The Forbidden Truth Empire Expands

Hello humans. This message is directed to the 3, 5, maybe 10 at most, humans who genuinely appreciate and value the Forbidden Truths I choose to reveal to the universe.
You are cordially invited to enter a new cyberspace realm where I have decided to viciously drive a stake through everyone’s heart…errr…. better make that…gently stake a claim via literary mind bomb generation.
The location is, and my invasion has already begun. For the most part, the things I post to this realm will be much shorter versions of what I will post here. But still, there will be some unique and original content, as well as different interactions to the content I post.
So, if you are obsessed with Me, or with Forbidden Truth, or both, you might want to consider joining and following Me. So far, I have one follower. Nice to see that Forbidden Truth is just as unpopular and rejected today, as it has always been.
You can join ideapod here:

Ideapod – Redefining Self-Development

And you can access My posts and stream, here:
Not sure if you actually have to join ideapod to access my posts, looks like maybe you don’t, but you do need an account in order to follow Me, or make posts/replies of your own.  Give it a shot and see what happens, you stalkers!
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