The Cosmic Joke of April Fools' Day

So the humans invented a new holiday for themselves a few hundred years ago. They called it April Fools’ Day. The fools decided this would be a day for them to achieve emotional and psychological delight in playing practical jokes on other humans. Deceiving them, lying to them, tricking them, fooling them, on an individual and on a mass scale.
Oh, the irony of it! The bitter, pathetic irony! The doomed species, cosmic murderer of all of reality, of all Truth, consciously set aside a singular day to openly celebrate the deliciousness of deception. Deception was worthy of honor, of tribute, it was something to think about, to plot out, to create new and innovative forms of expression.
They play it for laughs, the fools! How much fun it is, to be fooled. The only thing more fun than being fooled, is fooling others.
But nobody appreciates the cosmic horror of it all. Nobody sees into the mirror. Nobody perceives their own motivations for what they do.
How could they?? They are too busy fooling themselves. Every minute of every day every human pretending to be alive on planet earth in the 21st century is busy, hard at work, fooling himself, fooling others, being fooled, fooling everyone, being fooled by everyone. A nonstop orgy of deception, eternal worship of the totem pole humans have erected and desperately maintain: The Matrix of Universal Illusion.
Every moment of every day is April Fools’ Day, right now, in the 21st century.
When you die, you go to exist in a blissful place called heaven. April Fool!
The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades! April Fool!
To be loved by others is the most wonderful thing. April Fool!
The love and joy of parenthood is the nexus of humanity, hope, and progress. April Fool!
My sexual partner loves me. April Fool!
We educate our children to teach them important things that allow them to lead successful lives. April Fool!
In creating children, we create a better future for ourselves. April Fool!
Having a lot of money makes life better. April Fool!
I am so lucky to live in a modern era of mind enlightenment. April Fool!
Good governments provide and protect freedom. April Fool!
Suffering and sacrifice are an important and necessary part of life. April Fool!
Humility makes me a better person. April Fool!
Hard work is the path to achieving success. April Fool!
How many thousands of different ways have you fools, you pathetic idiots, invented over the centuries, to fool yourselves, to fool others, to be fooled?! Today is April 2nd, 2017, I could have written and posted this essay yesterday, no?? Wouldn’t that have been more appropriate?? No! Today is the perfect day for Me to post this essay of Forbidden Truth. Because April Fools’ Day is not over. It is never over! Every day is April Fools Day in the 21st century, every single day! The day that never ends, the horror that never ends. The horror invented by the human mind, built from scratch into something untouchable, immovable, something that has enveloped and frozen into place, all of human consciousness.
April Fools’ Day only comes to an end when you die, on the day you lose the capacity to continue to fool yourself and to be fooled by everyone else. The day you become retroactively unborn, the day you lose your illusion of being alive. And you never get to know that you have just wasted your eternally singular opportunity to gain an existence. You threw it all away.
Happy April Fools’ Life, you fools!
And why did you do it? Why did humanity invent this holiday? Because within your most deeply buried subconscious reality perception, you know everything you base your existence upon, is a lie. You know it! You know your existence is nothing more than a circular treadmill of internal and external illusion, delusion, deception, and pretense.
You created this singular day of open and conscious deception, celebrating the act of deceiving and being deceived, only on one day, to help you mask and deny, wipe clean from all conscious awareness, the realization of this Forbidden Truth!
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All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


    1. Hello,
      No, I do not. I see, know, understand, and realize, every primary-level Truth about who I am, what I am, and why I am as I am. I hide from nothing about Myself, what has been done to Me, what Is being done to Me, what will be done to Me, and what the choices I make might/will cause to be done to Me.
      Every external attempt to induce any and every internal Self-deception, is intercepted by My brilliant mind, recognized for what it is, analyzed as to the source and intent, and torn asunder within full consciousness, rendering it impotent and harmless to My created Self-universe, where only Truth, fact, and reality are allowed to exist.
      This is the Superior path achieved by the externally untouchable mind.

  1. I never thought of it like that. But it’s true humans LOVE to lie to others and themselves daily. It makes me sick to the stomach. They actually LIKE it..yuck.

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