The Daily War

Every day is a war. Every day the battle rages. It is always Me against the world. Always I win the daily battle, and yet the war itself is hopelessly lost. It is lost because of the future, it is lost because I cannot manifest as reality, what I know I am entitled to. My war is lost because inferior garbage rules the experience of existence in the 21st century. Cowards and hypocrites, haters of Truth and of Self, infest this planet and impose their pathologies upon every structure. I have transcended My humanity, and yet I remain trapped among you humans, My fate WILL be determined by you. I will lose everything, the untouchable universe that I have built is destined to be devoured by maggots.
And so I will not forgive, forget, or surrender. Every day I will glory in My hatred. I will show no mercy, as none has ever or will ever be shown to Me. The mirror will reflect, even as it shatters into fragments that can never be reassembled. Some will say this blog is new, but it is not. This blog has dwelled within Me for decades. It exists because I exist, an untouchable mind still trapped within the diseased matrix you creatures have created and sworn allegiance to.
I can do this or I can do that. I can go here or I can go there. But always I remain in the same situation: Out of place, out of time, out of mind. Each day is a glorious triumph, and yet My existence will always be understood and embraced as horrific tragedy. Let us prey is the universal Truth. Humans will always be prey to Me, reflecting what humanity chose to decree Me to be, from birth: prey.
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  1. SEER, I love that you mentioned that you don’t care about anyone because no one cared or cares about you. Inferiors are conditioned and trained not only religiously, but as a society dictate, to care and love others even if they don’t exchange the favor. It makes no sense to tell and expect someone to love those who hate them and mistreat them and that can explain sociological behaviors among humans. People who are characterized as sociopaths are that way because of the insane indoctrination that has been implanted in the minds with no choosing of their own. Humans react and do things according to the ways that they have been trained, so if they deceive and backbite, it isn’t their fault, and no one should be surprised.

    1. Correct. External expressions and projections of affection are pure stupidity. You need to be loved, so love Yourself. You need to be valued, to be appreciated, to be hugged and kissed and caressed and nurtured and made to feel proud and every other imaginable emotional positive, so give all these gifts to Yourself. This is the only form of mental health, absolute and complete independence from the emotional projections of others. Autonomy of feeling, where you create for Yourself exactly what you need to thrive as Self, with no limits, no conditions, no toxic enmeshment or the mutual deception inherent in all external relationships.

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