The Beauty of your Decay

The maggots will have to wait their turn. It is not time for them to feast, yet.
But I see your decay, your slow motion transformation from the illusion of vitality to the Forbidden Truth reality of flesh and bone, cell and membrane, disintegration.
It is beautiful to watch you change, the skin wrinkle, the muscles shrivel, the bones twist and knob.
You say you are only 22 and I must be in dire need of new and better glasses, as you primp and strut in front of the mirror.
But no, it is you who need better vision, crippled and doomed hag, preparing for a night of clubbing. It is you who lack the capacity to see and to know what you are, as proven by what you will be.
Stop trying to make yourself more beautiful, because every mask you don, from your Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant to your Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Jeweled Pumps, illuminates your decay.
It is so beautiful, to see and to know you as you are, to pierce your self-illusion.
Patiently, the maggots wait.
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  1. Humans invest, particularly, invest tons of money in cosmetics and plastic surgery to chase after the illusion of beauty. Humans hate who they are without masks, and wearing these masks gives them a false identity that isn’t who they really are. I am so disgusted with humanity’s depraved sickness in focusing on outward appearances. They don’t know anything about the forbidden truths because their focus is on meaningless, nonsensical attributes, which are distractions to keep them in the dark. No Awakening for Humans! Too bad!

      1. An inferior choice. The Matrix promotes the lie that everything is an illusion, to anyone seeking Truth, in order to further conceal and obscure and make impossible, any effort to recognize and embrace and value reality and Truth.
        How can any human unearth the deeply buried, infinitely precious Truths, if they are successfully brainwashed to believe that everything is an illusion.
        Typical lack of enlightenment. I like your perspectives on life and on reality, because they so well illuminate the baseline inferiority of the average human mind.

        1. All i’m saying is, everything is temporary and illusory. For example, a fit body, is an illusion. If X person doesn’t exercise/eat right, they will take the shape of the average human, which is boring. I’d rather be fit/strong, rather than weak. I’d rather use the Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant if it helps prolong the youthfulness of my appearance, even though, it’s an illusion. Me so pretty :).

  2. It’s gonna last as long as it’s gonna last. What can you do? Isn’t using self beautifying products an act of self love? Temporary as it may be, i think yes.

    1. As usual, your thoughts are superficial and far too typically human, to touch Truth.
      The answer to your first question is that you can do MANY things, as revealed within MANY of My brilliant essays. And the answer to your second question is: No.

      1. Relax relax, i didn’t mean it like that. I meant what can you do about AGING?? Decaying? Not much right? It’s just life. Why would you consider touching and kissing yourself an act of self love, but applying lotion to yourself, which is nothing more than touching yourself using lotion, NOT?

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