The CIA Torture Report

The united states of amerikkka is a genocidally malevolent regime that acts as the terrorist bully of the entire planet. The terrorism practiced by amerikkka is just as much internal as it is external. This regime viciously terrorizes its own citizen-slaves, as well as viciously terrorizing citizen-slaves of other regimes. The terrorism practiced by the amerikkkan regime is physical, psychological, and ideological. In demonizing others, individuals, groups, and entire nation-states, as being guilty of terrorism, the amerikkkan regime seeks to successfully cloak from public awareness, especially among usa and other western citizen-slaves, the Forbidden Truth that it is by far the premier instigator, practitioner and sponsor of all terrorism.
Today, the usa media is abuzz with the news that the usa regime will be releasing a “torture report”, which claims to reveal various torture methods used by the united states government to terrorize individuals, in the past. Even though this report has not yet been released to the media, as of this post being written, there are numerous Forbidden Truths which we can already know concerning this report.
First and foremost, this torture report is intended to serve as a false illusion of moral progress and reform. This torture report will declare, to a very limited degree, the tortures that the usa regime used to carry out, in the past. It will be mute and say nothing, about the tortures the amerikkkan regime is carrying out today, and will continue to carry out in the future. These current and upcoming tortures will likely be far more unjust and horrific than the tortures of the past, but by remaining mute about them, this torture report establishes the false illusion that meaningful reforms have been instituted, that the immorality of the past is being recognized and rectified. Absolute bullsh*t!
The history of amerikkka is a history of reform illusions, brilliantly deployed to allow the bloodthirsty savages known as amerikkkan citizens, to maintain the illusions of civility, morality, reform, and positive progress, all of which are absolute deceptions.
When the physical genocide of usa native indians came to an end, the regime offered apologies, recognition of wrongdoing, and offers of useless contrition, all the while continuing a campaign of brutal economic and ideological genocide against these very same native indians, which continues in full force up to this moment in time.
When the bestial, subhuman status of kidnapped african blacks could no longer be officially maintained due to threat of domestic unrest, the usa regime offered apology, recognition of wrongdoing, and the promise of reform, even as it continued the universal enslavement and brutalization of african blacks, continuing to this very day.
European whites of amerikkka have been fed a steady diet of reform illusions, in order to convince them that moral progress is being made, and that they must protect, defend, and pledge allegiance to the regime which provides them with a superior way of life, even as they are being forced to continue to exist as brutalized, victimized, traumatized slaves, stripped of all freedom and terrorized in every way, on a daily basis.
This cia torture report will do nothing more than provide emotional catharsis to the homicidally enraged citizenry of amerikkka, by confirming that others are being tormented under their names. To those unwilling to face up to their homicidal rage, the report will allow them to feel better about themselves via denial and rejection of Truth, the absolute lie that their regime has recognized the error of its ways and will refrain from future acts of genocide and torture.
The cia torture report is a document of brainwashing and indoctrination, aimed at amerikkkan citizen-slaves. It seeks to promote patriotism and allegiance, by legitimizing the concepts of foreign enemies and war, and demonizing specific groups of foreigners as terrorists, even as it offers useless promises of moderation in terms of how these terrorists will be treated in the future.
The usa regime is already overtly soliciting terrorist attacks in response to the release of this cia torture report, and will use all such terrorist attacks, which in Truth are merely responses to the foreign terrorism practiced by amerikkka, to foment homicidal rage against pre-selected foreign enemies and war partners, to induce patriotic allegiance and war-thirst among usa citizen-slaves, and to create the illusion of moral justification for future wars, future acts of genocidal terror, and the future torture of suspected and accused foreign terrorists.
Therefore, as functional reality, the release of this cia torture report is overtly intended, and will absolutely serve the end result, of promoting and ensuring that the usa regime continues to inflict impossible to justify torture upon foreign enemies that it is guilty of having created, radicalized and inspired/encouraged to responsively target amerikkka and its citizens.
Should this cia torture report be released to the public? Of course! It should be released with the Truth that amerikkka is guilty of continuing to engage in unjust torture as foreign policy, and the Truth that amerikkkans deserve to be brutally tortured and killed in direct response to the choice by the amerikkkan regime to torture, in the past and in the present, and it should be released in direct conjuction with the termination of all usa military presence and activity, everywhere in the world.
The only valid protection against foreign terrorism that the terrorist regime of amerikkka could possibly claim, within sanity and Truth, would be border defense. And any such defense must be purely defensive. Meaning, each and every amerikkkan soldier deployed beyond 10 miles of the amerikkkan border, must be withdrawn and sent back to amerikkka. No military presence anywhere in the world, this would be an appropriate response and admission of True contrition, for the genocide the amerikkkan regime is guilty of.
And whatever may occur as a result, let it occur. Let the insane muslims create as much havoc as the insane christians. amerikkka has no moral standing to try to dictate the behavior of any group or of any nation state. This upcoming cia torture report, along with the entire history of amerikkkan government policy, both domestic and foreign, proves this Forbidden Truth.
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