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The Human Embrace of Death, Additional Truths

In response to My latest blog post featuring the uncensored legal murders being practiced by ISIS, I received an interesting question concerning why humans go meekly to their own imminent deaths, not even attempting to fight to protect and preserve their own existence. My brilliant reply below, sheds additional light on this issue, illuminating how the twin perversions of Self-hatred and obedience to authority figures and structures, serve to destroy all personal capacity to value one’s own existence.
My reply appears in bold and non-italicized text.
As always, I highly recommend you read my original essay, which inspires this follow-up reply:
“Neat video. There was something about it that I find very disturbing though. I have consumed a lot of footage of violent accidents, murders, assaults, rapes, lynchings, abortions, but the one thing that I find emotionally disturbing is execution videos by ISIS, Taliban, drug cartels, etc. This is for the reason that the victim appearing in the video is always 99.9% certain of the success impending brutal murder (even with the tiny, miniscule chance that the execution is botched, they will definitely be killed when the problem is rectified) and yet the victim NEVER makes even an ATTEMPT to fight back, if not for the miniscule chance of survival/escape, then at least the honor, dignity and self-affirming beauty in possibly taking one or more of your killers to the grave with you or at least maiming or disfiguring one or more of them permanently.
Up until the very moment that he is being PHYSICALLY MURDERED, the weak, pathetic, self-hating, cowardly human being passively accepts victimisation.
This was beside the point you were making but I didn’t have much to add because you are preaching to the choir.”
I can tell you exactly why most humans accept death at the hands of ISIS, and any military organization following their personal capture, and via the “death penalty” as carried out by the judicial wing of a government. There are three main reasons.
Reason #1 is because human beings are suicidal, be it on a conscious or subconscious level. They want to die. They look forward to death. They expect death. They groom themselves, throughout their imagined existence, to die. On a core level, they do not believe they have a right to be alive. This is the collective consequence of a lifetime of ego destruction, of the imposition of Self-hate by society and government upon every individual.
Reason #2 is the fact that all individual humans are brutally brainwashed, propagandized, and terrorized by their society, to mindlessly submit to all authority. Authority is defined by society as any organized structure which has achieved power over the individual. Humans meekly submit to being murdered for the same reason they agree to perform slave labor for money, for the same reason a child agrees to clean his room, the same reason they agree to enslave themselves to each other via the deranged marriage ritual, to pray to an invisible, non-existent creature, etc…
Respect for authority translates to contempt for Self. Submission to authority has been brainwashed into the minds of all human beings, and it is reflected by every perverse choice the individual makes, up to and including the quiet and meek submission to his own dynamic murder.
Reason #3 is the slavery that is citizenship. No human being perceives himself as autonomous. Every human being, consciously or subconsciously, knows he is an owned slave. He perceives himself as personally worthless. His value is in how others use him, his value is in how he serves the hive mind. When faced with imminent murder, the pathetic human is still consumed by the slave shackle of citizenship, he looks at his fellow humans, he follows their lead. Usually he says nothing, because to speak in such a situation requires a healthy identification with Self. Subconsciously he may realize that he is nothing in the now, just as he has always been nothing in the past. He cannot recognize what he is losing, because he never recognized in the past, what has been taken away from him. Death is perceived as merely the final, inevitable loss in an endless series of losses. But this perception is fuzzy and blurry, as befits an existence spent within a matrix of illusion.
The human who is attacked by “surprise”, by perceived peer humans, such as in a street mugging, is more likely to try to fight back, to try to preserve his existence. Why?? First, because the attack is not being performed by an organized and accepted authority figure such as the state or its representatives, such as a policeman, executioner, military soldier, etc…
And second, because the prospect of imminent death is being imposed upon him by surprise. He has not had time to finalize his suicidal ideation, to convert it to actual embrace of death in the real-time moment.
How ironically perverse is this, that the prisoner of isis, or the death row inmate, comes to meekly embrace imminent death by the process of lengthy reflection. A sane and healthy mind would be inspired by such reflection, to devise some grand attempt to destroy those he knows are going to destroy him. But no, the human reaches “peace of mind” with his own imminent death, given time to reflect. Here you see the horrific consequence of lifelong suicidal ideation.
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The Freedom and the Right: To DIE!

I have written several blog posts dissecting the issue of Self-murder, what you humans call “suicide”, in reflection of your addiction to the universal matrix of social illusion. But the topic of suicide, and I will only use this brainwashing term for the purpose of clarity, is worthy of much deeper exploration, as it cuts right to the very heart of exposing humanity as a doomed, birth defect species.
Before we continue, you must read and integrate to conscious understanding, the facts of this news story:
Because this link will eventually expire, I am reposting the entire news article below:

“Physically healthy 24-year-old granted right to die in Belgium

24-year-old right to die Belgium
According to national statistics, there are increasing numbers of young people requesting to die legally in Belgium, citing depression as their “intractable and unbearable pain” Volkan Olmez

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Updated | Doctors in Belgium are granting a 24-year-old woman who is suffering from depression but is otherwise healthy the right to die as she qualifies for euthanasia under the Belgian law, even though she does not have a terminal or life-threatening illness.
The 24-year-old woman, known simply as Laura, has been given the go-ahead by health professionals in Belgium to receive a lethal injection after spending both her childhood and adult life suffering from “suicidal thoughts”, she told local Belgian media.
Laura has been a patient of a psychiatric institution since the age of 21 and says she has previously tried to kill herself on several occasions. She told journalists: “Death feels to me not as a choice. If I had a choice, I would choose a bearable life, but I have done everything and that was unsuccessful.” The date of Laura’s death is yet to be decided.
Belgium passed a law to legalise euthanasia in 2002, the second country in the world to do so after the Netherlands. The law states that Belgian doctors can “help patients” to end their lives if they freely express a wish to die because they are suffering from intractable and unbearable pain.
Dr Marc Van Hoey, a general practitioner and president of the Right to Die Association in northern Belgium, is a vocal supporter of the legislation. Van Hoey told the Independent newspaper that he believes that sometimes euthanasia is the kindest option. “I’ve seen quite a lot of persons dying in – how do you say in proper English – agony?” Van Hoey said. “I never saw that when I gave someone euthanasia he or she asked for.”
Over the past few years there has been a sharp increase in the number of euthanasia cases in Belgium. In 2013, there were 1,807 deaths recorded compared with 1,432 in 2012. More than half of last year’s cases were patients aged 70 and over but there are increasing numbers of young people requesting to die legally, with the majority citing depression as their “intractable and unbearable pain.”
However, not everyone is in favour of the law. Carine Brochier, a project manager with the Brussels-based European Institute of Bioethics, tells Newsweek that she believes too many people are dying as a result of Belgium’s liberalised euthanasia laws.
She argues that many people who experience psychological suffering and treatable mental illnesses may be wrongly given the go ahead for euthanasia because “there is absolutely no way for healthcare professionals to measure another person’s mental suffering to decide if they should receive euthanasia.”
“Euthanasia is not the answer to all human suffering,” Brochier continues. “We need to develop better palliative care for people,” something she believes Belgium is not currently doing.
Earlier this year in February, the parliament in Belgium passed a bill also allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children without any age limit, by 86 votes to 44. The vote makes it the first country in the world to have legalised euthanasia without an age limit.
In the Netherlands, the first country to legalize euthanasia, sick children are allowed to request it, but only if they are 12 years or older.
As of June 2015, euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia and Luxembourg.
Update: After comments from readers, the headline of this article was updated to better reflect that the woman is physically healthy, but has severe problems with her mental health.”

Okay, before we dive headfirst into the Forbidden Truths exposed by this specific news event, let Me express some general Truths concerning suicide. Suicide is the deliberate and conscious murder of Self. As such it is the greatest crime, the most supreme injustice, and the most impossible to justify action, that exists within the spectrum of human behavioral choice.
If you do online research, you will find numerous articles which claim that animals other than humans, commit suicide. The fact is, all of these claims are anecdotal and not based upon scientific research. In Truth, humans have a vested interest in deluding themselves to believe that animals sometimes choose to commit suicide. In fact, if you read these articles, they reference a higher level of brain function being required, in order for an animal to cognitively choose to commit suicide.
The Forbidden Truth is this: Only the human being, by far the most genetically defective and evolutionarily diseased species of life on this planet, chooses to commit suicide: dynamically and in slow motion, consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously.
Suicide is not expressed via swallowing 100 sleeping pills, or shooting yourself in the head with a handgun. Suicide must be understood and defined as simply wanting to die, accepting death, even if this embrace is absolutely passive and does not involve what you hypocrites refer to as “self-harm”. Willingness to die is in itself an act of supreme and absolute self-harm. All who accept death are in reality, committing suicide.
As I have repeatedly revealed in my writings, suicide represents the ultimate victory for society and government. Inspiring the universal embrace of suicidal ideation among all human beings, is the overt tactical goal and mandate of every government and every human society. It is the suicidal ideation of humanity as a whole, which allows for the universal enslavement, victimization, and brutalization which all humans willingly choose to submit to, at the hands of government.
Now, let us begin dissecting the Forbidden Truths to be gleaned from the above news article. I suggest you reread it at this time. First, it is important for all seekers of Truth to understand that this news, of the government of belgium legally granting a 24 year old tortured child-slave the right to commit suicide, has been censored by the worldwide news media. Yes, Newsweek magazine published one article, and local belgian media first reported on the news, but the fact is, with there being 50,000+ online news media outlets, less than 15 published any news of this event, and none inside of amerikkka did so, besides Newsweek, which is a magazine, not even a newspaper.
Why? Because governments and their controlled medias understand that this news article comes dangerously close to allowing a Forbidden Truth to be realized by the Unwashed Masses: That their government wants them to die, that their government is actively promoting suicide in every form and manner, that their government is responsible for deliberately rendering everyone suicidal, even as it shamefully pretends to be interested in reducing and preventing suicide.
Readers of My essays might feel that I am prejudiced against amerikkkan society and government, that I view this specific regime as more diseased and perverse than other regimes. This is not accurate. Every human society and government is profoundly and hopelessly broken. You find differences in how governments present themselves to their slaves, only because every government is trying to brainwash its citizen-slaves to believe that it is different, morally, ideologically, and behaviorally superior to other governments. This is pure poppycock!
amerikkka legalizes abortion and the death penalty, in its effort to brainwash its slaves to believe they are free and that a moral standard of conduct exists and must be upheld. Belgium, in this case, allows a tortured child-slave to commit suicide, under law, in order to present a varying illusion of personal freedom and autonomy. In Truth, the ideological mandate is the same: To promote the universal embrace of suicidal ideation, to position death as the solution to a problem, concealing the Forbidden Truth from all conscious awareness, that death is the problem.
Suicide is the solution to all of your problems. Death is the solution to all of your problems. This is the universal mandate of government. Suffer! And if your suffering becomes unbearable, die! Die quietly and die alone. Die with your blindfold on, never understanding that you are a murder victim. Do not kill others by personal choice, you are not free to do that. You may kill others only as you are told, ordered, allowed. But you may kill yourself as you wish, this is your right, this is your freedom, this is your victory.
Can you imagine the headline: “Enraged 24 year old granted right to commit school massacre.” ??? Or “Enraged 24 year old granted right to assassinate head of state.” ??? No, of course not! But the Truth is, the granting of such rights would be far more logical, rational, morally appropriate, and ethically noble, than giving a tortured child-victim the right to murder herself.
This news story is consored because it opens up a wormhole of Forbidden Truth that is too dangerous for a fascist dictatorship like amerikkka to allow. Even if only a handful of citizen-slaves realize the perverse hypocrisy at play, and turn their suicidal ideation to homicidal ideation, the matrix is still weakened. What the government of Belgium has done via a judicial proceeding for a single woman, the amerikkkan government is doing to 320 million citizen-slaves: Granting them the freedom and the right to die, and positioning universal suicide as a valuable freedom and right. And of course belgium is doing to same, to each and every belgian citizen-slave. The end result is exactly the same. What differs is how these two slave-states choose to publicly shroud their promotion of universal suicide.
As long as definitional brainwashing rules all human reality perception, humanity is doomed to extinction. How can death be perceived as a right or a freedom??  How can any sane creature demand the right to die??? How can death be marketed as a solution to suffering??? How can dying be perceived as the solution to a problem, when death is in Truth the greatest of all problems??? All of these perversions of thought, deformations of reality and of Truth, are only possible when definitional brainwashing triumphs over every aspect of reality perception, to the point where nothing can be seen and understood as it is, so that the most obvious and clear facts, are impossible for human beings to recognize and accept.
24 year old tortured child-victim Laura has the right to be murdered, because she is depressed?? But she has no right to murder others, even though her state of mind results from the harm inflicted upon her and upon all of us, by others, by human beings, by human society, individually and collectively??? So she has the legal right to be further victimized, further harmed, affirmatively destroyed and rendered unborn, but she has no right to harm others????
I am not one of you humans. I am not a brainwashed hypocrite. And therefore I know that to die is not and can never be a right, or a freedom, or a choice. But I will tell you what is a personal right, a personal freedom, and a personal choice: To kill others. And why is this a personal right, freedom, and choice, inalienable, in fact?? Because your society and government wants Me to commit suicide, as it carries out My murder.
Me, you, Laura in Belgium, each and every human being not dead at this moment, we are all equal victims of society and government, seeking, soliciting, and carrying out our destruction, of body, of mind, of potential, of our universe of Self.
To all who are suicidal: You are suicidal because you are blind to the Truth of your victimization, and because the love of Self that is your inalienable right and freedom has been hijacked and murdered by others, other human beings, human beings who deserve every last vestige of the contempt, hatred, and rage that you are tragically misdirecting towards Self.
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Suicide: A Definitional Dissection

I have addressed the very important issue of Self-murder in previous essays and blog posts, but not from a directly and comprehensively definition-based perspective. This is an omission on My part, which ends now. Comprehensive and fully-formed definitional dissections are essential for the proper understanding and embrace of Forbidden Truth as a whole, and specific Forbidden Truths on specific issues. I would be pleased to consider additional, future essays which accurately dissect words, ideas, or human structures from a directly definitional perspective, so feel free to offer suggestions for any specific words, ideas, or structures that I have not already so dissected.
Okay, let us begin. Suicide is an act of Self-murder, and all Truth-seekers must proactively define it as such. The term Self-murder is fully accurate and valid, both in terms of description and in terms of functional consequence. Other phrases, such as Self-abortion, Retroactive unbirth through murder of Self, and Annihilation of Self-existence, are also valid. But to keep things simple in this essay, the valid, clear, and foundationally perfect phrase of Self-murder will be used.
The word suicide is unacceptable and must be overtly rejected as a betrayal of Truth, and a term of definitional brainwashing overtly deployed by society and government in order to promote and legitimize, on a primary level, the embrace of universal Self-murder by all child and adult citizen-slaves. With malice aforethought, extreme prejudice, and intent to destroy human capacity to recognize and embrace Truth, the artificial and invalid term of “suicide”, is deployed against us, to deceive and coerce us into embracing death and our own Self-murder, via the definitional creation of invalid and perversely hypocritical distinctions between different acts of Self-muder, in which the Self-murder is overtly denied and rejected, on a social, cultural, legal, and governmental level, for what it is.
In order for the term “suicide” to be allowed to exist, it must be completely and radically redefined within the following very specific definitional parameters: Suicide: A personal decision to inflict and/or allow others to inflict harm upon Self which endangers or compromises physical health and lifespan potential, and/or a personal agreement to accept physical death as promoted and imposed by human society and government, by any means, including all so-called “natural” causes.
This is not how any human society chooses to define the term suicide, or to allow it to be defined, and therefore the entire term must be overtly rejected and purged from all human consciousness, with a clear understanding that it has been and is being maliciously deployed against us in order to inspire the universal embrace of death, of Self-murder, by all.
Let us understand that human beings as a whole are collectively suicidal. This is a Forbidden Truth which is overtly rejected, denied, and concealed by all human societies and governments, very specifically utilizing the term “suicide” as definitional brainwashing. Society decrees that the individual who takes a handgun and shoots himself in the head, is committing suicide, but the individual who smokes cigarettes or joins the military or goes skydiving or who simply accepts his future, upcoming “natural” death in a passive way, is not committing suicide. This is absolute bullsh*t! Every human being who compromises his physical health, welfare, or lifespan potential in any way, and also every human being who simply accepts his upcoming death as being natural, necessary, unavoidable, and “a part of life”, is actively committing suicide, actively murdering Self, in exactly the same manner as he who shoots himself in the head or swallows 100 sleeping pills at once, or fashions a hangman’s noose and uses it to asphyxiate Himself.
All human deaths are intentional and deliberate, because human death is not unavoidable. Human death is fully avoidable in the 21st century, via technological immortality, and is being actively denied to each of us by society and government. In accepting this denial, we are committing suicide, which must be understood as making a proactive choice to die, by accepting our individual death. All who accept their own deaths, are in Truth causing their own deaths. All who accept death are choosing to die, choosing death over life, and it is this choice, irrespective of the useless and invalid distinctions between dynamic implementation versus passive sabotage and undermining of safety/health versus a mere brain-based ideological choice ro accept death, which must be completely understood as constituting the act of suicide accurately renamed within Forbidden Truth as the act of Self-murder.
All human beings who accept their own deaths are choosing to die. All human beings who choose to die are guilty of committing the greatest of all possible crimes and betrayals of personal obligation to Self. The act of Self-murder must be recognized as the only act of violence which deserves to be labeled as a “crime”, and every act of Self-murder must be recognized as an act of supreme violence directed against Self, impossible to justify on any level, even if the individual attempts to protect and preserve his health and safety, doing nothing more than passively accepting the fact that he will end up dying and dead at some point in the future.
Passive acceptance of future death, on an individual level, is the same as shooting Yourself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver, today. There is no ideological, philosophical, or functional difference, and the consequences are exactly the same. This has always been True, throughout all of human history, but right now, very specifically within the past 80 or so years, this Forbidden Truth has attained a level of importance not present at any other historical point in time, because scientific advances have been achieved which right now, render physical death unnecessary, preventable, and avoidable.
It is important to understand that the Forbidden Truth that technological immortality is now fully feasible, is being withheld from both the collective consciousness and the individual awareness of humanity as a whole, and of all individual human beings. Definitional brainwashing plays a primary role in this current, real-time genocide being carried out against each of us.
Suicide, the universal choice to murder Self, is colored by the false reality perception that physical death cannot be avoided. This false delusion plays a significant role in allowing the term of suicide to be defined in a philosophically deranged manner, where the vast majority of humans are able to and overtly choose to deny the Forbidden Truth that they are actively suicidal and actively committing suicide. This is why the human who shoots himself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver is decreed “guilty” of committing suicide, but the smoker, soldier, fireman, along with the “health nut” who insanely tries to “extend” his lifespan while passively accepting the fact that he will die at some point in the future, are all absolved and decreed free of all suicidal ideation, even though the Truth is that they are consumed by suicidal ideation, and in fact directly and dynamically committing suicide in the exact same manner as today’s .44 calber head shooter.
The Forbidden Truth that all of humanity is collectively suicidal, is very dangerous to the universal matrix of illusion. It is a Truth which threatens to expose many other Truths, ranging from the genetic birth defect status of the species as a whole, to the universal, state-sponsored abuse of all children, to the various ways societal and government leaders ruthlessly exploit this universal pathology of the human brain to cause each and every one of us to be retroactively unborn.
The very specific parameters of definitional brainwashing deployed by how the term “suicide” is defined by society, culture, and government, play a primary role in preventing the factual reality that humanity as a species is collectively suicidal, from permeating human consciousness to any level of sentient awareness.
In officially decreeing and labeling the man who shoots himself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver to have committed suicide, but absolutely denying this same label to the soldier, the junk food eater, the fireman, and every human who passively accepts his upcoming death, their absolute suicidal ideation and the fact that they are all committing suicide, is extinguished from all conscious awareness/perception, with the desired end result for society and government being, that the Forbidden Truth of humanity being collectively suicidal and guilty of choosing to murder Self, is not merely denied after thoughtful deliberation, but absolutely barred from ever being rationally and openly considered.
As I have repeatedly revealed, the only way that any problem can be addressed and resolved, is for it to be recognized, openly dissected, and solved within the valid borders of factual Truth. The fact that humanity as a species is collectively suicidal, is a problem for Me, because it is the foundational reason why I am being actively murdered via the denial of technological immortality research which would allow Me to avoid being murdered by society and government. All Superiors, all who love Self and value Truth, must recognize that they are being actively murdered in this exact fashion, because this is the factual Truth.
I do not care about any of you, even as I recognize your status of created victim. I care about Myself. On many levels, your collective suicidal ideation amuses and pleases Me. But in choosing to murder yourselves, you are also guilty of choosing to murder Me, and this in unacceptable. I provide the universe with uniquely brilliant and limitlessly valuable Forbidden Truth, such as this very essay and blog post, to honor Myself and the Truth, but also, in a manner I clearly understand to be doomed to fail, to save My own life, to avoid being retroactively unborn. because I am not as you are. I am Superior. I have transcended My humanity. I do not want to die. I am not suicidal, as all of you are, as each and every one of you, barring the one in 50 million exception, is.
You are all deranged. You are all choosing to die, choosing to commit suicide, and so broken that you cannot even imagine consciously facing up to this clear and obvious Forbidden Truth, much less recognizing why you are collectively suicidal and engaging in a proactive attempt to regain the existence which has been taken from you by your creator and your greatest enemy: Your society and government. I must add an additional great enemy: Your own pathetic brain. Your pathetic brain betrays you, as you betray it, keeping it in the shackles externally imposed upon it, throughout your childhood and adulthood, and wrapped ever more tightly each and every day of your ongoing, imagined existence.
I condemn you, humans, as murderers of Self, destroyers of your own brains, saboteurs of your own capacity to evolve and to be reborn, as I was, in the glorious light of Truth. And I condemn you to eternal nothingness, with glee and with the most profound understanding of what injustice is, because it is you, humans, who are condemning Me to an eternity of cosmic nothingness.
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