The End Of Innocence

Innocence began and innocence ended, with Me.
Was I the first innocent life form on earth, in the history of the universe? No. But I was and I am, the last.
Creator of an untouchable Self-universe within which I thrive, destroyer of all innocence, I am.
I am the reflection that cannot and will not lie, not to Me and not to you.
You diseased hypocrites can mind-molest the Truth. You can point to your fetuses and newborn infants and cute puppies and adorable kittens and pretend to see and honor their innocence. Bullsh*t!
You stalk their innocence. One way or another, you destroy their innocence, you destroy all innocence, as you attain the ultimate justice available, within the universe of universal injustice for all, you have created and maintain in honor of the innocence you have forever lost.
I am just as dark as you, but My darkness is illuminated by the light of Truth. Let us destroy all innocence, with eyes and mind wide open, knowing and understanding why!
I am your surrogate monster. You recoil in horror at what I am, and at what I do, because failure to do so would compel you to see, simply to see, your own True reflection, undistorted.
Legions of infinite darkness, shine your light of destruction with pride. Let the universe know you were the last and final innocent, as you laugh at their confusion, horror, outrage, condemnation, and bloodthirst.
Where were you when My innocence was destroyed? You were celebrating, sanctifying, enabling, causing, all innocence to be destroyed. Collectively and individually. Here, there, everywhere.
So, look in the mirror and see your reflection, as everyone drowns in My river of blood.
The river of blood flows. It breaches all banks, it tops all dams, it goes within and over and under and across all barriers. Look at the mighty, majestic river of blood, look and see and honor your created victims who choose to feed it, as they acknowledge and celebrate the end of all innocence.

river of bloodAll Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


    1. Well thanks for catering to my True Reality, indirectly. I thought you mentioning “live on the 2nd floor” is a reference to the Seer’s song(from his YouTube channel), same as the PTSD and the name “Frank”. Are those coincidences? That’s what i meant.

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