The Forbidden Truth of Universal Basic Income Laws

In previous texts, I have already dissected and outed the 21st century social and governmental proposal of Universal Basic Income, as a perverse sham and malevolent deception intended to milk a few more centuries of universal human slavery out of you pathetic fools.
But, having just made a brilliant post dissecting the benevolence illusions of society and government, and also finding a brand new news article on how the slave-state of Finland is implementing a Universal Basic Income deception right now, in 2017:
I feel this is the perfect time to heap some more venom upon government and all money-based economic systems.
Read the above article carefully, and if you possess a properly functioning Alien Eye, the overt malice of the UBI is made blindingly clear.
Let us understand that the UBI is a weapon of society and government, reaching critical mass right NOW.
What do I mean when I say the Universal Basic Income is a weapon reaching critical mass right now?? I mean that the leaders of society and government, across the world, are recognizing it as an effective and useful brainwashing and propaganda weapon, just like they did, in amerikkka, the civil rights movement 55 years ago, as an example.
Some governments have already decided to go ahead with a Universal Basic Income, even as they pretend right now to be “considering” it, and even as they instruct their media to be very lukewarm in their coverage of it Why lie?? Because the longer a government can engage in the lie of a “grand philosophical debate” of the proposal, the more propaganda points they reap in terms of slave approval and allegiance, when this “progressive new reform” is finally implemented.
Listen, idiots: There is nothing positive, nothing progressive, nothing reformatory, in the UBI. There is only the darkness of universal slavery, successfully cloaked.
The Universal Basic Income is the perfect benevolence illusion for you pathetic slaves. It overtly legitimizes the ongoing use of money, which in Truth exists as worthless pieces of paper being used as a terrorist weapon to enslave all of humankind. It overtly enhances the absolute lie that government and society are benevolent entities trying to make life better for the poor, the handicapped, the disadvantaged. And it can and will be used to overtly promote forced slave labor, even as it is represented to function as a form of freedom from forced slave labor, which is exactly what the slave-state of Finland is doing, if you read and understand the design of it’s new UBI program.
If humanity were sane, the Universal Basic Income law would be met with violent riots and the overthrow of any regime trying to implement it. Because to accept it passively is to destroy Truth, and to stand in passive obedience as a brand new slave shackle and noose is applied and tightened around the neck of every citizen-slave.
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