The Eight Stages of Rage and Hate

Those of you who are familiar with My Manifesto and other writings, should know that I am a fervent promoter of rage and hate, recognizing both of these states of mind as positive, empowering, and nurturing of Self, and further embracing the Forbidden Truth that all who attempt to deny their personally sacred right to limitless rage and hate, are actively betraying and harming themselves.
Wihin this foundational understanding, it is very important to comprehensively understand that rage and hate are states of mind, both emotional and intellectual, with a complete distinction of both, which exist upon evolutionary levels. Not all rage and hate will be directly beneficial to you, unless you consciously elevate your experience of these states of mind, to a high level. And this is what most humans cannot even conceive of doing.
Inferiors feel rage on emotionally and intellectually blind levels. Inferiors feel hate but refuse to consciously embrace the Truth that they hate, or their sacred right to hate. Inferiors pathologically seek outlets for their rage and hate, while never consciously dissecting the root motivations for their rage and hate, much less attempting to direct their rage and hate in specific ways and directions which honestly reflect their own victimization coupled with an understanding of the structures most primarily guilty of their victimization.
The Superior is a scholar of his own mind, constantly dissecting his own thoughts and feelings and impulses, to understand exactly why he feels and thinks as he does, and to choose appropriate directionality for the expression of his intellectual and emotional rage and hate. Rage and hate are gloriously empowering states of mind, and the deeper you dissect their origins and control their expressions on a conscious level, the greater the benefits they provide to you.
It is important to understand that nothing I reveal here is intended to negatively judge any external expression of rage and hate, and nothing I say here is intended to inspire any inhibition of the external expression of rage and hate. This essay seeks to enlighten the mind as to the most empoweringly glorious and piercingly reflective ways to express rage and hate, within the maximization of personal insight to Self-motivation and the embrace of Forbidden Truth.
There are eight distinct levels and stages to the personal expression of rage and hate among those born human. These eight levels will be comprehensively described and defined below. They exist as progressions, with level one being the least enlightened and the most inferior, and level eight being the most enlightened and most Superior. Clearly, there are shades of gray in-between these eight levels, and most humans do not function on the same stage at all times. Even more importantly, most humans do not evolve from lower stages to higher stages, but remain trapped within the lower stages, lacking the enlightenment of mind to even attempt to consciously evolve their rage and hate to higher levels.
With these points clearly understood, let us dissect the eight stages of rage and hate progression, understanding that the aspiring Superior who values Truth does consciously seek to climb this ladder, recognizing the glory of rage and hate exists within the very top levels, when they feed and empower Self, absent all of the negative components which weigh upon the experience of rage and hate at the lower stages.

  • Stage one: Total sublimation and denial of rage and hate, and totally blind expression.

This is the lowest and poorest stage, and the only stage that I actively condemn and judge negative, because humans trapped within this stage pathologically direct rage and hate inward, harming themselves as masochists and haters of Self, completely oblivious to what they are doing, and why. Stage one ragers and haters may occassionally direct rage and hate outward, but never with conscious awareness, and always suffer feelings of guilt and remorse for any “harm” to others they may have caused, inspiring them to further hate and harm themselves.
The inability of the stage one hater to even consciously admit that he wants to harm others, much less accept this need as valid, renders his state of mind hopelessly regressive. Within his perspective of mind, evolutionary progress to later stages is not possible, and many millions of humans remain trapped within this highly Self-destructive stage, for their entire existence, as they dynamically or passively commit suicide, pathologically continuing to direct rage and hate inward, with no sense of Self-betrayal, as their ego and capacity to love and value Self has already been externally destroyed.

  • Stage two: Complete internalization of rage and hate. Able to admit possessing these emotional and intellectual states of mind, but unable to develop understanding of justification to direct rage and hate outward.

This second stage is quite similar to stage one, but there is more externalized direction of rage and hate, because both states of mind can be consciously acknowledged as existing. This difference is subtle, but quite profound. Rage and hate are naturally directed outward, in any sane understanding of Self. The very first step to developing the capacity to direct rage and hate outward as an understood right, is to acknowledge the validity of the experiences of rage and hate, themselves.
So, level one haters refuse to believe that they possess rage and hate, even as they pathologically direct both inward. Level two haters are able to accept the fact that they possess rage and hate, but still remain emotionally compelled to direct rage and hate inward, and cannot intellectually perceive of their right to hate and harm other living things. The level two hater fails to utilize rage and hate to personal benefit or consciously understood catharsis, but he is in a slightly better position to evolve to higher stages, than is the level one hater. Simply acknowledging that you do possess rage and hate within your reality perception, is a rudimentary, but vital first step in embracing your right to hate others and to develop externalized rage as an empowering weapon of mind.

  • Stage three: Beginning of conscious awareness of victimhood status, and understanding that you are a victim of the rage and hate of others

This stage allows for crude and limited awakening of mind as to the reflective nature of rage and hate, and allows for the beginnings of Self-insight, which are absolutely vital to anyone seeking to thrive within the embrace of external rage and hate. Consciously understanding that you are a victim of the rage and hate of others, is a state of mind which goes beyond that of stage one or stage two haters. In stage three, at least on a crude level, the individual is able to understand himself a created victim of rage and hate. This understanding is key to consciously embracing your right to reflect your victimization, to transfer your rage and hate upon others, free of all sense of guilt or remorse or lack of justification.
To actually reach this stage requires several additional progressions, most level three haters will not progress further. My point is that the level three hater has reached the point where he could, if motivated and inclined to develop love of Self and respect for Forbidden Truth, find the insights of mind to greatly increase his own personal enjoyment of existence, by strengthening external projection of rage and hate.
In functional reality, the stage three hater remains deeply conflicted regarding his rage and hate, unable to overcome social conditioning and propaganda/indoctrination that expressions of external rage and hate are unacceptable and must be internalized. A typical stage three hater would be a mother who spanks her child, gaining cathartic relief of rage and hate, yet despite knowing, on some level, that she is a victim of abuse who is reflecting her abuse upon the child, remains totally unable to consciously face up to this Truth, clinging to the Self-deception that she is simply punishing the child for doing something wrong.

  • Stage four: Open acknowledgment and acceptance of external rage and hate, but not on any level of consciousness which embraces Forbidden Truth.

These ragers and haters normally do hurt others, but not on any level of acknowledged targeting. They lack the capacity to understand why they are choosing to hurt others, and do not seek conscious enlightenment within their own minds. Their emotional catharsis via external rage and hate is severely limited by the fact that they pretend they are only harming others because they deserve to be harmed, or they minimize the harm as they minimize their experience of rage and hate. “I was forced to do chores as a child, so I am forcing my child to do chores. It’s not like I want him to suffer or anything…” <This is the mindset of the stage four hater. “It’s only an animal, it doesn’t have real feelings, it doesn’t suffer like a human being…”  The stage four hater accepts his own rage and hate, on a limited level, and his right to direct rage and hate outward, but only in specifically limited ways which allow him to minimize and deny the actual harm he is causing. He refuses to dig into his own mind, to accept conscious realization of why he needs to harm others, and he continues to pathologically harm himself, not pursuing any path of rebuilding Self-love.

  • Stage five: Expresses rage and hate openly, but only towards specific victims and targets demonized for him by his society and government.

Here you will find many millions of humans, hopelessly trapped. They manage to progress right up to this stage, but can go no further, and live out their imagined existences pathologically harming others within the expression of rage and hate, but only within irrational and perverse parameters authorized and encouraged by society and government.
Here you will find the familial child abusers, pathologically raping their own children over and over. Here you will find hunters, spending their lives stalking and murdering animals. Here you will find soldiers, spending decades in the military, waiting and hoping for the opportunity to murder complete strangers. Here you will find the armchair murderers, cheering as they watch news reports of government carrying out the legal murder of execution in their names.
Level five haters are open to harming others, but only when authorized to do so by their society and government, under cloak of morality and entitlement, within the mindset of personal slavery. The level five hater will not be a criminal, in the traditional sense, even if he is decreed guilty of a war crime or of child abuse. His rage and hate always conforms to social mandates, even if this same society hypocritically judges him guilty and decides to punish him.
The level five hater remains blind to the True cycle of rage and hate, he cannot accept the guilt of the guilty parties, even as he does accept his own right to reflect rage and hate. This level of hater remains prone to suicidal and Self-destructive ideation, almost always continuing to actively direct rage and hate inward, even as he also directs both outward. Here you find the average, typical, mainstream, law-abiding member of society, consumed by rage and hate, and actively directing both outward, as instructed to do by his creator and greatest enemy. He may gain a large amount of personal catharsis via his externalized expressions of rage, but this gain comes at the cost of remaining a societal slave, remaining addicted to Self-harm and Self-destruction, never able to consciously recognize and accept personal entitlement to choose targets on his own, in defiance of societal coercion and instruction.
This stage is a pivotal stage for any human who may want to become a Superior or a transcendee of his humanity. Within this stage, enlightenment of mind must occur, the True enemy must be recognized, the eternally reflective cycle of child abuse and personal victimization must become visible. Within this stage, the matrix of societal illusion must be cracked, must be breeched. If it is, a possibility for Truth-based evolution of mind presents itself. If the matrix is not breeched from within this stage, the human will remain trapped as a societal slave, gaining some emotional catharsis via external expression of rage and hate, but never able to identify his True enemy and remaining a broken slave, accepting external harm from society, and actively embracing his own Self-destruction.

  • Stage six: A consciously aspiring Superior, but too emotionally crippled to understand the concept of transcending his humanity.

The leap from stage five to stage six is very significant. It requires courage and insight of mind. It requires a rudimentary understanding, especially on an intellectual level, of all the primary Forbidden Truths of human existence. The stage six rager and hater is emancipated from the shackles of societal control, at least to some degree, at some specific times. He knows he is hated by his society and government, he can recognize that he is being played as a puppet, and he rejects the right of his puppetmaster to own him as a slave.
He understands that his rage and hate is much more than a right, that it is a personal entitlement. And he acknowledges, at least to some degree, his sacred right to control and direct his emotions, how he expresses his rage and hate, and who/what he directs his rage and hate upon. But he remains emotionally crippled. His intellectual Superiority has jumped ahead of his emotional development, of control, of being the owner of his own mind. And so his expressions of rage and hate remain flawed. He cannot break free of the ego destruction that he is a victim of. Even as he enjoys his seeking and claiming of personal vengeance, doubts and guilt, in varying degrees, impact negatively his daily experience of existing.
The stage six rager and hater is likely to still be actively harming and abusing himself, even as he intellectually knows this to be a failure, a betrayal of Self. Some stage six haters commit mass murder, only to kill themselves in the immediate aftermath. Some stage six haters become serial killers, and yet subconsciously choose to take unnecessary tactical risks, which endanger their capacity to continue to serially kill. The stage six hater is on the cusp of greatness, but he has not become a full-fledged Superior, he cannot envision the mindset of limitless vengeance achieved via the untouchable mind, created via the acquisition of limitless love of Self and complete emotional subordination to intellect.

  • Stage seven: The full-fledged Superior. This is a highly advanced stage that very few humans ever achieve. It requires the embrace of all primary Forbidden Truths, on emotional, intellectual, and ideologically/philosophically complete levels. It is a one in fifty million level, as compared to level six, which perhaps 1 out of 100,000 humans achieve.

The stage seven rager and hater has achieved unconditional and untouchable love of Self. He will not deliberately harm or destroy himself, even as he fully embraces a limitless right to harm and destroy others. He functions as societal outcast and outlaw, having personally chosen to embrace these titles. He may carry out any act which accurately reflects his rage and hate, recognizing that as all his rage and hate is inherently justified, his right to reflect rage and hate can carry no external limitations or control mechanisms.
The stage seven hater should possess some capacity to claim rage and hate successfully as a mind experience, negating the need to directly harm. Meaning he may well be a mass or serial killer, but in the aftermath, he should be able to achieve cathartic release and relief of rage and hate by recalling and replaying any actual acts of physical violence. The stage seven hater also understands that all expressions of rage and hate must be appreciated intellectually as well as emotionally, and that the intellect must dominate the experience. Further, he understands that Self-love must serve as an integral counter-balance to both the experience and the expression of external rage and hate.

  • Stage eight: Full transcendation of humanity. This is the ultimate leve of rage and hate expression and experience, achieved by only a handful of humans in the entire world. Within transcendation of his own humanity, the stage eight hater and rager is capable of destroying the universe, destroying any individual, and destroying any structure, at any time, deploying only the power of his own mind.  Physical acts of violence become immortalized via memory, to be replayed a limitless number of times, at will, their impact of cathartic pleasure identically supreme, each and every time.

The stage eight rager and hater may very well commit physical acts that greatly harm others, but he does not need to commit such physical acts. He commits them only via intellectual choice. At will, he can destroy whatever he wishes to destroy, as experience of mind. The stage eight hater has overcome his humanity, left it behind. The detachment of his rage and hate, only serves to strengthen his experience of personal vengeance. “In my minds eye my thoughts light fires in your cities. Each night as you sleep I destroy the world”–Charles Manson. This is the experience of the stage eight rager and hater, capable of experiencing every imaginable act of emotional catharsis as a reality, within the construct of reality that is his untouchable mind and brain.
For anyone who lacks enlightenment as to the Forbidden Truths of human existence, as mentioned in this essay, you should immerse yourself in the glory that is My one million word Manifesto of Forbidden Truth:
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Stage six described me perfectly.
    I embrace all of the forbidden truths on a conscious intellectual level, but I acknowledge that my Pavlovian emotional conditioning hasn’t caught up yet.
    e.g. After I discovered the manifesto and spent months reading it I ended up quitting drugs and abstaining from sex/relationship enmeshment for a full year, which I had never done before.
    Gradually however, I weakened and relapsed into both, as well as needlessly harmful activities like boxing.
    The difference now is I make no attempt to delude myself. If I engage in a behaviour like drug use, I consciously acknowledge that I am harming my physical body to get the pleasurable effects of a drug, because I am a tortured victim trying to attain catharsis.

    1. Reaching stage six is perfectly respectable, and a higher level than the vast majority of humans ever achieve. The progression from stage 6 to stage 7 is absolutely very difficult. It requires an affirmative break with both identification as a human being, and the need to extract from other human beings. It is the step that reaches personal untouchability, where nothing any human could say or do to you, has any impact upon your perception of Yourself, or the conscious and subconscious experience of your existence.
      You will not achieve stage seven without undertaking extreme and concerted effort, of mind, of will, of consciousness. And you will not achieve stage seven unless you absolutely want to do so. It is easy to say that you want it, but saying it does not necessarily express a core motivation of mind and will.
      All mind-altering drugs supply an escape from Truth and from reality. It is a Self-deception to claim an embrace of all Truth, while also choosing to escape from Truth and reality via a direct action. You can say that when the drug loses its influence, Truth and reality are restored, but that is not accurate. You remain altered, your True Reality is now under the influence of your memories of your altered state. Drugs are a siren, luring you back to a mindscape of illusion. So do not lie to Yourself, that Truth and reality are just as powerfully and accurately recognized and embraced after the use of mind-altering substances, as they were before. It is not so.
      Relationships with human beings are a substitute for the relationship that a top-level Superior has with Himself. You are literally escaping from yourself, abandoning yourself, when you choose to have a personal relationship with another human. Perhaps you are only using him/her, but much more likely, you are allowing yourself to be used, mutual vampirism.
      Do not take my words as criticism, they simply express the factual reality of the situation, as I, having fully achieved stage eight, recognize them to be. You need others, because you do not own yourself. Understanding yourself within Truth, understanding your human flaws and the motivational forces behind the choices you make, is very valuable, on a tactical and an evolutionary level, but understanding yourself intellectually, is not the same as owning yourself. the difference is very real and very stark, but even so, your insight of Self can allow you to make positive and Superior choices, so long as your emotional weaknesses are not permitted to gain directional control over your choice of actions.
      For example, if you consciously feed upon others in your personal relationships, while absolutely preventing others from feeding upon you, you can achieve a highly advantageous position, over most humans. This is good. But on the flip side, you still will not be able to establish a full-fledged relationship with Yourself, as required to reach stage 7 or 8. Likewise, no stage 7 or 8 transcendee would choose to consume mind-altering drugs, or engage in the pseudo-violence of boxing, where a human being is given a ritualized and “fair” opportunity to inflict pain and harm upon a Superior.
      There is nothing wrong with remaining at stage six. I personally look upon stage six as highly inferior and unacceptable, but that is only because I have progressed to stage eight. Each of us can only be expected to live up to our uniquely individual aspirations. Also, each of us has a timeline perspective that is different, thus inspiring different end goals. For example, I have found the very concept of being touched by others, to be disgusting and revolting since I was a young child. As a result, my motivational impulses to never engage in any interpersonal relationship with a human, were very strong, and I began to harness and develop them as a child. Your mileage may vary, and without passing negative judgment, I must and will say that your position at stage six leaves you much more vulnerable to external trauma, than my position at stage 8. But you probably already recognize this Truth, on an intellectual level.
      I would suggest that you continue to try hard to recognize yourself as you are, to consciously face up to your flaws and weaknesses, trying to understand why they impose themselves upon you, and to always analyze both the physical dangers and the psychological harm that you might be inflicting upon yourself via your life path choices. A legitimate goal for the future, should you wish to pursue it, would be to establish genuine ownership of your mind, instead of allowing your mind to own you, and to dictate your choices. This would be a key step towards the possibility of transcending your humanity, but even without directly achieving this feat, genuine ownership of mind would likely provide better control over how often and how severely you betray Self via activities such as personal relationships, consuming of mind-altering substances, and boxing.

      1. “You can say that when the drug loses its influence, Truth and reality are restored, but that is not accurate. You remain altered, your True Reality is now under the influence of your memories of your altered state. Drugs are a siren, luring you back to a mindscape of illusion.”
        I try to limit my praise when addressing you, because I don’t want you to misinterpret it as parasitic obsequiousness or an attempt to establish rapport, but you really have an incredible and jaw dropping ability of cutting to the point and shattering an illusion. It’s very rare that I feel like I’ve actually learned something in life but you are able to “install data” in my mind that wasn’t there before. I’m envious of this ability and wish I posessed it for myself rather than having to accept what you generously share by proxy. Thank you for replying also

        1. “I try to limit my praise when addressing you, because I don’t want you to misinterpret it as parasitic obsequiousness or an attempt to establish rapport, but you really have an incredible and jaw dropping ability of cutting to the point and shattering an illusion. It’s very rare that I feel like I’ve actually learned something in life but you are able to “install data” in my mind that wasn’t there before. I’m envious of this ability and wish I posessed it for myself rather than having to accept what you generously share by proxy. Thank you for replying also.”
          You’re welcome. I know exactly and fully how praiseworthy I am, and I bestow upon Myself all of the praise I deserve and have earned. Both the negative and the positive sentiments of others, have no influence upon my recognition of my brilliance, my superiority, and my position within the universe. Your perception of Me and of Truth can and does only speak to your relative level of personal superiority, and capacity to recognize and embrace Truth.
          As a Superior, I do not trust any compliment from anyone born human. All humans are pathological liars, and must be presumed to have a hostile agenda intended to harm others. If you have no such agenda towards Me, it still remains both necessary and appropriate that I assume you to have such an agenda, and therefore I assume this. Those who accept compliments from humans at face value, are guilty of betraying an obligation to Self, and are not Superiors.
          All illusions are lies that the inferior imposes upon himself. The lie, the illusion, the delusion, the rationalization, all of these personal reality perspectives must be understood as inherently equal in negative scope and magnitude, as they directly destroy Truth itself, on a personal level and within the philosophical and ideological relationship of the individual to his understanding of society and its matrix. Whatever harms Truth, whatever minimizes Truth, whatever allows for Truth to be consciously or subconsciously submerged, overtly destroys Truth.
          Your envy is warranted. The capacity to reflectively analyze every external piece of information that you receive, from an absolutely pure level of uncontaminated mind focus upon Truth, is very rare among those born human, and only achieved by top-level Superiors such as Myself. The Truths that you learn from Me, only represent your relative desire and capacity to know and accept Truth, which is of course, in itself, very rare among humans.

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