The Forbidden Truth Commandments

1: Thou shalt not accept any commandments issued by invisible and non-existent creatures being deployed as terrorist agents by human leaders of government and society. Thou shall have no gods other than Self.
2: Thou shall find god only by looking into a mirror. Thou shall reject the insane notion that a god creature external to Self might exist, and thou shall hate, despise, and condemn all articulated claims which demand obedience, loyalty, or allegiance, which any human may attribute to the non-existent god creature.
3: Thou shall embrace every opportunity to openly and publicly express ridicule, disrespect, and condemnation of god, religion, and any attempt by humans to invoke this insane myth in order to dictate, control, and terrorize human behaviors and choices. Thou shall seize every opportunity to mock god and expose religion as human terrorism, by never capitalizing the letter g in god, or the letter l in lord, and by reverse lettering god as dog, and spelling lord as lard.
4: Thou shall worship only Yourself, all seven days of the week, every single day of your existence. Thou shall reject all societal demands that you are under any obligation to perform any type of labor on behalf of anyone, for any reason, at any time. Thou shall recognize and embrace the holiness of every day of your existence, and celebrate this holiness by doing exactly and only what you personally choose and desire every single day, condemning any and all external demands that you serve others or perform any act upon their command or request.
5: Thou shall entertain absolutely no obligation to form or maintain any type of relationship with your biological creators or anyone labeled as a familial member by human cultural decree. Thou shall display and hold absolutely no respect or honor towards any human being based upon any familial or blood connectivity. Thou shall recognize motherhood and fatherhood as social traps designed and engineered to enslave and oppress you throughout your existence. Thou shall recognize all life and existence as being evolutionary, therefore thou shall mock and reject any claim that a mythical god creature has given you life, or has any control over how long you exist, or what happens to you when you cease to exist.
6: Thou shalt not accept or obey any external demands or enticements to carry out any specific forms of murder, or to direct your homicidal rage towards any specific targets, as solicited by any human society, human government, or organized social structure, regardless of whether the insane god myth is invoked for the purpose of exalting such demands. Thou shall fully embrace the validity of personally internalized rage, hate, and homicidal ideation which accurately reflects your own direct victimization and the Forbidden Truth that you have already been and continue to be actively murdered throughout your own existence. Thou shall vehemently reject all human efforts to deploy the terrorist weapon of religion for the purpose of limiting, inhibiting, and discouraging your True Reality right to carry out internally inspired acts of murder.
7: Thou shall recognize the cultural institution of marriage as being depraved, unnatural, overtly harmful, and a brutal and unjust form of bondage and enslavement of both body and mind. Thou shall embrace and rejoice in all valid forms of personal freedom, and not merely reject and condemn, but overtly seek to eliminate from society, all state-sponsored forms of slavery such as the insane marriage ritual.
8: Recognizing that human society and government is guilty of sponsoring and carrying out the organized theft of all that is of True value to each of u: time, life, and freedom, via the ritualized sponsorship of death, slave labor, punitive punishment, and terrorized ideological and behavioral control of mind and body, thou shall embrace a personal obligation to take everything which is of personal benefit to you. Thou shall recognize stealing and theft as unvalid definitional labels which cloak both the factual reality and the intentional, profound malice of the organized theft being carried out against you by the state.
9: Recognizing that deceit and lying are interwoven to the deepest fabric of human society and government, and that each of us is a direct victim of this deceit, thou shall dissect and seek to expose, first and foremost to Self, but also to others if they are deemed worthy, all lies and deceptions sponsored and imposed by human society and government. At the same time, thou shall continue to embrace a personal right to lie to human beings, if and when such deceptions may be of personal or tactical benefit to you. Thou shall reject all external demands that you form alliances or allegiances with other humans based upon their close physical location to you, or any other form of connectivity.
10: Thou shall covet, demand, seize, and hoard all physical things, all True facts, and all ideological realizations that are of legitimate, actual, and positive value to You, with pride, determination, and selfishness. Thou shall demand every privilege and every entitlement which might enhance and improve your existence, including technological immortality. At the same time, thou shalt not fall victim to the invalid illusions of equality and success as promoted by human society and government to inspire the useless pursuit of material goods and false advantages over others which merely serve to conceal and cloak the state-sponsored universal oppression of all.
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  1. Those are great Truth Commandments, and humanity should abide by them instead of the Ten Commandments. Thanks, SEER

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