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All Organized Oppression, Injustice, and Victimization Occurs as a Collective Choice of Humanity

It is very important that seekers of Truth and aspiring Superiors fully understand the reality and the ramifications of the nature of human oppression, injustice, and victimization, as it occurs and as it is experienced.
All oppression, injustice, and victimization exists as organizational structure. It is never random, accidental, or isolated. These are organized systems, created and deployed by every human society and government. Society and government exists of and by the “people”. Humans choose the nature and the structure of “their” society and government, always.
Of course the Matrix of Universal Illusion is a covert and subversive force, controlling and manipulating how every child and adult perceives the nature of their existence and of the choices they may or must make. But the collective mass of humanity must be recognized and held responsible as guilty, for overtly maintaining, supporting, enabling every negative harm perpetrated against them.
Society and government obeys the wishes and demands of it’s citizen-slaves. The fact that these wishes and demands are manipulated via mind control, brainwashing, and psychological hostage-taking, does not negate the factual reality of what is occurring.
Oppression, injustice, and victimization occur on a universal level, to all humans, as structural organizations of harm that humanity as a species collectively desires, chooses, enables, and causes. Forget about the reasons why humanity makes this choice, at least for the purpose of this essay. Because there is great value, from a Forbidden Truth perspective, in simply focusing upon the fact that these are collective choices.
It is not the form of government that is to blame. It is not the nature of the society that is to blame. It is not the strength of the regime that is to blame. It is not the malice of the society that is to blame.
On a foundational and fundamental level, the blame rests with humanity itself, individually and collectively. Each of us is being organizationally destroyed, because each of us, in concert, makes the collective choice, to embrace and to cause oppression, injustice, victimization, and destruction, to ourselves and to all other humans.
I am exempt from this collective, of course, having successfully rejected and transcended My humanity. But I am the only one, the one out of 50 million+, human-borns who can Truthfully make this claim. Everyone else, all of you, bear equal guilt and collaborative responsibility for the universal torment all of humanity dwells within.
Does conscious awareness of this Truth, achieved by only a tiny minority, make you less or more guilty?? In most cases, it makes you more guilty, because such conscious awareness bestows upon you some level of responsibility to proactively try to destroy what is destroying you, instead of remaining a silent collaborator.
Of the tiny handful of you who do possess such conscious awareness, the vast majority of you do nothing. You do not even try to tell others of their collective and collaborative guilty and responsibility. You choose to remain silent, slaves and hostages of The Matrix, terrified to stand up, to stand out, terrified of how all the other mind-chained drones will react and respond to the Forbidden Truth.
You bear no responsibility to try to help others, but to try to help Yourself, to try to save Yourself. yes, you do bear this responsibility. And you reject it, you choose to keep the Forbidden Truth of the collective guilt of humanity as a whole, in sponsoring and embracing the universal, systemic organization of all oppression, Injustice, and victimization; secret, hidden, unspoken, unwritten, untold.
And so you cause the universal trance to flourish, as governments demonize other governments, societies demonize other societies, and the universal guilt of humanity, remains invisible.
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The Brighter the Light,The Darker the Shadows

The brilliant man figured out a way to destroy a planet infested by inferior creatures.. And so he did. He watched from his spaceship as the round object disintegrated, knowing every single inferior creature, they called themselves humans, had ceased to infest. Well, okay, there was the problem of the international space station, but he felt very confident those few would perish soon enough, lacking a teat to suck on. And so he celebrated, with exuberant climax of body and mind.
He hoped he had witnesses, and to his delight another ship soon uncloaked itself. Thank you for your service of life”, said the extraterrestrial creature, beautiful in the ways that every extraterrestrial creature is certain to be beautiful to the human transcendee. And the brilliant man knew exactly why he was being thanked, And the brilliant man smiled, not humbled, but with the pride of knowing something terrible was over, and he had ended it.
The extraterrestrial creature spoke again: We appreciate your mind. Those were the words. And the brilliant man felt externally loved, for the first time, ever, even as he had always loved Himself. The brilliant man knew what to say, he knew what his first words should be. Not Hello or Greetings or I come in peace.
No. He wanted to be understood, he needed to be certain that his lack of humanity was clear. He desired his journey to be understood, and he knew the extraterrestrial creature would understand his words. And so he knew what to say, he opened his mouth to reveal the crooked teeth of a former human child prevented from receiving dental care by his slaveowner mother and father, so many years ago, but really just yesterday, and he said:

The brighter the light, the darker the shadows

And the extraterrestrial creature smiled back. And the brilliant human smiled wider. A successful mind-meld, void of all humanity, for both parties. And everything was okay, in a way it had never been before.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.