Thanksgiving Day: A Celebration of Genocide

Today, November 27, 2014, has been officially proclaimed by the amerikkkan government as “Thanksgiving Day”, a national and federal holiday for all citizen-slaves to celebrate. And what great, glorious feat and achievement does this day honor and note? Pure and unadulterated genocide.
Thanksgiving day exists to formally and officially honor the invasion of a sovereign land by a gang of homeless, homicidal thugs, armed with state of the art weaponry of the 17th century. These homicidal thugs chose to initiate a totally unprovoked attack upon and invasion of a sovereign land, populated by 15+ million human beings. The homicidal thugs labeled these 15 million people as “indians”, decreeing them barbaric savages unworthy of any freedom, autonomy, or human rights, in order to create an illusion of moral justification for their own chosen campaign of barbaric savagery intended to universally enslave each and every one of the 15 million indians. When some of the 15 million sovereign inhabitants of what is now officially decreed amerikkka and canada chose to resist their universal enslavement, the barbaric thugs who are now honored and revered as founders of your great nation, officially proclaimed the mass murder of all indians, men, women, and children, morally and legally necessary and appropriate.
Then, for 200 years, a systematic campaign of genocide was undertaken against the natives of north amerikkka, relentless and merciless, they were driven to flee their sovereign land, with their homicidal attackers pursuing them everywhere they went, across thousands and thousands of miles, murdering them in cold blood, sometimes not even attempting to obtain their surrender to absolute and utter slavery.
Amerikkka was founded and created via genocide, mass murder, mass slavery, of natives and of kidnapped africans. The history of amerikkka is one of the darkest and most malevolent of any society to have ever existed, easily rivaling the genocide of the societies of Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler. If Adolf Hitler had successfully conquered all of europe, we would have created a holiday exactly the same as Thanksgiving Day, to honor his successful campaign of genocide.
Thanksgiving Day exists as both an open celebration of amerikkkan genocide, and as a cloaked concealment of the True origins of amerikkka, of exactly how and why you exist as you do, as amerikkkan citizen-slaves of the 21st century. It is an open celebration of genocide because, despite an absolute media blackout of Truth, any sane thinker who independently examines how amerikkka came into existence, will stumble upon this Truth which cannot be rationally denied: That a completely unprovoked attack upon a sovereign people, followed by a 200 year campaign of absolute genocide intermingled with the mass enslavement of both native indians and kidnapped african blacks, is solely responsible for the nation you now call amerikkka, to exist today.
The usa regime, utilizing the usa media, successfully maintains a blackout of this Forbidden Truth, as the holiday continues to be celebrated with grand feasts and freedom from slave labor, and monetary reward, the so-called “paid holiday” for current day labor slaves, and formal parades. The irony of you slaves being given “free money” via a paid holiday, specifically marking the governmental theft via vicious mass murder and genocide of the very land you are standing upon, is immense. And yet you are blind to it. Your chosen feast, involving the mass murder of a noble bird, mimics your celebration of the mass murder of a people more noble, more naturally healthy, than you could ever hope to be, yet you are blind to this Truth. Your ritualistic obsession with viewing of football games on this specific date, mimics the genocidal conquest of territory, the penetration of sovereign territory via violence and subterfuge, the actual war ritual itself, to which you remain a loyal supporter of, and yet you are blind to this Truth.
Thanksgiving Day is much more than a celebration of past genocide. It is a celebration of current and of future genocide. Thanksgiving Day exists as the official, state-sponsored legitimization of all acts of genocide that the amerikkkan regime has undertaken, is undertaking now, and will seek to undertake in the future. The marking of Thanksgiving Day as an official holiday, overtly seeks to legitimize the act of genocide, under definitional cloak of course, to all citizen-slaves of amerikkka, as a noble, moral, and legal act.
Let us clearly understand that the inability of the amerikkkan citizen-slave to accurately identify usa foreign policy as rooted in genocidal intent, and the initiation of foreign wars by amerikkka to have a direct goal of causing genocide to occur, is directly linked to the universal cloak of illusion within which thanksgiving day is not openly acknowledged as a celebration of genocide. The celebration of past genocide carried out by a nation-state, exists as the overt promotion of current and future genocide.
To go further, the economic genocide directly caused by amerikkka today, in african, middle east, and asian countries, which causes millions of people to starve to death every year, and many more millions to endure unspeakable hardship and suffering, is just as firmly rooted within the embrace of the same genocidal ideology which motivated the homicidal thugs who invaded the north amerikkkan continent in the 17th century, creating the regime of amerikkka via unprovoked genocide and mass murder.
Thanksgiving Day celebrates the dawn of racism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of the modern era of human civilization. The celebration of thanksgiving day by amerikkka is a primary reason why racism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide permeate all 21st century societies all across the world, and will continue to do so until this species achieves its near-term extinction.
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