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The Power of Mind, The Power of Me

Just a sample pack of My achievements:
Tens of thousands of Forbidden Truths: Realized, integrated to core consciousness, brilliantly revealed and articulated by Me.
100% emotionally autonomous: Meeting all of My emotional needs by Myself, for Myself, 100% of the time.
100% externally untouchable: Nothing any life form can do to Me, to negatively impact My experience of My existence in any manner, ever.
Able to achieve sexual climax at the will of My own Self-mind: Always, the only limitation being that of natural physical need to rejuvenate, without any need for any stimulation beyond the thoughts I generate within My mind.
Conscious dreaming mastered: Able to dictate the exact plotline of every desired real-life experience and fantasy, and to perceive every such dream as being an experienced reality, with full memory retention upon awakening.
Achievement of limitless and unconditional love of Self: Externally untouchable.
The Self-creation of a limitless and untouchable ego: Narcissism, egoism, and egotism, all maximized and integrated to the core of My mind, so the greatness, the glory, the sacred eternal preciousness of Me is embedded within every thought, every impulse, everything I do and am.
These are not words. This the reality of My personal achievement of existence as of today, January 18, 2017. I cannot predict tomorrow, but I can KNOW today. I can know what I am, I can glory in My triumph, even as I know it to be useless tomorrow, or the next day, or the next year, or the next decade, or the next century.
My triumph is useless, because it WILL be useless, and it doesn’t matter when it becomes useless.
Every triumph a tragedy, this is the curse of being The Seer of Forbidden Truth. But it is a curse I carry with pride and honor, because it honors the Truth. Whatever honors the Truth must be carried with pride and honor. As I carry Myself, today.
Time to go, another MindGasm awaits.
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Blinded By The Light

Dear human, are you still blinded by the light? Do you perceive your reality via artificial light, the fluorescent and incandescent and high-intensity discharge bulbs created by your fellow torture victims to provide illusions of safety and comfort? Does the sun serve a similar role in your fatally flawed existence? The warmth and the light of the sun might be of natural origin, but the role it plays for so many of you inferiors, is void of reflective Truth.
The Superior seeks out darkness, the Superior understands that humans use light to hide from themselves and from the Truth. It is within absolute darkness and silence, the isolation within which you can recognize Yourself as the ultimate singularity, that the Superior finds the courage and insight to dissect himself and immerse in the darkness which has always been imposed upon him.
Hope is guided by artificial light. Hopelessness is the precious gift unveiled by a communion with darkness. They say the light helps you see, but that is a lie. The light is a weapon being used against you, designed to distort and conceal, intentionally deployed to inspire an existence rooted within false comfort and illusion. How fitting that you spend the christmas season erecting tiny and useless lights and draping them around your structural prisons. How mindless you creatures are, mesmerizing yourselves via a pattern of lights which serve no purpose, which only break up the natural perfection of universal darkness which might be able to illuminate your minds to Truth.
I seek out the darkness, of night, of sleep, of eyes shut but mind wide open. The silence and the darkness are precious gifts, to be filled with courage and understanding. These voids allow you to perceive the eternal void of a non-existent future. The darkness is where ideas grow, reality perceptions blossom, the universal matrix of social illusion can be successfully perceived and pierced.
The rising of the sun is nothing to look forward to. With the sun come the humans, blind idiots awakening to an artificially inspired brightness of mind, ready to waste yet another day, lost inside of the dream world they have been indoctrinated to perceive as real.
If I could, I would set off a bomb inside of the very heart of the sun, shattering it into a billion tiny and dying embers of light. I desire to witness the shattering of the sun, as symbolic victory over the blindness of the species into which I was born. The Truth is, I have already destroyed the sun, and all artificial points of light, by transcending My own humanity. No matter how much light might be imposed upon Me, I dwell within the eternal darkness of a Self-directed, Self-controlled mind.
The world that you humans have created is supremely dark. Your choice to dwell within artificial light exists as a pathology, allowing you to deny the very Truths which shape and determine every horror, every torment, every nightmare which stands vigilant, always haunting every past, every present, and every future.
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The Brighter the Light,The Darker the Shadows

The brilliant man figured out a way to destroy a planet infested by inferior creatures.. And so he did. He watched from his spaceship as the round object disintegrated, knowing every single inferior creature, they called themselves humans, had ceased to infest. Well, okay, there was the problem of the international space station, but he felt very confident those few would perish soon enough, lacking a teat to suck on. And so he celebrated, with exuberant climax of body and mind.
He hoped he had witnesses, and to his delight another ship soon uncloaked itself. Thank you for your service of life”, said the extraterrestrial creature, beautiful in the ways that every extraterrestrial creature is certain to be beautiful to the human transcendee. And the brilliant man knew exactly why he was being thanked, And the brilliant man smiled, not humbled, but with the pride of knowing something terrible was over, and he had ended it.
The extraterrestrial creature spoke again: We appreciate your mind. Those were the words. And the brilliant man felt externally loved, for the first time, ever, even as he had always loved Himself. The brilliant man knew what to say, he knew what his first words should be. Not Hello or Greetings or I come in peace.
No. He wanted to be understood, he needed to be certain that his lack of humanity was clear. He desired his journey to be understood, and he knew the extraterrestrial creature would understand his words. And so he knew what to say, he opened his mouth to reveal the crooked teeth of a former human child prevented from receiving dental care by his slaveowner mother and father, so many years ago, but really just yesterday, and he said:

The brighter the light, the darker the shadows

And the extraterrestrial creature smiled back. And the brilliant human smiled wider. A successful mind-meld, void of all humanity, for both parties. And everything was okay, in a way it had never been before.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.