The Benevolence Illusions

The leaders and directors, individual and structural, of every society and govt on earth, know that everyone is suffering, everyone is traumatized, everyone is filled with rage and hate. Everyone is their victimized creation. This Forbidden Truth can never be acknowledged on any level. To do so would open the door for all victims to do the unthinkable: Collectively and consciously focus and direct their rage and hate directly against their very own society and government, its leadership and operationally empowered structures.
The unthinkable path is the right path, the only path which honors Truth and Self, and paves a positive path forward, to destroy that which has, is, and will destroy You: Your very own society and government. But if the path cannot be consciously considered, it can never be chosen. And this is why the benevolence illusions flourish, within every society and govt.
Every society creates and maintains a functional illusion of benevolence.
Why do child welfare agencies, homeless assistance centers, public hospitals, free meals for children and the elderly, social security payments, fire departments, the red cross, emergency disaster relief, food banks, unemployment compensation, free public schools, and many other, similar social and governmental structures exist??
They exist to create, maintain, and strengthen the lie that your society and government is benevolent and cares about you. This lie is vital to the ongoing viability of every society and govt. This lie must be consciously recognized and understood, by all seekers of Truth.
Every society and government commits genocide upon its own people, and successfully covers up this Forbidden Truth by creating and maintaining numerous illusions of benevolence, that exist on a structural level: Meaning actual agencies, actual programs, actual acts that appear to help and to save people who are suffering and in distress.
Every societal and governmental agency or structure that helps you, is a benevolence illusion. It does not matter if you perceive Yourself helped, perceive others to be helped, or are actually, in Truth, helped.
The agency or structure exists for the malevolent purpose of concealing the Forbidden Truth that your own society and government is your greatest enemy and oppressor and destroyer. In order to successfully achieve this supreme feat of brainwashing and deception, the government does help, save, protect some citizen-slaves from specific forms of harm and suffering. But it is the creator and sponsor of universal citizen-slave harm and suffering. Therefore, all benevolence displayed and/or performed, is absolute illusion. Got it?
Look as 2017 ISIS and amerikka, and you see they are exactly the same: governments carrying out the genocide of their own people, while successfully deploying benevolence illusion to obtain, retain, and maintain the allegiance of their citizen-slaves.
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  1. Society on some level has to be benevolent, because if they are not, humans will rise up against the system, and the forbidden truths will become obvious. Such programs and services that you mention are cover-ups to conceal the truth

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