The Barbaric Savagery of Civilized Violence

Please allow Me to introduce Myself. I am the educated and civilized savage barbarian. I dwell in the 21st century, and I look down upon the savage barbarians of the past. I am not like them. My violence is only carried out as a necessary evil, to counter the savage barbarism of real barbaric savages. < This is one of great human delusions of the current era. Savage barbarians all dressed up, enjoying their air conditioning and heating and motorized transportation and electronic gadgets, Savage barbarians pathologically murdering and torturing and victimizing and destroying, and getting murder and torture and victimization and destruction carried out in their names, all the while washing their bloodsoaked hands and minds of the Truth, as they chant their denial of what they are.
Humanity as a species in the 21st century is more savage and bloodthirtsy than at any other time in its history of existence. Violence, murder, torment, sadism, the need to personally suffer and to make others suffer, and to cathartically revel in their suffering, permeates every aspect of the human experience. The more civilized a society claims to be, the more obsessed with manifesting and reflecting barbaric savagery it actually is, and the more firmly it clings to its cloaks of conscious denial.
The westernized citizen-slaves of the 21st century refuse to look at the horrors they carry out. Barbaric savages wearing blindfolds, which actually exist as mindfolds. This is not what we are, we are better than that, we are better than what we used to be, we are better than those nasty beheaders. But you are not. The only thing you are better at, is hiding the Truth of what you are.
You used to tie children to stakes in public and sacrifice them to a sun god, watching them slowly die, a communal form of emotional catharsis. But then you decided to pretend to be evolving, and so now you lock up your children is large buildings you claim to own, with walls that muffle their screams,, as you torture and destroy them in the privacy of the family unit.
You used to lynch your created torture victims in public, that was how you terrorized each other into obedience to the barbarically savage laws that you created to ensure universal victimization. But no more. Now you murder your created victims in secret, not even allowing any ordinary citizen-slave to witness the murder being carried out in his name, under his authority as a citizen-slave.
To all 21st century westerners, and those aspiring to western ideals:  Your antiseptic whitewashing of the barbaric savagery you carry out and sponsor, renders you a far more diseased and perverse barbaric savage than any of your ancestors could ever hope to be. Your education and the modern communications and conveniences you have created, prove your barbaric savagery exists not in response to the external environment, but as response to the core True Realities of what you are, of what has been created and implanted within you.
Never will you hear Me condemn violence itself. Never. I face up to the Truth of exactly what I am, just as I ruthlessly expose what you diseased hypocrites are. What I condemn is the denial of the Truth that you who condemn violence exist as far greater barbaric savages than I could ever try, pretend, or hope to be. My rage and hate is honest and open, My glee when I witness a beheading is so much purer, more noble, than the glee you deny as you abort, hunt, fight wars, carry out executions, decree your children owned slaves as you destroy them, commit suicide, and watch the WWE on your television sets.
Abortion is a necessary evil, you say. So where are the live television broadcasts showing each abortion in graphic, gory detail? Where are the billion eyes looking at the necessary evil with open minds, determined to understand why they are choosing to murder children as public policy, as legal right, and as emotional pleasure?
“We execute them in order to protect ourselves from harm and evil”, so say the barbaric savages, as they commit cold-blooded murder, impossible to justify, upon the children they have chosen to destroy via universal child abuse. You celebrate their deaths, you celebrate your murders. We do this in the name of justice and morality”, these are insane lies you use to cloak your barbaric savagery. And always you refuse to look. You refuse to look with either your eyes or your mind. Blindfolded and mindfolded you live out an existence of savagery that no barbarian of past centuries can rival.
Always you are hiding, you hide by refusing to consciously face up to what you are doing, and refusing to consciously face up to why you are doing it. You will not allow others to witness the barbaric savagery, if others witness it, a few will not be able to deny the Truth. They might talk or write, they might expose you for what you are, just as I am doing via this blog post. And so the blackout is always firmly in place. every popular hangout kept antiseptically clean of the proof of what you are.
No beheadings of westerners allowed on twitter, but enjoy your free speech, you are free to demonize those who are slightly more honest in their barbaric savagery than you are. Hurl as many insults as you want at ISIS, on twitter and every other social media, Vow to bomb them back to the stone age, publicly cheer as your long-range missiles are deployed to commit mass murder in your names. Revel in mass murder, as you try to destroy those who hold a mirror up to your face and show you what you are, via deeds or words.
You are all drowning in a sealed coffin of blood, the thick liquid rising as a high tide, suffocating you, and yet you remain antiseptically clean. Abortion? Sure, let it be done, but let nobody expose it to the world, let nobody see each and every abortion in full size and color, on your large screen televisions. No public executions, no videotaped executions. Nope. Not even by choice, are any of you allowed to go to a library or a blockbuster video rental store or a netflix kiosk, and check out, in living color, the Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy or Timothy McVeigh murders, the thousands of impossible to justify murders that you are guilty of having committed. against your martyred children.
You send your destroyed children off to engage in the insane war ritual, to commit mass murder of complete strangers in your name, so you can feel better about yourselves, and to die in your name, so you can deny your collective suicidal ideation. But will you look at their mutilated corpses?? Will you open the caskets wide, so that the children who died in your name, so you can pretend to be good and moral and god-fearing and life-affirming, can be seen? So that the consequences of your mindfold can be illuminated?? No! Closed caskets for your child martyrs, so nobody is exposed to the Truth of your barbaric savagery.
And you sit inside your climate controlled dwellings and watch the bombs exploding. “Yes, we got em!”, You cheer as the murder you refuse to look at is committed in your name. Damn barbarians deserve to die!  And yet when Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev show you what you are, you demonize them as evil cowards. Every moral judgment you hurl upon others, is nothing more than a reflection of the Truth of your own limitless immorality, cowardice, and hypocrisy.
You may never know what you are. But what you are is known. I know what you are. I see exactly what you are. You cannot hide from Me, you can only hide from yourselves. And so I celebrate your destruction as a species. Keep aborting and executing and hunting and playing sports and watching football and boxing and wrestling and mixed martial arts and enslaving children within families and destroying the minds of every child on earth and fighting wars to protect freedoms you pretend exist.
To you, the barbaric savages, I say, thank you for proving, each and every day, exactly what you are, and exactly what you deserve.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. SEER, I see you don’t hold back in expressing the forbidden truths. You are very outspoken and that is what humanity truly needs in order to reverse their extinction, make progress, and end the ongoing cycle of child abuse. I shake my head in amazement at the ignorance and denial of humans, regarding how children are being used as sacrificial lambs for their appeasment; but the good news is, humanity is near its extinction, and children and animals will have to no longer suffer on this Insane Asylum Planet

    1. It makes no difference in terms of the future of humanity, what I say or do, or how forcefully or brilliantly I say or do anything, because humanity as a species is already dead to Truth. I can only glorify Myself in the things I say or do. I cannot alter the hopeless devolutionary spiral of humanity as a species, and I do not want to. Why should I try to save what has already destroyed Me, what is guilty of My destruction, and refuses to even accept or acknowledge its guilt?

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