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The School Massacre that Almost Never Did Really Happen: A Forbidden Truth Parable

To best understand the background to this essay, you need to first read this post at Ideapod, the only social network I use, along with my reply to the post, then come back here and read this blog post.
I was thinking of writing a long and complex essay titled “Why We Should Celebrate and Welcome School Massacres”, but I changed My mind, and decided to flex my creative writing brilliance, by offering up a parable, instead. Enjoy it, and if you do not understand it, don’t ask Me to explain. Forbidden Truth is not for dummies. Open your minds and reach beyond The Matrix that holds you hostage, and the profound brilliance and breathtaking Truth embedded within this “fictionalized” parable, should be crystal clear.
Here we go:
It was 1895 in the small town of Independence, Missouri, and something terrible was about to happen. Young Harry, 11 years old, victim of Universal Child Abuse, had had enough. It was time for revenge. it was time to kill!
Young Harry had it all planned out: A school massacre, the very first in amerikkkan history. He planned to use his hated father’s Winchester model 1892 lever action repeating rifle. Introduced just 3 years earlier, in 1892, it came with a 15 round magazine and was a state of the art assault weapon of the era.
The students and teachers inside Harry’s elementary school would be helpless, sitting ducks. There was no security of any kind, and nobody was armed. Harry knew this, and this tortured child dreamed of achieving a massive kill count.
Young Harry was not the best at concealing his personal torment, and as he planned and plotted his school massacre, one young teacher noticed his distress. Clarice Starling was her name. Herself a victim of Universal Child Abuse, Clarice possessed a keenly empathetic capacity to detect the psychological distress of others. She saw Harry was suffering, and decided she had to try to help him.
Defying all social norms and conventions, Clarice decided to offer personal support to young Harry. Just a few days before his planned school massacre was set to be unleashed, she asked Harry to stay, after class ended. When they were alone, Clarice went to Harry and sat on the floor in front of him. She asked him nothing, only told him of her own horrific childhood, how much she had been harmed, how greatly she had suffered.
Tears welled within young Harry as he absorbed her trauma, and integrated it to his own consciousness and True Reality. He reached out to her and began sobbing wildly, uncontrollably. Clarice held him, as they both wept for long minutes.
Gently they pulled apart, and Clarice began telling young Harry of her hopes and dreams, of the need for him to love himself, and look to the future, that he could be anything, that he must not allow himself to be destroyed by anyone. Harry listened, and he believed, his teacher had become his savior!
11 year old Harry left that classroom, that day, a changed boy. He decided not to carry out the first ever amerikkkan school massacre, and it never happened, all because of one teacher, who reached out to him as nobody else did.
A great tragedy and disaster was averted, thanks to our heroine, Clarice! Surely it must be so!
But wait, the story is not over. The best part is yet to come.
Young Harry took his savior’s advice to heart and to mind. He resolved to make the future better, he resolved to change things, to make the world a better place. He resolved to become a leader, to stand up against injustice and aggression. And he succeeded, he succeeded beyond even his own wildest dreams.
And so let us flash forward to 1945, exactly 50 years since that fateful encounter between 11 year old Harry, and his teacher Clarice. Harry is no longer a young boy, but a man of 61. A man, yet still a tortured child. Still a traumatized victim of universal child abuse.
Yes, it is 1945, and Harry is now known by name, by a billion or more people. Not for being amerikkka’s first school shooter, but as Harry S. Truman, president of the united states of amerikkka.
His teacher, Clarice, saved him from earning that infamous title 50 years earlier. She inspired him to persevere, to look to the future, to become strong and a leader among humans. But she did not infuse his mind with the Forbidden Truths. No, of course she did not. She could not, she was not the 1 in 50 million who consciously recognized and embraced Forbidden Truth. She was simply a traumatized victim of universal child abuse, who went out of her way, so rare in itself among humans, to sincerely try to help a fellow victim.
And she did stop something terrible from happening, on that day, 50 years earlier, didn’t she?? Didn’t she???!!
So here we are, 50 years later, and the top amerikkkan military general is briefing Harry on a remarkable new weapon, the atomic bomb.
It will devastate everything in it’s path, Mr. President! It will wreak havoc and reign terror down upon the Japs! No living thing will be spared! This is our chance to end and to win the war, and after this, nobody will ever dare try to hurt amerikkka again!
And Harry S. Truman, 61 year old tortured, terrorized, hurt child, listened and believed. His mind flashed back to his aborted school massacre, and there was no Clarice around, and no lies of a better future to cling to, anymore.
The thought: “Nobody will ever hurt ME again!
Let’s do it, let’s end this war, right now!“, proclaimed Harry. But the real war, of course, was in his mind, where it had raged daily since he was a small child. The same war that rages in the mind of every child, victim of universal child abuse.
Was a terrible tragedy averted in 1895? Or, did a terrible tragedy occur on August 6th and 9, 1945, 50 years later, when Harry dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan??
Or, is every day a terrible tragedy, every day, for everyone, everywhere??
Is every singular moment of every day, everywhere, for everyone, the most horrific moment, the most terrible of tragedies, occurring simultaneously, as every child on planet earth is being systematically destroyed, and nobody, nowhere, has the courage or the intelligence or the sanity to open their eyes and their mind and to perceive and to know this Forbidden Truth and to end this perverse charade?!
Something terrible happens every day. Every day, past, present, and future. And it is not a school massacre or an atomic bombing. Those are not terrible things, they are merely symptoms of a terrible thing that happens on every block, in every house occupied by a child, in every school, everywhere in the world, every day, to every child.
Universal Child Abuse: Authorized, promoted, rewarded, encouraged, legalized, the universal catharsis of child abuse, reflected and inflicted by every adult, upon every child.
harry truman 7

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The Seasonal Lie

March 20th was the official first day of spring for 2017, according to 21st century societies and governments. You humans call it a season, dividing your year into four quarters. But in Truth all you are doing is segmenting time. The year segment is more primary, while the season segment helps to enhance the illusion of legitimacy for the primary segment.
As I have previously revealed within My texts, time segmentation is universally practiced by all human societies and governments of the modern era, and while there are numerous malicious motivations, the single most pervasive is to fulfill the obsessive, pathological quest of you creatures to maintain your illusion of being alive.
Via time segmentation, the illusion and delusion of a personally experienced past, present, and future is promoted and maintained, successfully concealing from all perceptive awareness, the Forbidden Truths of death, eternal nothingness, and retroactive unbirth, as previously revealed by Me.
You idiots can reflect back upon your past springs, as you pretend to experience a current spring, and look forward to enjoying future springs, all the while ignoring the fact your death will render you never born, thus never having experienced anything.
All time segmentation is stupid and wrong. From seasons to years, days to decades, young to old, from school time to work time to retirement time. It is all an open air conspiracy by every society and government to compel the illusion of being alive, via the lie of past, present, and future, inducing your mind trances of waiting, planning, hoping, reminiscing.
The famous song says: “..Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you’re always a day away..” Well, those who long for tomorrow, who love tomorrow, love death, because that is what you will find tomorrow, just as you find today, just as you found yesterday and the day before, and every day before. Time segmentation murders Truth, as surely as it murders you.
There is no tomorrow or today, and there was no yesterday, if you die, and you died the moment you agreed to die, that death was acceptable to your Self-universe.
Of the four seasons, I hate spring the most. The only redeeming feature of this period is that in many places, corned and bunioned female feet, forced into public hiding due to cold weather, are finally liberated and given some exposure as temperatures start to warm up.
But this minor erotic delight is far overshadowed by the horrific rebirth symbolism and propaganda relentlessly imposed by The Matrix of Universal Illusion for this season. “Everything is born again, everything comes back to life in the springtime”, So goes the grand, majestic lie. So toxic, so destructive, so wrong! Nothing comes back to life in the spring. Dead things stay dead, eternally, of course. And things waiting to die, meaninglessly change in appearance. Things asleep, lying dormant, wake up, even as, everywhere, Truth remains dead.
Believing that nature can bring things back to life, is almost as toxic as believing a god creature can do this. Life, the only thing worth fighting to obtain, yet you pathetic fools find a million and one different reasons to welcome and invite death.
Nature imposes death, nature proves itself to be our mortal enemy. This is the Forbidden Truth. We can begin to fight for Self and for Truth, by declaring nature to be our mortal enemy, instead of fetishizing and romanticizing it under the toxic delusion it creates or sustains life.
You cannot deceive Me, mother nature. I see through your spring charade. Every flower that blooms, every blade of grass that grows, every insect born , every bear that comes out of hibernation, represents not life, but the cycle of universal death you are guilty of condemning us to, on display for all who are sane and sentient, to know as factual reality within their enlightened minds.

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The Future: As Dead As The Human Illusion Of Being Alive

Absorb and reflect.
Breathe in, breathe out.
The poem writes itself. The words know the path well traveled by the mind.
Look, over the horizon, farther than the eye can see.
With nothing seen, the illusion can be implanted, made real as a universal deception.
The future can be whatever you want, all you have to do is believe.
Will you believe in your illusions, sentient corpse?
Yesterday was the future, to billions.
Their flesh and cells decay, feeding insects, enriching soil.
Their future was dead, but they did not know it.
Your future is dead, and you do not know it.
Knowledge is your poison, easy to murder.
The future is dead because you are dead. Dead to the Truth, Truth dead to you.
Somewhere over the rainbow everything is dead, and the nightmares that you dare not dream to come True, really did come True.
The fallen tree dies even if nobody knows it has fallen.
Everything is dead in the future, can’t you see over the rainbow?
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The Universal Social Crime of Time Segmentation

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades… these are not measurements of time passage, they are the malicious and invalid segmentation of time by human society and government, universally imposed upon all, in the 21st century.
This segmentation of time is a crime committed against Truth, it is a central deception of the Matrix of Universal Illusion.
There are two primary atrocities caused by time segmentation. #1, it is the basis of all organized human slavery and external theft of personal freedom: Labor/money, familial obligation, military service, education, interpersonal relationship, etc… “You must sacrifice ________ amount of time, but it’s okay because you have ____________ amount of other time that you can do OTHER things…” Absolute bullsh*t! The lie only works because of artificial & invalid time segmentation.
Which brings us to #2: Time segmentation conceals the Forbidden Truth nobody ever has any future time, as death renders it so.
Because of death, which is retroactive unbirth, the eternal and absolute erasure of all you have ever been and all you can ever be, time passage is itself an absolute deception. There is no future, and there will be no past for you.. Your death imposes this horrific, Forbidden Truth, upon You.
Therefore there is only the perpetual moment of NOW, offering the opportunity to CREATE a future, instead of imagining and embracing the illusion and delusion of a future.
Seekers of Truth must define and perceive time as uniquely personal to Self, owned by Self, infinitely precious, and existing ONLY in the singular moment of NOW. The sacrifice of all NOW, every nanosecond of now, for the lie of a future, must be rejected and violently repelled, as an external crime and attack upon Self.
As long as you pathetic fools allow the segmentation of time to continue, the foundational matrix genocidal lies of personal freedom and the hope of a future will continue to flourish.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Future Is The Present

A top-level Forbidden Truth: Every horror you will experience, you have already experienced.
There is NOTHING mystical or supernatural or speculative in this Forbidden Truth. It is simply logic, pure deductive reasoning, factual reality rationally realized and consciously embraced.
You do not need a memory of the experience of a horror, for the horror to have happened to You, fool! You only need to understand that no future horror that will happen to You, exists in the future. It exists in the NOW, in real-time.
You will not GET old, you ARE old. You will not die, you are already dead. Your chronological age or relative state of health has no bearing upon this Truth, and denying it is simply the face and mind of cowardice, denying reality.
This Forbidden Truth is so precious: It is the only path forward. To know at age 18 that you are already old and dead, to consciously appreciate the horror of the matrix of universal illusion, denying You this mind bomb of Truth. Only within the embrace of this knowledge, can you save Yourself from these horrors.
You save Yourself via the conscious recognition that no horror you will experience exists in the future. No horror you will experience can be dismissed, ignored, put to the back of the mind, tucked away for future processing in years or decades.
No! You have no time. You are old and dead at age 18. Only via this conscious recognition can you propel forward, with the time, the strength, the insight, the motivation, to change the future by changing the present: To prevent the horror that has already occurred, from destroying You for all of cosmic eternity.
If you do not understand how profound and utterly True this Forbidden Truth is, as factual reality, you are & will always be hopelessly lost and doomed. Old and dead, but pretending to be something else, something you are NOT, trapped within the mass delusions created and propped up by the matrix of universal illusion.
The only way to be inspired to destroy what is destroying You, is to know You are destroyed.
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An Understanding of 21st Century Mythology

Right now, there are dozens of absolute myths, successfully masquerading as primary social structures, within the matrix of human existence. Their mythology is invisible & unfathomable to you humans. But this is what they are: Myths. Intricately woven deceptions and illusions. You can NEVER even begin a journey towards the embrace of Forbidden Truth, without outing these myths for what they are.
A myth is an externally designed & built social structure, based upon falsehood & specifically crafted to sustain & strengthen popular delusions of the Unwashed Masses. To solidify these delusions to immovable concrete brain blocks, which serve to drown and suffocate all Truth before it can even begin to establish a toehold. Errr, mindhold.
Setting aside religion, because I seek here to dive deeper into the matrix, primary examples of 21st century mythology include the family unit, the future, progress, justice, and external love.
Only in recognizing these mythologies, can they be renounced.
The family unit exists as a 21st century mythology. It is a myth, cloaked as something unquestionably real & valid. The only reason it is unquestionable, is because you humans, devoid of all embrace of Truth, are too brainwashed and broken to question it.
The family unit makes no SENSE. It completely fails to enhance any personal existence within Truth. It fails to provide protection from harm, or freedom of any kind, or the meeting of legitimate personal needs. Family unit members do not care for each other, they pretend to care. The family unit strangles human potential, instead of uplifting it. The family unit does not provide positive structure for any life, it ensures negative dysfunctionality for every life.
Can you even imagine what the world would be like if the family unit did not exist?? Can you envision the freedom that would come with this enormous shackle dissolved to absolute nothingness?
No, you cannot. Because your mind is trapped within toxic, delusional mythology.
The future is a myth. The future is a false delusion of human mind perception. It does not EXIST, because you will not experience it, because you CHOOSE to die, addicted to yet a different myth, religion and the insanity of an imagined afterlife.
You spend your existence planning for and mapping out and trying to achieve a “better” future, but there is not a future, and there will not be a future. By worshipping the lie of the future, you worship myth, delusion, the insanity of your very own Self-mind.
Is it possible to make the future real?? To turn it from myth to reality? Yes. But you are not TRYING to do this. Everything you choose to do, all of your useless, pointless, delusional choices, simply feeds the myth.
And so you will evaporate to eternal nothingness, never having existed in the past, because you choose to sacrifice and mutilate the present, for the mythological lie of a future that you are actively MAKING impossible to ever attain and realize. This is the horrific Truth.
Progress is a myth. It is a myth because you choose to believe that you are making it, but that is a lie. You are not progressing. You are regressing, individually and collectively as a species. You are not making anything better. You are making everything worse, and you call it progress, you celebrate your useless inventions and your insane delusions of freedom and a better life.
To make progress, you must first recognize the mythology you are addicted to, and shatter it. Dismember it from your collective consciousness as a species. And you cannot. Since the modern era of human brain function began, you have been enslaved to mythology. With each passing generation, mythology has built upon itself, gaining domination and control.
So now, when I tell you that human progress is a myth, when I reveal this Forbidden Truth to you, you simply cannot fathom it. The myth holds you hostage, as the matrix dangles the car, artificial hearts, the internet, and so many more progress delusions.
Towards A Forbidden Truth Understanding of 21st Century Mythology, part #5
Justice is a myth. As I have so recently dissected in my brilliant texts: You diseased creatures are pathologically addicted to imposing brutal injustice, and defining it as justice. Justice does not EXIST in the 21st century. Nobody ever delivers it, nobody ever achieves it.
Yet the grand quest for it, continues. “We must seek and achieve justice!”, throughout the world humans desperately, stridently cling to this obsession of mind. But it is utter mythology, NOTHING they are doing could EVER lead to the actual attainment of justice.
And to conclude: External love. What a horrific myth, even more universally embraced than the others I list here. “I will find OTHERS to love Me, so I can feel loved, because I cannot love Myself.” But they cannot love themselves, either. So how can they love you??
Mythology on the grandest scale.
When you define mythology within Truth, you gain a clearer grasp of why these toxic structures came to exist, and how they are propped up by society and government, via the matrix of universal illusion.
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The Creator and the Creations

The creator of all of humanity, is child abuse. Everything that exists within the social construct of everyday life, every structure, every ideology, every behavior, belief, and choice, made both individually and collectively, is a mirrored response to the personal experience of child abuse. Each of us exists as a mirrored reflection of the limitless horror of the past, as it has been imposed upon us, and as it is being imposed upon us.
The past is never more than one second old. The past is every current day, dated back by the next day, by the tomorrow of today. The creations accept the lie of imposed history, the lie that there is a past, a present, and a future. But there is only a past, endlessly repeating, a past which renders every moment of the present, a reflection of the past, and a past which renders all concept, all perception of all futures, a pure illusion. Nobody has a future, because it has already been destroyed by the past, within which all of humanity is hopelessly trapped.
Look at yourself with the Alien Eye of Forbidden Truth, and you will see that you are a creation. You were created by child abuse. When you were enslaved at birth to your biological creators and to a family, you were created by child abuse. When you were given a name, told you are john or adolf or barack, you were created by child abuse. When you were told your last name is that of your family, you were created by child abuse. When you were told that you have a heritage, that you have traditions and customs and a legacy of the past, you were created by child abuse.
When you were taught a history, told things used to be a certain way, you were created by child abuse. And when the world was imposed upon you, at every step, from your introduction to toys, to your observation of men working, to your introduction to sports, to your socialization via exposure to other children, you were created by child abuse.
Nothing can ever be right, nothing can ever be the way it should be, because you are a creation of child abuse. Nothing you think, feel, believe, or do, reflects reality, autonomy, or Truth. Nothing! You are playing out a horrific script, the worst horror movie any creature could ever conjure up, as your present and future destiny, and it is impossible for you to divest from this script. Because you are a creation, and your creator has written the script, in defining reality through a universal matrix of illusion.
Every rebellion you strive to achieve, exists as pure farce. A rebellion chained by conformity, a rebellion inside of a cage, where you have been told how to rebel, by your creator. Child abuse is the reason why you rebel by voting, you rebel by asking for more worthless pieces of paper imprinted with meaningless symbols, you rebel by demanding the right to pretend to be free, you rebel by demanding the right to cling to toxic lies, myths, and delusions.
The human is always nothing more than a broken and destroyed child, pretending he is not. No grand achievement beckons his ambition. No glorious nirvana inspires his devotion. Never. He is always and forever small, petty, blind to himself, blind to all Truth-based possibility. He is determined to hate himself, as he pretends to love himself. He is determined to destroy himself, as he pretends to fight for a better future. He is determined to always experience abuse, because he is the creation of the creator: universal child abuse.
And so every single moment of every single day, every child on earth is being relentlessly abused, harmed, destroyed, stripped of all capacity to escape from universal child abuse. He cannot escape, he cannot be allowed to escape. To allow any child to escape from his creator, would expose the Forbidden Truth of the past, and of the present. Every child is supported and aided by his society, so you believed and so you must and will continue to believe, at the price you willingly pay: The daily, ongoing destruction of every child via the universal child abuse you cowards and hypocrites and destroyed creations can never find the heroism of mind to consciously face up to.
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Psychohistory: Bastard Stepchild of Psychiatry

How many of you are familiar with the mental health discipline of Psychohistory?? If you have read My brilliant writings, the term should be familiar to you, as I have specifically referenced it. But, for the vast majority of humans, the mental health discipline of psychohistory is not merely obscure, but completely unknown.
As an introduction to psychohistory, which is in Truth by far the single most valid, useful, and legitimate of all mental health avenues of scholarly research, I recommend that you read this web page, before proceeding with this essay:
So, what is psychohistory? It is: “The study of the psychological motivations of historical events. It attempts to combine the insights of psychotherapy with the research methodology of the social sciences to understand the emotional origin of the social and political behavior of groups and nations, past and present. Its subject matter is childhood and the family, and psychological studies of anthropology and ethnology.” What does this mean?? In a nutshell, Psychohistory seeks to dissect the nature of the human condition, to determine why things are the way they are, why humans make the choices they do, as a collective body, by analyzing the past, by exploring the psychological trauma of the past and of the present, as it relates to human behavioral choice, in the past and present.
Psychohistory is the most valid of all mental health disciplines. What do I mean by valid?? I mean that the foundational premise upon which it claims to be built, as I have described above, is functionally legitimate. Let us not address any of the findings or conclusions of existing psychohistorical research, but let us begin with an acknowledgment that the mandate it claims, the “study of the psychological motivations of historical events, to combine the insights of psychotherapy with the research methodology of the social sciences to understand the emotional origin of the social and political behavior of groups and nations, past and present, with subject matter of childhood and the family, and psychological studies of anthropology and ethnology”, is valid, legitimate, and carries with it the potentiality to reach insights of genuine Forbidden Truth.
Now, let us contrast the discipline of psychohistory, with the disciplines of psychiatry and psychology, which are both socially promoted and well-known throughout the world. Psychiatry and psychology have no validity as mental health disciplines. They have both been built upon a purely artificial platform, based upon the patently false premise that humanity as a majority possesses mental health, sanity, and the capacity to judge and determine what constitutes mental health, versus mental disease and dysfunction.
The standards of what constitutes mental health, from both the psychological and psychiatric viewpoints, have no foundational basis. These standards simply reflect the imposed will of governmental and societal leaders at a given point in time, lacking all legitimate analysis of the past, of human motivations and of the institutionalized traumas which mandate and determine human motivations.
Psychiatry says: “This is normal and healthy because the majority do it, and because government and society wants you to do it.” Psychology says: “You should behave in specific ways because society and government wants you to behave in these ways and will reward you for complying and obeying these external edicts.” But neither discipline has any interest in acknowledging the past and the present functional and institutionalized derangements of belief and behavior, which make a mockery of any claim by the psychiatruc community to promote, restore, or provide mental health to individuals. Very simply, the overt goal of all mental health therapies of psychiatry and psychology is not to restore mental health, but to cloak the universal mental illness within which humanity as a species functions, by denying it, by establishing false and invalid standards of mental health, which in Truth express and manifest absolute mental illness and derangement.
Psychohistory, and again I am speaking only of its claimed mission and mandate, is very different, completely different. Psychohistory claims a mandate to study, dissect, analyze the past, identify and expose the history of human behavioral and ideological pathology, and carry forward an understanding of how the human mind as shaped in the past, controls and determines reality perceptions of today.
Note, I am not saying that the mental health discipline of psychohistory has achieved any of this mandate. It has certainly not done so! But I am describing the mandate that this discipline claims to pursue, and in doing so, in understanding the nature of the claimed mandate, we reach a vital realization of Forbidden Truth:
Psychohistory is extremely dangerous to society and government. It is dangerous because the mandate it claims, if realized, has the potential to completely shatter the absolute house of cards that all mainstream psychiatry and psychology is built upon. Psychohistory has the potential to reach back to the past, expose the past as an endless series of human mistakes caused by mental dysfunction and emotional pathology, and thereby expose the present reality of human existence as being nothing more than the manifestations of profound, universal mental illness which has been institutionalized within a cloak of mental health and sanity.
This is the theoretical potential of psychohistory as a discipline of study and research. To be certain, no psychohistorians have come anywhere close to realizing this potential, and none ever will, because their actions occur under the fascist control of governmental and societal leaders. But still, the theoretical potential is there, and this is why the discipline of psychohistory has been and always will be marginalized, ignored, and hidden from all public understanding and discourse.
Psychiatry possesses no capacity to uncover or express the Forbidden Truth of 21st century universal human derangement. It has a proactive mandate, and is specifically utilized by society and government, to cover up this Truth! The exact same applies to psychology. These disciplines have already been hopelessly corrupted, the standards by which they judge and determine mental health are not merely invalid, but built upon the existing model of universal derangement. For example, believing in god is decreed mentally healthy, agreeing to join a military and murder complete strangers on command of another, is decreed mentally healthy, agreeing to perform slave labor in exchange for worthless pieces of paper is decreed mentally healthy, etc…
Let us recognize psychohistory as the last gasp opportunity for humanity to analyze and understand itself, and thereby gain the capacity to recognize the Forbidden Truth of universal mental derangement as it exists in the real-time present. Let us understand how and why this scientific discipline is being suffocated and stomped out of existence before our very eyes and minds, because of the existential threat to the universal matrix of social illusion, that it poses.
The past of human existence consists of an endless series of profound mistakes, mistakes which have never been analyzed or understood, mistakes which have seemlessly transitioned over many centuries to create the universal derangement of now, the universal matrix of insanity upon which all of human existence in the 21st century, is based. Only by dissecting the past with a ruthlessly Alien Eye of Truth, which is the theoretical potential of the discipline of psychohistory, can the profound mistakes of the past be recognized as not merely shaping and controlling the fatally flawed reality perceptions of today, but of dooming all of humanity to near-term extinction, absent their immediate and absolute abandonment.
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Kicking It Up A Notch

You have to give ISIS, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, credit for kicking it up a notch, via the immolation murder of Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh, torture victim and martyr of the government of jordan. Both the methodology and the production value of their most recent, 22 minute immolation video, set a new standard for ISIS, above and beyond their signature beheadings. The question now becomes, where do we go from here? More immolation videos would be a tad anticlimactic, and going back to beheadings would be downright regressive in nature. So, let us consider several enigmatic options.
First, we must acknowledge that at the moment, ISIS seems to be in somewhat short supply of western/coalition hostages, but let us assume they can and will rectify this deficiency. Once this is achieved, the issue of advancing homicidal methodology must be addressed. To go back to beheadings, especially the recent fade-to-black style which minimizes gore, would be a regression. Certainly the new immolation standard is still fresh, and can be successfully mined in the future. But let us think outside of the box, as we consider new ISIS options.
What about a good old-fashioned, back-to-the-future style crucifixion?!!? Yes, I know this is not the normal modus operandi of ISIS, but it would be an absolutely ideal way to poke holes in and mock the christian fundamentalism of the amerikkkan regime and of the west as a whole. Imagine it, a huge cross erected in the desert, the hostage nailed to it hand and foot, closeups of blood seeping from all four appendages, closeups of the victims agonized face, accompanied to lyrical shouts of Allahu Akbar,  الله أكبر would make for an excellent cinematic drama, IMNSVHO.
Another idea worth considering, would be waterboarding, which is not customarily fatal as a form of torture practiced by the west against arabs, but can certainly be modified so as to consist of a progressive series of tortures which do end in a final act of fatal waterboarding in which the victim does drown. A very nice poke in the eye to the west, exposing its limitless hypocrisy for all whose eyes and mind are open to Truth.
Another exciting option to consider, would be the Khazouk. If you are unfamiliar, this form of murder involves hammering a thick spike into a victims rectum, all the way through until it emerges from his torso or mouth. See this web page for more details:
I feel confident that a Khazouk style ISIS murder video, released to the world on videotape, might allow Me to once again establish a new statistical record for blog visitors and page views.
Of course I do not endorse such barbarism, not wishing to exceed the barbarism of the amerikkkan and western regimes in sponsoring nuclear weapon holocausts, murders by electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, and firing squad, waterboarding and numerous other brutal cia torture and murder techniques. I simply posit a few creative ideas and options which ISIS has no doubt already begun considering. .
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The Brighter the Light,The Darker the Shadows

The brilliant man figured out a way to destroy a planet infested by inferior creatures.. And so he did. He watched from his spaceship as the round object disintegrated, knowing every single inferior creature, they called themselves humans, had ceased to infest. Well, okay, there was the problem of the international space station, but he felt very confident those few would perish soon enough, lacking a teat to suck on. And so he celebrated, with exuberant climax of body and mind.
He hoped he had witnesses, and to his delight another ship soon uncloaked itself. Thank you for your service of life”, said the extraterrestrial creature, beautiful in the ways that every extraterrestrial creature is certain to be beautiful to the human transcendee. And the brilliant man knew exactly why he was being thanked, And the brilliant man smiled, not humbled, but with the pride of knowing something terrible was over, and he had ended it.
The extraterrestrial creature spoke again: We appreciate your mind. Those were the words. And the brilliant man felt externally loved, for the first time, ever, even as he had always loved Himself. The brilliant man knew what to say, he knew what his first words should be. Not Hello or Greetings or I come in peace.
No. He wanted to be understood, he needed to be certain that his lack of humanity was clear. He desired his journey to be understood, and he knew the extraterrestrial creature would understand his words. And so he knew what to say, he opened his mouth to reveal the crooked teeth of a former human child prevented from receiving dental care by his slaveowner mother and father, so many years ago, but really just yesterday, and he said:

The brighter the light, the darker the shadows

And the extraterrestrial creature smiled back. And the brilliant human smiled wider. A successful mind-meld, void of all humanity, for both parties. And everything was okay, in a way it had never been before.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.