The Forbidden Truths of Death, Fleshed Out

I have written several brilliant blog posts which address the Forbidden Truths of death, or to be more specific, the factual consequences of personally dying, and how humanity is both unable and unwilling to face up to both the consqequences, and how death must be defined and understood, in the wake of such Forbidden Truth consequences.
In response to this essay:
I received an interesting comment which allows for a bit of insightful enhancement as to the issue of individual physical death. Please note that all of my responses appear in non-italicized, bold print, and of course, as is always the case, I stringly recommend that you reread My original post before moving forward to this one.
“Only about 5% or less of human beings are able to grasp the finality of death, and even for most of those few who can appreciate death’s significance, it comes in short, unwelcome, frightening and crippling realisations.”
Your percentage is incorrect. It is far less than 5%. 00.00001% is a more accurate number. The finality of death must be understood as the factual reality of the void of eternal nothingness, directly experienced by the individual Self, as well as the retroactive unbirth of the individual Self, meaning that death directly causes the individual who has died to go back in time to the moment of his biological conception, which then fails to occur, meaning that the individual is never born, and nothing that happens after the human being fails to be born, actually happens. This factual reality must be consciously recognized and understood, at every level, by the individual, in order for him to “grasp the finality of death”, to use your words, which are not well-formulated. Giving death the attribute of finality, helps to foster the illusion that it can be understood as the conclusion of a life. Death is not the conclusion of a life. Death is the end of an ongoing illusion of existence, as externally promoted and as accepted by brainwashed inferiors. “You are alive”, declares human society, so that the Forbidden Truths of death may remain cloaked and invisible to you.
“They can’t cope with the reality of these realisations or integrate them into their conscious mind permanently, so the realisations always must be resolved on the spot, or else they will lead to a psychological crisis.”
Correct. And the very fact of this psychological crisis speaks to the genetic birth defect status of the human being. If the human brain is capable of recognizing the True consequences of death, the human brain should be able to either cope with the factual reality of these consequences, or be inspired to overcome such consequences via relentless effort. The fact that humanity has done neither, proves it exists as a genetically defective species.
“Usually, the resolution comes in the form of an attempt to turn death into a positive thing (“Life is short, so I better go out and LIVE so that I can die happy!”) or to somehow find meaning in it (“Without death there’s no reason to live at all”)”
All rationalizations directly betray and destroy factual Truth. There are no compromises of Truth, because to compromise Truth is to fully, utterly, and absolutely destroy Truth.
“Sometimes, if this is unsuccessful in lulling the human back to blissful ignorance, they will resort to a temporary psychological hibernation to “wait it out”, until they can simply forget what they saw, or at least not think about it. This coping mechanism is often accompanied by escapism and crutches such as alcohol and drug use, watching TV and films, listening to music, overeating, physical affection with a romantic partner, until the default mind state is restored.”
Correct. And both genetic brain defect and relentless external validation of the full spectrum of lies and illusions of what death is and the consequences of personally dying, come together to render this universal trance of Truth rejection, impossible for humans to consciously pierce and overcome.
“Despite how horrifying these “rude awakenings” are to the minority of people who experience them, their realisations are still incomplete and basic. If they were able to see the complete and terrifying reality of death with the level of perception possessed by you for example, it would result in catatonia, psychological breakdown or resigned, pre-emptive suicide. I believe this accounts for many cases of the conditions and behaviour just described.”
Correct. The vast majority of those locked away inside mental institutions are guilty of nothing more than being unable to cope with the horrific Truths that their own brains attempt to impose upon them, and equally unable to accept the matrix of universal illusion that their society attempts to impose upon them. With both paths being unacceptable, a psychological breakdown occurs, and this also accounts for a high percentage of dynamic suicides, although immense hatred of Self as promoted by society, still plays a higher primary role as specifically inspiring the act of dynamic Self-murder.

“Thank you for creating this brilliant and depressing post.”
You’re welcome. And I must add and emphasize that depression is a positive gateway to the recognition and embrace of all Truth.

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  1. This may explain why humans engage in dangerous, deadly behaviors, like smoking, drinking, unprotected sex, etc. because they believe “life is short”, so why not take risks for the moment. On the other hand, inferiors may subconsciously know the true meaning behind death and engage in risky behaviors because of it

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