The FBI: Keystone Kops On Steroids

Help, help, help us, we are the FBI, we need your help, we always need help, please help us. We will bribe you with money and appeal to your patriotic derangement and to your illusions of moral decency. We will do whatever it takes to get you to help us, because we need your help. Without your help we are impotent.
The FBI has to be one of the single most operationally inept law enforcement agencies in the world. They appear unable to solve any cases on their own, without bribing amerikkkan citizen-slaves, and begging them for help. They engage in sting operations in which they lie to people to entice them to claim an interest in committing a crime, then arrest them and charge them with being terrorists.
Their only skill is in convincing brainwashed citizen-slaves to help them, by betraying their fellow victims. Were it not for this perverse achievement, they would be dead in the water, with seekers of personal vengeance running circles around them. To anyone who thinks I exaggerate, here are 8 different recent cases, all of which involve the fbi, supposedly the premier crime-solving agency in the world, reduced to begging the public for help:
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  1. It’s interesting how the govt uses humans to betray their fellow humans by offering monetary rewards for their capture, and weaken solidarity and trust among them. If the masses stuck together, and I’m not referring to race, either, but as a collective species, they could transform this hell hole and making it more habitable. They would not have to succumb to the ills that are forcefully and psychologically inflicted on them, which causes their problems to begin with. They are so doomed and have no clue as to what they are doing Humans who fall for this bribery are unaware of hidden dangers that surround it, and how it is used in undermining their freedom and autonomy. Humans who betray others are digging their own graves; they are not only causing harm to the captive, but to themselves as well. But they don’t know the truth about anything, and view this act, as a heroic deed in protecting society from evil.

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