The Eight Foundational Mistakes of Humanity

Humanity has made hundreds of thousands of structural, ideological, and operational mistakes throughout its history as a species. But almost all of these mistakes can be directly traced back, and are a direct reflection of, just eight primary, foundational mistakes. In this essay I will reveal all eight foundational mistakes, but first it is important for all seekers of Truth to understand that whatever reasons and rationalizations may have existed in the past, to cause humanity to make these eight foundational mistakes, are invalid and have no place in the here, in the now, or in the future.
Further, it is important to understand that in order for humanity to make any positive progress, all eight of these foundational mistakes must be openly acknowledged, on a worldwide, species-wide basis, and the actual structures themselves, erected as a result of these foundational mistakes, must be absolutely and completely eliminated, eradicated, and dissolved. This dismemberment must occur dynamically, not in pieces or stages.
None of these eight foundational mistakes can be resolved through reform, or modification of structural design or operational parameters. The very structures themselves are organically diseased, impossible to fix, or to render neutral, harmless, or beneficial. They must be recognized as foundational mistakes, and completely eradicated, to the same point as though they never existed. All traces of their toxic legacy must be wiped clean.
So now, the eight foundational mistakes, not listed in any specific order, because all seven are equally perverse, equally genocidal of mind, body, spirit, and Truth, and must be equally cast aside to an eternal void, as unspeakable perversions.
A) The Family Unit. This toxic scourge is the direct cause of universal human slavery, in itself and within the pathologies of mind and reason it organically inspires. As sentient individuals, we must eradicate this structure, from every legal, cultural, and philosophical perspective. It must be recognized and understood as a mini-dictatorship and a mind/body prison, holding us individually and collectively hostage. In eradicating the family unit, we free ourselves to pursue interpersonal relationships, or to reject the very concept of the interpersonal relationship, within the spirit and the reality of personal freedom and autonomy, absent hive mind control, and absent the internal shackles inherent to a diseased, deranged, nonsensical construct created and deployed to enslave us all.
B) Parenthood. In universally rejecting and dismembering the toxic human construct of parenthood, we create the singular tool necessary to finally put an end to universal child abuse, a man-made pathology that has crippled all potential of the species for many thousands of years. Parenthood was always a mistake, the fact that humanity could not, in the past, functionally devise or discern a better way to rear its young, in no way negates this Truth.
The organic purity of every new life, in its creation, must be recognized, honored, and respected. This can never occur, so long as parenthood exists. Children must be treated as independent life forms, to be exalted in the light of their personal potential to thrive. Nothing from the past must be allowed to impose itself upon them. Parenthood, as a structure, is the imposition of universal slavery upon every child. Parenthood is the imposition of the horrors of the past, upon a helpless, vulnerable, virginal mind of limitless potential. Parenthood cages and cripples, It causes universal harm and destruction, it victimizes every child. It is a mistake, an error of choice and of judgement. It must be recognized as such, and eliminated from the human landscape of consciousness.
C) The Nation-State. The division of land via territorial border, and the creation of unique cultures within these territorial borders, should never have occurred. It was an organic mistake of the mind, and nothing that exists today within this mistake, is valid. All territorial borders must be simultaneously dissolved, and the concept of the nation-state must be abandoned completely.
The nation-state is a structure of imprisonment and of hostage-taking, It renders all individual life inherently worthless, every Self-mind a number and an object to be used up and later discarded. It is the ultimate betrayal of every valid concept of freedom, autonomy, and Self-value.
D) Government. Why is government listed separate from the nation-state? Because it is completely different. government is the organization of universal terrorization. It is the only True criminal enterprise, the criminal enterprise responsible for and guilty of creating all crime, and criminalizing freedom and the aspirational potential of humanity to thrive within Truth. The concept of government is fatally flawed, it is the ultimate prison camp, harming everyone, all of the time, individually and collectively.
E) Leadership. Humans have always chosen other humans to be their leaders. At every level, Political, social, cultural, familial, This organic mistake must be completely rejected and abandoned. All human leadership of humans is intrinsically harmful. The structure must be dissolved, and every human being must be empowered to seize his sacred right to create an autonomous universe of Self-mind, within which he leads Self in all he chooses to think, to feel, and to do.
No creature may be followed, and this requires the eradication of the concept of individual leadership. Ideas, philosophies, Truths, realities, facts, these structures must be exalted and empowered to inspire every human MindVerse to lead itself, to establish Self as the autonomous leader of every individual existence.
F) Religion. All religious writings, beliefs, and practices must be eradicated from all of human consciousness. Religion must be recognized as a collective delusion transmitted to others as a communicable mind virus. The lie of an external god must be openly acknowledged as one of the greatest failures and tragedies of all of human consciousness. Religion must be understood as the destroyer of all human potential, and all belief in or worship of god must be consciously acknowledged as the worship of death.
All who believe in or worship god, while recognized as tragic victims of organized mind and sanity destruction, must also be ridiculed, persecuted, and marginalized, so that their mental illness becomes obvious to all. The transmission of religious mythology must be defined as a crime against humanity, an act of Self-destruction and Self-annihilation.
G) Punishment. For many thousands of years humans have deployed punishment, and the threat of punishment, to terrorize and destroy others. All punishment, cultural and judicial, psychological and physical, against everyone, for any reason, must be eliminated and eradicated. Punishment must be recognized as the creator of all crime and of all injustice, and the commission of any punishment must be understood as the commission of the greatest of all possible crimes.
Nobody should ever be punished, the very concept must be dissolved from all human consciousness, within the understanding of the Truth that every action is motivated by either personal ignorance, or the sacred right to seek and claim personal vengeance based upon experienced victimization and injustice.
H) Money. Money should not exist, it should never have been invented, and must be defined as any human artifact to which an artificial, external valuation is assigned by a controlling entity. All precious metals must be recognized as externally controlled monetary substitutes, and therefore inherently valueless.
Money must be understood as a universal enslavement device, whose only operational function is to oppress, victimize, harm human beings, individually and collectively. It must be understood that monetary policy can never be reformed, and therefore money, any human artifact assigned an external value, can never be utilized as a way to facilitate economic activity or transactions. Direct barter and trade, of goods and services, must directly replace all monetary currency.
Okay, there you have the eight foundational mistakes of humanity. I wish to emphasize that none of these mistakes can be rectified, none can be modified or altered to mitigate the harm they cause. Every mistake must be openly and consciously recognized as a fatal error that must be completely eliminated from planet earth, everywhere. All eight of these structures must disappear, dissolve to nothingness.
If you say this cannot be done, and if it actually cannot be done, or will not be done, you prove that you are devolving to species extinction, and are powerless to prevent it.
Good. Good riddance. Now go back to your imaginary lives, as broken slaves to the diseased and perverse mistakes of your pathetic ancestors.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Well, have been reading your essays for awhile now and find myself agreeing with most of what you describe, but not being competent enough to express myself on paper, I just keep on reading.
    Your descriptions of society, us humans and how we behave are, for me, a validation of what I believed most of my life.
    I’ve always despised injustice at all levels, and I think most people agree that it needs to be eradicated.
    The institutions in your list describe exactly how injustice is perpetuated on a daily basis.
    But how would we “eradicate” all of the above? Especially family?
    Where would we, as a society, begin?
    What kind of plan would have to be in place to accomplish such a feat?
    And, most important to me, how to communicate these answers to everyone we know so that we might actually change for the betterment of all?
    Thank you for your writings.

    1. All thoughts and reality perceptions can be described and articulated, so do not denigrate your own capacity to express your True Reality.
      Most humans celebrate and feed upon injustice, because they are victims of injustice and reflective catharsis is a naturally responsive construct of the human brain, biologically and environmentally compromised as it is.
      Most humans will agree to present an external facade that allows them to feel as they wish to feel, and to perceive themselves as they wish to perceive themselves. This is why they claim to oppose and despise injustice, even as they derive subconscious and Self-cloaked pleasure and catharsis in not merely witnessing, but directly sponsoring, both specifically personal and universal injustices.
      The human universe of functioning reality, is built upon a house of cards. it is built upon a platform of no substance, no Truth. The world IS, exactly the way humans wish it to be. Existing as pathological followers as well as cowards of mind, humanity follows itself over the cliff, choosing individual and collective suicide. The family unit ensures the destruction of every child. The destruction of every child ensures the destruction of all human potential, DESIRED by every adult, who already exists as a destroyed ex-child. Bringing us back to the human NEED for universal injustice: The existing, adult society, every generation, ferociously clings to the family unit because it CAUSES the universal injustice of child abuse, and the destruction of every child. To make others in their own image, this is the obsessive pathology of every human being, of every human generation.
      If something is unjust, eliminate it. If something causes harm, eradicate it. See it for what it is, understand it as a problem, recognize the solution, execute the solution. Solving the problem of the family unit is as functionally simple as solving the problem of being hungry by eating a banana lying on your kitchen counter. The only differences are personal perception, and mental sanity. The problem cannot be solved if it is not perceived, and the solution cannot be implemented if it is confronted by the collective insanity of humanity.
      How do you communicate with the delusional? How do you communicate with the mind-blind? If nothing can be SEEN for what it IS, nothing can be addressed within the envelope of Truth that I grace the universe with, in all of the Forbidden Truths I reveal.
      You’re welcome.

  2. Thank you for such a perfectly organized and lucidly stated view of the obstacles to ‘positive’ human progress. I agree and share very similar views, but with one doubt~ Family. Is the family structure evil for all? I would certainly agree based on my personal experience, but I happen to know one, just one, exception, wherein all the family members ~2 parents and 3 children~ are happy healthy brilliant and close to one another. I marvel at these exceptional people, but without them in my radar I would fully agree with you. I have always thought I was being unfair and small minded by generalizing from my personal experience of familial HORROR to all others’ experiences. I personally believe there is One concept we have been brainwashed with which is the Umbrella concept under which all others belong: Authority. Authority is cult. A religion. It punishes and demands neurotic structures, like family and parenting, state and government, be kept sacrosanct. Perhaps it is just a word… but Authority is the big lie to my mind. Nevertheless, I agree with all you say here. Thank you. Brilliant as always.

    1. You’re welcome.
      The family unit is an externally imposed slave structure. It is universally harmful on many levels, and to all who are enslaved within it.
      Within the eradication of the family unit structure, individual human beings who cannot meet their own needs due to inferiority of brain function, should retain the right to establish interpersonal relationships with each other, but such relationships must be void of all legal, cultural, or social approval or legitimization. This is another reason I separate the mistake of the family unit, from the mistake of parenthood. Parenthood must not EXIST, no child should ever be subjected to such an injustice. On the other hand, if two adults wish to suck upon each other within vampiric emotional enmeshment, they should be allowed to do so. But the family unit as a social structure cannot exist, to sanction or to validate, much less encourage, such an inferior choice.
      Regarding the family unit you view as positively functional, it is impossible for you to know the True nature of the functional components of interpersonal enmeshment that are at play, and how each of the involved parties is actually experiencing their True Reality as it is, and as it evolves in real-time.
      Slavery is slavery. Imprisonment is imprisonment. Subhuman status is what it is. Within the family unit, every child is an officially decreed subhuman piece of owned property, deprived of all human, legal, and personal rights. Just because a specific slaveowner may possibly treat his slave well, in defiance of official decree by society and government, does not legitimize the structure of parenthood.
      Every child deserves better, and within a sane society the tiny handful of children NOT being currently victimized within the family unit, would STILL not be victimized after the eradication of the family unit. The difference would be, the 99.9999% of children who ARE and WILL BE victimized within the family unit, would be protected and saved from victimization. The concept that depriving a “good” person of their right to possess a sperm creation or womb excretion is an injustice, is absurd. A “good” person would not want to possess a child, if it meant that countless millions of other children would and will be brutally victimized by THEIR sperm creators and womb excreters.
      Your definition of “authority”, singling it out as a great mistake, is partially inline with My definition of leadership, as well as partially inline with My definition of government, as used within the essay. Authority speaks to the inability of the human to reject all leadership and demand Truth-based freedom as the leader of his own Self-universe. So, in general, I agree with your assessment that all authority figures must be rejected, and all authority structures abolished. It is more a difference in word usage, than in the actual identification of the structure that must be eradicated.
      Thank you for possessing the Self-capacity to recognize and embrace Truth.

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