The Death of Communication

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According to The Matrix of Universal Illusion, communication between and among humans has never been easier, more effective, more easily established and maintained, than it is today, at this very moment, in 2018.
That is absolute bullsh*t! What we are witnessing at this inflection point in the human timeline, is the actual death of all human capacity to communicate.
Interactive communication does not require any specific technology, nor does it require a willingness on the part of humans to listen. No. What is required is the capacity to understand what is real and valid, factual and True, and the psychological motivation to place value upon such understanding, upon realities and facts and Truths.
Interactive dialogue is not communication, it is merely humans attempting to justify their reality perceptions to themselves, by bullying or deceiving others to accept such perceptions as being valid. Majority delusion determining which lies and illusions to embrace.
Humans have never been able to communicate, or interested in trying to do so. Following orders and edicts, finding slavemasters to dictate and control their reality perceptions, that is the human way. And we see this Forbidden Truth demonstrated now, in the 21st century, to a greater degree than ever before.
In theory, the capacity for Truth-based communication has never been greater, yet at the same time, the actual engagement of such communication has never been lower.
All dialogue is internally caged and controlled, by the shackles of mind that rule the collective consciousness of humanity. No idea, no insight, no Truth that strays beyond the accepted and prescribed boundaries of The Hive Mind of Universal Illusion, is ever allowed to transfer from one mind to another. Everyone terrorizes themselves, without even knowing they are doing so, or understanding why they do so.
Just one of the reasons I will write less, publicly, in the future, is because Truth must always be honored in deed. If human communication is dead, and it is, and I spend time directly addressing humanity, even if such dialogue is internally centered, as it has always been for Me, I am still disrespecting the True facts of publicly focused expression of ideas and of dialogue.
I have given humanity all of the primary Forbidden Truths, and been met with complete apathy, hostility, and rejection, as befits a species incapable of engaging in Truth-based communication. I will continue to rub your faces in your own mind excrement, because it pleases Me to do so, and because it is what you deserve. I will continue to write and express Truth, because doing so honors and sanctifies Me.
But, more so than ever, I will always retain conscious awareness of what humanity has done to Me, beyond My childhood soul murder and the daily, relentless attacks upon and against My Self-universe, in terms of overtly rejecting the public communication of Truth that constitutes My body of writings, dating back 28 years.
It is a gift unparalleled in the annals of human history, a brilliant and Superior mind dissecting and reflecting back at humanity, everything that is wrong with the species. Addressing every problem, providing uniquely brilliant solutions to every human problem. A torture victim giving his very own destroyers the capacity to save themselves.
As Truth is dead, so too is communication. Nothing that is True can ever be accepted, known, understood, unless and until the human brain is capable of engaging in free and open communication, the shackles of universal illusion and delusion severed by all parties involved.
This has never been, and will never be, possible.
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  1. Seer, you’re the greatest philosopher in the realm of humanity. Just like Giordano Bruno you humans will discover that your groundbreaking writings are painfully obvious. While there’s no hope for humanity at least your writings on personal level for me have inspired Truth, as well as for multiple other “fans” of yours. It almost makes me wonder if capacity for truth is on a genetic level or maybe while in childhood some people are preconditioned for it. But anyway Seer, you ARE the greatest philosopher of this era and I’m almost certain that if they don’t blow themselves up people will find the manifesto and realize the validity of your argument, most 19th century philosophers only gained mainstream fame well after their deaths. . Not that I even want them too, people would just distort your work if it ever got mainstream fame.. On an individual level, I hope you are well Seer.

    1. Thanks for appreciating and valuing Forbidden Truth. The vast majority of all humans do not know who Giordano Bruno was, and even fewer, probably 1 out of 100,000, could provide even a single quote or philosophical insight of his, as implanted mind memory.
      Truth is not for the human, it is only for the tiny handful who want, on some level, to become less human, to rise above the baseline perversity and inferiority of their species.
      Yes, I am the greatest human-born philosopher who is able to pretend to be alive at this moment in time. The value of this is entirely internal, it comes from MY realization. externally untouchable, that I am this, and not from any external opinions that it is so.
      As I have revealed, the human being is genetically defective on a brain-based level. All genetic defectiveness is variable, therefore the degree and severity of the inability of humans to maintain and develop a conscious capacity and desire to know and embrace Truth, will also be variable.
      I am already infinitely famous, to and for the only audience that matters: The Self-universe. The value of My philosophical work is not in what it can do for humanity, but in the very exposure of the Forbidden Truth that humanity cannot and will not save itself even when given a direct opportunity.
      Depending upon exactly how the near-term species extinction of humanity plays out, it is theoretically possible that as it is occurring, a small group of humans might come to realize how incredibly right, about everything, I am. But it will be too late for them to change course, to reverse their doomed status, and this very scenario of last minute conscious realization, remains very unlikely.
      Thanks for the good wishes. I am as well as anyone who is dead and can only maximize and savor the illusion he is alive, and is fully aware of the horror inherent within this Forbidden Truth, can ever hope to be.
      Wishing you strength of mind and ongoing love of Self and of Truth.

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