The Charleston, South Carolina Church Massacre

Less than 14 hours ago, a young, tortured victim-creation of human society and government entered a church in Charleston, South Carolina and opened fire on a group of brainwashed sheeple who were spending their time praying to an imaginary and nonexistent god creature. He fatally shot nine sheeple, including the leader/pastor of the church, who just so happens to also have been a state senator, Clementa Pinckney. So here you see how the separation of church and state actually works within the fascist, religiously fundamentalist dictatorship that is amerikkka.
This is a breaking and developing news event, and our newly minted mass murderer, unlike most, managed to flee the scene and remains at large at this moment in time. I plan to make several additional posts as this news event unfolds. dissecting different aspects of the massacre, as well as properly crediting this young man if and when his societally imposed identity is established.
For now, let me just say that as all who read my writings know, I respect and appreciate all mass and serial murderers as being tortured victim-creations of their society, reflecting back at others the injustice, victimization, and trauma that was and is maliciously inflicted upon them, as it was and is upon each and every one of us.
A mass murder perpetrated inside of a church is especially worthy of open respect and appreciation, as it directly confronts the insanity and the evil that is organized religion, an integral part of the social matrix of universal oppression and enslavement of the 21st century. My posts are not intended to celebrate the deaths of god-addicted fools, but to honor the True Reality of a young victim of 21st century society, who proved, by his very actions just 14 hours ago, the absurdity of the insane god myth, and the impotency of all religious belief, ideology, and doctrine.
To all who wish to follow this breaking and developing news event, I recommend you tune into CNN, or go to this updating link:
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