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WHO Decrees Video Game Addiction a Mental Illness, Remains Mute on Religion

Several years ago, in one of my most brilliant essays ever, I outed and viciously condemned the World Health Organization (WHO) for its official, worldwide definition of what constitutes mental health for individual human beings. Read that uniquely brilliant Mind Bomb essay, which also beautifully defines mental illness within accurate and valid Forbidden Truth parameters, right here:
So here we are, two years later, christmas day in fact, and I am looking through Google News, honestly searching for church bombing or church massacre news items, anywhere in the world, to perk up my christmas mood. Not too much luck on that front, unfortunately.
But, as I’m searching, I find this:
Yes, it’s true, for 2018 the WHO, the most powerful and influential first world organization devoted to worldwide human health issues, is declaring video game addiction to be a newly recognized mental illness, even as it remains 100% mute on religion, which is of course the second most horrific, universally destructive, and universally prevalent mental illness among humans in the entire world, surpassed only by Universal Child Abuse and the worldwide usage of all children, within every society and government on earth, as Poison Containers for their legal slaveowners and for the entire adult population.
I wanted to confirm that nothing has changed in the WHO definition of what constitutes mental health over the past two years, so I clicked on the same link I had used 2 years ago in writing my brilliant dissection, and yes, the WHO page is exactly the same, only updated with a 2017 copyright notice:
The WHO bills itself as being on the cutting edge of all worldwide health issues. In fact, it has a specific mandate to proactively respond to all new and emerging diseases and health problems in current, real-time. And yet, since being founded in 1948, seventy years ago, it has never addressed, in any way, the then existing and continuously growing public health emergency of worldwide mental illness, disease, and dysfunction, that is religion.
For 70 years, not a single word! And why not? Because The Matrix of Universal Illusion officially decrees and mandates religion and belief in god to be necessary, appropriate, and desirable. A symptom of good mental health, something to promote and to encourage. And all organized social organizations, such as the WHO, serve The Matrix. Therefore, religion and belief in god cannot be a mental illness, even though it is, of course. So clearly, so obviously, so undeniably.
Imagine if, in 1948, upon it’s creation, the WHO had possessed the sanity, yes I have to use that word, and the courage and the respect for Truth, to declare religion to be the single greatest and most dangerous threat to human mental health in the entire world, and had established a mandate to end this mental illness, to eradicate religion just as it was determined to eradicate polio and tuberculosis and rickets.
Would religion be, today, 100% eradicated from the human experience of existence? No. But it would be, today, hobbled and shackled, weak and impotent, a refuge of the weak-minded, the cowards, the delusional minority, instead of universal delusion for all being the status quo.
From that year forward, three generations of children would have been born and able to grow up free of the mind virus and genocidal harm of god addiction.
By the 1980’s, all medical, scientific, and technological focus would have shifted towards solving the greatest public health emergency ever realized by human consciousness, a realization only made possible by an open, transparent, worldwide acknowledgment of the Forbidden Truth that religion is the very embodiment of mental illness and dysfunction, a delusion of the mind, of the brain. And what would this public health emergency be? Death, of course! The problem of death, death recognized worldwide as a disease that had to be vanquished.
And today, this very day, christmas day 2017, technological immortality would be a reality. Of course it would be! Take 1985 as a baseline starting point. 30 years of intensive medical, technological, robotic, computer, engineering, scientific research, all joined together with a specific goal of solving the problem of death, and it would be solved well before the 30 years were up.
The problem of death would be solved, if only the World Health Organization had the capacity, in 1948, to do the right thing, the sane thing. Think of it, all who are sane. Think of it, how right I am. Think of it, each and every one of you who are now doomed to the eternal nothingness of retroactive unbirth. Think of what you have lost, all because of the universal stupidity, cowardice, and derangement of humanity as a collective species!
The right thing, the sane thing, was not done by the WHO in 1948. It could not be done. And here we are, 70 years later, and the right thing was not done in 2017, and it could not be done. 70 years, and nothing has changed. Human progress was and is impossible, as the species devolves to extinction.
And why? Because Truth is dead, and sanity does not exist. Mental illness has never and can never be defined for what it is. It cannot be, because the mentally deranged are running Asylum Earth. The mentally deranged are officially empowered to define what constitutes mental health, and what constitutes mental illness.
Are the mentally deranged going to out themselves as being mentally deranged?? Of course not. They could not even if they wanted to, because a front-line symptom of mental derangement is the incapacity to gain or to possess conscious awareness of your own mental derangement. D’oh!
So here we are, on christmas day 2017, and one lone voice cries out, one lone voice of Truth, one Superior and sane mind, Me. As billions of human minds remain hopelessly addicted to the Insane God Myth, and spend this day worshipping their own deaths, hopelessly infected by the mind virus of religion.
No, I cannot end this essay with “Merry christmas”. I just ate, and do not wish to vomit.
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Mental Health, Definitions and Manifestations

How do you define mental health, when you exist as a mentally deranged species and are compelled and mandated to cover up this Forbidden Truth? Let us dissect the official definition given by The World Health Organization, which has positioned itself as: Begin quote: The directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends. In the 21st century, health is a shared responsibility, involving equitable access to essential care and collective defence against transnational threats. End quote.
Yes, The World Health Organization, empowered by the leaders of all slave-states, errr nations, is claiming authority to set the standard for every form of appropriate health care, including how mental health should be defined and “improved”, all across the world. Let us understand that this authority represents the carefully deliberated and considered demands of human societies and governments as a collective whole. The WHO is a shell organization, a mouthpiece created to grant legitimacy to the demands of nation-states and the social structures they seek to legitimize and develop.
And so here is the official, worldwide definition of what constitutes mental health, according to the World Health Organization:
Begin quote: “Updated August 2014. Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” End quote.
Hows that for a kick in the head, folks?? Now, let us dissect this deranged definition, from the Forbidden Truth perspective. According to the WHO, you are mentally healthy if you “realize your own potential”. What does that mean?? It means nothing. The personal potential of every individual is determined by the limitations of his conscious mind, and as such it is inherently subjective. I can realize My personal potential to die, to murder others, to hate Myself, to love Myself, etc… It is a fully abstract concept which allows for any state of mind, from the healthiest to the most diseased, to be arbitrarily judged and defined as representing mental health.
The reason why this language is used, is specifically because it allows every nation-state to arbitrarily judge and determine what it deems to constitute mentally healthy behavior and ideology, absent any legitimate standard. Thus the priest realizes his full potential and is mentally healthy. The police officer, the soldier, the billionaire who hoards money as millions die of starvation, the president who punishes and murders and sponsors universal child abuse, all these humans are decreed mentally healthy under the propaganda decree that they are “realizing their own potential”, and this is the single greatest definer of what constitutes mental health.
So, let us continue. The WHO says you are mentally healthy if you “can cope with the normal stresses of life”. Seriously! Yes, cope with them! Accept that you deserve to be subjected to stress, accept that your experience of existence should be stressful, and find a way to “cope”. In Truth, what the World Health Organization is decreeing is that you are supposed to suffer. Life will be stressful, so find a way to cope, and you will be decreed mentally healthy. Understand: If you fight against the right of others, of society, to impose stress upon you, you will be judged mentally ill. You must accept stress, you must cope with stress, you must subordinate your sacred right to not be harmed and traumatized, to the right of government and society to inflict harm and trauma upon you.
Again, you see how the leaders of society and government define mental health in a specific way, to justify the mental derangements which society and government has created, promotes, sponsors, and imposes upon every human being. How do you cope with stress? Do you worship god? Do you spank your child-slaves? Do you bully and humiliate others? Do you hoard money? Do you cut yourself, are you a cutter? Do you alter your brain chemistry via alcohol, drugs? Do you pretend there is an afterlife?? Do you serially kill others? By its definition, the World Health Organization leaves it up to every government to decree whether or not your specific coping mechanism meets a standard of mental health.
And so every government and society is officially empowered to promote and impose mental illness and dysfunction, in whatever ways it chooses: Hey slave, are you feeling stressed? Go to church on sunday, they will brainwash you to feel better! Hey slave, feeling stressed? Hunting season is right around the corner. Soon you will be able to stalk and murder animals for emotional catharsis. You’ll feel better, enjoy your mental health! Hey slave, feeling stressed out? Go home, right there you have your very own Poison Container, soothe your rage and hate by terrorizing the child-slave, and enjoy better mental health! Do you understand how society and government promotes the deepest and most profound forms of mental illness, via definitional brainwashing as to what constitutes mental health??
Continuing with the official, worldwide definition of mental health, as given by the most powerful ruling medical organization in the world, the World Health Organization. You are mentally healthy if you “can work productively and fruitfully.” I’m not joking, slaves! This is the official and exact terminology, the exact words that are used to define mental health. The concept that being able to perform slave labor is an indicator of mental health, is insane, absurd, bizarre. It makes no logical sense. In Truth, refusal to work, refusal to be exploited and enslaved and forced to do what others tell you to do, is a far greater indicator of mental health. But here we are, with this specfic decree, from the WHO.
Why is the performance of slave labor specifically positioned as an indicator of mental health?? Because every human being on this planet is officially decreed to exist as owned slave, belonging as property, to a government. As owned slave, every individual is decreed to be in debt to the slave state. The slave state collects the debt it claims is owed by the slave, by forcing the slave to produce, to create, to perform slave labor, as a slave. Therefore, the individual who refuses to work is decreed mentally ill, so that society and government may try to terrorize, threaten, medicate, brainwash him, to agree to work. And here you see the WHO, mandating the embrace of personal slavery by the individual, as indicative of his mental health.
And finally, as if all these deranged and invalid definitions of mental health are not enough, the WHO concludes with the astonishing claim that you are mentally healthy if you “are able to make a contribution to your community”. Yes, there it is, in black and white. You must contribute to the community. You must serve the existing hive mind. You must give yourself away. “Hi community, its me, the seer of forbidden truth, please, i want to contribute something, please show me, please tell me how i can contribute. I exist to serve the community, make it stronger and better, so that it may harm me more easily, how can I help you to better destroy me, my dear community??”
F*****CK that! You’re okay, as long as you contribute to the community???? That is a mental health standard, to agree to integrate to the deranged society as it currently exists? How utterly insane. And of course here again, we see the terrorist force of government being used to compel obedience and allegiance among the citizen-slaves, under threat of being judged mentally ill. “Look at that guy, he just sits inside his house all day, he’s a real loner, he is not contributing to his community at all, he must be mentally ill…”
So there you have it, the definition of mental health, by a deranged society which manifests absolute mental insanity in all of its public policy mandates and ideological/behavioral structures, seeking to promote mental illness among all humans, by deliberately misdefining what constitutes mentally healthy states of mind and behaviors.
It is now time to stand up for Truth! Here are just a few of the valid definitions and descriptions and functional manifestations of genuine, valid, and Truth-based mental health. As you integrate the below definitions to your consciousness, I ask you to compare and contrast them to how society and government defines and describes mental health. The conclusion you will reach, if you are sane, is that society and government exists and functions within absolute and profound mental derangement, and overtly sets out to absolutely destroy the mental health of every single child and adult on the planet.

  • Mental health: To love and value Yourself limitlessly and unconditionally.
  • Mental health: To never deliberately or intentionally harm yourself in any way. To never smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or wear high-heeled shoes or compromise your physical health in any manner.
  • Mental health: To never deliberately or intentionally endanger Yourself in any way, absent absolute and immense reward. To never go skydiving or engage in unprotected sexual contact or join a military or become a firefighter, etc…
  • Mental health: To always place your own best interests and needs ahead of the interests or needs of all other individuals and social structures. To never agree to sacrifice your own best interests.
  • Mental health: To refuse to suffer ongoing harm and injustice, to refuse to accept any and all external efforts to compromise your experience of your own existence.
  • Mental health: To seek out and demand factual reality and Truth, at all costs, including the cost of peace of mind, with the conscious understanding that peace of mind obtained via the rejection of Truth and reality, is both functionally useless and overtly harmful to Self.
  • Mental health: The rejection of all mythology, lies, and deceit, no matter how popular they may be, and no matter how alluring the rewards of embracing the deception, are positioned by others to be.
  • Mental health: A state of mind achievable only via the overt prevention of all abuse, victimization, trauma, and terrorization of the individual. A state of mind which exists within most children at birth, and must be actively protected and nurtured via the prevention of all child abuse.
  • Mental health: A state of mind which instinctually craves and demands personal freedom and autonomy, and rejects all external efforts to dictate and control behaviors and life path choices.
  • Mental health: A lack of all emotional dependency upon others. The complete and absolute capacity of the individual to meet his own emotional needs, under all circumstances.
  • Mental health: The conscious understanding that preservation of Self as an individual is a sacred obligation, manifested via the conscious direction of rage and hate against any external entity, individual or structural, which in any way attempts to harm, endanger, or destroy you, as an individual.
  • Mental health: The maximization of personal ego, narcissism, and Self-confidence, so that the inherent value and irreplaceability of Self is always directly and naturally manifested in all life path decisions and behaviors.
  • Mental health: The capacity to unconditionally recognize, appreciate, and value the personal perfection of Self, absent any and all need or motivation to compare or contrast Self to any other human beings, living things, or external mandates/structures.
  • Mental health: The capacity to thrive within absolute isolation of body and mind, rooted within the understanding that the greatest and only legitimately valid form of companionship is that of your own brain.
  • Mental health: The functional capacity to subordinate all emotional responses to all external stimuli, to intellectual and brain-reasoned responses, rooted within the understanding that emotions within humans function on a genetically compromised level.

So here you have, let me count….15 different definitions of what constitutes mental health. Each of these definitions is absolutely valid and accurate, and of course if I had the time or inclination could be described and fleshed out in much greater detail. But the point is this: Here you have 15 different True, accurate, and absolutely valid definitions of what constitutes mental health, all of which completely and absolutely defy the definition of the WHO which I have dissected above,  as well as all mainstream psychological and psychiatric structures of 21st century humanity.
So, what have I proven here? I have proven not only that all of humanity is currently functioning within absolute mental derangement, and not only that society and government is the deliberate sponsor and promoter of mental illness, dysfunction, and derangement, two profoundly important Truths in and of themselves, but also that every claim by the mental health community to be engaged in an effort to reduce mental illness, and to treat mental illness, meaning to restore mental health, is an absolute lie and a pure deception.
By embracing absolutely invalid definitions of what constitutes mental health, and overtly rejecting absolutely valid definitions, such as I have outlined above, society and every one of its empowered mental health treatment agents, is directly sponsoring the dynamic and daily destruction of the mental health of all children, helping to further destroy the mental health of all individuals, and refusing to help restore the mental health of any individuals. Got it?
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