The Best Female Foot Pain Television Commercial Ever!

Those of you who follow My uniquely bizarre life path journey closely, know I have a raging Female Foot Pain sexual fetish, and am always on the hunt for any material: Fictional stories, pictures, videos, personal True experiences, etc…, dealing with any and every aspect of female foot pain and/or deformity.
The television commercial below, for Lipton Ice Tea, of all things, aired around 2002, yet it still remains, for Me, the single most erotic genuine tv commercial I have ever seen.
I just love the setting and the plotline: Beautiful, well-dressed businesswoman, CEO of the company, is walking through her offices in high heeled dress pumps, smiling, acting strong and confident, no HINT of any distress on her face as she greets her employees. Hiding her foot agony so perfectly… Then, as she approaches her private office, the facade begins to crumble, she opens the door and quickly shuts it behind her, crying out in pain as she throws off her torture chambers… So erotic!! 🙂
I have developed hundreds of different erotic fantasy plotlines to sexual climax, just from this one 30 second commercial. The setting is so conducive to extending the story!
For example, what if Carol is stopped by one of her employees at the very beginning? He needs to show her something very important on the 30th floor. So they go to the elevators, but they are not working, so he suggests the stairs, and Carol must desperately try to continue concealing her foot agony…
Or, what if, unbenownst to Carol, the owner of the company is waiting for her inside of her office. She does not realize he is there until she opens the door and has already cried out in pain and pulled off her agonizing pumps… How do they interact… I have dozens of climaxes just from different versions of such an encounter..
Or, what if the employee who opens her office door with the fax at the end, only to find her changed into her bedroom slippers, has a secretly raging Female Foot Pain fetish and seizes this unique opportunity to engage her in personal conversation (and maybe more…) about her poor, deformed feet… “Carol…maybe it’s not my place to say anything, but I’ve seen you slipping off your high heels in the afternoons, that bump on the side of your big toe must kill you in dress pumps… And last week, I saw you hobbling to the parking lot in your stockinged feet… I just…hate to see you in pain Carol, why don’t you stay in your slippers for the rest of the day. Nobody will think any less of you…Is it just bunions Carol, or do you have corns too? You can tell me, I was studying to become a podiatrist, but had to leave medical school in my final year to support myself…”
Pictures and videos are great, but for Me, the ability to create erotic Female Foot Pain storylines within My mind, and experience them as absolute reality, that is the height of sexual freedom and creativity.

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  1. Wirklich total erregend dieser Werbespot. Ich liebe diese nach außen starken Frauen die von ihren hochhackigen Pumps gequält werden.

  2. Lol. That is one bizarre commercial. They don’t make them this intense anymore. Although i don’t share your fetish, i can see how this would appeal to you.

  3. We are like 2 peas in a pod. I, too, have found it to be incredibly erotic for example to see a woman behind a cosmetics counter–late in the day–waiting on a customer when suddenly she has to slip off a stiletto heeled shoe to get a speck of relief for her suffering feet.
    My area of interest is VERY specific–stiletto pumps of at least 3 inches, but preferably 4 (no platforms), standing but not pattering along with their shoes off (the game is over by then), nylons highly preferred, and preferably in a skirt of knee length.
    I, too, have composed fictional stories where I put my damsels in positions of dastardly horrible days and nights for their poor feet.
    I have countless tales of suffering from as far back as the late 50s! Sales ladies in malls; customers shopping; weddings; night clubs (patrons and cocktail waitresses); dozens of nights at Playboy Clubs from Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Atlantic City, Buffalo, Dallas and Vegas; casinos; trade shows, airports (I am a retired airline pilot), my pre-pilot jobs, etc. etc.. I’d love to share them with you–stories, pix, images–whatever. I really think that you would enjoy reading about my experiences and I know that I would enjoy yours.
    Please feel free to contact me so we can swap stories and interests.

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