Terrorism Is…

Terrorism is a child being kept hostage inside of a home by its biological creators, free to do whatever they choose and desire to a helpless, vulnerable, and morally superior creature.
Terrorism is the nation-state, using borders to keep citizen-slaves within territorial cages under direct threat of murder.
Terrorism is the school, relentlessly brainwashing and propagandizing every child to accept and embrace a matrix of universal illusion.
Terrorism is the creation and utilization of monetary currency by the nation-state, to extract labor slavery from every citizen-hostage, utilizing the direct threat of starvation, homelessness, and death.
Terrorism is the use of the insane god myth by political and social leaders to compel masochism, Self-hatred, and death worship among all of humanity.
Terrorism is the use of law to victimize and to destroy individually created victims of the brutality, violence, malice, and insanity of the collective whole of humanity.
Terrorism is the demonization of individual victims of injustice, in order to both promote and to cloak the Forbidden Truth of governmental sponsorship of universal injustice for all.
Terrorism is when the government which terrorizes you brainwashes you to believe that you need to fear the terrorist attacks of a foreign government.
Terrorism is the systematic and ritualized destruction of individual and personal sanity and analytical Truth-realization potential, under which nothing can be seen and understood as it is, a matrix within which slavery is disguised as freedom.
Terrorism is the promotion of death by government and society, via the deranged lie of heaven and an existence after you die.
Terrorism is the division of humanity into first and third worlds, by first world regimes, so they can brainwash their citizen-slaves to celebrate and to welcome the horrific injustices they are subjected to, under the lie that third world regimes would inflict greater injustices upon them.
Terrorism is classism, racism, nationalism, sexism, patriotism, the hundreds of different artificial divisions created by the nation-state to pit the created victims of the nation-state against each other.
Terrorism is the waging of external war for the purpose of cloaking the domestic and civil war waged by every regime against its own citizen-slaves.
Terrorism is the promotion and utilization of legal murder and organized violence such as abortion, hunting of animals, the death penalty, euthanasia, boxing, wrestling, football, mixed martial arts, etc…, to satiate the homicidal bloodlust of created victims, while concealing from them the conscious awareness of why they crave these behavioral perversions.
Terrorism is a tool to make you slaves feel free, to make you slaves believe that you are free, as your government hold you in the tightest of all choke holds, forever tightening the noose it holds around your necks and upon your brains, as it slowly suffocates you to death.
We are all being terrorized, each and every day, in thousands of different ways.
Terrorism is what your government is doing to you.
Terrorism is the act and the process of governance.
Terrorism is government.
The True subversive targets his own government, actively subverting its terrorist rule via any and all means which accurately reflect and express his True Reality.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Beautiful Essay! We are all held prisoners, not only physical, but emotionally and psychologically, which in my opinion, is the worst of all. The sad part is that most humans aren’t aware of it

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