The Family Unit: Child Prison

Drive or walk down any residential street, anywhere in the world, and look at the windows. Some will be covered by curtains, and some by venetian blinds and some by shutters and some by cardboard and some by newspaper.¬†Some of the windows will have iron bars covering them, others will have cracked glass. Some will display twinkling lights while others display a “Secured by ADT” sign. Some of the windows might even be open, but this does not alter the Forbidden Truth: If a child dwells within the structure, that child is being held prisoner and hostage, by your choice.
The family unit is a prison for children. The family unit decrees every child a piece of owned property. The family unit is what empowers any adult to inflict any torment he or she can imagine, upon a child, with the impunity of ownership. Universal child abuse is what you want, it is your choice. You demand the right to own children as subhuman pieces of property, and within this demand, you respect the right of all others to own children as subhuman pieces of property.
All of your claims to value and love children, to abhor their mistreatment and to strive to provide them with the best possible life, are pure lies and the epitome of hypocrisy. You know children are being tormented, on every residential street you drive down or walk through. You know it! And you do not care in the slightest. Your sacred right to own children as subhuman slaves, supercedes all rights of all children to be protected from victimization. This is your chosen mandate, your morality standard, as a species.
And so you go home and you use your child prisoners to meet your needs. Maybe you kiss them, maybe you rape them, maybe you pour shampoo into their eyes to try to blind them. It is all the same. You are using them to meet your needs. And you sit there and you judge others, who harm and kill children. You judge the victims you are guilty of creating, you judge the killers of others, as you totally reject and deny your sponsorship of the destruction of all children, everywhere, on every block, as you drive and walk past the houses, not even imagining a right of the child to not be blindly imprisoned as an impotent slave to adults who are themselves victims of universal child abuse.
This is your world, the world you have created, the world that you protect and defend each day. And so I will judge you, as a species, unworthy of existence.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. YouTube a program called The World’s Strictest Parents
    bring rebel children into a strict family, show them being converted to slaves
    never seen an episode where they failed
    why would they air it?

    1. I am familiar with the program. It encourages, promotes, legitimizes the sacred family unit, the enslavement of children, and the social command and law that all children exist to be molded into the perverse image of the existing social mainstream, via any and all available means: Violence, terrorization, deprivation, punishment, traumatization, brainwashing, mind control, etc.
      The show seeks to empower all parents to embrace and to exercise their slavemaster rights as officially decreed by society and government. The broken child is destined to become the obedient adult, destroying the next generation of children as he honors and defends the very society guilty of his own destruction.

  2. Well written! SEER, humans don’t seem to believe that they are exploiting and destroying on an emotional and psychological level. They view it as no problem and believe that they doing what’s in the best interest of their children. For example, spanking and verbally abusing a child, to them, it’s because they want them to be good and not do bad things. Humans simply can’t wrap their brains around the fact that they are humiliating and destroying children. It’s sad that children have no where to turn when being entrapped in a abusive family unit. They are forced against their will to remain in the family unit, because they believe that nothing is wrong, and the slave owners have brainwashed them to an extent, where they can’t distinguish the abuses inflicted on them. Nicely put, children grow up believing that they are bad and have done something terrible and should be punished. As of slave owners, they don’t know that they are abusing their children because they are doing what was done to them by their slave owners, and society really does nothing in stopping it. We as adults, are all trapped in our childhood minds and act and behave according to it. I know inferiors will say that adults don’t have to follow the paths of their traumatic childhoods, but, however, this is a path that guides them in which they really have no control over it.

    1. Correct, and once again, well-stated. When a human cannot face up to the Truth of how and why he was harmed, he obviously cannot refrain from harming others in the exact same ways, because he has no conscious awareness of the harm he is causing, and cannot even begin to understand why he is psychologically motivated to inflict the harm. Child abuse is the combination of a need to cathartically reflect personally experienced trauma, and the complete inability to appreciate, on a conscious level, that one is brutally harming children, because of the refusal to personally analyze own childhood suffering and trauma. This is why embrace of victimhood status, and a Forbidden Truth analysis of how you, as an individual, were abused during your childhood, is absolutely key to any achievement of mind enlightenment as to what constitutes child abuse.
      This is why the Unwashed Masses refuse to label spanking or yelling or verbal threats or forced chores, as constituting child abuse, even though it is so glaringly obvious, beyond any doubt, to any sane thinker, that these acts constitute absolute and severely harmful, child abuse.

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