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15 Y.O.Child-slave Shoots 14, Kills 2, at Marshall County High School in Kentucky

marshall county high school 1
Things have been rather quiet on the school shooting scene in recent months, but just about 12 hours ago, in Kentucky, one of your tortured child-slaves decided it was time to try to make some noise.
At 7:57 AM, before classes started, he opened fire on his fellow child-slaves with a handgun, shooting 14 of them, two fatally. Details are still unfolding, but we know enough, those of us who are sane, to honor and appreciate the sacrifice made today by this 15 year old tortured victim-creation of amerikkkan society.
Every child in the world is a victim of systemic, brutal, child abuse. Every child in the world is destroyed, ritualistically, as public policy mandate of every 21st century society and government on planet earth. But this Forbidden Truth is a secret, nobody will acknowledge it, nobody will face up to it. Instead, child abuse is presented as being an anomaly, something only the “bad” people, the criminals, do.
No, you all do it, to every child.
The classic school shooting, an actual child-slave targeting for mass death the very structure to which he is enslaved, the very structure systematically destroying his mind, the very structure developed and deployed to chain him for life to the diseased ideologies of the very society guilty of his abuse, victimization, and murder, is a beautiful thing.
It is beautiful because it is a pure and honest and noble reflection of True Reality, by a child, by a victim. He speaks via his act, only for Himself, but his deed honors the millions of other children who live and who die in the shadow of anonymity, their own victimization not merely invisible to humanity as a whole, but often completely invisible to their own conscious minds.
The school shooter is the farthest thing from a monster, any human-born could ever be. He is an angel, holding up a mirror, trying to make each and every one of you see and know how monstrous you are, as law-abiding citizens, parents, teachers.
I am so pleased to be able to report our 15 year old mass shooter is alive and well. He did not commit suicide, harm Himself, or allow responding pigs to murder Him. Thank goodness, this tortured child chose life, even as he tried to dispense mass death.
Here are current news reports on the shooting rampage:
At this time, no news media outlet is reporting the name of our new Martyr, even as the pigs vow to charge this child with murder, as an adult. He is a child, unable to vote, or drink alcohol. He is legally a child, but the amerikkkan regime will legally “treat” him as an adult, for the sole reason that such treatment allows the regime to try to legally harm and hurt him much more than if he were treated as a child. Even as he is the creation of the institutionalized harm of universal child abuse as sponsored and inflicted by this very regime.
How perverse, deranged, insane, and evil!
At some point in the near future, the name of our newly minted 15 year old Kentucky mass school shooter will be made “public”. But here we are, 12 hours after the incident occurred, and every news media organization throughout amerikkka is engaged in an open-air conspiracy to keep the name secret, all because the local pigs refuse to “release” the name. One reason being the fact he is a minor, a child. But these same pigs are vowing to use the judicial system to treat him as an adult, for the purpose of harming him. Here you see the True face of evil, see it reflected within yourselves!
The media knows the name of this tortured child. The only reason they could not know, is if they do not want to know. He was a student at this high school. Numerous eyewitnesses saw him shooting. He was arrested at the scene, numerous people witnessed the arrest. His identity is known. But the media is pretending to not know, because there is no freedom of the press in amerikkka.
Here you see what society and government does to its greatest victims, who dare to stand up and try to reveal a Forbidden Truth such as universal child abuse. They are dehumanized, stripped of identity, demonized, rendered invisible, faceless, voiceless. A false monster is built, in order for the True identity of the real monster, to remain forever cloaked and impossible for you hypocrites to ever recognize.
Within the next few days, I will uncover the identity of the mass shooter at Marshall County High School today, and I will give the world his face and his name. I will honor Him as I would want Myself honored. But I cannot force you to recognize the Forbidden Truth of universal child abuse. None of us can, none of us who give our lives, in one way or another, in honorable reflection of the Truth, as it has been carved upon us, as it has been impaled upon our minds and souls and hearts.
I stand with the shooter, because I stand with Truth.
To all victims: Stay Strong.
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Tactical Analysis of the Impact of Cell Phones on Human Existence and Criminality

All criminality must be understood as individually offensive attack against society and government, in combination with a True Reality need and decision to avenge personal trauma, injustice, and victimization as individually experienced.
The fact that most criminals completely lack all conscious awareness of their own motivational impulses; emotional, ideological, and philosophical, does not alter the True fact of what criminality is and why it is affirmatively undertaken as action, by individuals.
Humans have always lacked all capacity to gain or possess sentient awareness of why they choose to do what they choose to do. This defectiveness of the human brain does not negate the fact that very specific subconscious and unconscious motivational forces are at play on an individual level, within all organized human structures.
Make no mistake, criminality is organized, promoted, and advocated by every society and government of the 21st century.
Crime is very important to every society and government, it serves many important goals and objectives of The Matrix of Universal Illusion. But at the same time, it must be carefully directed and controlled, both in terms of specific targets and types of crimes, and in the volume and per capita number of crimes.
Society and government uses technology and new inventions to control and to dictate how crime is carried out, who the targeted victims are, the severity of harm caused to individuals via crime, and the overall volume of crime, all the while specifically ensuring that outlaw crime always continues to occur and to remain a conscious focus among all citizen-slaves.
An excellent way to gain a preliminary Forbidden Truth understanding of how societies and government control and manipulate criminality, is by analyzing the tactical impact of the cellular telephone upon crime, over the past 25 years.
Let’s begin with a clear understanding that all technology, worldwide, is 100% controlled by government, in terms of what is allowed to reach the hands and minds of the general public. We see this playing out at this very moment, in real-time, with the absolute control being exerted over public access to VR (Virtual Reality) technology, as well as personal jet-pack hovercrafts, both of which are ready for mass production at a level of sophistication far beyond what most humans can even imagine, but are being specifically banned via open-air, worldwide government conspiracy.
So, approximately 25 years ago, The Matrix made an overt decision to allow cellular telephone technology to become a ubiquitous staple among all masses of brainwashed sheeple. Just as with the internet years later, this was a very deliberate and calculated tactical decision by your overlords, slaves.
The risks and the benefits of allowing cell phones to become universally popular were carefully weighed and analyzed by your overlords, and it was decided that the benefits to The Matrix, outweighed the potential harms and risks.
Based upon this government decision, an organized campaign to specifically promote the cell phone as being a new, vital addition to every “normal” human experience of existence, was initiated between 1994 and 1996, resulting in universal, worldwide permeation of this noxious and enslaving device, so that by 2005 the vast majority of all humans, worldwide, had been successfully coerced and brainwashed and bribed into obtaining it.
The Matrix successfully determined the toxicity of the interpersonal relationship, both familial and sexual, could and would be specifically strengthened by the cellular telephone, as would all toxic interpersonal dependency, in addition to the device serving as a premier form of mindless distraction from all Truth.
And here we are, just 20 or so years later, and we who are sane see the successful end result: The human population, worldwide, more broken, more enslaved, more clueless as to any and all Truth, more dependent upon interpersonal enmeshment. Another premier victory for the greatest enemy of human freedom, autonomy, emancipation of mind and of consciousness: Society and government.
But let’s focus for a bit on the specific issue of criminality, a gateway to the anarchistic violence that is required to end the horrific reign of universal terror and subjugation that is government.
How has the cellular telephone impacted criminality over the past 20 years?? Very significantly! The capacity of every society and government to limit, control, and direct criminality has been significantly enhanced by the cellular telephone.
It is much more difficult for public area serial killers to maintain long-term operational success, because any eyewitness can instantly summon pigs via cell phone. Every attempted abduction is fraught with additional peril, because a potential victim can sometimes directly reach police by tapping a single speed-dial button on their cell phone.
Successful and prolific victim count outlaw mass murder is dependent upon delayed response of pigs. and once again the cell phone makes the job of the mass murderer much harder. The chances are great that the time interval between mass murder initiation and the pigs receiving accurate information as to the exact location of the event, will be shorter now, than it was 25 years ago, due to the universal popularity of the cellular telephone.
Just like public surveillance cameras, the cell phone does directly serve to aid society and government in controlling and limiting the end results and the success rates of criminality.
Even with regard to international terrorism, governments can and do overtly use the cell phone as a weapon of defense, via perverse public relations campaigns such as “If you see something, say something”, in amerikkka:

Seekers of Truth need to understand how their experience of existence is being constantly manipulated, in real-time, via both the deliberate promotion of specific technology and invention, and the deliberate banning and negation of other technology and inventions. What was done 20 years ago with cell phones, is being done today with jetpack airborne vehicles, Virtual Reality and robotics technology, the worldwide ban on human immortality experimentation, and so much more.
As murder victims and destroyed slaves, we who are conscious to Forbidden Truth must wage war against our destroyers. Every weapon being used against us, can be seized by us and deployed to our advantage.
For example, even as the cell phone is deployed to control and limit criminality, it can also, in theory, be successfully exploited as a useful tool in coordinating multi-level conspiratorial crimes requiring precise and simultaneous initiation.
Further, and much more effectively, sophisticated devices that successfully block cell phone signals from being transmitted have now become commercially available and are NOT yet being subjected to strict governmental control as to sale and possession. These devices can serve as direct counterattack against cell phone usage, within the commission of criminal events.
An excellent source for these devices is:
Yes, $3,500.00 usd seems like a lot of money, but if you are stupid enough to choose to own a cell phone, you probably spend way more than that in usage fees, just over the course of your pathetic, imagined lifetime.
Let us analyze and understand the many different ways that technology and invention has always been used by our greatest enemy to destroy us. Among humans, history always repeats, over and over.
Thousands of years ago the invention of “money” was used to cloak and conceal the Forbidden Truth of universal human slavery, and here we are, thousands of years later, and none of you Normals possess any conscious awareness of the reality of this exact same universal human slavery as it is exerted directly upon you, today, in real-time.
The cell phone, the internet, the airplane, these are the newly minted slave shackles of now, and at this very moment, the slave shackles of the near-term future, Virtual Reality technology, robotic technology, outer space “touring”, DNA “cloning”, and much more, are being designed, perfected, molded into shape, and readied for deployment.
Shackle upon shackle, the shackles of past, present, and future, invisible to you pathetic fools, as you are destroyed in the now!

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Fatherhood: Functionally, Structurally, and Ideologically Perverse

No child needs a father. No child would want a father, if they were not viciously indoctrinated and brainwashed to believe that to be normal and happy and properly integrated to the matrix, they must have a father.
It is True that men need children, of course they do. Men need children to bully and to terrorize. Men need children to use as poison containers, to recreate within another, every bit of the subconsciously disowned torment and trauma they experienced when they were children.
Here we are in the 21st century, and fatherhood is the mechanism by which society empowers and encourages every male human to specifically target and destroy the innocence, the potential, the purity of body and mind and of soul, of individual children, while never facing up to the Truth of what they are doing, and why.
Yesterday was “Father’s Day”, an officially decreed holiday by The Matrix of Universal Illusion, amerikkka branch, designed to celebrate this ongoing genocide.
Fatherhood is an artificial construct, an invention of a species consisting of universally destroyed ex-children, in desperate need to develop an ideological system by which to perpetuate the ongoing, reflective destruction of all children, while never consciously acknowledging the reality of what is being done.
Children need the opposite of a father. Children need the detached empowerment of caretakers who are not crippled by the mental illness that is emotional enmeshment. Caretakers who are capable of valuing the sacred, independent autonomy of every child, instead of the polar opposite: Targeting a specific child as a piece of owned property to be relentlessly and viciously molded into a clone, a recreation of every suppressed horror, every lie and every pain and every pathology dwelling within the specific ex-child.
Fatherhood is the creation and the sanctification of a lifelong umbilical cord of poison delivery, from a specific adult to a specific child.
How do you see your father? As someone who gave you the gift of life? As someone who taught you valuable things about how to live, how to function within the world? As someone who loved you? As someone who did the best he could to help you, despite the difficulties and challenges he faced within the world?
Your perceptions are flawed and invalid. They are prejudiced by what fatherhood, and motherhood, and parenthood, toxic structures that suffocate all individual potential of all individual children to thrive within Truth, have done to your capacity to recognize and to know your own lost and destroyed potential as an independent Self-universe.
As long as fatherhood continues to exist, every male human will be officially and structurally empowered to destroy individual children, while simultaneously compelled by social edict to completely ignore the torment and trauma being inflicted upon all other children, billions of them, all across the world, by other “fathers”.
“I am a father, I will carve up my child, My piece of property, as I am emotionally compelled, and I will honor the sacred right of all other fathers to do exactly the same to their property.” This is the perpetual horror of fatherhood, this is the organization of universal destruction for all by every human society and government, as it has played out for thousands of years, everywhere on this planet, and as it plays out today, exactly the same as 1000, and 500, and 100 years ago.
Nothing changes, nothing gets better, nothing evolves. Humanity is a species frozen in mind, the collective trauma of every past generation handed down and added to the collective trauma of every present generation, handed down and added to the collective trauma of every future generation. This is what parenthood does, as an organized structure, as an ideology cemented into place.
Fatherhood is the doctrine-based worship of the sacred right of adult males to own as slaves, and to destroy, specific children. And as a universal social construct, the sacred right and officially decreed obligation, of every male to collectively destroy every child.
None of what I am revealing is generalization, none of it is prejudice against fathers or against fatherhood. None of it ignores the “good”, the benefit, that so many of you falsely perceive to have come to you and to others, as a result of having had a “father”.
I give you the gift of universal Truth, the factual reality of the collective horror of a failed social experiment as it has been imposed, and as it has impacted, you. Every single one of you.
Fatherhood is child abuse. Child abuse is not something individual humans do to children because they are “bad” or sick. Child abuse is the organized infliction of universal torment upon all children, as structurally mandated and compelled, by parenthood, as a public policy mandate.
To end child abuse, fatherhood must end. Fatherhood, motherhood, and parenthood. These three social and cultural constructs must be recognized and isolated within the enlightenment that is Forbidden Truth. They must be consciously known as mistakes, unviable constructs of unviable minds, rendered unviable by the mind cage of addiction to the past, customs and rituals dating back many centuries, imposed, controlled, manipulated by social and governmental leaders, themselves possessing the destroyed minds, existing as the destroyed victims, of the universal child abuse they pathologically perpetuate, within the mindless trance and illusions of freedom, power, human and individual rights.
Everyone is dead, pretending to be alive, destroying every child, so that no child may ever come to realize they are being murdered in real-time, so that no child may expose and reveal this unbearable Forbidden Truth to you, the walking dead.
Well, here I am, your murdered child, telling you the Truth.
fatherhood 8
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All Social Movements are Covertly Controlled & Guided by government

I received an interesting email question, that allows Me to repeat and reinforce one of the most important foundational-level insights of Forbidden Truth to the operational perversity of all governments. The question asks:
“Since early this year, there is a huge feminist movement here in argentina. You can see it all around the media….newspapers,tv ,radios,magazines..etc….everybody is talking about femicides and abuses to women. What is behind this?…what do you think they are trying to do with this campaign?”
My brilliant reply:
Societies and governments choose to integrate useless illusions of structural change into their Matrix, for only two primary reasons. One is to continue to perpetuate the lie and illusion of positive change, which is something desired by citizen-slaves as a whole. Citizen-slaves do not desire actual, Truth-based positive change, but they do crave the illusion of it, made realistic enough for them to believe and accept as Self-delusion.
The other reason is to quell and extinguish popular unrest within the society that could lead to civil war, mass protest, or any type of conscious awakening by the masses, to existing, systemic injustice. oppression, and victimization.
In most situations there are elements of both reasons at play, in any type of social movement that is overtly backed and promoted by the media, even if government itself seems resistant or even hostile to the structural change.
Remember: The mass media always serves as direct propaganda agent for government, and the content it imposes upon citizen-slaves is always directed and controlled by, government leaders. This is True for all regimes, all across the world.
Also remember, government always positions all illusions of significant social change as grand and epic, immensely difficult, long-term struggles of good versus evil, of progress versus stagnation.
They covertly promote the change utilizing the mass media, because in Truth it changes nothing on a foundational level, while openly holding it back as much as possible, for as long as possible, in terms of official statements and changes to law, by government leaders. This is done in order to stretch out the timeline, so government gains maximum benefit from the ongoing lie that it is progressive, responsive, and beneficial to its citizen-slaves.
You see this Forbidden Truth by studying amerikkkan history from a Forbidden Truth perspective, how the regime has successfully stretched out for hundreds of years, the perverse illusions of a grand struggle for equality, for females and for negroes, when in Truth such equality has always been functionally useless and meaningless, since all citizen-slaves, including white men, are completely enslaved, victimized, and systemically murdered as ongoing and immovable structural mandate of this, and of all, regimes.
Knowing nothing specific about argentina as a society and government, I can still be absolutely certain the same motivations and methodologies are at work, because all governments are designed and function within the same perverse parameters, and all humans, within all societies, labor under the same cultural delusions and illusions.
Answering your specific question as it relates to the argentina regime, may help other humans to better understand the universal similarities of all governments, as they impose their mass delusions and illusions of positive change and reform, to entrance their citizen-slaves and to ensure the ongoing genocidal stranglehold of government upon all of humanity.

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No Leaders, No Followers: Anarchy

Those of you who read My texts know My hatred and contempt for humanity is exceeded only by My hatred and contempt for government.
government is the organization of universal slavery for all. Environmentally, almost everything wrong with humanity as a species, can be traced and linked to this toxic and untenable structure. And at the belly of this beast dwells the perverse construct of leadership.
Leadership is a sacred institution to you mentally crippled creatures. Always you seek the leadership of others. You want to follow, to obey, to serve something, anything, except for Yourself. You are too stupid to understand that your leaders are themselves followers. They follow you, they cater to your inferiority, your derangements, your dysfunctions of mind and of reality perception.
You have familial leaders, slave labor leaders, cultural leaders, religious leaders, but the worst of all, is and will always be the governmental leader.
The leader of government will always be evil, immoral, vicious, a mass murderer, a sponsor of torture and harm, a pathological liar, a hypocrite, a hater of Self and of Truth. He must be all of these things, because this is what you are. You, the average, ordinary, mainstream, standard model citizen-slave.
You will never choose as political leader, any individual you perceive as morally, ideologically, or behaviorally superior to you. Never. You will choose your own reflection, someone you are certain, on a subconscious level of course, will never force you to see yourselves as you Truly are.
Leadership exists among humans because of ego murder, the systematic destruction of the egos and Self-love of all children, as deliberately carried out by every modern era human society. The terrorism of universal child abuse results in every child being forced to look up, to obey, to follow. government only exists in accurate reflection of the destruction of every child.
Impotence, dependency, the loss of the Self-universe that is the sacred birthright of every child, this is what compels the human obsession with being led.
Your leaders are your destroyers, in real-time, in every real-time moment of Now, with the past eternally dead and the future eternally murdered.
Anarchy solves the problem of leadership. No leaders, no followers, universal autonomy of the Self. Freedom, the only valid form of freedom. And so anarchy terrifies you, because freedom terrifies you, and because you exist as broken slaves. This is what you are, this is how you identify, shape, embrace your very existence.
You seek the perfect leader, reflected by the Truth of what you are. In doing so, you ensure your leader will be infinitely imperfect, hopelessly broken and rotting from the inside out, just as you are.
Some leaders hide their maggots better than others, from your conscious perception. But they are all rotting from the inside out, the same as you are.
rothbard4All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Applying The Process to Permanently End All Child Abuse

In My last blog post I brilliantly dissected and articulated how and why all human problems are equal, in terms of their solvability, none more difficult than the other, requiring only the uncloaking, followed by the functional implementation, of an existing but not consciously perceived/known “Process”, which simply means a specific set of ordered actions not yet taken or realized to fruition.
In reply to this essay, I received an email asking Me to fully articulate the exact Process “recipe” necessary to solve and to end the problem of universal child abuse.
Here is the exact Process required. Keep in mind, The Process is like a recipe, or instructions to assemble a piece of furniture. The Process must be followed exactly and fully, in the order listed, with no step(s) omitted. Otherwise it will fail, and the failure is your fault. How do I know this is the right Process? Because I know Truth, and I know humanity, and I know the brilliance of My own mind.
The Process to permanently end all child abuse:
1) Humanity as a collective whole must consciously and fully acknowledge, on a worldwide level, it is a birth defect species, with every human being suffering from organic, genetic brain malformation and dysfunction.
2) Humanity as a collective whole must consciously and fully acknowledge every human being alive at this and every current moment of time, is a traumatized victim of universal child abuse, across the world, within every society, culture, and nation-state.
3) Humanity as a collective whole must consciously and fully recognize the foundational social structure of parenthood is a failed social experiment, a tragic and unviable mistake and a building block error in the development of human civilization. Parenthood must be recognized as a fatal error, an illegitimate construct that cannot be repaired or rendered viable by any process, and a mistake of the past that must be abandoned and ended.
4) Parenthood must end. Period. The insanity of child ownership based upon biological creation, sexual intimacy, marriage, and all other interpersonal constructs must be recognized as the most primitive and savage of barbarisms. Motherhood and fatherhood must be eliminated from the social landscape of human existence. The sacred autonomy of every child must be uncloaked, with all fetters of vampiric possession, ownership, and right to access, based upon creation or familial connectivity, declared null and void.
5) Mandatory Parental (Caretaker) Competency Testing must be implemented on a universal, worldwide scale, exactly as I outline and detail it within My Manifesto and other texts.
6) Mandatory, yearly, live-in Child Assessment Centers must be created and deployed throughout the world, exactly as I outline within My Manifesto and other texts.
7) A worldwide team of the best scientists, geneticists, bioengineers, computer engineers, neurologists, brain surgeons, psychologists and philosophers must be convened, given unlimited resources and research freedom, to develop multiple Process paths to mitigate and neutralize the negative functional impacts of humanity being a birth defect species, and afflicted with a genetically malformed and defective brain. All such discovered Process paths must be fully implemented, once research and trial testing demonstrates them to be effective.
That’s it. Just seven little steps, and you have a successful Process that will end all child abuse. Within 100 years after these steps are taken 95+% of all children will not be abused. Within 500 years, 99.999% will not be abused. Of course we will never reach 100%. Isolated incidents will occur. But so rarely, and every victim will know their species tried their best. Unlike now, where 100% of all children are deliberately abused.
This is not just a valid Process. It is the valid Process. The only valid Process to end all child abuse. And to achieve this feat is neither difficult, nor easy. It is simply a process. Follow the process, you will achieve the result, just like rubbing two sticks together in the right way will start a fire.
It requires only that you, humanity as a collective whole, want to achieve the result, recognize the validity of The Process, and that society and government, your slavemasters, want this result to be achieved and allow/empower these seven steps required within The Process, to occur.
That’s all there is to say, here. This problem is solved, and in the process (Oh, the irony!) of solving this problem, all of human existence is radically transformed in every imaginable way. No child abuse, no traumatized victims of child abuse, in and of itself, opens gaping pathways to implementation of multiple new Processes that will solve many other problems.
We know, of course, that you diseased creatures will not embrace The Process, and will not end child abuse. You don’t want to, and your slavemasters will not let you. But I have solved the problem, as functional reality, within the perfection of My mind.
The Process is real and valid. The solution is real and valid. Nothing stands in the way of it being achieved as reality, except for you, the human being, pathetic and inferior, brain damaged, and dead to the Truth.
For comprehensive outlines of Mandatory Parental Competency Testing and yearly, live-in Child Assessment Centers, read:
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Problem of Human Cognitive Perception

As all who read My brilliant essays should know by now, the human being exists as a fatally flawed birth defect, on a species-wide level, and the epicenter of this birth defect status is clearly and certainly the human brain and its utter lack of positive and valid functionality. In this essay I will be focusing my Forbidden Truth dissection on a very specific aspect of human brain functionality failure, that of Cognitive Perception.
For the purpose of this essay, let us begin with how humanity chooses to define both cognition and perception, individually as well as in combination. Human society defines cognition as the experience of learning, knowing, and understanding. While perception is defined as a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. Both of these terms are then combined, to result in the supposedly valid and honored structure of cognitive perception.
The Forbidden Truth is that humans have never been able to properly apply a mental process of cognition, to accurately and validly understand their experience of existence, or the ongoing, underlying personal motivations and factual realities of their place in the universe, at any specific point in time, much less on a real-time, ongoing basis.
As to perception, this distinct process of brain functionality is even more fully and fatally flawed than that of cognition. Perception is the mindless worship of and addiction to, belief. Human perception is inherently mindless, because it involves the overt betrayal and rejection of reality and Truth, in favor of the creation of a fetish in favor of the unreality of belief. To go further, in a very real sense, humans use perception to justify the embrace of a belief system, for no legitimate reason, and to the effect of causing universal harm to all, and an abdication of all individual and collective potential.
Perceptions exist as individual brain defects, Every perception is always wrong and flawed, because the very process of acquiring perceptions is itself invalid, and should be recognized as invalid, and therefore automatically rejected as a viable brain functionality option. Humans approach and embrace individual perception as a belief, on steroids, absent all sentient awareness of this Truth.  They embrace defective brain functionality, building layers of false intellectual rationalization and a warped perspective of reality, into the very fabric of their individual and collective experience of existence.
The term “cognitive perception” maximizes the unreality of the unacknowledged belief system. It creates the functioning framework within which Truth itself is stripped of all importance, rendered both invisible and impossible to detect and distinguish from the universal matrix of human illusion. A sane species would fully recognize all of its brain functionality deficiencies and failures, taking active, open, cognizant steps to mitigate and alleviate the impacts all such failures and deficiencies.
Instead, humanity chooses to do the exact opposite, to worship belief, to apply perverse illusions of lofty ideal, to what is simply a diseased and invalid process of mind function. Belief should be utterly rejected and renounced as inherently and intrinsically wrong, a betrayal of Truth and of Self, and all of the fatally flawed constructs of human thought, such as cognition and perception, which are used to both cloak the form and function of belief as a brain process, and to justify personal belief by applying invalid legitimacy to it, deserve to be universally rejected.
Let me illustrate an excellent example of the fatally flawed nature of cognitive perception. It would be easy to fall back on the insane god myth as an illustration, but let us not go down this route. In a sense, to do so is to narrow the capacity of the inferior to appreciate his own pathologies of mind. Instead, I want to dissect the specific issue of time passage.
Humans choose to apply cognitive perception to their understanding, their personal experience, of the passage of time. Sometimes they perceive time as passing by in a slow manner. Other times they perceive time as passing by rapidly. Children sometimes perceive a single day as stretching on to a nearly endless length. As humans age, they often perceive time as speeding up, as passing by more rapidly. Someone diagnosed with a fatal illness may even perceive his entire existence as having passed by in an instant.
The Truth is, and this is very important for all Truth-seekers to accurately and comprehensively understand: Every individual perception of time passage is fatally flawed, because the passage of time should not be subjectively perceived, it should not be accepted or understood as a belief system. When humans give themselves permission to apply subjective judgment to concrete facts, all capacity to recognize Truth, and to function within its umbrella, is lost.
On the specific issue of time passage, the very embrace of cognitive permission as being valid, renders the actual reality, that the passage of time itself only exists as a false perception cloaking the Forbidden Truths of death, absolutely invisible and impossible for the average, typical, inferior human being to understand and embrace.
The passage of time is a lie, an artificial construct of the social matrix. You are given the gift of being allowed to uniquely perceive time passage by society and government, so that you may not, so that you must never, come to the conscious understanding that you are being deceived, that to die is for the fact, the reality, that you never existed and by proxy never experienced the passage of time, to be enlightened to conscious awareness.
Cognitive perception smothers all potential for conscious enlightenment of mind to reality and to Truth. Nothing is left real. in clarity of thought, because every illusion is granted legitimacy, and if society and government does not like a specific illusion, it is free to manipulate all reality perception in order to alter the popularity and/or the social acceptability, of the illusion, which exists as false and invalid cognitive perception, never recognized or understood as such.
The problem of cognitive perception is both external of, and internal to, individual brain functionality. Because humans cannot recognize cognitive perception as inherently invalid, with this invalidity specifically rooted in the dysfunctionality of their brains, society and government is free and able to ruthlessly and limitlessly exploit this flaw. The moment any human embraces perception as legitimate and valid, he extinguishes his own capacity to uncover and embrace Truth and reality, and he invites, as well as empowers, his greatest enemy to ruthlessly exploit his compromised individual brain on every level and on every issue.
The aspiring Superior must consciously embrace, at all times, the Forbidden Truth that his brain functionality is both genetically and environmentally compromised, from birth and on an ongoing, real-time basis. Perception must always be recognized for what it is, understood as a flawed and invalid symptom of brain dysfunction, and affirmatively, overtly, abandoned and rejected, within full consciousness and as part of an ongoing personal war to uncover and to maximize the recognition of fact, reality, and Truth.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Child Rights: A Forbidden Truth Dissection

This promises to be one of my most lengthy and comprehensive of blog posts. The issue is worthy of an entire book, a book that no human on planet earth has either the balls, or the intellectual capacity to write, since no human on earth has been afforded any of these most basic and elemental of child rights, when they were a child.
The Forbidden Truth: No child ever born in the history of modern, civilized humanity, has ever been afforded any genuine legal, moral, civil, or human rights. Every child born in the modern era of human civilization has been officially decreed a worthless piece of owned property, possessing no intrinsic value of Self, no right to safety, protection, Self-determination, personal autonomy, freedom of mind, of body, of spirit, of thought. Nothing but a piece of clay to be molded into a robot, a drone, a slave terrorized to serve others for his entire imaginary existence.
The child has always been nothing, and never has the child been more less than nothing, than in the year 2015. That is why the Unwashed Masses of humans recognize themselves as nothings, absolutely worthless to Self, eager and willing to waste their singularly unique existences submitting to a completely unnecessary, unrelenting series of slave-based relationships and a lifetime of terrorization, trauma, and suffering, as personal choice.
Readers of this blog post who have not transcended their humanity will find the 39 different illuminations of how children should be treated, and what their rights as sentient, independent creatures should be, bizarre, wrong, impossible to realistically imagine within their personal worldview, and impossible to contemplate the practical, universal, worldwide implementation of. Why?? Because none of you have ever enjoyed any of these rights. All of you were born into and forced to develop mental maturity within an atmosphere of universal slavery, universal terrorization, and the official decree that you, as a child, existed as a subhuman, worthless slave.
This is the factual reality of your childhood, as a collective species, and it makes no difference how much you personally deny it, or how much you try to pretend that your childhood was better, and that you can possess an enlightened and progressive attitude towards the current and future rights of children. You cannot and you do not! Only by actually and fully transcending your own humanity, is it possible for you to properly appreciate the validity of each and every one of the 39 child rights reforms that I am outlining in this essay, to be rationally analyzed, understood, and embraced as the most clearly obvious, the most undeniably just, fair, and appropriate, for immediate, worldwide implementation.
To you, the destroyed ex-children who remain human, who cling to your humanity, it is impossible to fathom children possessing the most basic and elemental of personal rights. You never enjoyed any of these rights, and you are emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically invested in ensuring that no children in the future enjoy any of these rights. To even consciously acknowledge the validity of this essay, would require you humans to face up to the Forbidden Truths of your own childhoods, as well as the horrific realities of your day to day adult lives, existing as broken and terrorized slaves trapped within a matrix of universal illusion, pretense, and imaginary freedoms and rights.
These 39 fundamental and foundational child rights will be listed in no specific order of importance. They are all equally valid, they all deserve to be implemented immediately, on a worldwide basis.
Your failure as a species to recognize, embrace, and implement every child welfare reform I outline in this essay, reveals the hopelessness of the human condition, trapped within the diseased and deranged social constructs of family, religion, government, money, control, power, slave ownership, and the matrix of universal slavery directly imposed by these malicious social constructs. Slavery is at the very heart of the child genocide you are all victims of, and that you choose to perpetuate upon every child, now and in the future, as you devolve as a species to extinction.
If humanity possessed any capacity to positively evolve, this essay would be hailed as the single most important blueprint for revolutionary reform and positive progress, ever created and publicly disseminated. Every human leader, from presidents to top scientists to top philosophers to top religious leaders to every newspaper, magazine, and television station in the world, would embrace the validity of every child right, and a worldwide movement to dismantle the family unit, dissolve religion, end schooling, and terminate the diseased construct of government, would begin tomorrow, in direct response to the Forbidden Truths of this very essay and blog post.
But of course none of this will happen. This essay will be universally ignored, blacked out from all public discourse, the author decreed a madman, as the insanity of humanity wins out, as the deranged inmates of the self-created asylum known as earth in the year 2015 continue the orgy of child genocide which defines normal human existence within the death throes of suicidal devolution.
With this introduction, we now move forward to the detailed articulation and expression of The Natural, Organic, Moral, Ethical, Just, and Sane Rights of the Human Child:
1: To be protected and shielded from all lies, as expressed verbally, via physical treatment, and via cultural edict. Lying to a child must be recognized as an act of supreme violence and destruction, an attack upon the brain of a child which is always impossible to justify. Lies must be defined accurately and absent all currently existing prejudice and irrationality in favor of insane belief systems and the adult right to deceive himself and embrace fantasy/illusion.
2: To be told the Truth in regard to every question asked. Every child, of every age, must be told the factually accurate Truth in response to any direct question. No child should ever be told that he is too young to understand a Truth, and no question asked by a child may be answered in a deceptive or vague manner due to any concern that the child might be traumatized or frightened by being exposed to an unpleasant or undesirable Truth. Truth must be recognized as a nutrient which builds and enhances the healthy brain functionality of children.
3: To never be touched against his will, and to never be subjected to the proactive touch of any adult. The touching of children must be recognized as a violent invasion of the personal autonomy of the child. This understanding must cross all boundaries which allow for a distinction between “benevolent” and offensive touch. All touching of children which is not directly initiated and solicited by the child, must be decreed offensive, abusive, and unacceptable. This includes hugging, kissing, and unsolicited “comfort” touch from caretakers.
4: To never be subjected to any type of discipline or punishment. The discipline or punishment of children, of any age, must be outlawed and decreed to be overtly abusive and an act of harmful terrorization. This includes physical attack, as well as verbal threat, as well as any and all forms of deprivation or forced limitation of desired activity. Punishment must be understood as an unacceptable crime of violence, in all circumstances and regardless of how it is applied. The only acceptable form of behavior modification attempt which can be deemed acceptable, would be the use of verbal reasoning rooted within Truth, as well as appeals of genuine emotional empathy, such as an adult caretaker crying in front of a child, and these behavior modification attempts must only be permitted in cases where the child is actively harming or endangering his own safety, health, and welfare, by his actions.
5: Absolute autonomy from all ownership claims, by biological creators, personal caretakers, societal leaders, and the nation-state. Every child must be granted absolute personal freedom and autonomy, as his most basic right, beginning 72 hours after he is biologically conceived. This demands that no ownership or possession rights be allowed to exist. Parenthood must be eliminated from the social construct, along with citizenship. Every child must be recognized as autonomous within the universe itself, and not able to be claimed as a “son” “daughter”, or “citizen”. The obligation of humanity must be to proactively provide safety and positive nurturance within functional Truth, to every child, while denying all individual adults and all social constructs, such as religions and governments, all right to claim possession, ownership, or impositional privilege/authority over any and all children.
6: To reject all caretakers and all external environments which he finds unsuitable for his positive and natural evolutionary development. Every child, beginning at the age of 5, deserves the right to choose his own caretakers and to alter the environment of his day to day existence, even if such caretakers and environment are free of overtly identifiable negative impacts. Every child must be empowered to decide for himself what he finds harmful and unsuitable, and to be free to sever all contact with specific caretakers, and to leave the places where he is living, at his personal will and choice, absent all need to establish just cause or provide reasons to be externally judged. Criminal imprisonment of children must be defined as the child being kept against his stated will by specific caretakers and/or within a specific location, with no additional criteria needing to be established. This child right runs concurrent with right #5, to enjoy absolute personal autonomy of body and mind.
7: To be free of and protected from, all emotional blackmail from adults. Emotional blackmail must be understood as the promise to provide emotional comfort, in response to the providing of emotional comfort. “I will make you feel better, if you allow me to use you to make myself feel better.” Emotional blackmail must be recognized as an abusive attack against children, destroying the vital capacity of the child to maintain and develop mental health and emotional autonomy.
8: To be free and protected from, all claims and all impositions of emotionalized affection from adults. No adult should be allowed to express or decree his personal love towards any child. The emotional attachment of adults to children must be understood and defined as inherently negative and abusive. The lie and illusion that children need positive emotionalized affection must be purged from the human experience of existence. Emotionalized affection must be recognized as a vampiric attack upon the child, which cripples the emotional capacity of the child to mentally mature into an an autonomously functional, Self-loving, and emotionally healthy adult, capable of positively meeting his own needs.
9: To be empowered to unconditionally love and value himself, and recognize his own singular perfection, absent all physical attributes, absent all connectivity to others, and absent all ties to any social constructs. Every child must be empowered to unconditional blossoming of his natural ego, narcissism, selfishness, and understanding of intrinsic Self-value and Self-love. All of these personal character traits must be recognized and treated as being both natural and positive, as well as proactively nurtured and encouraged, so that every child may recognize himself as entitled to every privilege, the real-life equal of every imagined god or idol ever conjured up by his species.
10: To be emancipated from all social and cultural pressure, intimidation, or bribery to conform to and accept the validity of, any existing social construct and structure. All children must be overtly told that nothing they may find to exist within the adult world, possesses any inherent legitimacy or power over them. Children must be taught that adults exist as compromised ex-children, and that adults are guilty of and responsible for causing all human dysfunctions, of behavior, of ideology, and of operational constructs. Children must be empowered that it is their intrinsic and moral obligation to change the world, not to fit into the world, and that they are inherently superior to adults, in intellect, in purity of mind, and in their right to negatively judge and to reject any and all human ideological, philosophical, and behavioral constructs.
11: To disrespect and to overtly destroy what adults have created and what adults are addicted to. The child must be taught that he owes no respect and no allegiance to adults. He must be made to understand that his only debts are to Self and to Truth. He must understand that the history of his species is a history of enduring and unending mistakes, terrible mistakes made over and over by adults. As a child, this fact must be consciously embraced, so that as he matures and attains adulthood, he is inspired to both recognize and reject whatever pathologies of thought and of behavior, the existing adult generations cling to.
12: To be empowered to consciously recognize that what is popular and commonplace and universally accepted, is often completely wrong and impossible to justify. Every child must recognize not merely a personal freedom, but an obligation to Self and to Truth, to challenge every sacred cow, to question everything he is told and to independently dissect the underlying rationales used by human society to justify existing social structures and constructs.
13: To develop the strength of mind which allows the child to trust only himself, and to rely only upon himself. Every child must be empowered to understand that to trust others is irrational, and to rely upon others is an unnecessary and overtly dangerous weakness. Independence and autonomy of mind must be exalted as an obligation of the child, to himself. Reliance upon others must be decreed a weakness, not a strength, and absolutely unnecessary.
14: Every child must be empowered to recognize and identify false and invalid comfort, and to understand that the embrace of false and invalid comfort directly compromises and destroys Truth itself, and is therefore directly harmful to the individual self. Children must be allowed to understand that all problems must be directly confronted within absolute Truth, and only in doing so can the problems be solved. The embrace of false comfort carries horrific, long-term consequences, and children must be allowed to consciously recognize and understand this Truth. Aiding and abetting children to obtain and embrace false comfort must be recognized as child abuse, in and of itself, as it solves no existing problems, and destroys the capacity of the child to mature into a mentally healthy adult capable of facing up to the realities of his existence.
15: To possess unlimited, unrestricted freedom of emotional experience and expression. Every child must be empowered to feel and to express the entire range of his personal, emotional experience of existence, including fear, hate, and rage, absent all external judgment and/or restriction. External behavioral restrictions must be recognized as invalid and impossible to justify. Protecting children from being victimized via emotional trauma, must be understood as the only valid way to try to limit and prevent children from experiencing and expressing negative emotions against and upon others.
16: To be empowered to deal with and to solve their own emotional distress. No child should be subjected to the externalized imposition of emotion-based comfort. Every child should be taught to comfort himself, to find the mental strength and resources to meet his own needs. Only if and when a child in distress proactively and overtly seeks out and solicits comfort from others, may such comfort be provided. Even in these situations, the comfort provided must be non-vampiric, and must not solicit or encourage any ongoing dependency.
17: Every child must be overtly told and taught that the human being exists as a biological birth defect, and that this birth defect directly impacts brain functionality and reality perception, in a negative manner. Only within this understanding, is it possible for the child to consciously attempt to mitigate these negative consequences, during the natural brain maturation process. As an adult, it is almost always too late for such mitigation efforts, and the adult brain is generally unable to even rationally analyze the possibility trhat his brain is genetically compromised via birth defect. To know that that their brain is genetically compromised, this is a right of every child. To withhold this information from a child, is overtly harmful and directly limits the positive potential of the child to minimize the harmful consequences of this genetic fault.
18: Children must be taught that emotionalism is a mental weakness, and intellectualism is a mental strength. To subordinate emotion to intellect, is to achieve superior brain functionality and to minimize the negative consequences of the genetic birth defect status of the human species. Rationality and Truth are realized and extracted via intellect, and emotions directly compromise and distort the capacity of the brain to optimally function. Encouraging children to embrace emotionalism and to covet emotional experience, must be understood as a form of child abuse.
19: Children must be given absolute freedom to pursue, and to reject, all learning and all knowledge, on their own terms, absent all external imposition or direction. The brain of a child is instinctually oriented towards learning and obtaining knowledge. The child must be empowered to choose what he learns, when he learns it, and how he learns. When children directly seek knowledge, it must be provided to them, free of all external bias and speculative opinion. This is done by waiting for the child to ask questions, waiting for the child to formulate and express a knowledge quest, and then fully meeting the request. Organized schooling, at best, must be recognized as an unacceptable way to ritually impose facts in a disruptive and harmful manner upon children, which minimizes and compromises their instinctual quest for Truth-based knowledge and understanding of their universe.
20: Children deserve to be empowered to understand that their capacity to teach adults, is greater than the capacity of adults to teach them. Children must never be treated as receptacles for knowledge, but rather as functional sources of knowledge. The child is instinctually purer of mind and of consciousness than the adult, and knowledge is operationally and organically grown within purity of mind. Children should be encouraged to teach adults, instead of being told to learn from adults.
21: Children should be told to never accept what they are told to be True, factual, accurate. Children should be empowered to question everything they are taught and told, to be skeptical of everything they are taught and told, and to overtly assume that everything that they are taught and told is invalid and untrue. Only within this empowered frame of mind, can children see through the universal matrix of social illusion, using their independently functional minds to sort out facts from fictions, deceptions from realities.
22: Every child must be overtly empowered to reject and to destroy whatever he personally finds to be harmful or damaging to his mind, body, soul, and psyche. This individual right must be understood as sacred, incontrovertible, and superseding all consequences and all ramifications of his rejection and destruction. Only within this power, can the child genuinely defy the institutionalized social structure of child abuse, by protecting himself from being abused, instead of having to rely on others to protect him from being abused, which is in and of itself a form of child abuse. To be ideologically denied the proactive right to personally destroy what is harming you, is the same as being forced to endure abuse.
23: Autonomy of body parts and of bodily function. No child may be subjected to any act of body modification, such as circumcision, and no child may be inhibited, discouraged, or restricted from engaging in any body manipulation, such as masturbation, nail-biting, thumb-sucking, etc…, unless the specific body part or body manipulation is directly endangering, on a physical level, the very ongoing existence of the child, as determined by an independent medical doctor.
24: Equal access to universally appropriate medical care and treatment. No child caretaker may be allowed to make medical decisions on behalf of any child. No cultural, religious, ethnic, or other human custom or tradition may be allowed to determine or to prejudice the medical care and treatment any child receives. All medical care and treatment decisions must be made based upon a universal scientific and medical standard of care which is applied equally to every child in the universe. Children may not make medical decisions regarding their own care, unless such decisions are harmonious with the validly established scientific and medical standards which provide the greatest possibilities of restoring physical health.
25: No clinical-based mental health treatment of, or medication of, any child. Item #24 above, is specifically limited to the physical care and treatment of medical issues. The mental health care and treatment of children must be provided within a completely different standard. The inherent mental dysfunction of humanity itself, as a collective species, must be fully recognized and taken into account. Therefore, unless and until humanity overcomes its current universal mental disease and dysfunction, children must not be externally judged as mentally ill or mentally disturbed, and no mental health treatment must be imposed upon any children. The only valid form of mental health treatment children may receive, is to be to protected from all child abuse and given the rights, freedoms, and privileges I am outlining in this essay. Only mental retardation may be recognized as a valid brain functionality “problem”, to be treated via specialized caretaking and teaching, but not with any medication. Every other type of mental dysfunction experienced by the child, must be recognized as a responsive symptom of and to the genetic and environmental mental derangements and dysfunctions of humanity as a species, and therefore must be addressed holistically, on a societal level, and not via the imposition of any mental health “therapy” or medication upon any child.
26: To know and to understand that whatever seeks to harm you, or causes harm to be experienced by you, is your enemy. Children must be allowed to realize that suffering, injustice, harm, are not acceptable, and not to be considered inevitable and one of the costs of being alive. Whatever harms a child, be it via sentient will or via generalized negative impact, must be understood by the child as unacceptable, a foreign attack which must be repelled. In this mindset, death is recognized as a malevolent force, an enemy to be targeted for destruction, just as much as the individual who tries to lie to you, or to sexually assault you. As long as life remains a war against the individual, all children have the right to know that they are under attack, and at war, and that they have enemies both sentient and not. Within this conscious knowledge, defenses and counter-attacks may be mounted, which is the overt obligation of the child, to self.
27: To know that they are better than adults. Every child has the right to absolutely know, on all levels of consciousness, that they are better than adults. Better in every way, healthier in every way, more sane, in every way. This child is genetically, morally, mentally, intellectually, ideologically, consciously, instinctually, behaviorally, better than the adult. Every child must know this, so that he possesses the self-confidence of personal authonony, to break free and remain free of the hive mind, to find the strength to choose to transcend his humanity, instead of to join the collective and become a drone, destroying himself in the process.
28: To never be led, anywhere, by anyone. Every child deserves the right to be empowered to create his own universe, and to establish himself as absolute leader of that universe, and therefore of the universe. Children must be taught that nobody has the right or the authority to lead them, anywhere. That nobody has ever or can ever earn the right to be perceived by them as their leader. Children must be empowered to recognize that all leadership is inherently wrong, unjust, and harmful, both to the leader and to his followers. Leadership must be defined as synonymous with slavery, with the understanding that to be led is to be enslaved, and to follow a leader is to be a slave.
29: To know with absolute certainty that their only obligation is to Self. Every child must be empowered to recognize and embrace the Truth that selflessness is not a virtue, but a horrific betrayal of self. That selfishness is positive, necessary, and a glorious expression of all that is good and right within the universe the child is creating and must claim ownership of. Children must be empowered to realize that selfishness harms nobody, that selfishness prevents harm from occurring, because all harm originates from betrayal, subjugation, and hatred of self. To love, to value, to nurture, all these glorious choices must be directed towards self, this is the right and the obligation of the child, required in order to render his world, and therefore the world, safe, strong, protected, defended, untouchable.
30: To never feel compelled to misdirect emotion. As already articulated earlier, children must be empowered to subordinate emotion to intellect. But at the same time, children must also be enlightened to the horror of sublimation and misdirection of emotion. Hate and rage must be accepted as valid, and appropriately directed outward. Hate because you are hated, hate that which hates you, and that which causes you to be hated, and if you are taught and told to hate yourself, hate that teacher, be it an individual or a social structure, with the deepest and purest of enmity. Children should be taught that to direct all negative emotion outward, and all positive emotion inward, is the single greatest form of self-directed mental health therapy and best way to maintain & nurture existing mental health.
31: To be 100% emotionally autonomous. Every child should be taught that love is something to create, nurture, develop, and direct, towards self. That the love of others is a vampiric illusion, overtly harmful and functionally useless. Children must know that to obtain love from others, is to create toxic dependency and to embrace personal slavery.
32: To know that being human is nothing to be proud of. Every child deserves to know that his human status is simply the result of scientific and biological chance. He is a genetically weak and deformed animal, and this is not his fault, but it is something that he must strive to overcome. The child must be empowered to accept the fact that he was born human, but not to idolize his humanity. He must embrace an obligation to overcome the genetic and environmental limitations and deformations of his species, while consciously developing an understanding that his species is guilty of and responsible for creating, sponsoring, and causing all of the greatest mistakes, injustices, and horrors to have been visited upon planet earth.
33: To recognize a sacred right to personal immortality. Every child must be inspired, within the grace of selfishness, self-love, and the glory of their self-created universe, to recognize and embrace both physical and memory-based technological immortality as a sacred birthright, a natural and instinctual entitlement, something they deserve as a most basic and inherent right of existence, and something they must overtly fight and demand to achieve, in order to gain the gift of life itself. Every child must be intellectually challenged to face up to the philosophical Truth that to die is the same as never having been born, and to live with a future of individual death, is to not be alive, but to merely be pretending, within absolute illusion, to be alive.
34: Uncompromised freedom of physical action: The external assignment of “homework”, “chores”, jobs, tasks, or activities to a child must be recognized, in all cases and circumstances, as a violation of the personal autonomy of the child, constituting absolute child abuse. Children must be taught that to be free, you must be allowed to do exactly and only what you personally choose to do, absent all external coercion, threat, bribery, or other enticements, including so-called “positive” enticements such as superficially useful reward or verbal praise. The universal slavery of citizenship under government, with illustrations such as the monetary system and “employment”, must be openly revealed and expressed to children, as they are protected from any and all forced physical activities, so that they may recognize an obligation to Self to reject government and all labor and monetary based economic systems, as they mature to adulthood.
35: Empowerment of personal potential: Every child deserves to be overtly inspired to recognize and embrace the Truth that he, alone and individually, possesses both the intrinsic right and the functional power/capacity, to completely alter every aspect of the entire universe, via overt destruction, via dynamic creation, via idea, via action, and via any combination of destruction, creation, idea, action, and any other impulse or motivational force he is capable of consciously experiencing. Every child must be empowered to recognize both his capacity and his self-obligation to create a universe within his own mind that exceeds all perceived functional validity of the universe of current human existence.
36: Recognition of the mind as representing self, and by proxy, the mind as the gateway to personal omnipotence: Every child must be taught that he exists as a brain, as a mind, and that all body parts, all physical representations of identity, and all body functions, are mere accessories, not necessary and not to be irrationally placed upon a pedestal of imagined importance.
37: To be empowered to recognize and define all problems, and to solve all problems, not to benefit others, but to preserve and better the universe of self. Children deserve to know, from earliest age, that every problem has a solution, and that every problem they accurately identify as a problem, is a problem which is harming them, and therefore must be solved by them, personally, within the power of their limitless and untouchable, self-developed and self-nurtured mind. That every problem, every failure, every dysfunction of humanity is the direct result of humanity, of weakness, cowardice, the rejection of Truth, and of brain pathology, genetic and external, of personal weakness and of mental damage. Let the child appreciate his own unique position and capacity to maximize brain function, transcend his humanity, and save the universe, by saving himself.
#38: To be proactively shielded and protected from every form of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, trauma, and victimization, by all human beings and by human society as a whole. This child right can only be achieved as reality via the elimination of the family unit, the termination of the diseased social structure of parenthood, and the institution of universal, mandatory Child Caretaker Competency Testing, in conjunction with Mandatory, Yearly, Live-in Child Assessment Centers, both of which are comprehensively explained and described right here: http://forbiddentruth.8k.com/abuse.html
#39: To be proactively shielded and protected from the imposition of all customs, rituals, belief systems, and traditions of all human societies and cultures, so that a clean break can be made from the horrific legacy of human history and of the human past, allowing every child the autonomy of mind necessary to forge a new, superior, and uniquely different path to the present and future.
The end. Except for this: The question of what rights should a child have, comes down to this answer: To not be harmed, to not be abused, to not be hurt, to not have his personal potential destroyed, to not be destroyed as I was destroyed, as you were destroyed, and that as every adult and every child ever born on planet earth, has been destroyed.
Even the tiny handful of humans who agree with the brilliance expressed in this essay, will declare that it is not “realistic”, that children cannot be given the 39 rights I have articulated here.
You are right, they cannot. And the reason they cannot receive these rights is because all of the Forbidden Truths I articulate at the beginning of this essay, are True: Humanity exists as a species of destroyed and deranged ex-children, subjected to horrific abuse throughout their childhoods, unable to face up to this Truth, and pathologically obsessed with destroying all children of the present and of the future, in cathartic reflection of their own destruction. Got it? Good. Now go back to your lives, go back to sponsoring the destruction of every child. You will feel better, just deny the Truth of this essay. Deny it, bury it, purge it from your minds, and label Me insane.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Suicide: A Definitional Dissection

I have addressed the very important issue of Self-murder in previous essays and blog posts, but not from a directly and comprehensively definition-based perspective. This is an omission on My part, which ends now. Comprehensive and fully-formed definitional dissections are essential for the proper understanding and embrace of Forbidden Truth as a whole, and specific Forbidden Truths on specific issues. I would be pleased to consider additional, future essays which accurately dissect words, ideas, or human structures from a directly definitional perspective, so feel free to offer suggestions for any specific words, ideas, or structures that I have not already so dissected.
Okay, let us begin. Suicide is an act of Self-murder, and all Truth-seekers must proactively define it as such. The term Self-murder is fully accurate and valid, both in terms of description and in terms of functional consequence. Other phrases, such as Self-abortion, Retroactive unbirth through murder of Self, and Annihilation of Self-existence, are also valid. But to keep things simple in this essay, the valid, clear, and foundationally perfect phrase of Self-murder will be used.
The word suicide is unacceptable and must be overtly rejected as a betrayal of Truth, and a term of definitional brainwashing overtly deployed by society and government in order to promote and legitimize, on a primary level, the embrace of universal Self-murder by all child and adult citizen-slaves. With malice aforethought, extreme prejudice, and intent to destroy human capacity to recognize and embrace Truth, the artificial and invalid term of “suicide”, is deployed against us, to deceive and coerce us into embracing death and our own Self-murder, via the definitional creation of invalid and perversely hypocritical distinctions between different acts of Self-muder, in which the Self-murder is overtly denied and rejected, on a social, cultural, legal, and governmental level, for what it is.
In order for the term “suicide” to be allowed to exist, it must be completely and radically redefined within the following very specific definitional parameters: Suicide: A personal decision to inflict and/or allow others to inflict harm upon Self which endangers or compromises physical health and lifespan potential, and/or a personal agreement to accept physical death as promoted and imposed by human society and government, by any means, including all so-called “natural” causes.
This is not how any human society chooses to define the term suicide, or to allow it to be defined, and therefore the entire term must be overtly rejected and purged from all human consciousness, with a clear understanding that it has been and is being maliciously deployed against us in order to inspire the universal embrace of death, of Self-murder, by all.
Let us understand that human beings as a whole are collectively suicidal. This is a Forbidden Truth which is overtly rejected, denied, and concealed by all human societies and governments, very specifically utilizing the term “suicide” as definitional brainwashing. Society decrees that the individual who takes a handgun and shoots himself in the head, is committing suicide, but the individual who smokes cigarettes or joins the military or goes skydiving or who simply accepts his future, upcoming “natural” death in a passive way, is not committing suicide. This is absolute bullsh*t! Every human being who compromises his physical health, welfare, or lifespan potential in any way, and also every human being who simply accepts his upcoming death as being natural, necessary, unavoidable, and “a part of life”, is actively committing suicide, actively murdering Self, in exactly the same manner as he who shoots himself in the head or swallows 100 sleeping pills at once, or fashions a hangman’s noose and uses it to asphyxiate Himself.
All human deaths are intentional and deliberate, because human death is not unavoidable. Human death is fully avoidable in the 21st century, via technological immortality, and is being actively denied to each of us by society and government. In accepting this denial, we are committing suicide, which must be understood as making a proactive choice to die, by accepting our individual death. All who accept their own deaths, are in Truth causing their own deaths. All who accept death are choosing to die, choosing death over life, and it is this choice, irrespective of the useless and invalid distinctions between dynamic implementation versus passive sabotage and undermining of safety/health versus a mere brain-based ideological choice ro accept death, which must be completely understood as constituting the act of suicide accurately renamed within Forbidden Truth as the act of Self-murder.
All human beings who accept their own deaths are choosing to die. All human beings who choose to die are guilty of committing the greatest of all possible crimes and betrayals of personal obligation to Self. The act of Self-murder must be recognized as the only act of violence which deserves to be labeled as a “crime”, and every act of Self-murder must be recognized as an act of supreme violence directed against Self, impossible to justify on any level, even if the individual attempts to protect and preserve his health and safety, doing nothing more than passively accepting the fact that he will end up dying and dead at some point in the future.
Passive acceptance of future death, on an individual level, is the same as shooting Yourself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver, today. There is no ideological, philosophical, or functional difference, and the consequences are exactly the same. This has always been True, throughout all of human history, but right now, very specifically within the past 80 or so years, this Forbidden Truth has attained a level of importance not present at any other historical point in time, because scientific advances have been achieved which right now, render physical death unnecessary, preventable, and avoidable.
It is important to understand that the Forbidden Truth that technological immortality is now fully feasible, is being withheld from both the collective consciousness and the individual awareness of humanity as a whole, and of all individual human beings. Definitional brainwashing plays a primary role in this current, real-time genocide being carried out against each of us.
Suicide, the universal choice to murder Self, is colored by the false reality perception that physical death cannot be avoided. This false delusion plays a significant role in allowing the term of suicide to be defined in a philosophically deranged manner, where the vast majority of humans are able to and overtly choose to deny the Forbidden Truth that they are actively suicidal and actively committing suicide. This is why the human who shoots himself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver is decreed “guilty” of committing suicide, but the smoker, soldier, fireman, along with the “health nut” who insanely tries to “extend” his lifespan while passively accepting the fact that he will die at some point in the future, are all absolved and decreed free of all suicidal ideation, even though the Truth is that they are consumed by suicidal ideation, and in fact directly and dynamically committing suicide in the exact same manner as today’s .44 calber head shooter.
The Forbidden Truth that all of humanity is collectively suicidal, is very dangerous to the universal matrix of illusion. It is a Truth which threatens to expose many other Truths, ranging from the genetic birth defect status of the species as a whole, to the universal, state-sponsored abuse of all children, to the various ways societal and government leaders ruthlessly exploit this universal pathology of the human brain to cause each and every one of us to be retroactively unborn.
The very specific parameters of definitional brainwashing deployed by how the term “suicide” is defined by society, culture, and government, play a primary role in preventing the factual reality that humanity as a species is collectively suicidal, from permeating human consciousness to any level of sentient awareness.
In officially decreeing and labeling the man who shoots himself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver to have committed suicide, but absolutely denying this same label to the soldier, the junk food eater, the fireman, and every human who passively accepts his upcoming death, their absolute suicidal ideation and the fact that they are all committing suicide, is extinguished from all conscious awareness/perception, with the desired end result for society and government being, that the Forbidden Truth of humanity being collectively suicidal and guilty of choosing to murder Self, is not merely denied after thoughtful deliberation, but absolutely barred from ever being rationally and openly considered.
As I have repeatedly revealed, the only way that any problem can be addressed and resolved, is for it to be recognized, openly dissected, and solved within the valid borders of factual Truth. The fact that humanity as a species is collectively suicidal, is a problem for Me, because it is the foundational reason why I am being actively murdered via the denial of technological immortality research which would allow Me to avoid being murdered by society and government. All Superiors, all who love Self and value Truth, must recognize that they are being actively murdered in this exact fashion, because this is the factual Truth.
I do not care about any of you, even as I recognize your status of created victim. I care about Myself. On many levels, your collective suicidal ideation amuses and pleases Me. But in choosing to murder yourselves, you are also guilty of choosing to murder Me, and this in unacceptable. I provide the universe with uniquely brilliant and limitlessly valuable Forbidden Truth, such as this very essay and blog post, to honor Myself and the Truth, but also, in a manner I clearly understand to be doomed to fail, to save My own life, to avoid being retroactively unborn. because I am not as you are. I am Superior. I have transcended My humanity. I do not want to die. I am not suicidal, as all of you are, as each and every one of you, barring the one in 50 million exception, is.
You are all deranged. You are all choosing to die, choosing to commit suicide, and so broken that you cannot even imagine consciously facing up to this clear and obvious Forbidden Truth, much less recognizing why you are collectively suicidal and engaging in a proactive attempt to regain the existence which has been taken from you by your creator and your greatest enemy: Your society and government. I must add an additional great enemy: Your own pathetic brain. Your pathetic brain betrays you, as you betray it, keeping it in the shackles externally imposed upon it, throughout your childhood and adulthood, and wrapped ever more tightly each and every day of your ongoing, imagined existence.
I condemn you, humans, as murderers of Self, destroyers of your own brains, saboteurs of your own capacity to evolve and to be reborn, as I was, in the glorious light of Truth. And I condemn you to eternal nothingness, with glee and with the most profound understanding of what injustice is, because it is you, humans, who are condemning Me to an eternity of cosmic nothingness.
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