Terror and Trauma, Always and Everywhere

Have you ever wondered why some serial and mass murderers, and other seekers of cathartic vengeance, go out of their way to choose difficult targets, locations as well as individuals, which limit and minimize their capacity to wreak a maximum degree of havoc and carnage? To be sure, there are many ideological as well as reflective reasons why a difficult target may be chosen over a relatively easier target. But one reason that most of you humans overlook and dismiss, is the need of the trauma victim, consciously or subconsciously, to express to the universe that he has never been safe, that there is no place on this planet that deserves to be considered a sanctuary, because he himself, as a child, lived out the horror of coming to the realization that there is no safe haven, there has never been and there will never be.
Consider the child-slave and his experience of existence. While within the womb, he may well carry no conscious memories of his suffering and trauma, but years later, liberated from this prison, he should understand that nobody cared about his fate as a womb-trapped fetus. He existed totally exposed, supremely vulnerable to any trauma his womb warden desired to inflict upon him, as well as any trauma she authorized others to inflict upon him, such as stomach punches from a boyfriend, or marijuana suffocation via a roommate.
And then the child leaves the womb and is thrust into the slave shackles of a family, his biological creators and all humans that they choose to expose him to. Supremely vulnerable, he is offered no opportunity for shelter, no refuge from harm. And then he grows older and is taken to schools, where once again his welfare, safety, and well-being is decreed to be non-existent. The child understands that as he is shuttled from the family prison to the school prison, he exists solely as an owned piece of property, possessing no rights, no freedoms, absolutely no protection of any kind is afforded him.
And then he ventures out into the “real” world, and everywhere he looks there are predators, desperate to exploit him, victimize him, use him to satiate their rage and hate. And every offer of friendship or support from a peer, is vampiric, rooted in neediness and desperation, not a trace of genuine care or altruism or respect for the child as an individual. “Are you suffering? Me too, so lets suffer together,” this is the most he can ever hope for, and there is no kindness, no benevolence here, there is only the sharing of trauma, rooted within selfishness, where the offer of support mandates that both victims continue to suffer, so that each victim takes solace in the suffering of the other.
This is the existence of every child in the 21st century, trauma and suffering at every turn, no safe haven, no refuge, no opportunity to save Self. And so we have the destroyed adults, trying to decide how to claim their cathartic vengeance, and one primary factor in how this decision is made, is to deliver the cathartically reflective message that none of you are ever safe, none of you ever deserve to feel safe, for even a single moment of your existence, because the destroyed adult, your created victim of the limitless child abuse which you sponsor, knows and has personally experienced the horror of no safety, no refuge, nowhere, as a helpless child.
And so the school is an excellent target. It is not the easiest place to kill children, as there are perimeter defenses. But it delivers an important message: No place is ever safe. And trying to kill police officers is certainly not the easiest way to kill humans. But it delivers an important message: Even if you become a cop and carry around weapoons of terror for all to see, you cannot be safe, there is no safety for you. And breaking into private houses and breaking into college sororities and opening fire inside naval bases and museums and government buildings, none of these methodologies offer the easiest way to kill the most humans, but they all deliver a message of Truth, valuable to the messenger insofar as reflecting the Truth of his own childhood torment.
The message is: I never felt safe when I was a child. Your world offered Me no refuge, no safety, no escape from child abuse. No matter where I turned, there was danger, there was attack, there was terror. And so now you should look into the mirror, I will try to recreate for you, as best I can, the trauma I lived through, of knowing that each moment could be My last, of knowing that nobody cared if I lived or died, or how much I suffered.
And so the bullets fly and the bomb detonates and the knife penetrates deeply, and maybe, thanks to media coverage, for a few hours a few million humans are gripped by the terror of being confronted with the Forbidden Truth that they have never been and will never be safe, just as they never were as children, and just as they make certain no child alive now, will ever be. But nothing changes, the incident fades away to obscurity. The messenger is demonized and destroyed, and his message of Truth never even touches the consciousness of the diseased and deranged society guilty of his destruction.
You see humans, only via the infliction of injustice, can the Forbidden Truth of justice be delivered and understood: That justice has never existed, that justice cannot be achieved by any human being, in any way, ever. It is your determination to impose justice, a pure illusion and farce, which guarantees that those who are sane enough to know that they are victims of eternal injustice which can never be rectified, will seek and claim personal vengeance, the closest any human can ever come, to claiming Truth-based justice.
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  1. Brilliant essay. It is the truth there is no sanctuary on the Earth, and no one is safe from harm. Inferiors have been employed to sacrifice and humiliate the lives of other humans with their ulterior and selfish motives, at the request of society. In every corner of life, there is abuse and harm waiting to entrap and ensnarl humans on an emotional, psychological, and physical level. Simply put: our lives are valued as being disposable and easily replaced by ongoing breeding. One never knows what they are going to walk into; life is a horror movie, never knowing what’s hiding in the bushes waiting to attack you. It’s very tiring and depressing to live in such a world that is a cesspool for uncertainties and ongoing negativity.

    1. Humans seek out the illusion of safety, rejecting Forbidden Truth in the process, and guaranteeing that nobody can ever achieve safety. Religion provides an illusion of safety. So does punishment via law. So does the very existence of government. But these and many more structural perversions directly cause the exact opposite result. They allow the mentally deranged to delude themselves into feeling safe, but in reality, they directly render it impossible for anyone to achieve any form of personal safety.
      As Seer of Forbidden Truth, I appreciate it very much when tortured victim-creations carry out an act which demonstrates to society and to all who are capable of rational thought, that safety is a universal illusion, that no human being can ever be safe from harm and death, not even for a single moment, ever. This is a form of reflective terrorism which delights Me, because it so perfectly mirrors the experience of every child on earth, the universal child abuse every child is deliberately subjected to at the hands of society.

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