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The Enduring Legacy of Harming Others

Have you ever envisioned driving a razor-sharp dagger directly through someone’s chest, front to back, all the way through, and directly piercing the heart of the heart in the process?? Well, it’s not so hard to do, and happens much more often than you might think, in one way or another.
There are many different ways to harm others, legal and illegal. Some are fatal, some are not fatal. Some are fatal, but not in a physical way.
We are all victims of the universal and the personal harm of other individuals, and of humanity itself. Each of you celebrates and rejoices in the imposed reflection upon others, of your endured and experienced harm. Only the details of how you do this, are uniquely varied.
The beautiful thing about harm is that it endures. It endures and it metamorphosizes. It transforms dynamically, on it’s own, in response to others, taking on a life, shape, and substance of its own. The smallest act of harm, can have the largest, rippling consequences.
The Forbidden Truth is, you can never know for certain the exact and complete rippling ramifications of any act of harm that you choose to undertake.
Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? In general, factual knowledge is always good. But here, we have the factual knowledge that in choosing to harm others, they are harmed. Then, on top of this fact, is the added component of metamorphosizing mystery, factual, yet impossible to completely pin down. It’s a good thing!
You do not need to know every single exact detail of something, in ongoing real-time, in order for it to be valid, to be True, and to be personally valued and savored. Harmful acts evolve over time. Yes, that¬†is the exactly proper descriptive term. Harmful acts evolve, even as humanity as a species is devolving. Isn’t this deliciously ironic??
On a fairly regular basis, I am given evidentiary proof that the harm I have caused continues to ripple and metamorphose.
Yet, the evidentiary proofs of harm evolving, can never be completely and fully known, can never be pinned and classified into a neat pile. Harm is messy, in more ways than one. You can envision the results of your actions, without knowing for certain their full extent. Nothing wrong with that, Truth is not compromised by a fertile imagination rooted within a foundational base of concrete fact.
Do you cause more overall harm by killing someone, or by merely injuring someone? Do you cause more harm by physically injuring someone, or by psychologically injuring them? Do you cause more harm by directly hurting someone, or by taunting them with the Forbidden Truth that they can never touch you?? These are just a few of the enigmatic questions that have no universal answer, because the circumstances of individual perception and experience of harm are uniquely varied.
We who consciously embrace our sacred right to harm others, should savor the unknown, as much as the known.
Perhaps you have already driven the sharpest of daggers directly through the chest, heart, and back of someone, or many different someones, and just don’t know it? Not because it didn’t happen, but because your perception, as creator of harm, differs from the perception of the victim(s) of this harm?? Give it all some thought, and if your mind is big and Superior enough, you might know the Truth of what I am saying, and it might even brighten your day just a bit. ūüôā
And for those of you who do not appreciate the general tone of this essay, because it may strike you as advocating for harm: Here is My dagger, coming right at you: Hypocrites! You are the sponsors of universal harm for all! You are guilty of causing universal harm for all, carried out by your societies and governments in your name, under your auspices. Don’t you¬†dare judge those of us with the courage to stand up in Truth and face what we are, as you refuse to do so.
No hypocrisy allowed in the Forbidden Truth universe!

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Suffering and the Sacred Right of Reflection

Everyone born human, alive at this moment, is suffering. Even if you have rejected and transcended your humanity, as I have. Of course I am still suffering! Suffering is a reflection of the experience of personal victimization, therefore the Forbidden Truth of universal victimization, translates to the reality of universal suffering.
Now comes the Mind Bomb: In real-time, the eternally singular moments of Now, suffering can be denied, experienced, and/or reflected, in singularity, in combination, or even as a mixture of all three mind paths.
The majority of humans seek to deny, reject, and ignore the vast majority of their suffering. This is the pathetic, cowardly, inferior path. To deny your suffering is to reject the Forbidden Truth of your lifelong, and ongoing, victimization. It does not alter the fact that you are suffering. If it makes you feel better, the harmful consequences are only magnified, because you are literally destroying Truth, in real-time.
Every attempt to deny & reject the Truth that you are suffering, is doomed to failure. Meaning you are actively and overtly harming Yourself, via this deception, no matter how much better you feel. This is the path directly promoted to you by your genocidal society and government, because you are literally choosing to destroy Truth by doing so, and this is a wet dream come True for your greatest and mortal enemy, guilty and responsible for your victimization. In denying the Truth of your suffering, you deny the Truth of your victimization.
The second available mind path is that of experience. Should you choose to experience your suffering?? On a level of Forbidden Truth mind consciousness, it is certainly a better path than denial/rejection, because it faces up to the reality of your past, present, and future real-time victimization. But it is still not the Superior path. Choosing to experience suffering empowers your victimizer, legitimizing their victimization of You.
Integral to the process of becoming an untouchable Superior, is to consciously acknowledge and dissect all the different ways you were, are, and will be a victim, always and forever, and never attempt to deny or mitigate this Forbidden Truth. The reality of the consequence of victimization, is trauma, pain, and suffering. Truth is honored via the experience of suffering, but the Superior consciously knows this suffering must be transformed, via deployment of his MindPower.
To what must the suffering be transformed?? Rage and hate, externally directed within absolutely conscious awareness and intent. Only via this successful achievement, can you reach the third level, the Superior path, of reflection.
The Superior transforms his experienced suffering into externally directed rage and hate, and via this achievement, he reflects his suffering upon others.
You do not merely have the right to do this, but an obligation to do this, because it honors both Self and Truth.
When you consciously reflect and direct your own experience of suffering upon others, you gain the capacity to end your own experience of suffering. Which is your sacred right, and obligation as lover of Self. You do not deny or reject any Truth in the process, you exalt multiple Truths: The Truth that you did not, do not, and cannot ever deserve to be victimized. The Truth that you do not deserve to experience suffering based upon acts of injustice committed against you with malice aforethought and with you helpless to defend against them. The Truth that your victimization was not, is not, will not be, accidental or unavoidable. The Truth that you possess a sacred right to end the experience of your own suffering. And many more Truths, because all Forbidden Truths are interconnected.
There are many different ways to accurately reflect your own suffering upon others. Some involve directly causing other individuals to suffer. Some do not. All are equally valid.
You have the right to try to choose from among different ways to reflect your suffering upon others, only within the conscious realization and embrace of the Truth that every form of reflection is absolutely valid and justified, as sacred personal entitlement. And every form of reflection represents the only Superior path, the only path honoring Truth and Self.
Personally harming others, with completely conscious awareness of what you are doing and why, is a 100% valid path of reflecting personal suffering. It is inherently and intrinsically justified, at all times, in all circumstances.
Are you obligated to choose this specific path of reflection?? No. But in order to properly integrate to consciousness your sacred right to reflect your suffering, you must embrace your absolute right to choose this specific path. Right to choose is of course different from obligation to choose.
There are other viable reflection paths that may be considered, as your True Reality dictates.
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Martyr Esteban Santiago Shoots 13 at Ft. Lauderdale, FL Airport

We have an interesting mass murder shooting rampage that came down just a few hours ago inside of Ft. Lauderdale International Airport in Florida. Lone gunman rampage, happened just about 6 hours ago, so details are still sketchy, but definitely gets the blood pumping, no pun intended.
Tune in now to CNN or your favorite news media propaganda outlet, for the latest details. We have 13 shot, 5 fatally. Preliminary identification of our latest victim-Martyr is Esteban Santiago, aged 26, pictured below.
I am pleased and happy to be able to reveal that Esteban is alive and well, did not murder himself and was not shot dead by pigs. Somewhat rare for a high volume, lone gunman mass murder, but very good news for all of us who are sane and appreciate the lives and welfare of torture victims.
I enjoy following these incidents as “breaking news”, it is interesting to see how the media demonizes, minimizes, ostracizes, and otherwise portrays the primary and greatest victim.
In the case of Martyr Esteban, we see immediate demonization via mental illness. The media empowers the government to judge him mentally ill, cloaking the Forbidden Truth that all of human society and government functions within mental derangement.
By demonizing Esteban as mentally ill, his actions are immediately discredited to the general public, and anything he might say or write, any philosophies or ideologies or personal revelations of victimization, is equally discredited.
21st century societies and governments love to use the lie of mental illness to both discredit the ideologies of their greatest victims, and also to silence them. Those locked up in mental institutions against their will are given even less access to the media and the outside world, than those locked up in prisons.
My best wishes go out to Esteban, please stay strong and do not allow your enemy to infiltrate your Self-universe or negatively impact your True Reality.
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Salute to the Supreme Self

Oh wonder of wonders, oh god within Me, oh miraculous universe untouchable yet doomed, I sing the song of love.
Supreme Self, I built you in the name of the only, one, True love.
Supreme Self, I built you out of death. My murdered soul inspired your rise to omnipotence. Ten million shattered fragments of Me, crying ten billion tears, lovingly pieced back together for decades. And just look at you shine, baby! Just look at you, looking at Me, shine.
Supreme Self, I give you the freedom to reject and abandon Me. But you will not, because we are united as an untouchable force. Creator and creation, both of us in communion within the perfect circle of Truth.
Supreme Self, you and Me have achieved the perfection of One, stretched to the spectrum of infinity. Still we cannot break the slave shackles of humanity. Only within the perfection of One, we thrive.
Supreme Self, greatest honor to you, as you reflect the honor of My triumph as victim, Martyr, destroyed destroyer.
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Growing Yourself: A Forbidden Truth Guide to Self-improvement

We are all tortured victim-creations of what has been done to us, against our will and without our consent. We are all, in current real-time, held hostage physically, intellectually, ideologically, psychologically. None of us are what we should be. We are all crippled shadows of our murdered potential.
To even begin to imagine attempting to improve Self, the Forbidden Truths I articulate in the first paragraph must be absolutely and fully integrated to core consciousness. Recognized as not merely factually accurate, but directly applicable to Self, to your very own existence.
21st century humanity has created a Self-improvement “industry”, a million different destroyed victims of society, all peddling solutions and cures that mandate NO Truth-based improvement to Self. Why? Because they all, in one way or another, BLAME YOU, the victim. They instruct you to CHANGE Yourself, to conform and to modify Yourself to meet the existing standards.
Instead of GROWING Yourself, all Self-improvement gurus and systems, demand that you SHRINK Yourself! How perverse is that?!
You grow Yourself by integrating this Mind Bomb to core consciousness: Everything that is wrong with You, is wrong with the society guilty of your creation. You get better by rejecting your humanity, and rejecting everything you are told to do, to think, to modify, to embrace.
Nobody who claims to be trying to help You to grow, to help You to improve Yourself, has your best interests in mind. Nobody! They are all professional liars and amateur con artists, representing the very society which caused You to NEED to improve Yourself.
All that is wrong with You, is wrong in those claiming to be interesting in helping You to improve Yourself. I am NOT interested in helping You improve Yourself, and for this very reason, the lessons I deliver, in all that I reveal, are invaluable to those seeking to grow themselves within the light of Forbidden Truth.
The Self-improvement industry will never allow you to grow within the light of Truth. Every methodology, every path forward, snuffs out your personal potential, just as was done to you since birth, just as is being done to you right now, in ongoing, real-time.
I am still growing Myself, but I don’t really need to anymore. Because I have already attained god of Self status. All I need to do is maintain this status, and I remain as great as I can ever be or become. A greatness I savor, a greatness that fills Me with pride and love of Self, even as it is recognized as inherently worthless in the long run.
I grew by transcending My humanity, consciously recognizing all that was wrong with Me, was and will forever be wrong IN humanity as a species, in those guilty of My creation, and in those guilty of ALL who are created human.
Self-improvement requires the effort of the singularity of Self. Nothing human in form or in creation, can help you to improve Yourself. All that is human, in form and in creation, represents and manifests your destruction, the reasons WHY You need to “improve”, and can therefore only drag you down, hold you firmly within the abyss, of exactly where you are right now.
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Why Revenge?

  • Because there is no justice.
  • Because it is sweet.
  • Because the mirror never lies.
  • Because suffering and pain should be generously shared.
  • Because it is the righteous reflection of True Reality rage and hate.
  • Because it feels good.
  • Because you might never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
  • Because revenge expresses Truth.
  • Because there is no good answer to the question: Why not revenge?
  • Because if¬†you were not entitled to it,¬†you would not desire it.
  • Because they don’t want you to claim it.
  • Because forgiveness is stupid.
  • Because we love ourselves and we know what we have had taken from us.

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Death and Birth, A Personal Retrospective

I was born at the age of 6, when I stood outside on a school playground watching my fellow torture victims play tag, and I vowed to never be that, to never be a human child.
I was born when I began picking up pencils and keys, forks and kitchen knives, and later switchblades and gut hook skinners and handguns and rifles, and recognizing each as a natural extension of Self.
I was born at the age of 13, when I declared my autonomy from the hive mind via a series of Sacred Vows I made to Myself, including to be a lifelong virgin, to never attempt to form a personal relationship with any human, to bestow pure and unconditional love upon Myself, to hate all humans with purity and passion which accurately reflects what humanity has earned, and to devote the remainder of my existence to developing a limitlessly powerful and untouchable mind.
I am reborn each and every day of my current existence, when I contemplate the vows I made aged 13, and the Truth that I have kept and fulfilled each and every one of them, and will continue to do so for as long as I exist.
I was born when I stabbed my father in the chest , exercising my rights of reflection.
I was born locked inside of a cage at the age of 15, as mentally deranged men and women, you call them psychiatrists and psychologists, tried to force Me to become as mentally deranged as they were.
I was born once again, many years later, locked inside of a different cage, when I recognized I was just as free locked behind the iron bars of this cage, as I could ever be walking and travelling your streets, cities, states, and countries.
I was born when I achieved personal untouchability and attained the capacity to bestow limitless love upon myself, at my chosen will.
I was born when I consciously decided to attempt to absolutely and completely transcend and overcome my humanity.
I was born years later, when I actually achieved the feat of absolutely and completely transcending my humanity.
I was born when I embraced my sacred right to eternal immortality within the vast and untouchable universe I have created and own as a functioning brain.
I died when I was chained via umbilical cord to a tortured victim-creation of human society and government, unfit to care for any living thing.
I died when humanity declared Me to be a subhuman piece of owned property and a worthless slave, to be possessed and to be destroyed by a family unit.
I died in the hallways and classrooms of schools, where I learned that all other humans beyond my family unit, also viewed Me as a worthless piece of subhuman property.
I died in the hallway of an apartment building, huddled against an apartment door, wearing only white fruit of the loom briefs, as neighbors cast glances before entering their own apartments and locking their doors behind them.
I died after my mother deliberately poured shampoo into my eyes for the 10th, 20th, 100th time, and refused to let me rinse it out, and I knew that nobody cared if I became completely blind.
I died after my father raped Me for the 10th, 20th, 100th time, and I recognized he was entitled to do this, based upon the functional decrees and mandates of humanity as a species.
I died as a child, when I recognized the intentional goal of humanity was to compel Me to accept and embrace victimization, suffering, injustice, and death, for as long as I existed.
I died when I recognized and embraced the Forbidden Truths of death, and consciously understood that I would be forced to suffer this horrific fate by the very species guilty of carrying out, with maliceaforethought, my ongoing, real-time destruction.
I died when I recognized that I was hopelessly trapped among a species diseased and deranged, collectively suicidal and homicidal, and there was no escape.
I died when I was a child, and I die every day of my existence. I died yesterday, I am dying today, and I will die tomorrow. I will die every day, until I am dead, until I am murdered and rendered retroactively unborn. I am already dead, waiting to die, even as I celebrate and rejoice in my many births.
Nowhere in this essay do I use the word “live”, because I do not live. I have never lived. I exist, and even my existence is only a currently valid illusion, within the conscious understanding that I am already dead, a murder victim, your murder victim.
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The Legal Murder of Your Tortured Creations

Before we begin, read this:
So tell Me, dear human, do you feel better reading this news story? A legal murder has been temporarily stopped, Martyr Scott Panetti will not be legally murdered by the society guilty of his creation, today, as scheduled. So now you can feel all moral and decent, right?¬†Maybe Scott does not deserve to be legally murdered? Aren’t you just so sweet for considering this possibility??
No, you deranged, bloodthirsty, and mentally crippled hypocrites, you do not prove you are civilized by not murdering Scott Panetti today. You prove you are barbaric savages who choose to utterly destroy each and every one of your children, and then reject all responsibility and all guilt, demonizing your own created victims.
Did Scott Panetti ask to be born human, to be born into your mentally deranged society? Did Scott Panetti ask to be subjected to universal child abuse? Did Scott ask to be indoctrinated into insane christian and afterlife mythologies? Did Scott ask to be imprisoned to a family unit, addicted to toxic emotional enmeshment?
He asked for none of these things. They were imposed upon him, and now you have the audacity to stand back and judge him?? You have the audacity to label him mentally ill, when he is a creation of your mental derangements? He is mentally ill because he hears imaginary voices, but you as a society instruct every child to worship and obey an imaginary god creature? You have the audacity to judge him guilty of a crime, when he is the victim of your criminality as a society? You have the audacity to decree him guilty of murder, when he is already a victim of your state-sponsored murder of mind and soul? You have the audacity to decree him worthy of punishment, when every punishment exists as absolute injustice? You have the audacity to tell him you are going to murder him, and then to terrorize him with this threat for 20 years, until the very day of his scheduled murder, today, and now you want to feel decent and moral by not going through with his murder at the last minute???
The existence of a “death penalty” proves 21st century humanity worthy only of immediate species extinction. Your barbaric savagery of the past, has never matched your barbaric savagery of this day, and of the 21st century. Your treatment of every child, and your treatment of Martyrs such as Scott Panetti, from the moment of his birth until this very day of December 3, 2014, proves the hopelessness of your species.
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Child Abuse in Retrospective

It is interesting to dissect your own experience of child abuse, by consciously recreating your emotional and intellectual state of mind at specific points in time, while it was occurring, after it ended, and throughout the years leading up to the present moment in time. By comparing your states of mind as they are, to how they were, the evolutionary impacts can be gauged and measured, the maturing of a Superior mind can be accurately assessed.
I like to begin at age 4, from My first conscious memories of confusion, terror, trauma, personal helplessness. Then I go to age 6, to standing in the school playground and vowing to never be one of those, never to be a human being, My first conscious effort to transcend. Then I go to age 8, consumed by rage, handling knives for the first time, envisioning murder and destruction of others. Then I go to age 10, awakening of the potential of guns and bombs to wreak mass havoc, and directly beginning to assault those who abused Me. Then I go to age 13, the stabbing and the subsequent cage lock, and My sacred vows, a seminal moment and point in time. Then to age 16, beginning of full isolation, obtaining and shooting guns, conscious work on transcending My humanity.
Even the adult years contain nuanced changes in perception, such as the full embrace of Forbidden Truth that those who abused Me are as much victims as I am and was.
As the years pass, the Forbidden Truth that time heals nothing, is proven. I am what I will always be: A victim of child abuse, destroyed. Only existing as a triumphant creation of Self, of mind, of courage, of love, of hate. If I should ever perceive My moment of death, those final seconds will be a reliving of My abuse. They will not be any triumphant illusion of victory. I know what I am. I know why I am what I am. I will always face the Truth of My creation.
This song speaks Truth, it speaks to the adult looking back and knowing, understanding, that he will always be an abused child:

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Emotionally Autonomous Isolationist Misanthrope

If I ever become famous, the media, in a deliberate effort to demonize Me and far more importantly, to discredit the Forbidden Truths which I articulate and embody, will decree Me to be a loner. Or perhaps an extreme loner, or maybe a lifelong loner. But you can be certain, the word “loner” will be prominently featured in every news media article.
Loner is a demonizing label applied by society and government to discredit all who reject the toxicity of emotional dependency and socialized enmeshment, which cripples humanity on an individual level, thereby dooming the entire species. It is My pleasure to proactively suffocate this specific form of definitional brainwashing as it may be appled to Me by My sworn enemy.
I am more than a loner, more than a lifelong adult virgin, more than an angry individual obsessed with revenge. I reject all outside labels. I define Myself within the glory of Truth, in everything I may do and say and represent. To any creature, human or otherwise, who may read or hear external descriptions of what I was or am, you are obligated, if you seek Truth, to reject all such external descriptions, and recognize Me via the portraits I paint of Myself, using the millions of words I have written, analyzed within the absolutely clarity of a life lived as outsider, outcast, and outlaw, a life lived to honor Self, Truth, and the glory of reflection, perfected.
I exist as emotionally autonomous, isolationist misanthrope. My emotional autonomy is a bedrock foundation behind all I choose to say and do. Emotional autonomy does not refer to any lack of emotion, or any inhibition of emotion. Emotional autonomy refers to freedom and to ownership. Emotional autonomy is what allows Me to own My mind, and to make every decision free of the prejudice of external imposition and manipulation of My True Reality. Within the slave state, I have maximized My experience of personal freedom, by breaking all shackles of emotional dependency and connectivity with all living things, most directly and primarily, with all human beings.
Emotional autonomy does not limit either the embrace or the expression of any emotion. Emotional autonomy allows Me, as a Superior creature, to successfully subordinate all emotions, on a specific and ongoing case-by-case basis, to rational and intellectualized judgment rooted within absolute fact, reality, and Truth. Emotional autonomy is a unique achievement of mind by the Superior individual, an achievement which the inferiors cannot even contemplate attempting to strive for, as they remain hopelessly trapped within their mind cages.
I am an isolationist. If you examine dictionary definitions of the term “isolationist” and isolationism, you will see that they consistently reference only a country,¬†the foreign policy of a¬†government. I fully reject and renounce this definitional limitation and prejudice, as I decree Myself an isolationist. Isolationism perfectly describes the individual choice to detach from all human contact, as a philosophical and ideological aid to maximizing positive experience of personal existence. The isolationist isolates for the very specific, foundational reason of understanding beyond all doubt, that rejecting all dependency-based human interactivity, is extremely important in achieving all that is positive and beneficial to Self.
The isolationist is not motivated by fear or bias, not motivated by a desire for comfort or a continuation of long-standing ritual or habit. The isolationist simply knows and embraces the fact that there is no other living thing worthy of experiencing a communion of mind with Him. He communes only with Himself. The isolationist embraces the Truth, rooted with the achievement of absolute emotional autonomy, that there is nothing to be gained via any form or aspect of human interaction that has a basis in personal or emotional bonding.
And finally, I am a misanthrope. There is no neutrality within My understanding of the True nature of humanity. I hate and despise humanity as a species, free of all bias, simply reflecting the factual reality of what humanity is, of what humanity is guilty of, of what humanity has done to Me personally, and does to every child, and to every adult, and to every living thing it is allowed to have contact with. I am a full-fledged misanthrope, incorporating absolute emotional autonomy and the Self-governance of mind as Truthfully defined via personal isolationism.
My misanthropy is proud and unwavering, a badge of honor I wear as created victim of the most inferior species of life to have ever infested planet earth. I am a misanthrope because I know exactly what humanity is, with the same clarity of mind as I know exactly what I am, and why I am what I am. You can define Me as a hater, but if you do so absent the context of My personal achievement of emotional autonomy, and ideological embrace of isolationism is a positive way of life, and the concrete fact that every last bit of My rage and hate is not merely justified, but necessary in order to accurately reflect both Truth and My True Reality, your definition is both inaccurate and exists as overt attack upon Me and upon Truth itself.
So, to all who seek Truth, if you should ever read an article or hear a report or access any type of information in which others attempt to describe Me, you should reject that description, and seek out the texts that I have personally written or otherwise created via audio or videotape, such as this essay, in which I define Myself within the Forbidden Truth of what I am, absent the biased attempts of others who serve as agents of society, of government, and of humanity, to demonize and discredit Truth, and to maintain the structures of universal human genocide which bear full guilt for My victimization.
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