let us ask, is human touch beneficial to he who is touched? Is a legitimate gain being extracted by the touchee, from the toucher? Outside of professional service, a tumor being detected by a physician, a rotting tooth being mended by a dentist, a stray and rogue hair being trimmed by a barber, the answer is No. Just as nobody can ever love you, nobody can ever provide you with benevolent touch.
Do you need to be loved?? Of course! And so you love Yourself. Do you need to be touched?? Sure! Of course!! And that is why you possess hands and a mouth and lips and the capacity for physical sensation. Touch is a beautiful thing, and so you touch Yourself, obsessively and with the emotional depth and passion of the entire universe of Self. You touch and kiss and stroke and caress and lick and slurp upon Yourself. You use your hands to make love to every inch of your body, fingertip to toetip, and plenty of time is spent loving your pen*is and/or clitoris. You use your mouth to make love to every inch of your body that your mouth is physically capable of reaching. You use your tongue to make love to your lips and upper chin. Darn, why is it so short!?! I cannot reach My eyes or ears with My tongue, so unfair!
But the hands, the fingers, are fine substitutes. I lick My finger, then caress My eye, then imprint the wet fingertip upon My mind, an eternal memory, one of billions, repeated, refreshed, renewed each day. You use your foot to make love to your leg. You use one toe to stroke the other toe. You use one knee to stroke the other knee. You use one elbow to stroke your other elbow. And always you enhance every stroke by immortalizing it via vision, your own eyes, and memory, your own mind. Each day exists as an epic ode to Self. And all physical touch is understood to be mind-based. In every touch, a singularity, a uniquely perfect expression of love to the mind that is Me, is being delivered
Find a million people, and ask them how much time they spend being touched, and not even one of the million, will equal the amount of time I spend being touched. Because I am a toucher of Self, a narcissist, egoist, egotist, and lover of Self, obsessively touching Myself all of the time, in private and in public, in a million different ways. I touch Myself because I love Myself, and Self-touch is a beautiful expression of Self-love, diametrically opposite to the touching of others, or being touched by others, both betrayals of Self and Truth, perverse illusion and pretense of love, care, and affection. There is only one form of touch which expresses care, affection, and love, this is the individual who loves Himself, touching Himself.
How much time do I spend directly touching Myself with consciousness of love? If it is a slave labor day, 3-5 hours every 24 hour time period. If it is not a slave labor day, 6-15 hours every 24 hour time period. Do you understand this True glory, as it contrasts to you, the inferiors, seeking touch from others, waiting for them to pretend to care about you, so you can pretend to be cared for, even as you hate and sabotage yourselves and your own existences?? Do you understand the glory of a billion different ways to touch Yourself, each and every touch unique and uniquely perfect, a singular instant to ber immortalized within the mind, within your mind, by You??
Do you understand the glory of physical autonomy, of meeting every need, of bestowing upon yourself the limitless love of conscious mind and of physical body?? You are You, you belong to Yourself, you spend every conscious moment in sacred devotion to Yourself. This is love. This is the only valid form of love. This is the love every sane creature should aspire to. This is the love that nothing outside of Self can ever touch. You want to handcuff Me? Fine, pig. I can still make love to Myself. You want to cut off My arms? No problem. I still have lips to touch Myself with, and a tongue, and toes and knees and so much more.
My pity for you humans is superceded by supreme contempt. You betray yourselves and you betray every other living thing, when you seek to be touched by others. What a pathetic expression of emotional blindness, what a vivid demonstration of what it is like to be crippled, and to deny your own crippling, by taking advantage of other cripples.
The physical touch of others, absent professional services being rendered on your behalf, is always unnecessary and it is something to shun and to reject at all times. Any human who feels the need to be touched by others on a personal level, is an inferior who has failed to create the personal universe of limitless and untouchable love of Self, which is the foundation of Superiority and springboard to personal untouchability and the transcendation of your own humanity. Yes, I know this description covers 99.999999% of you. But this does not diminish the horror of your failure, or the depth of your inferiority. It speaks to the hopelessness of the human condition, to why humanity can never evolve beyond toxic dependency, it speaks to the universal hatred of Self which is the driving force behind the devolutionary death spiral of this entire species.
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  1. Here’s a quote from the unknown author that you posted in this essay that I found to be very amusing… “most of the humans who might be confronted with this sentence, are more likely to perceive it as a call to romance, a hero or heroine offering a warm hand to someone they perceive to be cold and suffering”. You are correct. Most humans are unable to detect the true meaning behind and twist it to satiate their delusional way of thinking. Human touch, in fact, is a ruse used to extract something from others because inferiors are unable to touch themselves and are very dependent and needy. Interesting, humans aren’t aware of what they are doing, and if one told them, they would think one is crazy for even implying it. Plain and simple: human touch is vampiric and makes others responsible for meeting the emotional needs of someone else

    1. For the official record, that is My quote. The quote from the unknown author is: “You will know the nature of the divine, when we join together, your cold hand in mine”. Other than that, an accurate expression of Forbidden Truth on your part. All requests by humans to be touched, and all offers by humans to touch others, must be understood as inferior acts of pathological need, rooted within brain dysfunction, Self-hate, and a societally implanted incapacity to appreciate or understand the Forbidden Truths of love, and the obligation every sane individual should embrace towards Self, to meet his own needs as he is both biologically and instinctually capable.

  2. It’s funny. The concept of self love was foreign and almost ridiculous to me when reading about it just over a year ago now. And this is from someone who, according to society’s standards, had a normal/good amount of self esteem. But you know all to well, that of course I did not. I was just tricked by society into thinking I had.
    There are people I’ve met who are outgoing, cheerful, etc. They, according to society, have high self esteem and self worth. These are the people that the introverted, depressed self-loathers aspire to be. And yet they’re both the same! The geek who is too socially awkward and afraid of the world, who gets drunk by himself in his parents’ basement, is the same as the jock who plays sports and gets drunk with his friends. They’re both victims who hate themselves.

    1. Your experience of dismissing the glorious concept of Self-love, the absolute foundation of all mental health and functional sanity, as foreign and absurd, mirrors the horrific state of mind of billions of human beings, of 99.99999% of all humans alive at this moment. And who is to blame? Society and government, the controlling structures which deliberately set out to destroy the Self-love capacity of every child, and relentlessly attack the ego and Self-worth of every human being throughout their existence, addicting them to invalid and toxic illusions of external love.
      You are an example of the capacity of the individual to reclaim what has been taken away from him, within the glory of Truth realization and embrace. Yet your singular success also illuminates the hopelessness of humanity, in its overwhelming and irredeemable failure to even recognize, much less break free of, the malevolent matrix imposed upon us all.
      Your insight into the Self-hating pathology of all humans, is right on target. Now, you must further extrapolate to the understanding that every option offered to you by society and government, every freedom to choose, every difference of path presented to you, exists as pure deception. Its sunday, so you can choose: god or sports. But there is no difference, the choice is pure illusion, your cage is locked forever, either way. Touching others, you are free to choose: get married and touch your wife. Get a girlfriend and touch her. Find a lonely old woman and befriend her, so she can hug you and touch your hand when you visit her to eat cookies. Find a hooker and pay money to touch her. Big differences, lots of choices, no?? No! Deliberate societal illusion of choice. You can admire and respect the police, or hate and fear them. Big difference, no? No! Society only demands obedience, obey them and society allows you the useless freedom illusion to hate and to fear.
      You can be atheist or christian. A big difference? Not if you respect and concede the right of religion to exist and to impose itself upon you and every other human being on earth. Look at all the atheists, proud of their rebel stance, proud they have recognized a Forbidden Truth. And yet they are blind to the Forbidden Truth that as long as religion exists as empowered social structure, it continues to brutally victimize them, just as much as the devout god freak.
      So, your insight of Truth that the popular extrovert is just as Self-hating as the introverted and socially shunned geek, is profound. You must analyze and understand how this Truth permeates every aspect of human existence, with every class of human pitted against others in an utterly farcical illusion of success versus defeat, so that the losers can only aspire to be different types of losers, within the cloak of externally inspired Self-deceit which allows them to pretend to be winners, even as they lose everything, as all humans do.

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