The Forbidden Truth Reality of Mind Control

Isn’t it interesting how the Matrix of Universal Illusion successfully buries Forbidden Truths from the consciousness of the Unwashed Masses, yet these Truths randomly pop up and reveal themselves, at least to the sane and the Superior?
Before amerikkkan torture victim and Martyr Esteban Santiago carried out his Ft. Lauderdale International Airport massacre, he “voluntarily” chose to go to the fbi and inform them that his mind was being controlled by the amerikkkan government:
Immediately, these agents of the regime declared him mentally ill, and flashing forward to this very moment, this specific action by Esteban is being used by the media and by mental health “experts”, to judge him mentally ill.
But the Forbidden Truth is, Esteban was simply revealing the factual reality of 21st century mind control.
In the 21st century, the minds of all human beings, defined as the parameters of their reality perception, are absolutely molded, shaped, narrowed, and controlled by the government and society they are born into, raised up within, and enslaved by.
Mind control is a horrific universal reality, experienced by all who identify as human. Mind control is simply the crippling consequence of the sum total of all brainwashing and propaganda imposed upon an individual by society and government.
In his statement to the fbi, Esteban was revealing an absolute Truth, a universally applicable Forbidden Truth. But of course no citizen-slave, not even Esteban himself, possesses the Alien Eye consciousness to recognize and appreciate the magnitude, the scope, of his revelation.
To the Matrix, Truth is forbidden. Truth must be destroyed, via demonization and denial. Destroy and discredit the Truth-teller. And so it will be done.
Truth, right there in front of you, yet forever lost. How pathetic!
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