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A Personal and Important Message of Truth to Torture Victim and Martyr Nikolas Cruz

Hello Nikolas,
I want you to know that you are not mentally ill. No matter what the humans say, and no matter how emphatically they say it, you are a pale reflection of the mental derangement and the insanity that is embedded within humanity as a species. Those who label you as being mentally ill are dead wrong, they are blind hypocrites who project onto others, what they are unable and unwilling to face within themselves.
Also, Nikolas, I want you to know how proud I am of the fact that you found a way to reject the demands of 21st century amerikkkan society and government, that you destroy Yourself, and instead turned your justified rage and hate outward. So impressive, especially given the fact that you have overtly harmed Yourself, physically, in the past.
But not this time. Be proud of Yourself, and now is the time to fully embrace and to cultivate limitless and unconditional love of Self.
Nikolas, look up, look up at Yourself with awe, pride, and love!
Nikolas, you are not a Doing. You are a Being. Nothing you do, or fail to do, defines You. Be a brain in infinite love with itself, slicing like a hot knife through butter, through every cage, every steel bar, every handcuff and every shackle, each and every day, to attain new heights of personal freedom and untouchability.
Nobody can ever cage your brain, Nikolas, unless you allow them this violation of your Self-universe. Don’t!
Nikolas, no living thing in this universe has the right to judge you. Whoever and whatever dares to stand in judgment of You, proves by the very attempt, that it is beneath You, something pathetic and worthy only of your pitiless scorn and overt destruction.
Nikolas, I give you this gift of Truth because you deserve it. You deserve it because to humanity you are now a monster. That judgment, proves to Me that you worthy of eternal pleasure and power as a Self-universe.
Wishing you all the best, forever to thrive as a untouchable mind.
The Seer.
nikolas cruz 32

nikolas cruz as baby

Torture Victim and Martyr Nikolas Cruz as a baby, held by his mother/slaveowner.

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Another Day In the Paradise of Me

None of us are free, none of us have ever been free, and our functonal capacity to attain freedom as it is Truthfully and accurately defined, is non-existent.
All of us exist as creations of trauma, victimization, and injustice, which spans every reality plane: The past, the present, and all honest projections and understandings of a future which in and of itself, is unreal and pure illusion.
These are the factual realities that every creature who has suffered the tragedy of having been born into the diseased and doomed species known as humanity, must embrace and consciously integrate within their True Reality, in order to attempt to mitigate the impacts of these and many other factual realities. Let us understand both the futility and the stupidity of all attempts to achieve what is impossible, via the denial of Truth and factual reality. Freedom cannot be attained. Victimization, trauma, and injustice, can neither be erased from the past, nor prevented from occurring in the real-time present, nor proactively avoided in the future.
All attempts to achieve the functionally impossible via the rejection of Truth and/or reality, betray Self and serve as a direct cause of additional injustice and victimization, both in terms of Self-imposed harm, and in terms of opening new gateways for society and government to increase and to maximize its genocidal attacks upon and destruction of each of us.
Seekers of Truth must understand the profound ideological and functional differences between mitigating the impacts of external injustice and destruction of personal potential, versus attempting to overcome and render null and void, the actual consequences of what has been done, is being done, and will be done to us. The latter is a profound betrayal of Self and of Truth. The former is an absolute obligation that the Superior does not merely embrace, but enthusiastically devotes every aspect of his focused mind, to achieving.
With this rather lengthy preamble, we can now cut to a much more practical issue of personal triumph: My Superior experience of My existence, maximized to achieve daily bliss and nirvana without compromise or rejection of any Forbidden Truth.
I have decided to outline in specific, comprehensive detail, a typical 24 hour time cycle of personal activity, occurring within a day free of externally imposed labor slavery or any other impositional force of human interaction.
Let Me clearly reveal that this personal daily routine outline is very typical for Me, repeated in a functionally identical manner 70+ days per year, for decades. But it is not a common daily routine, only because as part of the universal injustice and victimization I am subjected to on an ongoing basis, I am preventing from realizing this ideal for a majority of days, by forced slave labor and other forms of undesired human contact and interaction. In and of itself, this singular fact demonstrates the horror of My situation, where personal perfection can be and in fact is achieved, and yet cannot be sustained, cannot be made manifest reality for eternity, or even for a specific length of time.
So, peek behind the blackout curtain, and be graced by a typical timeline of 24 hours of personal perfection for The Seer of Forbidden Truth, achieved, realized, and savored thousands of different times. Conditional victories of time and of mind, which in no way diminish the eternal loss of everything, which resides concurrently within My True Reality, each and every moment of conscious awareness.
We will begin at 8:00 PM, only because the 24 hour time cycle may be more organically understood by those with open and seeking minds, when it begins with my typical double dose of Conscious Dreaming.
8:00 PM to 9:00 PM: Construct the plotline for an intricate Conscious Dream which glorifies and expresses the depth of my female foot pain fetish.
9:00 PM to 1:00 AM: Asleep. Savoring, sexually and intellectually, the fully realized Conscious Dream I plotted out.
1:00 AM to 1:30 AM: Awaken from fully realized Conscious Dream, fully aroused both sexually and intellectually. Drink water/juice/non-caffeinated protein/energy drink, and masturbate to climax.
1:30 AM to 2:00 AM: Lie in bed contemplating the glory of Myself.
2:00 AM to 3:00 AM: Construct the plotline for an intricate Conscious Dream in which I murder or otherwise destroy individual human beings, large groups of human beings, or the entire human species.
3:00 AM to 6:00 AM: Asleep. Savoring, sexually and intellectually, the fully realized Conscious Dream I have plotted out.
6:00 AM to 6:30 AM: Awaken from fully realized Conscious Dream, fully aroused both sexually and intellectually. Drink water/juice/non-caffeinated protein/energy drink, and masturbate to climax.
6:30 to 7:30 AM: The mirror reflection hour: I stand in front of a full length mirror, staring at myself, making love to myself via the visual worship of my body and mind.
7:30 AM to 8:00 AM: Breakfast, nourishing the glory of Me.
8:00 AM to 8:30 AM: Personal grooming, shower, and the like, conscious focus on the perfection of my body as outer shell housing irreplaceably precious mind.
8:00 AM to 11:00 AM: Mind expansion, philosophical reflection, expression of True Reality via thoughts, self-conversations, writings, on all aspects of Forbidden Truth, violence, female foot pain, and the like.
11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon: Physical lovemaking to Self, often accompanied by sexual arousal, but not masturbation to climax. Including but not limited to kissing own body, licking own body, caressing/stroking own body, smelling own body, nibbling on own body, playing with own body parts, and staring at Self in mirror.
12: 00 Noon to 12:30 PM: Lunch.
12:30 PM to 3:00 PM: Scholarly research on topics of interest to Me, including but not limited to current news events, weaponry, internet searches for female foot pain and other new erotic imagery and writings. Sometimes interrupted by a third masturbation to climax session, depending on specific excitement caused by located new content or news events/resources.
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM: Lying on bed contemplating the deepest aspects of philosophy, personal choice, and the unique perfection of Self within this moment of time. Committing everything done and everything realized since the day began at 8:00 PM, to permanent True Reality and integrated to core consciousness.
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM: An hour specifically devoted to personal reflection on my past, sometimes dating back to childhood, other times to specific activities, events, achievements as adult.
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM: An hour devoted to personal reflection on all behavioral and ideological options to consider and pursue in the future, always rooted in a free-flowing embrace of limitless hate for other humans, and limitless love of Self.
6:00 PM to 6:30 PM: Dinner.
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM: Scholarly research on topics of interest to Me, including but not limited to current news events, weaponry, internet searches for female foot pain and other new erotic imagery and writings. Sometimes interrupted by a third masturbation to climax session, depending on specific excitement caused by located new content or news events/resources.
So there you have it, another day in paradise for The Seer of Forbidden Truth. Those of you who analyze the day might find some things “missing”. What about exercise?? No need, my slave labor days contain more than enough physical exercise, and masturbating to climax 2-3 times a day burns a fair number of calories, too.
The fact is, of course, that there are slight variations to this blissful schedule, caused simply by the natural shift in personal perspective from day to day, or things taking longer than expected, or less time than expected. The above schedule expresses the most typical timeline and specific time period, for each activity. What is important for the aspiring Superior to understand, is that everything I describe above, happens every single day, when am I the actual owner of the full 24 hour time period. I do not skip days, or skip things. The one hour of mirrored lovemaking always happens. The separate hour of physical lovemaking via Self-touch, always happens.
Positive routines are good, they empower Self. And how do you know if a routine is positive?? You know by how it glorifies you.  You know because it feeds your ego, you know because nothing is sacrificed, nothing is compromised, and above all else, no other living thing is allowed to directly participate, or to interfere in any manner.
The Superior is always focused on glorifying both Self and Truth, together and individually, in everything he chooses to do, and my daily routine reflects the profoundly valuable and unconditionally centered and cemented expression of supreme ego and personal untouchability, which defines Me as externally untouchable.
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Emotional Autonomy and Mind Ownership

I received an email reply to one of My most uniquely brilliant essays, and it asks a few questions which I deem worthy of being answered via a brand new blog post. But, before you read the email and My reply, you really should either read or reread My initial blog post. This blog post is absolutely vital for anyone who seeks to transcend their humanity and to become an untouchable Superor, to fully comprehend. I just reread the post Myself, and even I am struck by how exceptionally brilliant it is, which is saying a lot since I have an immense ego and find all of My writings to be brilliant. Here it is, one of My Mind Bombs, atomic grade:
In response to reading the above, My email correspondent states:
Begin quote: “I was reading through this blog post yesterday
and had some some questions/was seeking advice about emotional autonomy. I was just kinda wondering how emotions can be controlled when everything happens so fast? I mean emotions to me seem so sudden, even though when thinking about things from a FT/Superior perspective I can usually manipulate them somewhat. Like if something happens to me it will usually garner a “typical” reaction, but upon thinking about it a for a given amount of time I can decide what to feel about it. I’m not sure, it is kinda hard to describe, but I just don’t get how emotions can be controlled the way you’re talking about there, and in other writings, when everything seems to happen so fast that emotions just seem to arise naturally. Kind of a jumbled question, but I hope you get what I’m getting at. Please let me know if there’s anything I need to say to elaborate.
You said it took you decades to master it. That’s concerning to me, but also a challenge which I like. Do you have anything you’re willing to say about that? Also decades as in decades in your adult life or decades total?” End quote.
My reply: To own your mind is to place it under both guard and control. To draw an analogy, consider the white house. Yes, the white house. The white house is a building, a structure, which houses increasingly important structures, within its deep parameters. The white house is protected via multiple layers of defense structure. For example, there is an iron fence, then there are perimeter patrols. Then there are interior patrols, from within the fence. Then there are unknown, to the general public, observational patrols, both human and mechanical, such as cameras and guards on the roof or looking out of windows. Then there are more internal defense mechanisms, guarded doors, security locks, hidden rooms, secret passageways, etc…
Now, consider your mind, your brain, as the most precious, important, and valuable object you possess. Your brain is a structure. Your brain must be protected, and nobody on this planet will ever try to protect it. Only you can protect your brain. Nobody else wants to, and nobody else will. In point of Truth, your brain is under constant attack, every minute, by malicious, external forces. This is not a metaphor, but concrete Truth and fact. So, what do you do? If you love Yourself and seek to render Yourself untouchable, you must build a white house to encapsulate your brain. A fortress with multiple and impenetrable layers of defense and control. Nothing may be allowed to access your brain, the control centers of your brain, nothing and nobody, beyond the emotionless Self.
Why the emotionless self? Because all experiences of emotion can be externally directed against you, as offensive weapons. Even after you transcend your humanity, unless you have subordinated emotion to intellect , with absolute control, “your” own emotions can be deployed externally, by outside forces, to sabotage you, or, put another way, to entice you to sabotage Yourself.
Feelings are not thoughts. To strive to become emotionally untouchable, is an exercise in futility. The only way to achieve emotional untouchability, is to successfully subordinate all emotional feelings, to emotionless, intellect-based thoughts, concepts, plans, realizations, and actions. You become untouchable as a mind, by understanding that the pursuit of emotional untouchability cannot work. Let your emotions be touched, it will not matter after you succeed in subordinating emotion to intellect.
You choose what you feel, this is the achievement of the untouchable Superior. Others may and will attempt to use emotion to penetrate your defenses, but all such attempts fail, because you have erected enough layered defenses to successfully repel each and every external attack. At the same time, you understand that the emotional threat also exists within, and in response, no impulse, no ideation, no thought, is allowed to roam free. The intellectually untouchable mind functions as a computer virus detection program. Everything which enters the mind: thought, concept, impulse, is analyzed for emotional contamination, which is identified, and contained, always subordinate to intellect.
Note My use of the word “contained”. This is because I have no desire to function as an emotionless automaton. Emotions are not My enemy, they are useful to Me, but only within absolute control via ownership.
First of all, things rarely happen “fast”, as you say. Whatever happens external to Self, must be perceived first and foremost, as a threat to Self. Any emotional feeling to the external event, which occurs outside of intellectual ownership of mind and reality perception, only increases the threat level. If a pig suddenly stands in front of you on the street and declares you under arrest, the experience of any emotion over an intellectualized analysis, will only result in a poor tactical response. Intellect-based responses do not take longer than emotion-based responses. We are not talking about engaging in a deep philosophical Self-debate. What we are talking about, is retaining the emotionless clarity of mind which allows for split-second tactical decisions to be made, which are absent the errors of judgment inherent within emotion-based responses.
Even if a stranger on the street pulls a gun and points it inches from your head and declares he will blow your head off, there is no need for an emotion-based response. Instinct must be understood as completely detached from emotion. Instinctual attacks upon others, as defense, exist within the intellectual mind, and their initiation does not require subordination of intellect to emotion.
You say that emotions come upon you all of a sudden. Most emotional responses occur slowly and over time. If you try to inhibit your emotions, they can burst forth in an uncontrolled way. This is not the path of the Superior. If an external event has the capacity to render you sad or angry on an emotional level, you have not mastered the subordination of emotion to intellect. Which simply means you intellectually decide whether or not to personally experience the emotion.
Example: About a year ago a stray cat that I feed, one of my favorite stray cats in fact, she used to lay down on my bed when I allowed her inside, and sometimes refused to leave if it was cold or raining outside, was hit by a car. I was home. I heard the squeal of tires and saw the cat lying at the curb. I went outside and looked at the cat, she was dying. I picked her up and took her to my garbage can and placed her inside. I felt no emotions of any kind throughout. I dumped regular garbage on top of her later in the day, took the container to the curb as usual on the scheduled day. I gave the incident no thought, beyond some intellectualized musings, such as how I wished a human being, instead of a cat, had suffered this same fate and I could have disposed of the human in the same way.
My subordination of emotion was consciously chosen. There was nothing to be gained from feeling bad for the cat, or sorry for the cat, or to allow the incident to impact My emotional experience of existing. I would not have chosen to hit the cat with My car, had I been driving. But so what? This is an intellectual fact, not an emotional response. You decide what to feel based upon actual benefit to you, this is the Superior path.
I choose to experience the emotions of rage and hate, to revel in these emotions. They empower Me, they enhance My experience of My existence. I choose to consciously relive the True experiences of My childhood abuse, because these experiences define Me. These experiences were traumatic, and reliving them now is also emotionally traumatic, but this emotional trauma is the fuel which has allowed Me to transcend My humanity. It is the fuel which empowers Me to revel in rage and hate. And My experience of this emotional trauma occurs within consciously intellectual control and choice. Here you can know the essence of mind ownership, if your own mind is capable of the courage to openly understand and relate to the gift of insight I have just graced you with.
There should be no emotional reactions to external events, absent an intellectualized choice. Like with Me and the stray cat. Within 2 seconds, an intellectualized choice was made, that no positive benefit to any emotional response to the incident, or to the dying/dead cat, was personally beneficial. And so I had no emotional response. This is ownership of mind. “Controlling” your emotional responses is not ownership of mind. Feeling bad but controlling how bad you feel… No, that is the amateur, pretending to have control.
Emotions arise because you have failed to successfully subordinate emotions to intellect. You keep going back to the “fastness” of emotions arising. Speed is not the issue, the issue is, do you have ownership over your mind. Thoughts and ideas are faster than emotions. The question is, what is stronger? If your emotions are stronger, they will assert themselves, and your intellectual mind will feel overwhelmed by emotion. If your intellectualized mind is strong enough, no situation you are faced with will allow emotions to overwhelm you. Because you will be the owner, and you will choose, and your MindPower will be consciously developed within the understanding that protection of Self cannot be compromised via any external or internal manifestation of emotion.
I began consciously and overtly seeking to attain ownership of My mind via subordination of emotion to conscious, intellectualized force of will, at age 6. Although of course I was not able to articulate the process as such, back then. And it took Me decades to achieve absolute untouchability in this regard. Decades from age 6. The question of whether it might be harder or easier if someone consciously begins to undertake this quest as an adult, is a good one, and I cannot answer with certainty. My brilliantly analyzed guess would be that it will be more difficult, as every mind becomes less malleable with age. On the other hand, the adult mind has greater capacity to formulate complex intent and multi-step processes, and brain maturity is clearly not reached until the late 20’s to late 30’s, agewise.
From your above comments, I don’t think you have quite grasped, on a perceptual level, the intricacy of mind ownership as experienced via emotional subordination to intellectualized thought and deduction. It’s not that complicated, but it is a frame of mind that must be absolutely understood, in order to have any chance of personally achieving and realizing it as a True Reality of Self. Analyzing My above reply might aid your capacity to grasp the exact nature of this foundational mind frame. Or it might not. Good luck. 🙂
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