The Absurdity of Majority Rule

Democracy, voting, and elections are all built upon the foundational premise of majority rule. This premise holds that whatever a majority of humans within any particular social construct indicate a desire for, they are entitled to obtain, and by proxy, to impose upon the minority against their will. Let us analyze this perversion of all aspects of freedom and personal autonomy, from the Forbidden Truth perspective.
To begin, the structure of majority rule is fundamentally biased. It assumes that whatever a majority of humans want, is either right, or better, or both right and better. But under what rationale can it be presumed that the conclusions of the majority are more valid, more accurate, or more beneficial to the universe, than the conclusions of the minority? None! There is no sane basis to think that the conclusions of the majority possess any greater validity than the conclusions of the minority. In Truth, as I will soon outline, the exact opposite is True.
Next, majority rule is an inherently unjust system. Why should the majority get to impose upon the minority? This spits in the face of all rational definitions of freedom, equality, and individual autonomy. The Forbidden Truth is that the single most basic foundational premise of the “free democracy” form of government: Majority rule, guarantees and demands that individuals be denied freedom, equality, and autonomy. From the very outset, the democracy guarantees that nothing it claims to provide to its slaves, can actually be provided.
Digging deeper, majority rule overtly promotes every imaginable form of social propaganda, indoctrination, and brainwashing, by turning reality into nothing more than a popularity contest. Whatever the existing social structure can convince the majority to embrace, can be automatically imposed by force of law, against the minority. This ensures absolute contempt for all Truth, and for every version of equality and justice.
Now, let me let you in on an open secret, that any sane mind already knows, which of course means that you creatures are blind to: The majority is always wrong! Always, the majority will be wrong. Always, the majority will make the stupid, inferior, insane, Self-destroying choice. Always! Why is the majority always wrong? Because the vast majority of all children are brutally tortured and destroyed of all capacity to love Self and to make rational, sane, life path decisions based upon Truth. Therefore the vast majority of all voters are now and will always be, destroyed ex-children incapable of making positive choices to improve their own existences.
Majority rule is an absolute stroke of tactical genius for government. Majority rule guarantees that a broken and destroyed, deranged and Self-hating majority of adults, brutally victimized ex-children, will control and dictate the shape of every future, of all futures, because every generation of children is so destroyed by every generation of adults. Therefore you have an unbreakable cycle that guarantees no positive evolution, no progress of any kind, no capacity to break free of any existing ideological and behavioral pathologies as desired and promoted by the existing governmental and social leadership structures.
Majority rule is the guarantee that nothing will change, the guarantee that nothing will get better, the guarantee that every mistake ever made by modern era humanity will be perpetually repeated, dressed up within useless illusions of cosmetic and superficial change which are guaranteed to change nothing substantive. Majority rule is why every generation of citizen-slaves feels free and deludes itself into believing that a better future is being forged, even as their slavery remains just as brutal as it has ever been, and their future just as hopelessly devoid of any possibility of even becoming real, much less better.
It is time to end all voting, to end all elections, and to destroy the toxic and impossible to redeem structure that is government. It is time to recognize voting and elections for what they are: Useless illusions of imaginary freedom that serve to guarantee an existence in lifelong shackles, followed by an eternity of cosmic nothingness.
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  1. Yeah, the majority continues to inflict the same abuses and harm to children as was done to them during their childhoods. I don’t know why inferiors believe that voting is such a big deal, and that it can change or reverse ongoing atrocities that affect humanity. If anything, it perpetuates them, as life continues to be an ongoing battle of struggles and injustices for all

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