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The Role of the Jury in Ensuring Universal Injustice For All

In My last essay I dissected the perverse and destructive role played by all judicial judges, across the world, in ensuring all humans, from the greatest of lawbreakers to the most compliant of law-worshippers, suffer and endure universal injustice for all, from their moment of birth, until their moment of retroactive unbirth.
Now, lets kick it up a notch and pound a final nail into the coffin of the myth of justice, by exposing the naked perversity of the jury aspect of the judicial system. Here in the 21st century, many regimes provide a jury option and “freedom” for tortured victim-creations they accuse of committing criminal offenses and seek to punitively punish and harm.
The jury system is especially revered and promoted within amerikkka, a fascist and religiously fundamentalist dictatorship masquerading as a bastion of freedom and justice for all, when in Truth it is the epicenter, ground zero, of the monstrous criminality of all existing judicial systems.
Under the jury system, a group of “ordinary” citizen-slaves are empowered by a government to judge the guilt or innocence, and then “help” recommend an exact punitive punishment, for a fellow torture victim that the regime seeks to persecute. The fact that “ordinary” slaves are allowed to perform this function, is relentlessly flogged by the regimes as demonstrative of a new form of freedom, justice, fairness, and ideological enlightenment, not existing in past, primitive and barbaric eras.
How insane! How absurd! How perversely pathetic that any human possessing a brain can fall for such a transparent sham!
The jury system functions by empowering a selectively vetted group of destroyed citizen-slaves to serve in exactly the same role as the judicial judge. Just as the judicial judge judges nothing, no member of a jury is in a position to judge anything.
You are not allowed to become a jury member unless you swear to uphold and impose existing law, as it is. Prior to being chosen to be a juror, you are interrogated by an existing judge, who demands you prove to him that you will enforce the law exactly as it exists, and apply the law exactly as it is in your deliberation and finding of guilt or innocence.
If you indicate you do not accept the validity of any existing law, and/or you will not be willing to impose this law upon the demonized defendant, and/or you have any moral objection to the specific type of punitive punishment, be it monetary fine, cage lock, or legal murder, and would not be willing to impose such a punishment upon the defendant, the judge will never select you to serve as a juror.
On top of all this, it is a criminal offense to lie to a judge about any of these matters when questioned by him, thus every citizen-slave so interrogated faces the risk of punitive judicial punishment if he is deceptive in his answers.
And, on top of all that, if an interrogated citizen-slave does lie, and does manage to get selected to serve on a jury, and indicates during his deliberations with other jury members that he cannot or will not apply the law as it exists, the other jurors are told they must rat him out to the judge so that he can declare “juror misconduct” and select an entirely new jury and start the entire witch hunt again, from scratch. Plus, of course, the juror so accused faces the risk of being punitively punished and charged with a crime himself, for his “misconduct”.
So, what we have here is a situation where no anarchist, nobody who disagrees with any aspect of the existing law being applied, no human-born with any independent thinking capacity or judgment, no human who opposes the universal injustice inherent in all state-sponsored and committed punishment, has any chance to become a jury member, any chance to influence the outcome of any case in which a regime seeks to impose the injustice of law and punishment upon any individual.
Every chosen juror must act as a mini-judge, after he is carefully prescreened and vetted, via direct interrogation by a judge, to ensure he will apply the terrorist injustice of the state, in his deliberations and verdict.
Can you imagine, those of you who are sane, a more absurd and ridiculous pretense of enlightenment, fairness, improvement to morality and to the pursuit of justice, than the addition of a jury option to modern era judicial trials??!
The jury system is a perfect example and illustration of how governments tweak and modify their genocidally evil, inherently unjust, and ideologically deranged structures, to feed and enhance the illusion and deception of their legitimacy. And in addition, the universal lie of individual freedom and empowerment so coveted by you pathetic and broken citizen-slaves, is presented.
“Oh look, we now get to decide the fate of our fellow citizens, instead of the judge, a direct appointee hired and beholden to our government. What a wonderful example of progressive reform and enlightenment, we must be grateful to our government for affording us this new freedom, unlike the primitive barbarism of the past…”
For this lie alone, as imposed upon you, you creatures should rise up en masse and disintegrate to eternal dust every judicial system in existence today. This would be progress, this would express enlightenment and morality.
Destroy what is destroying you, pathetic fools!

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Towards A Forbidden Truth Understanding Of Justice

Definitional brainwashing permeates every aspect of human existence. Words are transformed to ideas, and ideas to ideologies, and ideologies to social structures, and none of it makes any sense, none of it has any basis in Truth. Because of definitional brainwashing, a weapon deployed by every society and government against you, and against Truth.
Look at justice. What is justice?? Is it the prevention of injustice?? Or is it the commission of injustice in response to past injustice, given the name of “justice” so that victims of injustice are deluded to believe they are attaining justice?? Among 21st century humanity, it is the latter.
If you are sane, and free of the Matrix of Universal Illusion, you know what justice is: The prevention of injustice. This is the only valid definition of justice, this is the only way justice can be achieved.
If injustice occurs, any type of injustice, then justice is lost. It cannot be regained once it is lost.
Attempting to achieve justice, in response to any and every act or circumstance of injustice, can and will only perpetuate and increase the existing injustice. The harmful impacts of an existing injustice can sometimes be mitigated, but justice can never be attained and must never be attempted.
Those who proactively commit unjust acts, causing injustice to occur, do so as victims of injustice. Any attempt to attain justice for any victim of injustice, will increase the degree and severity of injustice for the original victim, thereby insuring universal injustice for all involved parties.
To be clear, every human society and government in the 21st century has a public policy mandate of universal injustice for all. They commit atrocities against every child, promote the commission of atrocities to all adults, then selectively apply deranged moral & legal judgements of what is just and what is unjust, to create & maintain an illusion of morality where none exists.
So, if you are against injustice, it is your mandate to try to prevent all injustice, as you choose to define it, from occurring. Concurrently, if you fail to prevent an injustice from occurring, it is impossible to obtain justice for anyone, or for any group, that you perceive to be a victimized party, and you must not try. Any attempt to attain justice in response to an occurred injustice, only deepens and increases the injustice, making you guilty of directly causing this further injustice.
Within this Forbidden Truth understanding, all 21st century judicial systems must be completely abolished, because they were created and they function upon the fatally flawed, definitional brainwashing delusion, that justice must be sought and attained for victims of injustice.
Further, any and every attempt to punish an individual or group for any perceived act of injustice, not just via the judicial system, but in any manner, must be recognized as impossible to justify, and betraying Truth.
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Outlaw Violence: A Forbidden Truth Understanding

A sane species would thank, honor, and beg forgiveness from, all of its outlaws. Every mass murderer, serial killer, assassin, rapist, would be overtly recognized as not merely a victim, but a direct emissary of Forbidden Truth, a teacher and a philosopher delivering a profoundly important lesson, via action and deed.
A sane species would recognize on every level of consciousness, that punishing any criminal would be the ultimate act of injustice, a public policy choice validating and proving all past, present, and future acts of outlaw violence to be justified at every level: Moral, ethical, reflective, revenge-based, Truthful.
All societal punishment of individuals must end. Unless and until this occurs, outlaw violence is and will remain the sacred right of every individual, a reflective choice worthy of honor, respect, appreciation, and if their True Reality so dictates, direct emulation, by all victims, by all who are human-born.
Outlaw violence both expresses and honors Truth.
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Piercing the Matrix of Universal Illusion

Money does not make you rich. Money is the weapon deployed by government to ensure that you can never identify wealth for what it is.
Abortion does not end pregnancy. Abortion makes you the mother of a murdered baby.
A government does not provide you with freedom. A government is a territorial prison which keeps you as enslaved hostage.
god does not exist. god is the deranged myth imposed upon you, inspiring you to choose and accept death, so that you may never exist.
Punishing others can never result in justice. Punishing others guarantees that every living thing will always be subjected to injustice.
Power can never be attained by forcing others to do things. The only form of power is in preventing others from forcing you to do things.
Love can never be felt for others. Love can only be felt for Yourself.
You can never be guilty, or innocent, of anything. Your innocence has been taken from you, by the very structure that is guilty and responsible for everything harmful that has happened, is happening, and will happen.
Education never teaches you things. Education makes it impossible for you to learn and to know the factual Truths of your existence.
Terrorism is never what others might do to you. Terrorism is always what is being done to you, every day, by those who vow to protect you from terrorism.
Truth is never what you are told or taught or allowed to perceive. Truth is always what is hidden, denied, ridiculed, rejected, and renounced.
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The Purpose of Human Laws

Let Me begin by identifying myself as an outlaw. I am an outlaw because laws are wrong, because laws are impossible to justify, and because laws should not exist. I am an outlaw because all laws, individually and collectively, constitute an attack against Me, a violation of my sovereignty as a sentient life form.
I do not care about how I am perceived by others, but here is how I recognize and embrace my position within the universe: I am an Outcast, an Outsider, an Outlaw, Out and Out Outrageously into Myself. Outer space does not exist in an area independent of the gravitational pull of planet earth. Outer space exists everywhere beyond the control of the personal universe of thought, experience, and MindPower that I have built and lay ownership claim to.
So let us begin with a definitional dissection of human laws. Remember humans, nothing can ever be understood for what it is, unless and until it is accurately defined within the parameters of Forbidden Truth. Definitional dissections achieve this feat. Integrate the Truths I am revealing here to core consciousness, and you will know the Truth. You will know that laws are wrong. You will know why it is impossible to justify the existence of laws, and you will know why laws must not be allowed to exist.
Every individual law exists as a supremely powerful weapon of terrorism, oppression, and victimization. Every individual law is overtly deployed as a terrorist weapon, by the state, by a government. Every individual law is a creation of government, it is owned by government, and it is used by government to inflict harm and injustice upon the citizen-slaves to which a government claims slave ownership.
Collectively, laws as a whole represent the foundational fabric of universal human slavery. Let us understand: Human slavery by government would not be functionally possible, without both the existence of laws, and the tacit acceptance of the validity and legitimacy of laws, by citizen-slaves.
There can never be such a thing as a good law, or a necessary law, or a fair law, or an equitable law. All seekers of Truth must understand that the epic and eternal debate, intentionally sponsored and stimulated by all modern era societies, regarding the wording of laws, modifications of existing laws, elimination of old laws, creation of new laws, and how violators of laws should be punished, is nothing more than diversion and distraction, a societal ploy intended to position the validity of the existence of law itself, as something impossible to question, to challenge, and to reject.
By proactively sponsoring a never-ending internal debate as to which laws should be enacted, how laws should be modified, and how violators of laws should be punished, every society and government successfully brainwashes every citizen-slave to accept the perverse, absurd, and genocidally harmful premise that laws must exist, that the concept of law is inherently valid and necessary. This is a lie.
Every law exists as an expression of an existing social pathology of mind, of character, and of behavior. Every law, taken individually and applied collectively, directly creates the 21st century social pathology of universal injustice for all, which exists and is imposed upon each of us. No law protects anyone from harm. How can a law protect someone from harm, when laws are what enable the universal harming of all individuals by the state?
Every law is designed to impose ideological and behavioral restrictions upon a specific set of individuals, deploying a pretext of morality illusion, but backed up with the overt terrorist threat of the state to inflict harm, should the law be disobeyed. This two-tier system is necessary, because there is no moral basis for any law, and every man-made judicial law directly violates the natural law of True Reality and of reflection. For this reason, any attempt by a society to compel obedience to law under a stated moral code, would fail. Only the terrorism of direct threat and the infliction of actual harm, can and does result in majority obedience to laws.
Every law is created for the purpose of sponsoring injustice, by criminalizing specfic actions by specific individuals in specific circumstances, that the state itself overtly practices and commits. Therefore, the very existence of laws, legitimizes the criminality of the state, while empowering the state to hypocritically and arbitrarily terrorize, harm, and destroy individuals who are simply traumatized victims of this institutionalized injustice.
government enacts laws against murder, yet it sponsors the infliction of murder as a matter of law, via war, abortion, capital punishment, hunting, and the withholding of technological immortality, causing the universal murder of everyone. government enacts laws against robbery, yet robs every individual of money via taxation, of time and freedom via forced labor, of psychological health and sanity via sponsorship of universal child abuse.
government enacts laws against kidnapping and hijacking, yet it kidnaps and hijacks the body and mind of every child via the deranged structure of the Sacred Family Unit, and by brainwashing the minds of all children to patriotism, nationalism, god worship, and Self-hatred.
government enacts laws against assassination, exalting malevolent leaders to the status of pseudo-gods, as it destroys the capacity of all children to recognize and embrace their own instinctual freedom of Self and individuality to claim leadership over their own existence.
government enacts laws against extortion, even as it uses every imaginable form of coercion, brainwashing, threat and punishment, to force every child and every adult human being to accept personal abuse, harm, victimization, injustice, throughout his entire imagined existence.
I can go on, but the Forbidden Truth is clear to any sane thinker: Laws are designed and enacted to legitimize immorality and injustice. To create a two-tiered, cloaked system of universal injustice for all, impossible for the successfully brainwashed citizen-slave to accurately identify as such. The creation of a law is an inherently immoral act, because laws are what allow a government to carry out acts of immorality. The creation of a law is an inherently unjust act, because laws enable and facilitate government infliction of universal injustice.
Only under the perverse mandate of law: Can immoral acts be perceived as moral. Can brutal injustice be perceived as a fair dispensement of justice. Can abuse and destruction be disguised as just and appropriate punishment. Can a slave structure give itself permission to do to its slaves, what it denies its slaves the legitimacy to do to others.
Laws are a suffocating plague upon all human progressive potential. Laws, more than any other single structure, ensure that all personal freedom will always be extinguished before it is even ignited. Laws give society and government permission to enslave every individual: Body, mind, and soul.
And the brainwashed idiots continue to bleat that laws are necessary to protect them from being harmed by others. But the Forbidden Truth is, the only reason others wish to harm them, and it is the same reason that they themselves are obsessed with harming others, even as they refuse to consciously face this fact, is because we are all harmed by government and society, and laws are the functional structure which allows such harm to occur.
There are no criminals. There are only victimized children expressing the natural law of True Reality reflection: Do onto others as they have caused to be done onto Me. This is the only valid law. You deserve to be harmed because you have allowed government to enact laws, under your names. And these laws have and will cause harm to others. You cause harm, you sponsor harm, and yet you wish to use laws, the same structure you deploy to cause universal harm, to protect yourselves from being harmed?? Even as you welcome and accept the far greater harm that has, is, will be inflicted upon you by government, under law itself??
No, your hypocrisy cannot be allowed to stand. And this is just one reason why I am not merely an anarchist, but an outlaw. I identify as an outlaw, and this has nothing to do with whether or not I violate specific laws. I violate law itself, period, by granting Myself limitless freedom to all ideas, philosophies, and actions which find harmony within the reflection of my True Reality.
I cheer all outlaw acts, no matter how many humans are harmed, traumatized, destroyed. From John Hinckley to Ted Bundy to Osama bin-Laden to Timothy McVeigh to Charles Manson to Jane Toppan to Dylan Klebold. I honor all who defy law, because law is wrong, because laws are what destroy all children, and because all who choose to live under governmental law, forfeit all right to be protected  from the reflective, True Reality based harm which laws directly cause.
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Cage Lock and the Matrix of Freedom Illusion

Seekers of Forbidden Truth must understand that no human social structure comes into existence by accident, or by any natural process. Every human social structure exists as deliberate artificialization of reality, and has an overt purpose of concealing Truth, of rendering actual, factual Truth invisible and impossible for the masses of human slaves to recognize, comprehend, or to place within a valid context relating to their envisioned existence.
In this essay I will be dissecting just one of the thousands of different artificial social constructs, and revealing the primary role it plays within the social matrix of universal slavery, a context which you humans are completely blind to and ignorant of. It is important, as you attempt to integrate the specific Forbidden Truths of imprisonment which I am revealing here, for all seekers of Truth to recognize that this is just one of thousands of different social constructs which are deliberately designed to achieve deception of intent, to brainwash and delude all citizen-slaves into believing that they serve specific primary functions, when in Truth they serve a very different primary function, which is concealed via deliberate brainwashing and propaganda, from the conscious awareness of the human masses.
Jail, prison, and involuntary commitment to and confinement at hospitals due to adjudicated mental disease or defect, these three organized social structures exist as socially sponsored and imposed cage locks, and for the remainder of this essay they will be referred to as physical confinement cage locks. There is no legitimate difference between these three forms of cage lock, and it is not appropriate to use any of the societal terms associated with these three forms of cage lock. The terms themselves serve to obscure and destroy Forbidden Truth. The prisons of education, family, employment, citizenship, and death, among many others, are rendered impossible to perceive, by the social imposition of the term “prison”, to describe the actual event of physical confinement cage lock.
Cage lock serves many different malicious goals and mandates of human society and government. None of these very real goals and motivations may be dismissed or ignored or trivialized, and it is not My intent to do so within this essay. My goal is to illuminate the #1 motivational intent and organized goal of the social structure of cage lock, the intent and goal which is masked, obscured, denied, and rendered invisible, by the intentional projection and dissemination by society and government, of other, secondary and tertiary goals and motivations.
Let us begin with the clear understanding that all cage lock is unjust and serves no legitimate or valid purpose. Therefore, all of the socially positioned reasons, explanations, and justifications for why cage lock is necessary and/or appropriate, exist as absolute lies and pure deception. Cage lock is always inappropriate and impossible to justify on any level, because it attempts to further harm individuals who are already victims of harm. Cage lock exists as a moral judgment that individual victims of harm deserve to be further harmed, carried out by the very structure, human society and government, which is guilty of and responsible for initiating and legitimizing the cycle of harm, the imposition of injustice itself.
Physical confinement cage lock can be Truthfully defined as: “The organized imposition of injustice and harm by human society and government upon specific individuals, for the purpose of covering up and denying the universal , deliberate, intentional imposition of injustice and harm by human society and government upon all children, upon all individuals of all ages, on a perpetual basis, for the malicious purpose of establishing an illegitimate code of morality and justice which has no basis in sanity, rationality, or functional Truth.”
So now, let us return to the main point of this essay, which is not to delegitimize all forms of social punishment, which I have already done in other essays. This text focuses on the primary mandate concealment of all human social structures, there are thousands of such structures, and cage lock is simply being used as a singular example.
So, what are the deceptively positioned, claimed primary mandates of the social structure of physical confinement cage lock?
1: To punish those who fail to conform to the terror-based demands of personal behavior imposed by society and government.
2: To allow victims of universal injustice and harm to believe that justice can be served by harming others.
3: To terrorize obedience from citizen-slaves via an overt threat of being punished via physical confinement cage lock.
4: To protect valued citizen-slaves from being harmed by unvalued cage lock slaves.
There are many other claimed mandates for the existence of cage lock, and these mandates exist to varying degrees of transparent openness, meaning society and government chooses to allow mainstream conscious awareness of these mandates, to differing degrees, as it finds them to be helpful in maintaining the universal matrix. For example, among the four articulated motivations above, #4, the claimed need to protect those who are not cage locked from being harmed by those who are cage locked, is most openly expressed as a primary reason why cage lock must continue and is absolutely appropriate and legitimate. #2, on the other hand, is only expressed via a layer of deception, the actual harm being committed via cage lock, disguised and concealed as a noble deliverance of justice.
But only above and beyond all of these claimed motivations and mandates, will we find the primary reason why the physical confinement cage lock has been developed and integrated as a vital aspect of every human society and government. It is this primary reason that society and government will never admit, will never allow to rise up to open public consciousness. And here it is:
The primary purpose and goal of the social structure of physical confinement cage lock is to obscure the universal slavery, the universal imprisonment, which is brutally and directly inflicted and imposed by human society and government upon every human child and adult, of every age, of every economic and social background, everywhere in the world, always, at all times.
The matrix is the prison, you idiots! Your minds are locked up in cages, so that you may never understand or be able to define, what freedom is. The womb is a prison, the crib is a prison, the stroller is a prison, the family unit is a prison, mom is the most brutal of prison wardens, dad is the most sadistic of prison wardens, the school is a prison, the teacher is a prison guard, the principal is warden of the prison, money is a prison, religion is a prison, employment is a prison, marriage is a prison, parenthood is a prison, your automobile is a prison, the airplane is a prison, the vacation is a prison, the skateboard is a prison, interactive sex is a prison, emotional connectivity is a prison, mortality is a prison. And the list goes on, blind and brainless fools!
Your existence within the social matrix consists of nothing more than an endless series of jails, prisons, institutions for the insane, an endless series of cages which must be made invisible to you, so that you willingly step into the cage, which you have been successfully brainwashed to perceive as a form of or gateway to, freedom. But it is not, it is pure slavery, it is the cage lock of the mind, the cage lock you cannot perceive or recognize.
Why can you not perceive or recognize these cages for what they are?? There are many different reasons, which I have comprehensively articulated in many of My writings. But on a primary level of consciousness, let us understand that the physical confinement cage lock, the jail, prison, mental institution, exists for the specific purpose of rendering invisible, the universality of every existence as that of perpetual prisoner.
“Look at them, they are physically locked up inside cages for doing bad things. They are not free, they are captive slaves. Now, look at yourselves. You are free, because you obey. Obedience is good. In obedience you do good things and you are therefore rewarded with the gift of freedom. You are not locked up inside of a jail, a prison, or a mental institution. You are free to do as you wish, as long as you obey. Here it is, just for you, the gift of freedom illusion.”–Human society and government to all citizen-slaves.
Do you understand now? Only by holding out the example and illustration of physical confinement cage lock as a prison, is society and government able to maintain the deception and illusion of freedom to you, as it inflicts the horror of a universal and endless series of prisons upon each of you, from biological conception all the way until you lose the ability to pretend to be alive, at the moment of your death.
I am proud to reveal that I have been forcibly incarcerated in both prison and mental institution, and the time I spent in both places, stands out as the time when I felt most free. Not because I was free, but because the mind cages of universal slavery which constitute your illusions of freedom, were most strikingly made clear to Me, on a directly personal level.
Of course physical movement cage lock does not constitute freedom. Of course not! But the freedom withheld by the cage lock is nothing, it is a minor inconvenience, when directly contrasted with the cage lock of the broken-minded citizen-slave who believes himself to be free, as he mindlessly transitions within an endless series of cages, prisons, and cells, lacking all conscious awareness of his plight, as a result of existing as a drone trapped within the universal matrix of social illusion.

“We’re all our own prisons, we are each all our own wardens and we do our own time. Prison’s in your mind. Can’t you see I’m free?”–Charles Manson

“My peace is in the desert or in the jail cell, and had I not seen the sunshine in the desert I would be satisfied with the jail cell much more over your society, much more over your reality, and much more over your confusion, and much more over your world, and your word games that you play.”–Charles Manson

“I have always been in your cell.”–Charles Manson

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Compassion, Empathy, and Respect

I am filled with compassion, empathy, and respect…for Myself. For you creatures, not so much. I choose to selectively bestow compassion, empathy, and respect, towards specific individuals that I recognize as being the greatest victims of the highest degrees of injustice and victimization. I reserve my compassion, empathy, and respect, for individuals such as James Eagan Holmes and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I honor them for trying to show humanity what it is, more so than for trying to show humanity what they are. I honor them because you refuse to honor them. I honor them because you choose to deny them compassion, empathy, and respect, in the process increasing their victimization, increasing the injustice they have always been subjected to.
I do not deny you inferiors, your victimhood status. But I only have so much positive sentiment available, and I will always hoard most of it for Myself. The small amount I choose to distribute upon others, will go to those that you demonize, those that you choose to demonize. Your created victims, people like Dzhokhar and James, that you continue to persecute. I align with them, because you deny them their victimhood status. I align with them, because you choose to continue to harm them, instead of thanking them for showing you what you are, and being inspired to beg them for the forgiveness that you do not deserve.
Inside the cages you build for your torture victims, Truth flourishes. Individuals are destroyed, but Truth remains triumphant. You murder your children and you murder your adults. You murder physically, and you murder ideologically. You murder in order to conceal the Truth that you have always been murderers, that you murder everything you touch.
Your grand theatrical odes to justice and revenge, punishment and redemption, are pathetic and perverse charades. Your theaters are shrines to violence, yet you demonize a tortured child for showing you what you are. Your marathon races are testaments to the cowardice of a species devoted to fleeing from itself at every turn, yet you demonize a tortured child for showing you what you are. You fight for the freedom to lie to yourselves, and for the freedom to destroy yourselves, and in the process you destroy anyone who dares to show you what you are, as James and Dzhokhar and Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy and Timothy McVeigh and Ted Bundy and Howard Unruh, and so many thousands of others, have tried to do.
We are only your reflection, we are only what you made us, we are only your created victims. And so when you blame and judge and demonize us, you prove that our actions were not merely just, but insufficient. Insufficient to right the universal scale of injustice that you have built, that you deploy against us.
So no, I will decline all compassion, empathy, and respect for the secondary victims that you ruthlessly exploit in order to feet better about yourselves. I will reserve all compassion, empathy, and respect for my fellow front-level victims, the individuals you dare to condemn to be murdered, locked inside cages, subjected to brain chemistry alteration, denied their victimhood status, denied the honor and gratitute that is owed to them.
You are going to destroy each of us, I cannot prevent this horrific tragedy and injustice. My only solace is in knowing, with absolute certainty, that in choosing to destroy us, you are ensuring your own destruction, individually and as a collective species.
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The Punishment & Discipline of Children

Ask a million humans, broken and destroyed humans, victims of child abuse, if there is a valid difference between punishment and discipline, and 99.9999% will answer Yes, and an equal majority will declare that both are absolutely necessary and fully justified, under specific circumstances. They are wrong, dead wrong, on both counts. Let us begin with a clear understanding that discipline and punishment are exactly the same thing, as defined within all rational understanding and Forbidden Truth.
To punish and to discipline, is to inflict coercive and terrorizing trauma upon an individual, for the purpose of trying to force him to alter his behavior or his ideology, and by proxy, to terrorize other humans, bystanders and observers, into not embracing or participating in specific behaviors or ideologies, from a collective position of societal and governmental authorization and encouragement. The only reason punishment and discipline are not criminal offenses, is because they have the backing of society and government, which function as cloaked criminal enterprises. In terms of injustice, trauma, and suffering inflicted, all punishment and all discpline is the same, and always impossible to rationally justify.
In this essay I wish to specifically and only address the issue of punishing and disciplining children, but in order to do so with accuracy, it must be understood that no adult can ever be worthy of punishment or discipline, either. Punishment and discipline, as Truthfully defined, exist as universal offenses against the most basic of human rights and freedoms, and punishment and discipline are intrinsically and inherently unjust, immoral, and wrong, regardless of the age of the victim, and regardless of any “reasons” given by those who inflict punishment/discipline, or the hypocritical and invalid rationalizations of society and government, authorizing the commission of these injustices. Discipline and punishment are harmful, they constitute acts of terrorism, authorized by the state, and carried out on both a private and public level by individuals who have already been victimized by this atrocity.
Society and government decree that all children must be properly disciplined, and all children must be punished for doing wrong or harmful things. This deranged perspective is fully rooted in the universal use of children as Poison Containers for and by parents and other adults, and it is equally rooted in the conscious choice of society and government to terrorize all children into blind obedience to the state and to adults, designed to create a broken citizen-slave who will spend his entire imaginary lifetime in a state of personal terror, obeying others at every level, obeying the laws, edicts, decrees of society, governmet, and its empowered agents, as well as subjugating personal will to bosses, to spouses, to sexual partners, etc…
The Forbidden Truth is, no child should ever be disciplined or punished for any reason. All punishment and discipline of children constitutes deliberate, overt, and impossible to justify child abuse, and all punishment/discipline destroys the capacity of all children to develop a reality perception grounded in personal freedom and individual rights and emotional/intellectual autonomy. All punishment and discipline of children constitute, first and foremost, not an attack upon the capacity of the child to act is specific ways, but an attack upon the capacity of the child to think within personal freedom and autonomy.
There is nothing any child can do, which would legitimize his discipline/punishment. Nothing! There are only three reasons any child in the world, of any age, will ever do anything “wrong”: Children do “wrong” things either because they do not know better, or because they lack impulse control, or because “wrong” things have been done to them. I will dissect all three of these reasons right now, but first we must define, in this specific context, exactly what the word “wrong” means. The only valid definition of wrong which applies here is as follows: An action or ideology that directly results in the risk of experiencing personal harm or death. Nothing else that a child may do, including the direct harming of others, should be considered “wrong”, as all such externally harmful actions reflect personal harm suffered.
So, the first reason a child might do something wrong, is because he does not know any better. Examples of this would be running out into traffic, or holding his hand over a burning stove flame. There are only two legitimate ways to address this problem, and both are void of all punishment and discipline. The first way is to verbally explain to the child the exact and specific negative consequences that could result from such behavior. If the child has actually endangered his existence, explain to him, verbally, the exact and full consequences of death, explain to him how terrible it is to die. Do NOT lie or withhold any facts, Truth does not terrorize, To tell a child the Truth never constitutes abuse or terrorization, even if it is possible the child may feel terrorized by the Truth. Truth enlightens, no matter how undesirable it is. Tell the child the Forbidden Truths of death, as they are.
If the actions of the child caused a significant risk of physical injury or body destruction, do exactly the same thing. Verbally explain to the child, in graphic detail, the exact potential consequences of his actions, in terms of suffering pain, losing a finger or arm or leg, etc… Be very graphic, if the child has experienced pain in the past, remind him of that pain, warn him he may experience similar or worse pain, if he continues his “wrong” behavior. Ask him to imagine only having one hand or one arm or being blind, if his “wrong” behavior carried a genuine risk of suffering such a loss. Always be honest, Truthful, and graphic, this is not discipline, it is not punishment, and it is not abuse. It is helping a child to make proper and sane decisions, based upon Self-love and personal benefit.
Now, it is absolutely correct that due to physical age and mental maturity, some children cannot fully understand, process, or remember, graphic and clear verbal explanations of potential consequence for doing the “wrong” thing. In all such circumstances, even if the child is only 12 months old, a full verbal explanation must be given, exactly as outlined above. And if the child is unable to express an understanding of what he has been told, the only recourse is for every adult and human society/government, to accept the responsibility of preventing the child from having access to the potentially harmful activity. The child must be prevented from being able to access the street, preventing from being able to reach an open flame, etc… Adults must absolutely assume this responsibility, and never resort to any type of discipline/punishment as an alternative, or if they fail to meet this proactive responsibility. Any such failure is their fault, not the fault of the child.
Sometimes, a child will be able to fully understand the negative consequences of a possible action, but due to mental immaturity as well as the genetic brain function defects of his species, will lack the impulse control necessary to refrain from continuing to commit the same dangerous action. The only recourse for adults, society, and government, in these situations, is to continue to verbally articulate the dangers involved, and to offer the child rewards, things the child desires, for refraining from engaging in such actions.
It must be understood that throughout this essay, I am referencing only actions in which the child is actually endangering his life or health, because nothing else a child may do, can be considered “wrong”. There is no thought or belief or behavior that deserves to be considered wrong, unless it is overtly Self-harmful.
So finally, we come to the greatest of all problems: Children engaging in potentially Self-harmful behavior, because bad, wrong, and harmful things have been done to them. This expresses the personal trauma of a victim, and of course it can never be addressed via any additional victimization or terrorization, which is exactly what all discipline and punishment is. The first step to addressing this problem is to eliminate all child abuse. Yes, I know you diseased creatures can never do this, will never try to do this, but it is the first, necessary step. Your failure to eradicate all child abuse from the human experience of existence, is why 99.99999% of all children aged 12 and older, and the same percentage of adults, overtly hate, harm, and destroy themselves.
The second step is to go to the child and apologize, beg the child for forgiveness on behalf of yourself and on behalf of all of humanity, and within this process, directly explain to the child exactly why he is motivated to harm and endanger himself. Tell him the Truth, tell him that it is your fault, and the fault of every adult, and the fault of humanity, human society and government, as a whole. Tell him he is a victim, tell him he should try to love himself and reject his humanity, even if you yourself cannot even imagine doing either.
And now, the third step, the most important step, and let Me preface by saying that this third step is universally applicable to all three reasons children do “wrong”, Self-harmful things. This third step is what I define as an appeal to emotional empathy, and it is beautifully described by Seer Charles Manson, in this direct quote: 
“In the desert I got to looking at the coyotes, and I got to be close around with the dogs and the snakes, and the wild rabbits, goats, and mules. They’d roam around the desert in small packs, and in herds that sometimes were only maybe a couple of burros, four or five in a pack, and they were afraid of man. You could tell he’d been around and cracked sticks on them, and beat on them whenever he could, and they were afraid of anyone going close to them. But I could do it. I’d approach them and I would sit down, and with all the strength I had I’d begin to cry out loud so that they could hear me. Just weeping and sobbing, and pretty soon one of the mules would come sort of close, then closer, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Then when he was right in front of me, pretty soon he’d reach over, he’d rub his nose against me, nudging me as if trying to understand. Very slowly, hardly making any motion at all, I’d touch him and before long he understood that I could love him and he’d be willing to do whatever he could for me, because he had it in his mind that I did love him and meant him no harm, and we were the same. Some of us went around the desert for weeks trying to get as close as we could to all the animals, to try to learn from them how to live out there, how they did it, and to be part of them.”–Charles Manson.
Here is what you must do for your children, if you want to establish a claim to care about them, and to wish for them to thrive. No matter their age or state of maturity, if they do something Self-harming, or Self-endangering, and you care: Go to them, look at them, break down, and weep! Weep with uncontrolled passion. Weep for your own destroyed past, present, and future. Weep for what has been done and for what is being done to every child, everywhere in the world, every minute of every day, via the universal destruction of universal child abuse.
Do not speak to the child, do not offer any type of verbal explanation for your actions. Do not ask anything of the child. Simply go to the child, fall to your knees or curl up on the floor in a fetal position, and weep. Weep sincere and genuine tears, hysterical tears, and do not stop. There is no time limit. Weep, and wait. See what happens. Even if the child has been victimized by significant trauma, there is a good chance your genuine and sincere emotional breakdown will inspire him to approach you, to ask you what is wrong, and to try to offer comfort. Wait until this happens, and then tell him the Truth. Tell him why you are weeping, tell him it is your fault that he is trying to harm or endanger himself. Beg him for forgiveness, through your tears, as you mourn not only his victimization, but your own as well.
Accept his comfort, if he offers it, and embrace your own victimhood status . Tell the child how much you have suffered, tell him how terrible it is to be a child. Tell hm you know, because you were a child, and you exist now as a destroyed ex-child. Tell him just how perverse and pathetic the world is. Tell him he is right, and the world is wrong, and try to inspire him to love Himself, to pursue a path of egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love.
In all of My research into child abuse, I have never come across any text which promotes this most elemental, cathartic, and effective form of positive emotional connectivity. Just go to the child and weep. Weep, and wait, and tell the Truth. Only Charles Manson, destroyed and tortured ex-child, articulates this brilliant, breakthrough method of addressing child abuse. No psychologist or psychologist or behavioral scientist has ever or will ever even mention, much less promote, this therapeutic breakthrough. Why not?? Because the Forbidden Truths of universal child abuse can never and must never be openly acknowledged, and because you, as a species, want and need every child to not only suffer, but become a completely destroyed adult.
And yes, a few children will simply stand by and smirk as you weep uncontrollably, never asking why, never offering any comfort. These are the children you have already completely destroyed, as a society, and to them you should simply say: “You are our created victim, and you have the right to harm others. Instead of harming Yourself, if your True Reality so dictates, please accept and embrace your proactive right and entitlement to harm others. ” This is the right thing to do, this is what you owe to the children you have destroyed.
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Still More Forbidden Truths on Killing Others

This blog post is a follow-up to two previous blog posts in which I dissect the individual right to kill others. I strongly suggest that before you read this blog post, you either read or re-read both of My previous posts, because the Forbidden Truths expressed previously, lay the groundwork for the additional Forbidden Truths revealed here.
The first blog post is here:
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Please note that all of My comments below will appear in bold and non-italicized text, while the emailed questions/comments which I am choosing to address, appear in light and italicized text. This is being done to ensure there is no confusion as to the brilliant insights of Truth which I am delivering.
The right to kill is validated by the motivation and need to kill. Any individual who feels compelled to kill, proves by the very compulsion that he has already been killed, on some level. He is a victim of murder, killing others is simply an honest, although usually misdirected, reflection of the murder he has Himself experienced, as victim.
“Sure, but being killed on one level is different from being killed totally and completely, no?”
The societal choice and decision to cause an individual to be murdered, on any level, bestows upon that individual the reflective and True Reality right to murder others, on any level. There must be no inhibition of action on a personal level, inspired by any external imposition of right, freedom, entitlement, or moral code, because all such rights, freedoms, entitlements, and morality codes are invalid and hypocritical. Society and government sponsors the absolute destruction of each and every one of us.
“I’d much rather have my spirit murdered, than to have my entirety eliminated.”
The issue is not what you want, the issue is personal entitlement to reflect, on the part of every created victim. Do not forget, humanity as a whole is collectively guilty of sponsoring the universal harm and murder which all children and adults are subjected to.
“And if they want to reflect their pain accurately, wouldn’t they kill someone on the same level they have been killed?”
All reflections of personal trauma are valid, and must be respected and honored. The only legitimste way to deny an individual the right to choose if, when, and how to reflectively harm others, is to proactively prevent him from experiencing the harm and personal trauma which inspires his desire and need to reflect the harm and personal trauma he has already experienced.
“And why does that individual being murdered deserve to be killed like that?”
If he exists as a member of society, as 99.999999999% of all humans do, he has no right to be externally protected from harm, because he is guilty of sponsoring the universal harm and destruction of all living things. If he has transcended his humanity and does notexist as a member of society, he will Himself proactively reject external protection from harm, in recognition that just as he himself possesses a True Reality right to harm others, as created victim, he must respect and honor the right of others to try to harm/destroy him.
“If someone came up to Me with intent to murder Me, I would not care one bit what they’ve been through, I would not allow them to terminate Me.”
Of course not. Neither would I. Nothing that I have said, in any way suggests the right of an individual to personally destroy any living thing which attempts to destroy him, is negated. Certainly not. The right of others to try to harm and destroy you, is a right to try. He has the True Reality right to try to harm/destroy you, and you have the True Reality right, far more than a right, an absolute obligation to Self, to try to deny, thwart, and repel his individual True Reality right to harm/destroy you. And of course if you happen to harm/destroy him while attempting to thwart his True Reality right to harm/destroy you, this is inherently justified on every level.
But, what you do not have the right to do, is to deploy society and government to try to protect you from being harmed/killed by individuals seeking to reflect their True Reality, in terms of authorizing their punitive punishment by the state, via arrest, police intervention, monetary fine, confinement inside a locked cage, etc… You have no such right because the state is guilty and responsible for their victimization, not to mention your past, present, and future victimization. You betray both Self and Truth if you authorize your greatest enemy and destroyer, to “protect” you from being harmed by a specific individual, even as this same structure is guilty not only of having harmed him, but of harming you as well, in the past, present, and future.
Do you understand? As a Superior, you must protect and defend Yourself from harm, at all costs. Even as an inferior, you absolutely possess this right and Self-obligation, unquestionably. But at the same time you have no right to deploy your victimizer and destroyer: government or any of its functional structures, to protect you from being harmed by any individual, or to impose any type of punishment upon any individual who might harm or kill you as part of his True Reality reflections.
“It wasn’t even the murder target that caused the person direct harm, it was the social structure. Shouldn’t murder then only be directed against those guilty, not victims of society just like the murderer?”
We are all victims of society and government. Police, soldiers, executioners, hunters, presidents, we are all victims. Choosing to align with your destroyer by becoming a pig or soldier or leader of a government, does not negate your victimhood status. Every victim of the organized injustice of society and government, possesses an unlimited True Reality right to reflect. Attempting to control and direct and judge which reflections might be morally or ethically more justified than other reflections, makes a mockery of the Forbidden Truth that we ourselves are victims of the absolute lack of all morality and ethics under which universal child abuse, universal victimization, and universal injustice as sponsored by society and government, occur.
As long as humanity as a whole chooses to sponsor universal injustice against all, human beings cannot attempt to individually judge the appropriateness of any reflective act of True Reality harm or killing. The only moral mandate humanity can claim, is to proactively prevent living things from being harmed, victimized, traumatized. You cannot go back, in hindsight, and attempt to censor, deny, or direct in any way, the right of those who are already victims of this universal injustice, to choose their targets and methods of achieving cathartic vengeance.
The following paragraph is My text from a previous blog post, necessary to leave here in order to provide context:
Because it is an accurate reflection. Because all personal trauma is uniquely experienced by every victim, and the victim who chooses to kill is outing himself as a murder victim, even if he possesses no capacity to consciously understand and agree to this Truth.
“Define accurate?”
He who has been victimized, and understands himself to be a victim, has the True Reality right to try to victimize others as he and he alone deems appropriate. He who has been abused, and understands himself to be a victim of abuse, has the True Reality right to try to abuse others. He who has been traumatized, and understands himself to be a victim of trauma, has the True Reality right to try to traumatize others. All these rights can carry no external restrictions, and they exist as rights, not as obligations. This is accurate reflection. It has no further regulation/restriction, such as who may be harmed, or how they may be harmed.
“And if personal trauma is uniquely experienced, what if even after family unit and government is abolished and peace is achieved, that people will find those conditions personally traumatic? Will murder still be justified even after the government and society become sane (if that’s even possible)? People will likely find a new standard for trauma, and the cycle might begin again.”
The right to reflect personal trauma cannot be negated. Mandatory Parental Competency Testing would prevent those who need to cathartically reflect their child abuse upon children, via parenting, from doing so. But the cathartic, True Reality abuse and killing of children and adults will still occur, and must always be respected and honored. This does not mean you cannot try to defend yourself on an individual level. It does mean that no type of punitive punishment or judicial/moral judgment can be rendered against individuals who harm or kill.
As I outline within My Manifesto, an absolutely benign form of movement limitation, in which individuals who have killed and harmed others are given unlimited access to violent material, a large and private residence, and absolutely no requirement to perform labor or otherwise “contribute” to society, might be useful in limiting and minimizing harm and murder, but such a system must be void of all punitive punishment, and can never be instituted unless and until government and society has terminated all proactive abuse, victimization, and forced trauma, not merely child abuse, but perversions such as forced labor as well.
Punitive punishment of individuals can never and will never be justified. Any such punishment would constitute the initiation of a cycle of abuse, victimization, and trauma, by society/government, regardless of any other reforms which may be instituted. The first wave of reform must include the total elimination of all organized societal punishment.
When you embrace all Forbidden Truth, you understand that murder is always, everywhere, surrounding each of us. How many murders are being committed every single day in your name, by your society and government, if you live as a citizen-slave? And even more primarily, each of us is being actively murdered in real-time, each day, every moment, by the proactive refusal of society and government to allow and to fund technological immortality research and development. We are all murder victims, and murder is being carried out on our behalf, to satiate our suppressed and denied homicidal rage, all of the time.
“Again, if society and government stop killing others and stop oppressing, will that make murder unjustifiable, given society’s newfound sanity?”
It will never be possible to ensure that 100% of the human population is protected from abuse, harm, trauma, and victimization. After all reforms which I outline have been instituted, the True Reality right of the tiny minority who are victims of abuse, harm, trauma, and victimization, to abuse, harm, and kill others, must be respected and honored. Honoring this right proves the evolution of the species, and in Truth, many of these victims would choose not to exercise their True Reality right, in conscious understanding that their society did not intentionally and deliberately sponsor their abuse, trauma, victimization.
Many would be inspired to find non-violent ways to cope with their justified rage and hate, ways that do not directly harm/kill others, and society would embrace an obligation to help them find and embrace such ways. Examples would be making available unlimited types of child pornography to those who desire it, and creating realistic virtual reality simulations of causing suffering and death to others, via use of computers, robots, mannequins, etc… But the absolute standard of no punitive punishment must always be maintained. The few who will harm/kill others must be openly honored as being great victims, worthy of pure mercy, great apology, and absolutely benign treatment on all levels.
The following two paragraphs are My text from My previous blog post, provided here to establish context:
No living thing has the right to live. This is a societal decree and mandate. My right to live is decreed invalid, by the public policy mandates of society and government. Yet this same society and government turns around and attempts to convince Me to adopt and embrace insane moral and ethical standards regarding respect for life, even as it rejects My very right to life?? No, hypocrisy does not stand in the world of Forbidden Truth.
If My life, both in terms of child abuse/trauma/victimization, and the actual, eternal termination of existence, is decreed worthless by the society that is murdering Me, that will murder Me, there is no way any society can even dream of trying to convince Me to respect and honor the lives of others.”
“I agree with what you are saying here, but could you please elaborate on the exact ways society decrees that nothing has the right to live?”
Society sponsors the universal death of all living things. Society refuses to pursue immortality research. Society has created the family unit structure in order to perpetuate and legitimize death. Society decrees the life of every newborn to be absolutely worthless, by enslaving him at random to his biological creators. Society chooses to proactively murder womb-trapped children. Society chooses to conduct war, the deliberate murder of strangers by strangers. There are 100 more specific examples, but I have already provided them in My texts.
The following paragraph is a repeat of My past blog post on this issue, provided for context:
Now, this being said and understood, killing others is not something that the Superior thinker should take lightly. It should not be emotion-based, nor should it occur as knee-jerk reaction, nor should it be undertaken in any way that betrays Truth or Self.
“If that is so, then what is to be said for folks who do kill as a knee-jerk reaction or out of emotion?”
That they are inferiors, in comparison to Superiors. But still far less inferior than those who merely harm and destroy themselves. And that their right to True Reality reflection is in no way impacted by their failure to achieve personal Superiority. Their victimhood status is the same as that of any Superior, and they must be treated as absolute victims, not as perpetrators of anything “wrong”, and as always, the only obligation that exists is upon society and government, to terminate the victimization of human beings.
Again, next paragraph is My quote from My previous blog post:
No. Injustice may not be externally measured, and neither may trauma. The suffering of every individual belongs to him. Or her. Only he, or she, may measure it, and only he may determine what constitutes accurate reflection of this trauma. Additionally, go back to My earlier revelation of Truth, and understand that each of us is being actively murdered, and that the destruction of the individual occurs on many levels other than physical death. Many victims of child abuse and other direct trauma, if they are courageous enough to face up to their own consciousness, absolutely “feel” that a part of them has been murdered. And the reason I place the word feel in quotations, is because it is not a “feeling”, part of them HAS been murdered.
“If injustice cannot be externally measured then how can we stop it?”
You engaged in the perverse act of attempting to judge the degree of injustice experienced by others, in decreeing: “Since death is the greatest injustice, the injustice of being murdered far outweighs the injustice of being traumatized, right?” Death is the greatest injustice I can be subjected to. This is My judgment, imposed upon Self. You prevent injustice by understanding that it can only exist as a Self-judgment. You prevent harm by defining harm as it is: “The experience of the individual, of being harmed”, not by attempting to judge what you might do to others, as potentially causing them harm. All experiences are internal. Within this Truth, and only within this Truth, can abuse, victimization, harm, suffering, trauma, and yes, “injustice”, be accurately defined.
“If injustice is for the individual to judge, then isn’t it logically true that those who claim that an injustice has never occurred to them are rightful and correct in their judgement, even as we see the harm being done to them?”
You cannot accurately judge your own victimhood status when you are born into and enslaved by a society that sponsors the universal victimization of all, and then uses lies, brainwashing, indoctrination, propaganda, and terrorization to compel individual allegiance to the very structure which is inflicting this universal victimization. It is the matrix of social illusion which guarantees the perpetuation of universal injustice, by destroying the capacity of all individuals to recognize themselves as victims of universal injustice.
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The Injustice of Law

What are laws? Laws are terrorist threats, enforced via terrorism. Laws say: You MUST do this. You CANNOT do that. We will HURT and HARM you if you do not obey the law. We will hurt and harm you if you fail to obey. Do you understand, brainwashed slaves, the ramifications of the very definition of law, and how it is deployed against you as an act of injustice, a direct act of violent attack upon you?
The law of society and government, is in and of itself, by the very nature of how it is defined and imposed, an unjust attack upon every individual, from the most obedient to the most defiant, because it functions as terrorist threat and it is deployed to actively harm.
How are laws created? Who decides what a law is? What standards of rationality and reflective justice are deployed by a society, to determine the standards under which it gives itself permission to terrorize and harm YOU, and every other individual? These are foundational questions of Forbidden Truth that anyone seeking to understand the nature of the prisons and terror chambers of everyday life, that each of us has been locked up within since our birth.
Laws are created not to protect anyone from harm, not to provide or protect freedom, not to ensure justice for all, or for anyone. Laws are created to establish the boundaries of the prison camp where each of us is forced to serve as a slave, from the moment of our birth until the moment of our death, when our slavery becomes unnecessary because the illusion that we are alive is rendered eternally null and void.
Laws are created via the collective subconscious will and need of a broken class of creatures: Ex-children who have been subjected to relentless trauma, harm, injustice, and victimization via the pervasive social construct of universal child abuse, to perpetuate and inflict trauma, harm, injustice, and victimization, under diseased and invalid cloak of morality and righteousness. All laws are inspired by the personal need of victimized individuals to rationalize and justify, absent all sane or rational contemplation of mind, the perpetuation of injustice.
Inferiors think that governments decide what the law should be. But no, all laws are chosen by the collective will of you, the citizen-slaves, the destroyed ex-children desperate to hide from yourselves, the Truth of what you are. Every law exists as terrorist threat and the infliction of punishment and trauma, because every one of us, as individuals and as a collective force, exist as created victims of the terrorism, abuse, trauma, and injustice that we have been subjected to.
I hesitate to use the term “us”, since I have successfully transcended My humanity, but My Forbidden Truth recognition that no human law as it exists in current form can ever be justified, fails to empower Me to render the diseased concept of law, or the actual deployment of this terror weapon against Me. null and void. Therefore, against My will, I exist trapped within the same matrix of experienced reality as each of you hypocrites, despite My emancipation of mind.
You do not need intelligence to be able to dissect the question of whether it is possible to rationalize the existence of any law. You only need sanity. The capacity to look at the question with an Alien Eye, the capacity to step outside of the matrix of mind that each of you, as created victim and terrorized slave, has been trapped within.
Laws are the criminality of the state, created by the state to demonize the criminality of the individual, who exists as created victim of the criminality of the state. Laws are what ensure the infliction of perpetual injustice, upon every living thing, generation after generation, century upon century, dating back to the dawn of human uncivilization and dating forward until this genetically and environmentally diseased species achieves the extinction it has so richly earned.
The reason why you creatures are able to rationalize the absolute criminality of law, and to choose to support, protect, defend the use of law to terrorize and harm you, is because Truth is dead. The law is good to you, because you desire to harm and terrorize others, you demand this right, reflecting the Truth that is dead to your conscious mind: The Truth that you are a created trauma victim of the terrorization of the state, as legitimized under law.
To access dozens of additional Forbidden Truths regarding crime,violence, justice, and law, you should read my 150,000 word essay at The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, located here:
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