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Chris Harper Mercer: The Murder of a Voice of Truth

There is great irony and beautiful, albeit functionally useless poetic justice, in Chris Harper-Mercer choosing his english class at Umpqua Community College as the primary target of his mass murder rampage.
English. A language. What is the purpose of language, or should I ask: What should be the purpose of language, if humanity were sane?? The free, open, uncontrolled expression of ideas, concepts, philosophies, and ideologies, so that everyone can understand everyone else, so that illumination and enlightenment of mind and of reality perception can occur.
How many languages should there be?? One, of course. One language, to facilitate communication and understanding. But no, instead there are over 4,000 popular languages. Four Thousand! Why? Because it is the overt goal of human societal leaders, governments, and the hive mind, to render communication and understanding impossible to achieve, from any and all perspectives of Truth.
This is why a personally inspired mass murder targeting an english class at an educational facility controlled and operated by government, is an absolutely perfect expression of True Reality-based rage and hate. Let us clearly understand what all violence which directly challenges the laws of society and government it: It is an attempt to communicate. It is a personal, individual expression of trauma, directed by a trauma victim and targeting a structure which is guilty and responsible for causing the individual to be harmed.
Society and government deploy language to hinder and prevent open, uncensored, Truth-based communication. This attack upon freedom and Truth of mind is undertaken in numerous ways, from the entire immense and fully organized structure of definitional brainwashing, to the intentional maintenance of 4,000+ different languasges, ensuring that humanity as a whole can never and will never be able to directly communicate with each other in order to reach any consensus of understanding and insight into their oppression.
We must understand the mass murder rampage of Chris Harper Mercer as constituting much more than the personal seeking and claiming of cathartic vengeance. We must understand his actions as an attempt to illuminate the Forbidden Truths of universal oppression and suffering of the human being, of all human beings, everywhere on planet earth in the 21st century. We must understand his chosen actions as an attempt to communicate Truth, because that is exactly what his actions were.
Nobody hears. Nobody listens. Nobody understands. And why not? Because Truth is dead, eliminated from all of human consciousness. An english class at a college of higher education is not intended to teach human beings how to communicate effectively. It is intended to legitimize the hive mind of society and government as it censors and prevents proper, open, free, uncensored communication between human beings.
And now, in death, as a murder victim, what is being done to Chris Harper Mercer? His words and his ideas, as expressed by him via the english language, are being destroyed, eliminated, wiped out from the universe, deliberately and intentionally, by the state, by the government which controls education, which dictates and determines the operational structure of english classes at colleges, under the lie of uplifting individual voices and enhancing individual capacity to communicate.
No hypocrisy! The murder of Chris Harper Mercer’s voice, runs concurrent with the murder of Chris Harper Mercer, the human being. And it is society and government which carries out and is guilty of committing, both murders.
Less than 48 hours ago I published a direct link to Chris Harper Mercer’s online blog. And now the blog is gone. It no longer exists at the address. It has been eliminated and destroyed by the censorship of the amerikkkan government. It used to be right here, it was here 48 hours ago:
But now there are only the words “Unknown Author”, followed by blank space. Liars!!! The author is not unknown. The author is Chris Harper Mercer. a victim, a Martyr, a writer, a philosopher, who gave his life in an attempt to communicate. The murder of his voice by the state, is just as horrific as the soul murder Chris has been a victim of since childhood, and the physical murder he became a victim of, 48 hours ago.
Within the next week, I will be writing and publishing a lengthy and complex essay. It will be titled: “Subverting Censorship: A Guide for Enemies of the State“. Look for it right here, at this blog. In this essay I will be giving practical and useful advice to all who might seek to personally counter censorship efforts of the state against them.
All censorship of voice, constitutes censorship of mind. No Truth can ever be realized, unless it is first thought, conceived. The censorship of voice by the state is the most malicious censorship of all. It is impossible to justify. It cannot prevent harm, it can only ensure the ongoing universal victimization of all. And why is Chris Harper Mercer’s voice being murdered right now?? Because only now, for the first and only time ever, is it possible for his voice to be heard. And so it is murdered, right now, by the state, to ensure that Truth remains forever dead, invisible, non-existent, within the minds and consciousness of all citizen-slaves.
In the end, all communication efforts undertaken by humans are doomed to failure. And in a very real way, not even worthy of undertaking. But still, in the name of Truth, and to honor Self, I am obligated to defend and enhance all individual voices, in the same way that I am obligated to honor and respect the True Reality and the life path actions of Chris Harper Mercer. And so I do, and so I will.
Today is Saturday, and hundreds of millions of amerikkkans are sitting at home feeding on the poisonous propaganda of the state, as it is imposed upon them. Horrific structures of universal illusion, such as sports and political elections and the insane god myth, are being viciously imposed upon brainwashed and broken minds. The very actions of Chris Harper Mercer, undertaken just 48 hours ago, are being mercilessly propagandized and distorted in order to serve the hive mind.
And at the very same time, in the exact same moment, the voice of Chris Harper Mercer has been murdered, suffocated, snuffed out. His words, english words, have been destroyed, wiped clean from the internet. Anyone who tries to locate his writings online, will find them removed. Additional writings he very specifically and clearly wished to disseminate to the world, are being kept secret and hidden by the police, acting as direct agents of government. even as this very government demonizes Chris, employing hundreds of talking heads in an organized media blitzkrieg against Chris, as a way to strengthen, increase, and popularize greater censorship, greater suppression of Truth.
The soul, the body, and the voice of Chris Harper Mercer has been murdered by the state. This is why he is a Martyr. Let all of us who seek and honor Truth, recognize this fact for what it is.
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Government & Media Censorship of Umpqua Gunman

Right now, on the evening of October 1, 2015, the amerikkkan government is actively conspiring with the amerikkkan media to censor and whitewash the writings and the words of the still unidentified Umpqua Community College mass murderer.
The government knows the identity of this torture victim, and so does the media. Deborah Feyerick on CNN has confirmed this via her reporting over the past 15 minutes. She has viewed YouTube videos made by the gunman, by her own admission, yet refuses to provide url links, much less to identify the gunman. This is a deliberate tactic which allows law enforcement to terrorize YouTube, 4Chan, and other internet content hosts to censor and remove this content from the internet.
We will never get to see the YouTube videos of this Martyr, because of the active conspiracy to erase his voice from cyberspace. You can be certain that by the time the pigs allow the media to reveal his name and identity, all of his YouTube videos will have been permanently removed from the internet, along with other content that we may never even know existed in the 1st place. Only due to Deborah Feyerick’s tactical slip, do we know that our Martyr created and posted numerous dynamic and detailed YouTube videos.
All amerikkkans are living in a fascist dictatorship, a police state which uses censorship to control the reality perceptions of all citizen-slaves. It boggles the mind of any sane thinker that you pathetic idiots can continue to pretend to enjoy freedom of thought and of speech, when the very identity of the individual at the center of the most important news event in amerikkka is kept secret via a concentrated conspiracy of government and media, as the very words and images he gave his very life to try to express, are systematically wiped away and destroyed forever.
There is no more vile and perverse form of violence, no greater crime, than to erase the True Reality of a victim of child abuse, in death, through a conspiracy of censorship and destruction of his words, ideas, images, philosophies. And this is exactly what the amerikkkan government and media is doing tonight.
There are valuable tactical lessons to be learned, in terms of preserving a Living Legacy and protecting your Voice of Truth, from the manner in which this Martyr is being denied a name, denied an identity, and denied the capacity to have his voice and the Truths he deemed valuable, disseminated to the universe.
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Surreality In Full Bloom On October 1, 2015

A tortured child, 26 years old, victim of universal child abuse, expresses to the world the Truth that he is a victim of universal child abuse. But nobody will say he is a victim of universal child abuse. Everyone demonizes him, the victim. Everyone says he is bad, evil, mentally ill. Everyone blames him, everyone blames inanimate objects, everyone blames the internet, everyone blames his online chat friends.
But nobody will say that he is a victim of child abuse. Nobody will say that they are to blame, that the president is to blame, that the government is to blame, that parenthood is to blame, that every adult who props up this diseased and doomed society, is to blame. A universal conspiracy that nobody has to conspire to carry out. And why not?? Because Truth is dead. Nobody wants Truth, nobody cares about Truth, nobody is capable of articulating Truth.
The right of every adult to destroy every child, must be protected and preserved. This is the hive mind at work today and tonight, at work in every journalist, every politician, every social commentator, every agent and every representative of the hive mind.
And yet the Truth is so clear, so obvious, so undeniable: A victim of child abuse expressed the Truth of his victimization today, at Umpqua Community College. A victim of child abuse. But nobody will acknowledge that he was and is and will always be a victim of child abuse.
The surreality of humanity, in full bloom, today.
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obama Addressing the Umpqua College Massacre Right Now

Dear slaves, your Chief Propagandist is addressing the nation regarding the Umpqua Community College school massacre right now. And he is blaming guns. Inanimate objects. Not a single word about the universal abuse of children. The fact, the Truth, that every single child in amerikkka today, October 1, 2015, is being brutally abused, victimized, traumatized. No, that is a Forbidden Truth. Only Me, The Seer of Forbidden Truth, reveals Forbidden Truth.
So listen to him, slaves. Listen to the Propagandist-In-Chief. Be brainwashed, so that you may continue to destroy every child, and never have to face up to this Truth.
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Universal Child Abuse & School Massacres

Right now, with the Umpqua Community College mass murder rampage still breaking, is the perfect time and opportunity to briefly illuminate the absolutely valid Forbidden Truth link between universal child abuse and school massacres.
Universal child abuse is a fact. Every single child born into a first world nation in the 20th and 21st centuries, is a personal, targeted victim of universal child abuse as sponsored by their society and government. No child has a “good” childhood. No child is loved and nurtured and empowered to blossom. Every child is terrorized, victimized, oppressed, bullied, treated as a subhuman slave. This is factual reality.
Now, let us understand how the universe of the child expands over time. Almost all children are privately possessed during the first few years of their existence. What I mean by “privately possessed”, is that the child is directed and controlled and comes to intimately know, a limited number of adults. In most cases these adults are family unit members, biological creators, but regardless, the number of adults as well as other children that they spend time with, is limited. Their environment, therefore their universe, is small.
This changes at age 4, 5, or 6. School is a radical change for the universally abused child. School opens up a much larger universe to the child. Their environment greatly broadens. The child gets to know many other children, and many other adults, and the child is exposed to the hive mind of society itself, being taught and told what to think, how to think, as the universal lies of humanity are imposed upon him.
In the school, the child who seeks Truth comes to realize that his abuse, his victimization and traumatization, is not an isolated rarity. He is not the “unlucky one”. The child comes to realize that the human universe itself is conspiring to victimize and destroy him. This is the Truth. The school teaches the child that nobody will help him, nobody will save him, there is no refuge, there is nothing over the rainbow, and all of his dreams are doomed to be nightmares, unless he retreats to the fantasy world of the hive mind.
The school is where the child loses all hope, recognizing that there is no hope, recognizing that his previous, smaller universe of familial terrorization and victimization is only the tip of the iceberg, that his fellow children will use him as Poison Containers, that his teachers will shackle his mind and destroy his spirit, that his principal and guidance counselor and school security guards will terrorize him just as much as his mom and dad.
The school is where the universally abused child who refuses to conform to the hive mind and continues to seek Truth, comes to understand that he is nothing but a number, nothing but owned property, nothing but an object to be used, his future and his fate sealed in slavery, suffering, death. This is the lesson taught by schools.
And so the school massacre is a perfect reflection of both True Reality and Truth. From kindergarten to elementary school to high school to college to graduate school, every school massacre is a piercingly honest response to the actual, factual trauma suffered by children within every step, every level, of the educational system.
This is the Forbidden Truth. This is the Truth that you will never hear anyone in the media, in government, or any societal representative dare to voice, as they demonize and sensationalize and blame guns and mental illness and a lack of morals and poor parenting.
No. What we have is universal child abuse successfully destroying 99.9999999% of all children, and that is why I honor Adam Lanza and Eric Harris and Patrick Purdy and all other Martyrs. I call them Martyrs because that is what they are, the tiny percentage who break free of the hive mind, who give everything in the name of Truth and to reveal to the universe what has been done to them, and what is being done to all children, everywhere.
The mass murderer is the one voice for the 50 million voiceless, the one voice that survives to reveal Truth, a voice demonized and forever rendered silent, denied even his Name, because he reveals a Forbidden Truth that you humans will never face up to. The Forbidden Truth of universal child abuse.
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Shame on CNN and All Other amerikkkan Media!

Journalists are propaganda mouthpieces for the government, nothing more. Media coverage of the Umpqua Community College school massacre proves this Truth. It is now almost eight hours after the massacre took place. The gunman has been confirmed dead, he was shot dead by police. The police know his identity, but refuse to provide his identity to the media. And what does the media do?? What is the media doing right now?? Patiently waiting!! Patiently waiting for police to decide that the time is right to provide the media with the identity of our newly minted mass murderer.
This is journalism??? No!! This is not journalism. This is shameful subservience, this proves that the media has no inclination and no capacity to stand up for Truth. The media serves the government, keeping whatever secrets the government wants to keep, as long as it wants to keep the secret.
Nobody should rely on the media to deliver any message they may seek to express. The media will suppress, censor, conceal any and all information it is told to suppress, censor, and conceal, by the government, federal, state, or local, and by any representative of the government, police officers, politicians, anyone affiliated in any way with the government.
Denying the Umpqua Community College mass killer an identity, even in death, is a way to demonize and dehumanize him. Every journalist has a moral obligation to demand to be given the identity of this Martyr, and to immediately publish his identity. Instead, CNN maintains a cloak of invisibility, denying this man his identity even in death, as it shamelessly exploits his act to gain money and to increase viewership.
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Umpqua Community College Mass Killer Confirmed Dead

Tragic news out of Oregon, police news conference on CNN just confirmed that the still not publicly identified mass murderer who carried out the Umpqua Community College massacre a few hours ago, is dead. Let us all pause and reflect upon the tragedy of a tortured victim-creation of human society, his existence cut short, his life destroyed by his society.
As you humans mourn his victims, I mourn Him, understanding and knowing that He is the greatest victim of all.
No hypocrisy, no demonization, disrespectful comments to this blog post will not be posted, they will be permanently deleted.
Our great victim sought and claimed personal vengeance, sacrificing his existence in the name of expressing his True Reality and reflecting the torment that was inflicted and imposed upon him. He is the original victim, he deserves our absolutely sympathy, empathy, respect, and to be recognized as a teacher, a True teacher, an individual who has shown the world and expressed to the world, the Truth of his personal victimization at the hands of humanity.
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Umpqua Community College?? WTH is an umpqua?

Okay, the big news is that a tortured victim of human society just massacred at least 13 people inside of the campus of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. But still, the question must be asked: Umpqua??! What the hell is an Umpqua, and why would a college name itself Umpqua???
Inquiring minds want to know! So….I checked Google and learned that Umpqua is a “native american” word, meaning of course it was created by the indians who inhabited the continent before they were massacred in the holocaust that the founders of amerikkka initiated.
The most accepted definition of ‘umpqua’ is “thunder water”, or the noise water makes when it rushes through canyons and gorges and over rocks. Other theories are the name for “river”, or “bring across the river”, “water”, or “dancing water”.
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Umpqua Community College Breaking News Update

CNN just suggested at least 13 people shot dead approximately 6 hours ago at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Body count rises from initial reports of 10 fatalities. Lone gunman claimed cathartic vengeance, prowling from classroom to classroom. Police still refuse to confirm identity of shooter, and of course CNN waits patiently, instead of demanding facts, as any True journalist would.
You can follow the CNN updates right here:
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Schools Destroy Children

As I type these words, we have yet another breaking school massacre, just 3-4 hours ago a tortured victim-creation of human society opened fire inside Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, killing at least ten. Few details are known at this time, tune to CNN or
for all the developing details, including the identity and status of our seeker of mass murder vengeance.
Why are there so many mass murders inside schools?? Because schools destroy children. The school is where the Truth-seeking child learns that the entire world is against him. The school is where the child comes to understand that it is not just his parents or family or church or community that is conspiring to enslave, oppress, victimize, and destroy him. The school teaches children that their path of doom cannot be altered.
Birth. School. Work. Death.
This is the cycle, and we must honor the handful of children, the one in a million who stands up as he is about to be sentenced via the educational system to lifelong labor slavery and the eternal nothingness and retroactive unbirth of death, and lashes out in pure and righteous homicidal rage.
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