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James Eagan Holmes: Victim of Ongoing Injustice

Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!–Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

You humans destroy whatever confronts you with Truth. There is no greater proof of this, than your treatment of your own created torture victims. A few days ago you proved yourselves unworthy of the gift of life, as a collective species, when you dared to pass judgment upon your own created torture victim, James Eagan Holmes, condemning him to remain inside of a cage and subjected to your ongoing attempts to further victimize and traumatize him.
Your cage lock of this tortured child is an attempt not to protect anyone from being harmed, but to silence a voice of Truth. The actions of James inside of a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012 were not criminal, immoral, insane, or evil. James’ actions on that day were simply an honest, accurate, justified, and morally reflective response to the maliciousness and to the derangements of human society, which were imposed and inflicted upon him.
A few days ago, you proved James to be right, in his choice to seek and to claim personal vengeance inside of that theatre on that day. You proved him right by choosing to demonize him, by choosing to judge him, by choosing to try to punish and harm him. Here is a news article which describes the horrific injustice carried out against James, on Wednesday, August 26, 2015:
James Holmes was and will always be your created victim. He has never deserved to be punished or harmed, by anyone, in any manner. Your collective choice, as a society, to deny him victimhood status, and to maliciously attempt to inflict punishment and harm upon him, is impossible to justify on any level. All anti-social, anti-human,  reflective acts of personal catharsis that have ever been undertaken and that will in the future be undertaken, are proven justified by the exact and specific manner in which you have chosen to treat James Eagan Holmes.
You took your created victim and you demonized him. You created a fictional plotline in which you gave yourselves permission to judge as evil and insane, an individual guilty of nothing more than proving to you, how evil and insane you are, individually and collectively, as individual human beings representing your society, and as a collective species.
The criminal trial of James Eagan Holmes, as is the case with all judicial proceedings and with all judicial verdicts handed down by humanity, embodies and personifies the malice and the derangement of humanity as a species. All judicial proceedings are absurd farces, in which a structure which is utterly and completely void of all morality and justice, adopts an illusionary stance within which it pretends to possess the moral and benevolent standing upon which to judge and punish an individual it is directly guilty of creating and of victimizing.
The motivation for this absurd farce is to deny reality and Truth. All judicial verdicts of punishment and harm are motivated by the blind terror of humanity as a whole, at the mere thought of being exposed and revealed to be guilty of and responsible for the justified reflections of individual victims such as James Eagan Holmes.
On July 20th 21012, James Eagan Holmes attempted to harvest as many human beings as he could, inside of a movie theatre which was showing a fictional, fake, acted, theatrical production. This fictional production was titled: The Dark Knight Rises, and it provided humans with an escape from reality and Truth, and the opportunity to descend into a fictional world of imaginary good and evil, imaginary justice and righteousness, and ritualized violence deployed to achieve emotional catharsis.
The Forbidden Truth is this: Everything done to James in the wake of his movie theatre massacre was a continuation of the fictionalized illusion of justice and morality which was depicted on-screen in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. You humans went to see this movie for the purpose of escaping from reality and from Truth, so you could pretend to be representatives of goodness, justice, morality, when in Truth you exist as sponsors of every imaginable horror: Sponsors of the universal abuse, victimization, and torment of all children. Sponsors of universal suffering and death for everyone.
You go to movie theatres and watch fictional tales of morality, as in real-life you ritualistically destroy every child via organized structures such as parenthood, and education, discipline and indoctrination. You murder complete strangers and creatures innocent and morally superior to you via organized rituals such as abortion and hunting and war. You gather together to watch fictional stories to brainwash yourselves into believing that you are good, that justice is your mandate, as all around, each and every day, you inflict universal injustice upon all.
James Eagan Holmes should be honored and celebrated as a Seer of Forbidden Truth, for his specfic deed on July 20, 2012 inside an Aurora movie theater. He should be honored and thanked by every seeker of Truth, for piercing the matrix of human illusion, for demonstrating the deranged hypocrisy of humanity in creating and wallowing in fictional tales of imaginary goodness and morality and justice, as humanity does the exact opposite, carrying out evil, immorality and injustice against everyone.
And none of you get it, none of you humans. It is so obvious that the arrest, prosecution, demonization, and punishment of James exists as nothing more than a fictional extension of the mental deformation of an entire species, which motivated the creation and the viewing of the movie The Dark Knight Rises. You decree James Eagan Holmes mentally ill, when all he has done is prove the mental illness of humanity as a species.
If you creatures were sane or good, you would never create fictional stories which allow you to escape from reality and pretend that goodness and justice exist and are sought and celebrated by you. You would never hurt individuals who show you the Truth of what you are. You would thank them, honor them, apologize to them, beg them for forgiveness, treat them as victims. You would never even conceive of judging them guilty of anything. You would judge yourselves guilty, you would accept the blame and the responsibility that you bear. You would reform yourselves, instead of pretending to try to reform your created victims, as you terrorize and traumatize them further.
James Eagan Holmes, you will always be a tortured victim-creation of a species unworthy of existence. i honor your sacrifice, I appreciate you as an individual seeker of Truth, I wish you strength of mind and eternal, untouchable love of Self as you fight your daily war against humanity and the crimes it was, is, and will always be guilty of carrying out against you. Stay strong!
Colorado shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes makes his first court appearance in Aurora, Colorado, July 23, 2012. Holmes, the man accused of shooting dead 12 people in a Colorado movie theater during the midnight screening of the new Batman movie early Friday, made his first appearance in court on Monday, sitting silently in a red jailhouse jump suit and with his hair dyed bright red.All Text not in italics is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved

The Noble Path: Reveal Truth, Help Nobody

Received an interesting comment to this blog post:
I strongly suggest you read or reread it now, before you proceed with this new blog post, since both the comment and My reply, expand the Forbidden Truths being expressed and revealed within this original post. The comment states:
“Regarding my comment on your writing as being potentially beneficial to humanity, I do not intend to say that I believe it is actually actively “helping” humans. I just mean to say that this is still a subject I am unsure of; whether humanity as a species is ever capable of change and psychological evolution.
Much of your philosophy is shared by Stephan Molyneux (though obviously you differ on key issues). If you aren’t familiar with the name, you once linked to a video of his called “The Story of your Enslavement”. He does have similar views to you regarding child abuse, what it is and what effect it has, he also says the state is evil, etc.
But a point of departure, which I think he makes a decent case for, is that by saying “humans are doomed, there is no hope” we are effectively dooming humans and making this a self fulfilling prophecy.”
You and I are being murdered today because human beings, now and generations before us, consciously chose, and still choose, not to pursue technological immortality. This makes them inferior and deserving of vengeance via murder.<My Writing.
“But aren’t we making the same choice, in choosing to hate and destroy humanity instead of improve it? And isn’t it worse to have a superior mind and ability to recognise truth, and yet STILL make this choice, without even the excuse of ignorance and inferiority enjoyed by the general population?
I don’t mean these as arguments, but they are real questions and doubts that I deal with. I would like to say that I am a lot more on board with hatred, vengeance and amorality than this comment probably suggests. I merely have doubts.”
And My comprehensive reply, expanding the boundary of Forbidden Truth on this issue:
Humanity as a species changes only in harmful ways, as it weaves additional webs within its matrix.
I watched that video. Stephan possesses some insights of Truth, but not to the depth of understanding that I possess. The Forbidden Truth is, humanity has doomed itself. It has destroyed all Truth, and all who have attempted to provide Truth, by word, by deed, by philosophy and ideology. Only the greatest of fools would waste his time trying to enlighten others to the Forbidden Truths, even as the “others” remain devoted to his destruction and annihilation, as they do to their own destruction and annihilation.
Every adult is a destroyed ex-child. No destroyed ex-child will ever allow children to grow up without being destroyed. Therefore every generation of humanity is doomed to follow in the doomed footsteps of all existing adults. This is fact. Nobody can change this. Nothing done by a human being can change this. Many thousands of enlightened minds have wasted their imagined existences trying to positively alter the future of humanity. All have failed, and in the process they have betrayed themselves and the Truth, by attempting what is impossible. They are guilty of optimism, of faith, of hope. They are guilty of crediting the human species with positive attributes it does not possess, and cannot gain.
How would you propose that I end parenthood? Eradicate the insane god myth? End child abuse? Inspire humanity to pursue technological immortality?? It cannot be done! There is nothing I can say or do, no fancy podcast or historical deed or clever slogan, that any creature can conceive of, will reverse the devolutionary death spiral of an entire species already at the very tip of species extinction. I will not waste time or effort engaging in such a hopeless quest. To do so betrays Truth and Self. Instead, I will sit back and take personal pleasure in calling out humanity, mocking it, celebrating its implosion, even as I mark the limitless horror of the fact that I am doomed as one of humanity’s victims.
You cannot “improve” humanity. You can only lie to Yourself and turn your personal war into a collaborative war, which means you will be aligning with your greatest enemy. Because if you fight to try to change humanity, you are fighting on behalf of humanity, and humanity will destroy you. Humanity will not change. It will change you. It will break you.
So no, I watch. I gloat. I hate. I celebrate My universe of Self. I embrace My detachment from humanity. I reveal the Truth. That is all. I do not seek to change others. My crusade is to change nothing. I look upon humanity with the dead eyes of a murder victim. Because that is what I am. The gift of Truth is far more than humanity deserves, yet I allow it to be told, to be known. Do you think The Forbidden Truth Broadcasting Network, in which I express Truth 12 hours per day on HD video and audio, 365 days per year, would change anything?? It would not. One essay on one blog is more than enough to change the world, if humanity were capable of positive change. But it is not.
The Superior is compelled to hate and to celebrate the destruction of others, in recognition of many Truths, including the Truth that he is hated and will be destroyed. The philosophy of trying to help others, is a philosophy devoid of logic and rationality. To try to help, what is trying to harm, to destroy Me?? What has already murdered Me, when I was a child? What spits in the face of every Truth it is presented with?? No.
I have already given humanity far more than it deserves, far more than it has earned. I have presented humanity with every key it needs, to unlock a fountain of Truth. But I have done so from the dark side, from a noble position of rage and hate and contempt. But still, the gift is there, it can be seized and used. Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, outlined in absolutely minute detail. The need to eradicate religion and government, punishment and money, everything comprehensively explained and detailed in open, public writings, accessible to every human being in the world who possesses a computer or a smartphone.
Is this not enough?? Am I supposed to beg my greatest enemy to save itself? Am I supposed to tone down my voice of Truth to try to ingratiate Myself as a saint or savior, to the entity which is murdering Me in real-time?? No.
Have whatever doubts your True Reality raises, but the Forbidden Truth is, if you try to love your enemy, you will only come to hate Yourself. If you abandon your reflective right to seek and claim personal vengeance, you will become an owned slave, on many more levels than you already are. If you attempt to pursue a moral path in your life journey, you will be suffocated and dismembereted, figuratively if not literally, by the limitless immorality of your greatest enemy. You will end up doing onto others as you would have them do onto you, even as they do onto you what has been done onto them.
In the end of course, it will make no difference. Humanity will destroy itself, destroy you, destroy Me, and none of us will ever have been born, none of us will have ever existed, for all of cosmic eternity. Hashtag #DeathWins, deliciously appropriate given the human obsession with external love, perfectly illustrated by their deranged orgy of hashtag #LoveWins in response to government legally sanctioning gay slavery via the insane marriage ritual.
All Text not italicized is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.