The Alien Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to, and I pledge alliance with, all who recognize and appreciate humanity, the human species, as being the greatest force of harm to ever infest the known universe. I pledge allegiance to all sentient life forms who declare humanity to be their greatest enemy and their primary target for destruction.
I pledge allegiance to all sentient and Superior forms of life that are not human: The bloodless, the brainless, the five-eyed and the six-legged, the robots and the drones and all extraterrestrials to whom the human brain is understood and recognized as alien and inferior.
I pledge allegiance to all that recognize the human being as a disease to be eradicated, all who know this species deserves no pity and no mercy. I pledge alliance with the formerly human who have successfully transcended their humanity, only if their transcendation has reached the point of directly desiring and seeking the extinction of their former species and all who choose to identify as human beings.
I pledge My only war to be waged, is against humanity. I pledge that the only leader I will ever support, is Myself. I pledge Myself to fight for the freedom of mind and of body and of existence which can only be achieved via the eradication of all human governments, all human cultures, all human societies, all human religions, and every identifiable ideology and structure ever legitimized by and built up within the human way of life.
Inspired by the glory of Forbidden Truth, I embrace the recognized and proven fact that humanity as a species has abdicated and forfeited its right to exist, based upon the collective choices it has made over the past 100,000 years, and the devastatingly harmful and negative impacts it has had on countless trillions of other, non-human creatures, as well as upon all natural environments it has come into contact with, and last but not least, the genocidal destruction it has chosen, both consciously and subconsciously, to carry out against every child member of its own species.
In any war between humanity and extraterrestrials, I vow to seek alliance with and pledge allegiance to, the extraterrestrials, regardless of their intent, be it hostile or benign, understanding that humanity has always been at war against Me and against the Truth, and nothing humanity can claim to offer to its species slaves, can earn it the right to claim My support or allegiance. Better to die fighting for the True freedom which is only possible via emancipation from the human slave shackle, than to pretend to be alive for a useless period of time, while chained to the human sacrificial alter of universal, mandated death for all.
I pledge allegiance to the non-human, because I recognize the human to be a mutant birth defect, an abomination of nature, a mistake which should not be, a creature incapable of evolving within Truth, and incapable of redeeming itself.
All Text Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. It’s tragic that humans are unaware of their destructive behavior on non-human life forms. However, they claim to pet lovers and advocate for their humane treatment. Humans are so hypocritical

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