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Tactical Analysis of the Impact of Cell Phones on Human Existence and Criminality

All criminality must be understood as individually offensive attack against society and government, in combination with a True Reality need and decision to avenge personal trauma, injustice, and victimization as individually experienced.
The fact that most criminals completely lack all conscious awareness of their own motivational impulses; emotional, ideological, and philosophical, does not alter the True fact of what criminality is and why it is affirmatively undertaken as action, by individuals.
Humans have always lacked all capacity to gain or possess sentient awareness of why they choose to do what they choose to do. This defectiveness of the human brain does not negate the fact that very specific subconscious and unconscious motivational forces are at play on an individual level, within all organized human structures.
Make no mistake, criminality is organized, promoted, and advocated by every society and government of the 21st century.
Crime is very important to every society and government, it serves many important goals and objectives of The Matrix of Universal Illusion. But at the same time, it must be carefully directed and controlled, both in terms of specific targets and types of crimes, and in the volume and per capita number of crimes.
Society and government uses technology and new inventions to control and to dictate how crime is carried out, who the targeted victims are, the severity of harm caused to individuals via crime, and the overall volume of crime, all the while specifically ensuring that outlaw crime always continues to occur and to remain a conscious focus among all citizen-slaves.
An excellent way to gain a preliminary Forbidden Truth understanding of how societies and government control and manipulate criminality, is by analyzing the tactical impact of the cellular telephone upon crime, over the past 25 years.
Let’s begin with a clear understanding that all technology, worldwide, is 100% controlled by government, in terms of what is allowed to reach the hands and minds of the general public. We see this playing out at this very moment, in real-time, with the absolute control being exerted over public access to VR (Virtual Reality) technology, as well as personal jet-pack hovercrafts, both of which are ready for mass production at a level of sophistication far beyond what most humans can even imagine, but are being specifically banned via open-air, worldwide government conspiracy.
So, approximately 25 years ago, The Matrix made an overt decision to allow cellular telephone technology to become a ubiquitous staple among all masses of brainwashed sheeple. Just as with the internet years later, this was a very deliberate and calculated tactical decision by your overlords, slaves.
The risks and the benefits of allowing cell phones to become universally popular were carefully weighed and analyzed by your overlords, and it was decided that the benefits to The Matrix, outweighed the potential harms and risks.
Based upon this government decision, an organized campaign to specifically promote the cell phone as being a new, vital addition to every “normal” human experience of existence, was initiated between 1994 and 1996, resulting in universal, worldwide permeation of this noxious and enslaving device, so that by 2005 the vast majority of all humans, worldwide, had been successfully coerced and brainwashed and bribed into obtaining it.
The Matrix successfully determined the toxicity of the interpersonal relationship, both familial and sexual, could and would be specifically strengthened by the cellular telephone, as would all toxic interpersonal dependency, in addition to the device serving as a premier form of mindless distraction from all Truth.
And here we are, just 20 or so years later, and we who are sane see the successful end result: The human population, worldwide, more broken, more enslaved, more clueless as to any and all Truth, more dependent upon interpersonal enmeshment. Another premier victory for the greatest enemy of human freedom, autonomy, emancipation of mind and of consciousness: Society and government.
But let’s focus for a bit on the specific issue of criminality, a gateway to the anarchistic violence that is required to end the horrific reign of universal terror and subjugation that is government.
How has the cellular telephone impacted criminality over the past 20 years?? Very significantly! The capacity of every society and government to limit, control, and direct criminality has been significantly enhanced by the cellular telephone.
It is much more difficult for public area serial killers to maintain long-term operational success, because any eyewitness can instantly summon pigs via cell phone. Every attempted abduction is fraught with additional peril, because a potential victim can sometimes directly reach police by tapping a single speed-dial button on their cell phone.
Successful and prolific victim count outlaw mass murder is dependent upon delayed response of pigs. and once again the cell phone makes the job of the mass murderer much harder. The chances are great that the time interval between mass murder initiation and the pigs receiving accurate information as to the exact location of the event, will be shorter now, than it was 25 years ago, due to the universal popularity of the cellular telephone.
Just like public surveillance cameras, the cell phone does directly serve to aid society and government in controlling and limiting the end results and the success rates of criminality.
Even with regard to international terrorism, governments can and do overtly use the cell phone as a weapon of defense, via perverse public relations campaigns such as “If you see something, say something”, in amerikkka:

Seekers of Truth need to understand how their experience of existence is being constantly manipulated, in real-time, via both the deliberate promotion of specific technology and invention, and the deliberate banning and negation of other technology and inventions. What was done 20 years ago with cell phones, is being done today with jetpack airborne vehicles, Virtual Reality and robotics technology, the worldwide ban on human immortality experimentation, and so much more.
As murder victims and destroyed slaves, we who are conscious to Forbidden Truth must wage war against our destroyers. Every weapon being used against us, can be seized by us and deployed to our advantage.
For example, even as the cell phone is deployed to control and limit criminality, it can also, in theory, be successfully exploited as a useful tool in coordinating multi-level conspiratorial crimes requiring precise and simultaneous initiation.
Further, and much more effectively, sophisticated devices that successfully block cell phone signals from being transmitted have now become commercially available and are NOT yet being subjected to strict governmental control as to sale and possession. These devices can serve as direct counterattack against cell phone usage, within the commission of criminal events.
An excellent source for these devices is:
Yes, $3,500.00 usd seems like a lot of money, but if you are stupid enough to choose to own a cell phone, you probably spend way more than that in usage fees, just over the course of your pathetic, imagined lifetime.
Let us analyze and understand the many different ways that technology and invention has always been used by our greatest enemy to destroy us. Among humans, history always repeats, over and over.
Thousands of years ago the invention of “money” was used to cloak and conceal the Forbidden Truth of universal human slavery, and here we are, thousands of years later, and none of you Normals possess any conscious awareness of the reality of this exact same universal human slavery as it is exerted directly upon you, today, in real-time.
The cell phone, the internet, the airplane, these are the newly minted slave shackles of now, and at this very moment, the slave shackles of the near-term future, Virtual Reality technology, robotic technology, outer space “touring”, DNA “cloning”, and much more, are being designed, perfected, molded into shape, and readied for deployment.
Shackle upon shackle, the shackles of past, present, and future, invisible to you pathetic fools, as you are destroyed in the now!

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Universal Child Abuse Inspires Extreme Outlaw Violence

You humans have trouble relating to “extreme” outlaw violence, such as gory serial murders of strangers and mass murder rampages at schools and churches. But I do not. I understand them perfectly, as I know and embrace Forbidden Truth.
This type of outlaw violence is directly inspired by the True facts of universal child abuse, the fact that this abuse is officially sponsored by society, the fact that society makes absolutely no genuine effort or attempt to protect any child from abuse, to prevent the abuse from occurring.
There is a very real difference between being deliberately & intentionally traumatized and victimized by society, as chosen policy, and such an experience being caused by an isolated failure of a valid system of protection within society.
Nobody is innocent. Nobody deserves to be safe from torment and death. This is the Forbidden Truth message of universal child abuse, and it is accurately understood, expressed, and reflected by the “extreme” outlaw murderer.
This was originally published by Me at Ideapod.com. Follow Me there for many new and uniquely brilliant posts and insights of Forbidden Truth:
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Gender Bias Within The Social Hive Mind

I received an interesting comment to My blog post on Lizzie Halliday, one of the many virtually and completely unknown serial killers created by the diseased and deranged society of amerikkka. In case you missed that blog post, I highly recommend you check it out here, before proceeding with this essay:
My commenter, while expressing proper respect for Lizzie and for serial killers as a whole, had some thoughts on the issue/question of female inferiority to males, specifically as relates to chosen behaviors. These questions/comments provide Me with an excellent opportunity to deepen and enhance some of the Forbidden Truths that I have revealing on this issue, in previous writings.
Please keep in mind that to preserve clarity, all of My replies below are in bold and non-italicized print, while the comments from My reader are in lighter and italicized print:
I reserve a special amount of respect for female seekers of cathartic vengeance. This is because, unlike yourself, sir, I DO believe that human females are objectively, demonstrably inferior to human males, and within the context of truth.
In every almost every mammal species, the male dominates the female. Physically, psychologically, sexually and socially. This isn’t the fault of female animals, it is simply the way evolution created them.
But it is important to note, not only has nature given males the desire to dominate females, but it has given females the DESIRE TO BE DOMINATED. Again, not their fault, and an unfortunate necessity of animal biology.
Your perspective is flawed and your conclusion is invalid. As an initial reference point, a need to dominate others, given human organic and environmentally induced brain function defects, does not indicate or demonstrate superiority, but rather a traumatic response by the individual to both his childhood and his ongoing adult inability to exert proper control and determination over his own life path. The domination of others expresses the inability of the individual to attain Self-determination.
To be certain, the physiological design structure of male and female brains does differ, if you compare a fair statistical group. And this difference can be expected to “naturally” result in certain behavioral and reality-perception differences along gender lines, again within a statistically valid group-to-group comparison. I am not disputing these factual Truths. But the type of personal need for domination that you are referring to in your comment, does not speak to gender superiority on the part of males. It speaks to the fact that boys are victimized in somewhat different ways than girls, and even more importantly, they are socially indoctrinated to seek out, and “rewarded” via bribe by society, for choosing somewhat different behavioral and ideological life paths.
The role of gender different brain physiology is minor, compared to the role of social indoctrination and conditioning via terror and the false illusion of reward, in rendering the typical female human docile and submissive to the typical male human. The desire of the typical female to be dominated and victimized, not merely within sexual contexts, but in terms of all life path avenues, reflects the Truth that every modern society instructs females, from birth, via overt indoctrination, that it is normal and natural for them to perceive themselves as inferior to males, and that they will be rewarded for accepting and for expressing this personal inferiority within their behavioral and life path choices.
As an example, this is why men are far more likely to propose marriage to women, than women are to propose marriage to men.
“In general, females do not think for themselves like men do. For example, a female will adopt a political stance or a philosophy only based on her social “in group”. They are mindless chameleons.”
In general, females are more greatly rewarded by society, for mindlessly following the hive mind. The relative lack of independent thinking by females, compared to males, is not primarily due to organic difference in brain physiology, but is primarily due to greater external social indoctrination and demonization of mind independence, on a gender-specific level. It is important to understand that this is one of the specific freedom illusions marketed to men by society, that it is their inalienable right to dominate women and to impose their reality perceptions upon women. In this exact same vein, the freedom illusion heavily marketed to women, is that they possess an inalienable right to dominate children, and to impose their reality perceptions upon children. It is all a ponzi scheme by society, intended to maintain and increase universal subservience to the hive mind by granting illusions of power and freedom to specific classes of individuals, over other specific classes of individuals.
If you study history, you find many examples of female humans challenging the status quo and the hive mind just as radically as males do. In anarchy, you find Lucy Parsons, Emma Goldman, and many others. In radical philosophy, you find Valerie Jean Solanas, way ahead of her time in revealing Forbidden Truth:
“Life” in this “society” being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of “society” being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and eliminate the male sex.”–Valerie Solanas.
Are there more radical thinking males than females?? Perhaps. Perhaps not. We must never forget that society and its media propagandists control who becomes publicly known, and who is relegated to the obscurity of forced anonymity. Throughout history, women who openly expressed radical ideology have been much more readily committed to mental institutions and even outright murdered by their society, than men.
“For example, a male can identify as a socialist, and can be in an in-group of other socialists, BUT, he can still analyse his beliefs and decide to become a capitalist, by his own independent process of thought, independent of his social group. This is because males have genuine CONVICTIONS, and are genuinely INTERESTED in a search for truth, flawed as this political example may be. A male socialist can decide to become a conservative, based on his conscience and desire for truth alone.
A female will almost NEVER do this. Females have no innate interest in truth, and will only follow their social group, or what is fashionable.”
You are incorrect. The typical male is no more interested in recognizing and embracing any of the primary Forbidden Truths, than the typical female. The typical male is more interested in pretending to engage in a quest for Truth, because society encourages such a fake and false pursuit, marketing it as a form of freedom, more heavily to men than to women. The human being is a sheeple, mindlessly following the hive directive, this is equally True for men and for women.
The “innate” interest in Truth that you claim men possess, is not valid. It is an interest in Self-delusion, the male convincing himself that he is engaging in a Truth-quest, when in reality he is not doing so. More men than women practice this specific Self-delusion, that is correct. But it does not express a genuine interest in or effort to recognize and embrace Truth. It is a form of mind shackle, disguised as freedom and personal empowerment.
On average, men will spend more time than women considering the relative merits of capitalism, socialism, democracy, dictatorship, how best to modify government structures, etc… But is this part of any Truth quest?? No, of course not! A Truth quest would demand answers as to why the structure of government exists, it would out government as a system of universal slavery, it would out humanity itself as hopelessly broken, if it cannot thrive absent the slave shackle of government.
In terms of radical Truth seeking and realization, the percentage of both males and females who engage in such courageous dissections of reality and of their own minds, is immeasurably small, statistically non-existent. I see no evidence at all to conclude that more males than females seek and achieve this very rare feat.
“I was once heavily into Neo-nazi philosophy. Other Neo nazis would often post pictures online of “sexy neo-nazi girls”, erroneously thinking these women are genuine in their beliefs. I corrected them by telling them that the females in these pictures, waving nazi flags and dying their hair blonde, only did so because they were either dating a neo nazi male, or were in a social group who were Neo nazi. If these females were ever dumped by their boyfriends, they could easily find a black boyfriend, and all of a sudden change their whole persona to Rastafarian. Females, for the most part, are as shallow as a puddle, while males are as deep as the ocean.”
The fact that you were once a racialist indicates how susceptible you were and are, and all humans are, to societal and governmental promotion of false and pseudo-rebellion. Racialism is overtly promoted by all societies and governments, as it obscures and conceals the universal victimization of all at the hands of government and the hive mind of social control. Racialism pits victim against victim, so that all may continue to be brutally victimized without capacity to identify and target their victimizer.
And guess what? The “gender war” and gender bias does exactly the same thing, and is overtly promoted by all societies and governments for the exact same reason. You are using the illusion of female inferiority, to make yourself feel empowered, to convince yourself that you are on a quest for Truth greater and more difficult than what other humans are capable of. But the Truth is, this very ideological concept, of inherent male superiority of mind and brain function as a natural law, is on a direct par with your now-rejected ideological concept of embraced racialism. You have simply traded in one false ideological platform, for a different false ideological platform, to create/foster an illusion of personal enlightenment of mind. So very human!
To go back to and elaborate upon a point I was making earlier: Yes, women follow the hive mind more readily than men, on average. But men build, promote, popularize, and sustain the hive mind to a greater degree than women, even as they profess to be “deeper” thinkers and to more readily challenge the status quo and what is imposed upon them. This profession is invalid, and upon Forbidden Truth analysis, it renders the average man more guilty and responsible for the ongoing failure of humanity to positively change and evolve, than the average woman.
“Another example is a lack of interest. How many females have you seen who have developed a hobby, a talent, a skill, an interest, and only because of sincere interest? This is almost never seen. In general, almost no females spend hours at a skatepark learning to ride the half pipe, no female spends years in her bedroom learning to become a sick lead guitarist, no female spends months in the school gym practicing wrestling moves. UNLESS their social in group/current boyfriend expects them to. Women have no interests outside of their physical and social appearance, and manipulate it to fit certain situations. They are mindless and empty, and like water, take on the shape of any container you put them into.”
Once again, your analysis is extremely shallow, to borrow from your water analogy. Humans obsessively focus on functionally useless hobbies and skills, as a mind diversion from engaging in genuine Truth quests, or facing up to the horrific realities and Truths of human and their personal existence. Such obsessive focus is a diversion and a distraction.
A very limited number of physical skills, such as shooting guns, constructing deadly devices, developing physical health and “survivalist” abilities, are genuinely valuable and worthy of extensive personal focus. Hobbies which provide consistent personal pleasure not dependent upon any outside interference, such as sexual masturbation, are also valuable and directly empowering. But the typical human, male and female, wastes their mind potential pursuing a lifelong series of hobbies and interests which, consciously or far more often subconsciously, are intended simply to provide diversion and distraction from Truth.
Is spending thousands of hours learning how to skateboard or play the guitar extremely well, comparable to obsessive masturbation, or spending an equal amount of time learning how to shoot guns very well, or develop other “life and death” survival skills?? No. Even compared to masturbation, sexual climax is a biological drive, and its achievement at will, on demand, empowers the Self on a level beyond that of a “social skill” such as skateboarding or playing the guitar.
It is not my intent to specifically denigrate learning how to do things such as you describe, or spending some time doing them. All Self-focus can be an expression of Self-love and foster strength of mind. But to claim that a gender-specific “greater” obsession with perfecting such essentially useless social skills indicates gender superiority, absolutely fails to hold water upon Forbidden Truth analysis.
“For this reason, female killers deserve amount of respect, for the rare ability to transcend the shallow artificiality that characterises their gender.”
All individual seekers of externalized personal vengeance deserve our respect, for challenging the hive mind of universal Self-harm, Self-destruction, and Self-murder via suicide which is perversely promoted by all societies and governments. If there are fewer female serial and mass murderers than male, we must dissect the reasons why this is so, with an open and Truth-seeking mind analysis, free of the gender prejudice and bias which is directly promoted by and within the societal hive mind.
Placing all or most of the blame on genetics, fails to reveal or express Forbidden Truth. Blaming the female gender as a whole for this reflective rage deficiency also fails to reveal/express Forbidden Truth. Both males and females are trapped within multiple webs of submission, devaluation, personal impotence of mind and of body, Self-hatred, Self-harm, Self-murder. Gender bias is a social structure which strengthens and builds these webs. As such it is not compatible with any top-level Truth quest.
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The Value of Life: Serial vs Mass Killer Perspective

In My last essay, written and published yesterday, I dissected the issue of whether or not illegal serial murder inside of the diseased and deranged society of amerikkka is on the decline. If you have not already read this latest work of uniquely Superior personal insight, I strongly suggest that you do:
Upon multiple rereadings of My essay, and you can be certain that I always spend time savoring the reflection of My own expressed brilliance, I realized that I omitted a small but significant point which supports My overall conclusion on the question at hand, and also provides proper perspective on an ideological difference between serial and mass murder.
Instead of adding a note to the original essay, I have decided to compose a much shorter but completely independent essay, because the specific point is certainly worthy of additional, thoughtful mind reflection.
The new question at hand is this: How do serial and mass killers differ in terms of the value they place upon the lives of others, as expressed via their operational methodology?? The typical human, blind hypocrite that he is, denying the Forbidden Truth that he is personally guilty and responsible for directly sponsoring and causing both serial and mass murder on a genocidal scale, will decree that serial and mass murderes place no value upon the lives of their chosen victims. This is utterly absurd to any sane thinker!
Of course the serial and mass murderer place value upon the lives of their targeted victims. The personal choice to carry out these acts, to terminate the existence of others, expresses a philosophical perspective, consciously realized or not, that life itself possesses value. Directly ending the lives of others, constitutes the theft of something valuable, and this theft is one of the impositional nodes which provides cathartic pleasure and satisfaction to the harvester.
So, in examining the relative value placed upon the lives of his victims by a serial killer, versus a mass murderer, it is clearly apparent that the serial killer places a relatively higher value upon the lives of his targets. Consider: The serial killer specifically singles out and targets a single victim, or in a few cases a small group of victims. He pre-selects this singular victim, often stalking and shadowing the victim in advance. He spends time, attention, and focus in carefully selecting a specific victim, and he directly endangers his own safety and very existence, for the benefit of claiming only a single victim.
All of this chosen methodology on an ideological and behavioral perspective, speaks to the placement of a relatively high degree of value upon the life of his chosen victims, by the serial killer. You could even say that he places the life of his victim on an equal par to his own life, since he is directly risking his own life for the psychological benefit of terminating only one other life. Yes, he is hoping and planning to harvest many more, but as functional reality, he is directly endangering himself for the aspirational payoff of killing just one individual.
Now, let us compare and contrast this typical perspective of the serial killer, to the typical perspective of the mass murderer. The typical mass murderer specifically seeks to maximize his victim count, the total number of harvestees. While he may take great care in choosing his venue, he typically does not spend much time or effort trying to pre-select specific individual victims by stalking. He is usually willing to endanger and sacrifice his own existence in order to achieve his reflective catharsis, but only for the potential and targeted payoff of harvesting a significant number of humans, not simply one human.
So, any rational comparison between the two methodologies reveals a difference in psychological mindset between the serial and mass killer. Relatively speaking, the serial killer devalues his own existence, while placing greater value upon the existence of his targeted victims, while the mass murderer exalts his own existence, placing lesser value upon the existence of his targeted victims.
The Forbidden Truth regarding the value of life is this: Society bestows absolutely no value upon the safety, well-being, personal protection, or mortal existence of any human being. Everyone born human is decreed to be a worthless piece of owned property, to be exploited, drained dry, and discarded to the void of eternal nothingness. Both the serial and the mass murderer reflect this Truth, to varying degrees, in their decisions to annihilate others, in reflection of their own physical and psychological annihilation.
The pointlessness, meaninglessness, and hopelessness of the individual life path journey, is both experienced and expressed by the serial and by the mass murderer. But still, there is a difference between the killer who carefully targets one victim, and the killer who depersonalizes all of humanity, who will not accept a one-on-one targeting, who recognizes a one-on-one targeting as a betrayal of his own Self-value.
The Superior knows he is more than one. He is All, he is Everything, his contempt for others will not allow him to sacrifice the universe of Self, for a singular one.
And so if you reread My original essay, you will find that the insights of Forbidden Truth I reveal here, support My concluding premise, that mass murder within amerikkka is on the increase, while serial killing is more than likely in decline, as the absurd and false delusions of hope, optimism, and the viability of a “future”, are more frequently being recognized as propaganized mind control, by tortured victim-creations living out the endgame of a society in the death throes of devolution.
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Serial Killing In Decline?? A Forbidden Truth Analysis

I wish to begin this enigmatic essay with two important caveats. First, the relative popularity rate of serial murder is always socially and culturally specific. This means that a decline or increase in the rate of serial murder worldwide, cannot even be properly analyzed, much less a definitive conclusion reached.
Any and all analysis of serial murder rates and popularity must be limited to a single society/culture, and for the purpose of this essay, the only society and culture that I will be analyzing, is that of amerikkka. Many of My Forbidden Truth insights contained within this analysis are applicable to other human societies and cultures, but the overall analysis itself is specifically limited to amerikkkan society. Clearly, even if serial killing is on the decline within amerikkkan society, it might just be entering its Golden Age within a different society.
Second, as you all know, accurate definitions are very important to all Truth quests, and so I wish to very clearly define the criteria that I am applying to determine whether or not an individual qualifies as a serial killer. The Forbidden Truth definitional criteria is as follows: 1 or 2 individuals, acting alone or as a couple, without any broader support network, successfully carrying out three or more  “illegal” murders over the course of a minimum one month period of time. There must be a minimum of three successful harvestings, separate and distinct from each other. Attempted murders in which the intended victim survives, do not count towards this three dead, three separate event, minimum one month period of time, definitional threshold.
I use the term “illegal” in order to establish a definitional distinction to exclude the millions of individuals who carry out legal serial murder under the authority and encouragement of their society: The soldier, the cop, the executioner, the hunter, the abortion doctor, the female abortionists who choose to serially abort their biological creations, etc…
And finally, it must be clearly understood that all serial killers are inspired and motivated by True Reality-based rage and hate which directly reflects the victimization, personal trauma, and direct injustice that they, as children and as adults, have been subjected to. No serial killer is motivated by a desire to obtain money, even if he carries out his 3+ serial murders during the commission of armed robberies. No serial killer is motivated by a desire to become famous, even if he specifically declares this to be his primary objective. No serial killer is motivated by the desire to have sexual contact with another human, even if this is his declared motivation/objective.
We must understand that serial killers are human beings, and human beings lack insight into their True behavioral motivations. This lack of insight might be slightly lower, percentagewise, among serial killers than it is among the general population, but it cannot be discounted. We must recognize that most serial killers do not perceive their own motivations within Forbidden Truth Self-insight.
Because serial murder is such a basic and natural expression of personal victimization, and universal victimization of all human beings beginning in childhood has been a functional reality throughout modern human history, we must understand that serial murder has occurred and will always occur, until humanity becomes extinct. A lack of media coverage of illegal serial killing in the past, does not reveal the factual reality of a lack of serial killers operating during any past period of time.
Within this understanding however, it is absolutely fair to understand that serial killing goes through varying cycles of popularity within every society, based upon several factors which will be discussed in this essay. The specific question at hand is this: As of the year 2015, is it fair to draw an analytical conclusion that serial killing in amerikkka has reached a functional peak, and is now in a state of decline?
Scholars of serial murder, such as Myself. recognize that the period from 1970 to 1995 deserves to be recognized as a Golden Age of serial killing, in amerikkka. Inspired by the successful political assassinations of the 1960’s, and the engrossing cases of Boston Strangler serial killer Albert DeSalvo and the still unidentified Zodiac serial killer of the San Francisco area, an entire generation of children and young adults, during the later 1960’s and 1970’s, were awakened and inspired to the potential reflective glory of becoming a successful serial killer, and chose to pursue this life path achievement.
Beginning in the early 1970’s and continuing through the mid 1990’s, amerikkka experienced an explosion of serial killing, which qualifies the time period for the label of Golden Age. This Golden Age of Serial Murder in amerikkka  saw a large number of highly successful and enigmatic serial killers, establishing a permanent new mark of reflective rage upon the culture of this diseased, deranged, and universally harmful society.
Consider the charming list: From Ted Bundy to Edmund Kemper to David Berkowitz to John Wayne Gacy to Henry Lee Lucas to Gary Ridgway to Jeffrey Dahmer to Carl Eugene Watts to Larry Eyler, we can document hundreds of known and identified serial killers who operated inside of amerikkka during this Golden Age.
But something changed in the mid 1990’s. The number of arrests of serial killers began to decline. The number of active, unsolved, prolific and ongoing serial murder cases, such as the Zodiac and Green River, also began to decline.  The question at hand: Is this decline real, or is it a media invention? And, is this decline merely a natural rate variation which can be expected to reverse itself in coming years based on the law of averages?
Let us consider several enigmatic factors: First, the mass media maintains great control over public reality perception. It was the mass media, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, which helped to popularize serial murder via extensive and sensationalistic coverage of the 1960’s political assassinations, the Boston Strangler and Zodiac serial killer cases, as well as the Ted Bundy and Son Of Sam serial killer cases a few years later.
Back in the day, national newspapers openly printed the writings of at-large serial killers. The phenomenon was relatively new to societal leaders, and so they lacked a comprehensive plan of censorship and media control regarding serial killers. This allowed for a brief window of Truth expression to slip through the hive mind of social control. Today, things would be different. Today, if the Washington Post, as an example, were to begin receiving letters from an at-large individual claiming to be a prolific serial killer, and providing concrete evidence to this effect, the newspaper would not publish the letters. Instead, it would call the pigs, turn the material over to the pigs, and obey any censorship demand of law enforcement and other governmental leaders.
Who knows how many letters from active and at-large serial killers are being sent to the media these days?? We do not know, because the climate of censorship is much stronger today than it was in the 1960’s, 1970’s and even the 1980’s.
Let us understand that the successful serial killer undermines the fascist and mind-control power of the government. The successful serial killer reveals a path of freedom of action, and of mind autonomy, which directly threatens the social order. The successful serial killer reveals to all humans that their slavemasters cannot keep them safe, that this claimed benefit of the shackle that is government, is a pure lie and fanciful illusion.
Every government has a vested interest in discouraging illegal serial murder, and in concealing its rate of serial murder, as well as concealing any active and ongoing serial murder rampages, not only because they point out the tactical impotency of government and law enforcement, but because they can and do inspire other torture victims to initiate and pursue their own serial killing careers.
So, any analysis of whether or not serial murder is in decline today, must take into primary account the fact that governmental censorship in amerikkka today is much more strident and prolific than it was 50, 40, or even 30 years ago, and that there is absolute and strong motivation for government to intentionally censor and withold from public knowledge or focus, the factual sagas of serial murder cases, both solved and unsolved by law enforcement.
Let us move on to another primary issue: Technology has changed greatly over the past 50 years, and these changes have not benefited the aspiring or actual serial killer who desires and plans for a long and successful career of harvesting humans. Video surveillance of both private and public places inside of amerikkka has greatly increased over the years, creating a much more difficult environment for serial killers to successfully operate within. Even the cellular telephone, which did not exist in the 1970’s and most of the 1980’s, significantly compromises the tactical security of an active and operational serial killer.
Without going into great detail, it is certainly fair to conclude that the operational environment for most types of serial killers has become more difficult in recent years, and torture victims who might aspire to claim cathartic vengeance through prolific serial murder should be expected to recognize and understand this fact, and perhaps choose a different path to achieve True Reality catharsis.
Let us consider: Is the commission of dynamic mass murder also significantly more difficult to achieve today, than it is to become a successful, long-term, prolific serial killer?? Upon Forbidden Truth analysis, the answer is no. There are certainly factors at play which have marginally increased the difficulty of an individual  successfully carrying out a large-scale “illegal” mass murder. Police training and tactics, the development of SWAT teams, the increased use of metal detectors, and even the invention of the cell phone, allowing for a faster alert to the pigs, these and other factors have made mass murder more difficult today than it was in the 1970’s and 1980’s. But the flip side is at play here, too. Access to assault weapons with high capacity magazines is slightly better today, than in 1970. Ability to access building blueprints is still good. Obtaining tactical diversionary devices such as smoke grenades is still good. Very simply, the tactical environment for successful mass murder has been compromised much less than the tactical environment for successful serial murder.
Moving on, I personally deem the following issue to be extremely relevant to the question at hand. Not surprisingly, the average human has never imagined, much less considered, this perspective: Serial killing is, essentially, an act of both optimism and hope. Yes, optimism and hope for the future. Consider, the serial killer, be it consciously or subconsciously, is planning to commit additional murders in the future. He is optimistic that in the months and years to come, he can and will carry out such murders. He is hopeful for the future, at least in terms of his own actions and achievements. He is generally not suicidal, even if on a subconscious level he may desire to be captured and punished.
Contrast the mindset of the serial killer to that of the mass murderer. The mass murderer is generally not optimistic about the future, and generally not very hopeful of being able to carry out additional mass murders in the future, and much more often than the serial killer, the mass murderer may be actively suicidal and willing/eager to die immediately after his harvestings.
As I have often revealed, the human species is devolving to extinction, and right now, it is in its final death throes of a devolutionary spiral. Optimism, hope, and planning for the future, are not mindsets which can be expected to increase in popularity during the final death throes of human devolution. Therefore, the optimistic and hopeful mindset of the aspiring serial killer is at direct odds with the factual reality of the human devolutionary death spiral. At the same time, the suicidal hopelessness of the mass murder rampager, dovetails well with the factual reality of human devolution.
It is very interesting to note that in amerikkka, ever since the rate of serial murder may have begun to decline in the mid 1990’s, the rate of mass murder rampages has definitely increased during the past 20 years. I conclude, via unbiased Forbidden Truth analysis, that this increase in mass murder, and the possible decrease in serial murder, speaks directly to the factual reality of the human devolutionary death spiral increasing in intensity.
We still have not answered the primary question of this essay: Is serial murder currently in decline in amerikkka??? Well, I am sorry if the climax to this essay disappoints the reader, but after all of the above brilliant analysis, My final conclusion must and will be: I do not know for certain.
There are too many unknown factors and variables, for an absolutely certain conclusion to be reached. The amount of government censorship of the media that is occurring on this issue, is impossible for Me to determine and know. The number of Undetectable Serial Killers who might be active and operational at this time, an issue I have written about in previous essays, is impossible for Me to determine and know. The fact that this type of statistic cannot be expected to maintain a constant upward trend, must be acknowledged. Meaning that even if the rate of serial murder has declined in the past 20 years, the rate could still explode upward in the next 20 years to come.
Truth is vitally important. Whenever the seeker of Truth does not know something, cannot arrive at an absolutely definitive conclusion, he must consciously recognize that the question cannot be answered, the issue cannot be resolved. There is nothing wrong with this. It is a sign of strength of mind, not weakness of mind. And so I arrive at the conclusion that this question cannot be definitively answered.
But, there is very real evidence, very real reason to think that serial killing might be in a state of decline. Seekers of Truth should consider this possibility, and continue to analyze why it may be so. I expect mass murder to continue to increase in popularity and volume, as the human devolutionary death spiral continues.

Zodiac serial killer letter to media

Zodiac serial killer letter to media

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On Serial Killing,Child Abuse,& Reflective Rights

In response to this blog post:
I received an interesting comment, to which I have replied in the Comments section. But the topics raised by the commenter, or to be more accurate, the brilliant reply that the comments have inspired, is worthy of an entirely new blog post, in and of itself.
Here I add to the Forbidden Truth library of understanding regarding the issues of serial murder, child abuse, childhood empowerment, and cathartic vengeance. Note that the comments directed to Me appear in light, italicized print, while My replies are in bold text. I strongly urge all readers to follow the above link and read My “We Are All Jason Voorhees” blog post first, before you continue to my reply below
“I identified strongly with Jason as a 12 year old. For my entire childhood I could not watch horror films because they frightened me. However once I started to identify with the killers, the films stopped scaring me and instead became an escape and source of comfort. (escapism is inferior, but I like to think this was a less inferior form of escapism)”
The Superior, powerful and untouchable mind comes to understand, first subconsciously and later consciously, that we are all victims, and the only way to Truly achieve a real-time triumph over the factual reality of your own victimization, is to become a victimizer, to reflect upon others what has been imposed upon you. We are victims, not by accident, or mistake, or tragically poor timing. We are victims, not as isolated individuals, not of any specific individuals, but of humanity itself.
The “legends” of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Hannibal Lecter, The Joker, Frankenstein, Dracula, Norman Bates, and other fictionalized figures, unveil and reveal profound Truths. You find Truth, you begin a journey towards Truth, by first escaping from the universal matrix of social illusion. Jason Voorhees represents the silent scream of every destroyed child as he is being victimized in real-time. Positive identification with Jason as seeker of justice via vengeance, the only form of justice that is real, True, and achievable, especially when seized as a right of mind by a child, is a breakthrough evolutionary step towards both the embrace of Truth and the empowerment of Self.
“I fantasised about wearing the mask and appearing in my tormentors homes to take revenge like Jason
More than anything your writing has given me an invaluable understanding of this and other aspects of my childhood, in retrospect”
Your fantasy was positive, empowering, reflectively honorable. Your fantasy represented the achievement of justice that is denied to every child, via the universal victimization and destruction of all children, sponsored and carried out as public policy by human society as a collective whole.
Every child is a destroyed victim. The tiny minority who are Superior, find the strength to try to rebuild themselves within a footprint of externalizing rage and hate, while internalizing love of Self, Self-value, and the entitlement of vengeance for injustices which can never be rectified.
No child can achieve a retrospective understanding of the consequences of what has been done to him, because his destruction is playing itself out, in real-time. Adults also lack this retrospective capacity, even as they delude themselves into believing they have achieved it.
Only transcending your humanity allows for a genuinely valid capacity to look back upon the past and see exactly, completely, and absolutely, absent prejudicial bias of personal involvement, what has been done to you, why it was done to you, and how you have reflected, can reflect, and will reflect, the consequences of the cumulative sum total of injustice, trauma, harm, iniated and carried out against you by your enemy.
“I first discovered serial killers at this age too, and appreciated them in the same way I appreciated Jason (Ramirez was and still is my favourite) I think I once articulated to another kid something like “I don’t know why I like them, I just think it’s cool that everyone puts up with the pain of society but serial killers get revenge”
If I hadn’t discovered the manifesto two years ago, I might look back on this as an immature phase. Now I understand how profound it really was, and how much wiser and more pure my child self was compared to my jaded older self”
The serial killer expresses and reveals the Forbidden Truth that each of us is being stalked, attacked, and destroyed, physically, mentally, psychologically, and within every level of personal potential. Every child is so destroyed, every adult is so destroyed. At every moment, we are under attack. Lack of conscious awareness of this Truth, does not alter it. The serial killer, in terms of external visualization, is the psychological embodiment of this Forbidden Truth. He bestows upon each of us who is sane and Superior enough to seek and to see Truth, the right to stalk, attack, destroy others, at our will, upon our True Reality motivation, free of all externally invalid manipulations of reality perception and emotional impulse. The serial killer is the sacred reflection of all True victims who choose to know and accept Truth.
Revenge is a sacred right of every individual. Not an obligation, but a sacred right. All who fail to embrace this Truth as valid, prove their inferiority as they wallow in hypocrisy.
“Thank you for making this blog and continuing your online presence, you’re doing a great service to humanity (no offense)”
You cannot offend Me, but you can offend Truth, which is what you do with a comment such as My writings doing a service to humanity. Humanity gains nothing from My revelations of Forbidden Truth. Humanity is incapable of embracing the Truths I reveal, much less deploying them in a positive revolution for social change. What I do, all I do, and all I will do in the future, is to honor Self and Truth. All individual benefit derived by individual humans in response to My expressions of Truth, exists and occurs as individual personal reflection, unique to each individual, and is extremely rare, and is not one of my aspirational goals or motivational intents. Humanity as a collective whole cannot, does not, will not gain benefit from My expressions of Truth. This is a fact, and were it not so, I would keep all verbal and literary revelations of Truth, private and to Myself.
The True face, the True reflection, Jason, Freddy, Michael, the True face never lies:

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We Are All Jason Voorhees

We are all Jason Voorhees, victims of abuse, hiding behind our masks, consumed by rage and hate. We stalk because we have been stalked, and because we are being stalked, by our greatest enemies: Society, government, death, and the recognition and understanding thst we are our own worst enemies. We take delight in terrorizing others, because we are victims of the universal terrorism carried out against us by society and government.
Those of us who have transcended our humanity, the one out of fifty million, openly honor, respect, and consider Jason our best friend, our communion of mind with Jason is far stronger than it could ever be with one of you “real-life” humans. We dwell within the enlightened universe of mind which allows us to see ourselves as we are, and to see you diseased hypocrites as you are.
The rest of you, the broken hypocrites, spend your imaginary existences ridiculing, mocking, demonizing, and condemning Jason and all that he represents, because he represents the Forbidden Truths that you can never face up to. You sponsor, commit, revel in atrocities which far exceed what Jason, or any real-life serial or mass murderer reflecting his True Reality, could ever carry out. You sponsor the universal destruction of all children on this planet, the universal victimization of all, the universal murder of all human beings, and the universal destruction of all living things.
When I was still a teen-aged child victim of your society, I purchased large movie posters featuring Jason Voorhees. Later, I recorded Super-VHS camcorder videos with one of these posters taped to a background wall in front of My tripod-mounted video camera. I did this because I understood and I knew that Jason Voorhees represented the Forbidden Truths that you reject, and because My sympathy and respect for Jason, as your tortured victim-creation, mirrored the love, honor, and unconditional embrace I held and will always hold, for Myself.
We will always be your tortured victim-creations. No matter how cruelly you mock and demonize and ignore and punish and try to destroy us, we are only your reflection, we are only the honest face and voice and actions that you hypocrites can never be.
It is so beautifully appropriate that Jason Voorhees does not speak, for what is there to say to you humans, to a species incapable of listening, of hearing, of accepting, the Forbidden Truths. It is so beautifully appropriate that Jason Voorhees dwells behind a mask, because this is where all humans dwell, hiding not so much from others, as from themselves, and of course from all Truth.
There is nothing wrong in our choice, as Superiors, to wear masks when we interact or expose ourselves to the human virus. Such masks protect us from harm, they do not shield us from Truth or from ourselves, as your masks do. We shed our masks only when we achieve the glory of personal isolation, and this shedding is both physical and metaphorical, as Jason sheds his mask during the moments of his harvestings.
I invite you to watch the following video. In it, Arsenio Hall, a representative of your human society, interviews Jason Voorhees, a tortured victim-creation of human society. Witness the cruelty of Arsenio and his audience of millions, both in the recording studio and on television. Witness the mocking of Jason, a collective species of homicidal maniacs who are addicted to child abuse, war, hunting, abortion, mass suicide, and every imaginable form of legal, institutionalized violence, bloodshed, and injustice, terrified of even imagining trying to face up to the Truth of what they are, sadistically mocking and laughing at a fictional representative of their tortured child creations:

Just imagine how these homicidal maniacs, masquerading as moral and decent creatures, treat their actual, real-life victim-creations, and you will understand, if you are sane, why I have always and will always respect, honor, and positively identify with Jason Voorhees.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Terror and Trauma, Always and Everywhere

Have you ever wondered why some serial and mass murderers, and other seekers of cathartic vengeance, go out of their way to choose difficult targets, locations as well as individuals, which limit and minimize their capacity to wreak a maximum degree of havoc and carnage? To be sure, there are many ideological as well as reflective reasons why a difficult target may be chosen over a relatively easier target. But one reason that most of you humans overlook and dismiss, is the need of the trauma victim, consciously or subconsciously, to express to the universe that he has never been safe, that there is no place on this planet that deserves to be considered a sanctuary, because he himself, as a child, lived out the horror of coming to the realization that there is no safe haven, there has never been and there will never be.
Consider the child-slave and his experience of existence. While within the womb, he may well carry no conscious memories of his suffering and trauma, but years later, liberated from this prison, he should understand that nobody cared about his fate as a womb-trapped fetus. He existed totally exposed, supremely vulnerable to any trauma his womb warden desired to inflict upon him, as well as any trauma she authorized others to inflict upon him, such as stomach punches from a boyfriend, or marijuana suffocation via a roommate.
And then the child leaves the womb and is thrust into the slave shackles of a family, his biological creators and all humans that they choose to expose him to. Supremely vulnerable, he is offered no opportunity for shelter, no refuge from harm. And then he grows older and is taken to schools, where once again his welfare, safety, and well-being is decreed to be non-existent. The child understands that as he is shuttled from the family prison to the school prison, he exists solely as an owned piece of property, possessing no rights, no freedoms, absolutely no protection of any kind is afforded him.
And then he ventures out into the “real” world, and everywhere he looks there are predators, desperate to exploit him, victimize him, use him to satiate their rage and hate. And every offer of friendship or support from a peer, is vampiric, rooted in neediness and desperation, not a trace of genuine care or altruism or respect for the child as an individual. “Are you suffering? Me too, so lets suffer together,” this is the most he can ever hope for, and there is no kindness, no benevolence here, there is only the sharing of trauma, rooted within selfishness, where the offer of support mandates that both victims continue to suffer, so that each victim takes solace in the suffering of the other.
This is the existence of every child in the 21st century, trauma and suffering at every turn, no safe haven, no refuge, no opportunity to save Self. And so we have the destroyed adults, trying to decide how to claim their cathartic vengeance, and one primary factor in how this decision is made, is to deliver the cathartically reflective message that none of you are ever safe, none of you ever deserve to feel safe, for even a single moment of your existence, because the destroyed adult, your created victim of the limitless child abuse which you sponsor, knows and has personally experienced the horror of no safety, no refuge, nowhere, as a helpless child.
And so the school is an excellent target. It is not the easiest place to kill children, as there are perimeter defenses. But it delivers an important message: No place is ever safe. And trying to kill police officers is certainly not the easiest way to kill humans. But it delivers an important message: Even if you become a cop and carry around weapoons of terror for all to see, you cannot be safe, there is no safety for you. And breaking into private houses and breaking into college sororities and opening fire inside naval bases and museums and government buildings, none of these methodologies offer the easiest way to kill the most humans, but they all deliver a message of Truth, valuable to the messenger insofar as reflecting the Truth of his own childhood torment.
The message is: I never felt safe when I was a child. Your world offered Me no refuge, no safety, no escape from child abuse. No matter where I turned, there was danger, there was attack, there was terror. And so now you should look into the mirror, I will try to recreate for you, as best I can, the trauma I lived through, of knowing that each moment could be My last, of knowing that nobody cared if I lived or died, or how much I suffered.
And so the bullets fly and the bomb detonates and the knife penetrates deeply, and maybe, thanks to media coverage, for a few hours a few million humans are gripped by the terror of being confronted with the Forbidden Truth that they have never been and will never be safe, just as they never were as children, and just as they make certain no child alive now, will ever be. But nothing changes, the incident fades away to obscurity. The messenger is demonized and destroyed, and his message of Truth never even touches the consciousness of the diseased and deranged society guilty of his destruction.
You see humans, only via the infliction of injustice, can the Forbidden Truth of justice be delivered and understood: That justice has never existed, that justice cannot be achieved by any human being, in any way, ever. It is your determination to impose justice, a pure illusion and farce, which guarantees that those who are sane enough to know that they are victims of eternal injustice which can never be rectified, will seek and claim personal vengeance, the closest any human can ever come, to claiming Truth-based justice.
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Serial Murder: The Mirror Never Lies

Each of us is being murdered on a daily basis, in hundreds of different ways, dynamically and slowly, overtly and covertly, of body, of mind, of instinct and of potential. Every single day we are suffocated and strangled and stabbed and shot and drowned and buried in shallow and deep graves.
My respect and admiration for serial murderers goes far beyond the minute specifics of their chosen deeds of cathartic vengeance. It speaks to their courage and insight, very often not even consciously acknowledged or understood by them, of the reflective perfection of the serial murder process itself.
Those who embrace Forbidden Truth philosophy understand that there can be and there is no good or bad, no morality or immortality, when you exist as created, trapped slave within a matrix void of all benevolence and morality. Within this void, there is only accurate and inaccurate reflection. The military soldier inaccurately reflects his justified rage and hate, as does the abortion doctor, and even the animal hunter. It is the serial killer who accurately reflects his justified rage and hate, not with absolutely precise perfection, but within a scope of instinctual enlightenment which the vast majority of other murderers lack.
Each of us is being systematically murdered, from the day of our birth until the day we cease to exist for all of cosmic eternity. We do not die, we are being murdered. This understanding of Truth is profoundly important. Human beings, which collectively prop up the social structure guilty of our universal victimization and of our serial murder, are collectively guilty of both, even as they exist as created, broken torture victims. The select few individuals who serially murder as outsiders and outlaws, defying the laws which serve to terrorize all others to obedience, deserve our unconditional respect and admiration.
Does serial killing “solve” anything? No, of course not. But that is not a valid measurement of its legitimacy. The problems that humanity has chosen to create for itself, cannot be solved by humanity. It is too broken a species. Nothing can be legitimately measured by whether or not it solves any existing problem, because humanity exists as a Self-created series of endless problems, which it makes no Truth-based effort to even acknowledge, much less solve. It is this collective failure of the human species as a whole, which renders the outlaw serial killer a valid focus of singular respect.
At the bottom of this post I am providing a link to an article in today’s media, which purports to analyze why the average and typical human is fascinated by outlaw serial murder. It is important to understand that I am posting this article not because it provides useful or valid insights of Truth, but because it does the exact opposite: It props up the lies and illusions that serial murder is an abhorrent aberration, that its fascination to the general public is rooted within curiosity and an attempt to understand. This is totally incorrect.
The fascination of the general public with outlaw serial murder reflects the reality that on a deeply suppressed, subconscious level, each and every one of us knows, on instinctual and philosophical levels, that we ourselves have not merely a right, but a reflective obligation to ourselves, to commit serial murder, in reflection of the serial murder being committed actively and as reality, against each one of us, every single day.
Compounding this Truth, is the horrific reality that each of us is actively allowing ourselves to be serially murdered, constituting serial Self-suicide. We are literally murdering ourselves on a daily basis, in allowing ourselves to be murdered by the societies and governments which cage and enslave us.
The outlaw serial murderer understands, on some level, that humanity has rendered all life, worthless. Humanity has decreed his life to be worthless. Humanity has chosen to murder him on a daily basis. And so he stands up, he looks at Himself in the mirror, and with varying degrees of conscious recognition, he reflects. The mirror never lies, and that is why you will never see Me utter a single word of negative judgment towards any seeker of personal vengeance.
The only problem of the serial murderer is that he is such a rare bird, the one in a million who stands up and looks into the mirror seeking and finding Truth. The great irony is that human problems might actually become solvable if each of us embraced his own inner outlaw serial murderer. But no, serial Self-suicide is the chosen path of the masses of cowards. Millions of serial murderers of Self, for every one courageous outlaw serial murderer of others.
And so you destroy yourselves and each other, legally and with pride, on a collective level, as you demonize, condemn, and destroy the few who dare to show you the Truth of what you are. Your cowardice is shameful beyond all measure. And it is with absolute pride that I lavish respect and honor upon the outlaw serial killer, as I spit venom in the same breath upon the judgers and the punishers who betray themselves and all Truth.
You read articles like this, which pretend to offer you explanations of the appeal of the outlaw serial murderer, and you rationalize away your own homicidal rage, burying it deeper and deeper, denying its reflective perfection. You warp your own minds to choose serial suicide over serial murder, on a directly personal level, even as you never even acknowledge this Truth to Yourselves.
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