The Forbidden Truth Shopping Network Proudly Presents the X15 Flamethrower

Hello. I’ve spent the past few hours researching flamethrowers. Why? Why not! Do you not possess fire within your mind?? Does your mind not glow warmly, at the thought of being able to project thick streams of flame 50-70 feet in every direction at your own command and control? It’s cold these days, and there is not a funner way to generate some heat!
Guess what? Flamethrowers are not considered weapons or destructive devices by the amerikkkan regime. Isolated state or local laws might be applicable, but My research shows only 2 out of 50 amerikkkan states might regulate flamethrowers. In the other 48, you can both build and buy your own flamethrower.
There are numerous companies that make and sell flamethrowers to the general public. My research has identified the X15 model flamethrower, manufactured by Xmatter and sold through the website, as being one of the cutest…errr make that best performing, flamethrowers sold to the general public.
So, if your gun collection is not warming the cockles of your heart as much as it did in the past, if you want to try something different, a device with many different potential uses, such as starting a fire while camping without having to rub two sticks together, why not consider purchasing the X15 flamethrower?
Directly below is a very cool and informative Youtube video showing the X15 at work, compared to a lesser quality, cheaper model.
Isn’t it interesting that the gun is considered a dangerous weapon with no “other” legitimate uses, which is why each must be registered via serial number and with sales reported to the government, but the flamethrower is not considered a dangerous weapon and is decreed to have other, legitimate uses?
If and/or when the first 21st century flamethrower massacre comes down in amerikkka, things might change, but until then, let us enjoy this freedom illusion.
Stay warm, folks.

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