Technological Immortality Made Real by the Acorn Worm

As I have repeatedly revealed in My brilliant texts, humanity is fully capable of realizing technological immortality within 1-5 years, IF a worldwide team of the best scientists, geneticists, computer engineers, biologists, neurologists, and other medical specialists were brought together, provided with unlimited funding and resources, and tasked to achieve this ONE feat, free of all ethical, legal, moral, and supervisory oversight by the terrorist slave structure of government.
Each of us is being actively murdered by govt, by the very fact this is not occurring right now.
Virtually every day, scientists, isolated & shackled by government, without even trying, make discoveries that are directly applicable to the achievement of human technological immortality. But these discoveries are buried by the Matrix of Universal Illusion, their applicability to unlocking the keys to technological immortality is never even mentioned by media, govt, or the scientists themselves.
This article, published a few days ago in Scientific American, provides a perfect illustration of the Forbidden Truth of technological immortality:
The Acorn Worm is genetically gifted with the ability to completely regrow and regenerate its heart, head, brain, and central nervous system. It achieves this feat naturally, as evolutionary and biological fact, requiring no external intervention of any kind. The genes of this animal regenerate naturally, literally creating a brand new and fully functional heart and brain, for the existing life form.
Any sane thinker immediately realizes this discovery can be directly applicable to scientists unlocking the keys to human technological immortality. Of course extensive, and illegal experimentation and comprehensive research is required, to make this bold leap and transition. So what?? Do it, idiots! The research and experimentation is illegal because government is committed to ensuring technological immortality never becomes a reality.
The clear and obvious usefulness of this discovery to unlocking the keys to human technological immortality is ignored, not even mentioned in the article itself, which insanely focuses on how maybe, in the future, research into the regenerative genes of this worm could help amputees or those with alzheimers. WTF! Yes, government wants to help the amputees grow new limbs, so it can extract maximum slave labor from them. FTS!
If humanity were sane, this news article would be front page on every media platform in the world. Organically, a worldwide movement would spring up demanding the immediate creation of an ungoverned scientific task force, specifically empowered to research how to apply and transfer this genetic ability to humans. Human volunteers would immediately be sought for extensive, highly dangerous experimentation, with all legal and ethical “concerns” ignored and rejected.
We are talking about eternal life, you pathetic fools!
But no, everyone wants to die.
So, as an Immortalist and lover of Self, all I can say is: FTW!

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    1. 99.999999% of all human-borns are inferior creatures, hopelessly trapped within illusions, delusions, and the cowardly rejection of Truth. The vast majority of all humans are Self and Truth-hating, mentally broken to an irreparable degree by universal child abuse, cobtinuous and ongoing environmental brainwashing and indoctrination, as well as their genetic brain defects. Humanity as a whole is a genetically brain defective species.
      So yes, pathetic fools.

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