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Thanx for Following,Liking,and Commenting

Maybe I am still mentally trapped in twitterland, and maybe this is not appropriate for a blog post, but I feel inspired to thank those who have Followed My blog, Liked My blog posts, and positively commented on My blog posts over the past 24 hours. There have been a surprisingly large number, so thank you to all:
Khushboo Arora http://theinvictussoul.wordpress.com/
Roda’sAmazon http://en.gravatar.com/mastermindbyrodalangrana
Stuart M. Perkins http://storyshucker.wordpress.com/
Timothy Pike, host of  http://theimportanceofbeingedited.wordpress.com/
dibenami http://davidbenami.com/
bottledworder http://bottledworder.com/
robert okaji http://robertokaji.com/
poetreecreations http://poetreecreations.org/
Cristian Mihai http://cristianmihai.net/
affiliatedmindset http://www.drewiaconis.com/
shaun890 http://www.shaunfurman.com/
Kendall F. Person, … http://thepublicblogger.com/
theryanlanz http://ryanlanz.com/
thechattyrachel http://rachelbeingchatty.wordpress.com/
illsker http://icantbelieveitsnotblog.wordpress.com/