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Jails, Prisons & Mental Institutions are Captivity Cloaking Structures

The #1 reason prisons, jails, and mental institutions for the criminally insane exist is to serve as cloaking devices, to obscure from you brainwashed fools the Forbidden Truth of your own captivity. In the 21st century, all human beings on planet earth exist within physical, emotional, psychological, ideological, and philosophical captivity. government and society creates and maintains this universal captivity, with every leader held captive along with the regular citizen-slaves.
More so than ever before, it is in this century, with the illusion and delusion of freedom being deployed far more primarily to placate the Unwashed Masses, secondary structures of captivity must serve to enhance this illusion and delusion. Just during the 20th century, has the primary purpose of jails, prisons, and mental institutions shifted, from a weapon intended to compel obedience and the acceptance of societal norms, to a cloaking device for the universal captivity of all human existence.
Caging the mind, cages all reality perception.

By successfully positioning the prison, jail, and mental institution as devices which extract, restrict and destroy freedom, the numerous cages of captivity within which every human is kept prisoner by society and government, can be rendered invisible to the vast majority of all citizen-slaves.
Can you appreciate the horror being perpetrated in your names: Your greatest victims subjected to the greatest forms of injustice, just so that you can continue to delude yourself into believing you are not a lifelong hostage, captive, prisoner, and murder victim?!
Your physical cage is measured by where you choose to go and what you choose to do, reflecting the cage that has been built around your brain, from the very moment of your birth. Your brain cage is invisible to you, hidden behind endless layers of Self-deception and Self-delusion. “I am free, because I have found a way to not perceive the cages I am trapped within.” How pathetic.

Death is just one of the cages none of you perceive. Others are dead, but you are not. A fatally flawed perception.
Just like the prison has its guards, you have your police officers, to make sure you remain within your cages.
Your handcuffs and leg irons are made out of paper, yet they imprison you more firmly than steel. It is money, worthless pieces of paper you are compelled to obsessively collect and dispense, haunting your every move. The ultimate shackle, masqueraded as a gateway to freedom.
Your captivity delights you on a subconscious level, because it satisfies both your sadistic and your masochistic cravings. You love to envision those evil monsters rotting away inside of horrific cages, they are suffering so much more than you. You take sadistic comfort in this illusion, just as you take equal comfort in your own suffering, as an ego-destroyed hater of Self. Your own suffering pleases you, as long as you successfully convince Yourself others are suffering more.


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Outlaw Violence: A Forbidden Truth Understanding

A sane species would thank, honor, and beg forgiveness from, all of its outlaws. Every mass murderer, serial killer, assassin, rapist, would be overtly recognized as not merely a victim, but a direct emissary of Forbidden Truth, a teacher and a philosopher delivering a profoundly important lesson, via action and deed.
A sane species would recognize on every level of consciousness, that punishing any criminal would be the ultimate act of injustice, a public policy choice validating and proving all past, present, and future acts of outlaw violence to be justified at every level: Moral, ethical, reflective, revenge-based, Truthful.
All societal punishment of individuals must end. Unless and until this occurs, outlaw violence is and will remain the sacred right of every individual, a reflective choice worthy of honor, respect, appreciation, and if their True Reality so dictates, direct emulation, by all victims, by all who are human-born.
Outlaw violence both expresses and honors Truth.
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Thriving Under Cage Lock: A Guide for Superiors

Everyone who seeks Truth, and everyone who aspires to become a Superior, should expect and prepare to face every imaginable form of offensive attack against him, from his greatest enemy: Human society and government. Physical cage lock, be it via the jail and prison system, or the involuntary mental institution detainment system, both of which are operated by the root structure of universal slavery and oppression known as government, is one of the most common and pervasive forms of attack carried out against Truth-seekers and Superior thinkers and activists.
The purpose of the diseased and deranged structure of socially sponsored cage lock is to terrorize obedience to the hive mind of universal injustice, and to silence, harm, and destroy all voices of Truth which challenge the hive mind of universal injustice. There is no greater injustice than cage lock, because cage lock is a primary root under which thousands of other forms of injustice are sheltered, protected, and maintained.
The purpose of this essay is not to argue that cage lock is or can ever be appropriate, beneficial, or desirable. Indeed, the sponsors, hosts, and supporters of the structure of cage lock, and this includes the zoo and “animal park”, are the only creatures diseased enough to deserve to be physically locked inside of cages, even though their created victimhood status remains absolutely valid.
The vast majority of humans do not anticipate, nor do they plan and prepare, for being subjected to physical cage lock. This is because the vast majority of humans are pathetic drones, mindless sheeple, docile slaves, and first and foremost, haters of Self.
Those of us who understand our existence to be a noble quest for Truth, know that involuntary cage lock is a constant threat we face, and this goes far beyond mere personal violation of the terrorist laws and rules being imposed upon us by the terror structure of governmental statehood. All Truth quests, in and of themselves, pose an existential threat to the hive mind of society, which in response, constantly seeks to silence, demonize, and destroy any and all individuals it identifies as overt seekers of Truth. Therefore, we must understand that avoiding the injustice of cage lock has nothing to do with obeying laws, and with submitting to the authority of our terrorizers. Avoiding the injustice of cage lock requires the abandonment of our Truth quest itself, which is unacceptable to any sane thinker.
And so, as lovers of Self and of Truth, we must anticipate and plan for being subjected to involuntary cage lock, be it short-term or long-term. We must fortify our brilliant brains on a tactical level, so that we thrive under this form of injustice, to the same degree that we thrive under all other forms of injustice, such as the absurd myth of being able to enjoy personal freedom as a mindless drone, a prisoner of mind identified as the respected citizen, the law-abiding slave who fits into his malicious, diseased, and deranged society.
I have personally been subjected to both involuntary caging under the psychiatric system of injustice, many years ago as a child, and the prison system of injustice, many years later. I thrived within both environments, maximizing both opportunities to grow and expand My mind, My consciousness, My understanding of the human condition, and My narcissistic love of Self. The time I spent suffering the injustice of involuntary cage lock has strengthened Me on many levels, and will always play a positive role in My experience of My existence.
The Superior knows and understands, on every level of consciousness, that no human being has ever been, is now, or can ever be, free. Being allowed to exit from a physical cage, no more grants freedom to anyone, than being allowed to choose whether you are eaten by a 600 pound grizzly bear, or a 500 pound tiger. Physical cage lock serves many malicious societal goals, but first and foremost, it helps to foster the absurd illusion that individuals can achieve and enjoy freedom, as citizen-slaves to a government.
In many ways, I experienced greater freedom while being subjected to physical cage lock, than the time I have spent outside of physical cage lock. But of course this “experience” does not translate to actually having been free. Therefore we must not covet cage lock, even if we can and do thrive better under cage lock than we do while trapped among the Unwashed Masses within the illusion of freedom. Cage lock is an injustice, it is an attempt to harm, silence, and destroy us. Our Self-obligation must be to thrive within all unjust environments imposed upon us, even as we condemn their imposition, and even as we make the best of every such environment via tactical preparation and planning.
Let us begin with the psychological aspects of cage lock, and let us be clear that the tactics I outline below apply equally to both involuntary psychiatric cage lock, and involuntary jail/prison cage lock. Further, all of my tactics are useful for both short-term and long-term cage lock, although some of the physical recommendations might be most valuable/suitable for those facing long-term or lifetime cage lock.
We begin with the psychological component because all Truth is mind-based, and all capacity to thrive must originate within intellectual reasoning and comprehension of the Forbidden Truths. All of human existence consists of an endless series of prisons and cages, shackles and chains. The umbilical cord is a shackle. The family unit is the most devastatingly harmful of all cages. The nation-state is an institution run by the criminally insane, with a barbed wire fence higher than anything you will find at any jail, prison, or mental institution. School is a prison which chains the mind of every child. Marriage is a shackle which imprisons the body and the spirit. Every romantic and interpersonal relationship is a suffocating weight, dragging the individual down to a grave of dependency and Self-hatred. Death is the strongest of all shackles, holding every human being in a fatal embrace, forcing every individual to pretend he exists, to pretend he has a future, to pretend that he is free.
Every human being is always trapped within multiple cages. No human being is ever free, ever! Not even for a single second. So let understand this Forbidden Truth, because only within this understanding is the terror threat of cage lock rendered impotent, an absurd pretense feeding upon a universal human illuson and delusion. Let us understand that within Forbidden Truth, and notwithstanding the injustices and traumas of physical cage lock, such cage lock offers positive opportunities to thrive within freedom of mind, autonomy of time, and ability to achieve personal isolation.
The Superior has no fear of physical cage lock. The Superior knows that within the achievement of an untouchable mind and limitless love of Self, a cage lock existence offers some very real advantages, along with some disadvantages, in comparison to existing outside of physical cage lock. Neither environment is worthy of preference, because injustice, slavery, and imprisonment is a universal weapon and is proactively utilized by society and government to inflict universal harm upon us all.
Only inferiors, addicted to substances and addicted to people and addicted to relationships and addicted to false reality perceptions, are terrorized by the threat of physical cage lock. Against the untouchable Superior, this threat is impotent. You cannot harm Me, because you cannot touch Me. The physical cage keeps others out, just as much as it keeps the cage lock victim in. 
The universe of Self can much more easily and powerfully expand under physical cage lock, than it can under the illusion of freedom. I experienced great leaps forward in mind expansion during both of My periods of physical cage lock, so much so that I very seriously considered choosing to spend time in the future under cage lock, as a preference over the greater stresses and impositions of being “out here” with you humans. In the end I chose not to. Only because to voluntarily choose cage lock would be a form of collaboration with My greatest enemy, the society and government guilty of My victimization, and such collaboration, even if personally beneficial in some ways, is ideologically and philosophically unacceptable.
I know that the vast majority of you humans can never thrive under cage lock. But you should understand the reason for this. It is not because physical cage lock is a terrible thing in comparison to your current experience of daily existence. It is because you are blind to the Forbidden Truths of what constitutes personal freedom. It is because you are addicted to illusions and delusions of imaginary freedoms which are in Truth, slave shackles. You are slaves pretending to be free, and you maintain this pretense by buying into the terrorist lie that physical cage lock is a terrible thing that must be avoided at all costs.
Know this: It is your desperate efforts to avoid physical cage lock, which directly serve to maintain the horrific and unbreakable chain of eternal imprisonment of mind and of evolutionary potential which destroys each and every one of you, from umbilical cord to grave, every day, at every moment. Your cage is far more horrific than any jail, prison, or mental institution cage could ever be, and the greatest horror of all is that you cannot comprehend this Forbidden Truth.
Let us move on to the practical side of physical cage lock: The negative physical consequences, and how they can be mitigated via both proactive planning, and direct action on the part of the cage lock detainee. We must begin with the psychological aspect: Self-love. Self-love is the most vital of all weapons that the individual must cultivate and perfect. If you love yourself limitlessly and unconditionally, you will fight to protect, preserve, and enhance your well-being at all times, in all circumstances. Physical cage lock provides your enemy with an opportunity to try to damage your health, endanger your safety and well-being, and victimize you via the denial of proper medical care, nutrition, and a comfortable living environment.
As a lover of Self, you can and you must battle your enemy at every turn, in full recognition of the war you are engaged in, the same war that every individual not subjected to cage lock faces. Only the details might be different, the nature of the war is exactly the same.
As a victim of physical and sexual abuse, I have always hated being touched by any human in any manner. This inspired Me to embrace, among other things, lifelong virginity as a glorious life path choice. I despise being touched, it is repulsive beyond all measure! And yet, I go to the dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings three times per year, more than the recommended twice yearly examination. And I go to the doctor every year for a full physical examination, even allowing him/her to touch my private parts, despite the immense homicidal rage that I experience in all these circumstances.
Why do I subject Myself to these traumas?? Because I love Myself, and will never allow My health and well-being to be negatively compromised or endangered, when it is within My power to try to preserve and protect and enhance My well-being. While subjected to cage lock, Superiors must maintain this same immense and untouchable love of Self, by standing up for and demanding proper medical care, nutrition, and a positive, healthy living environment.
To be certain, there are some things beyond the control of the cage lock detainee. He cannot search Angie’s List and Yelp to choose the top-rated local area dentist and doctor, as I can and do. But he can demand medical care, seek out properly nutritious food, limited as the choices may be. He can demand a personal cell with no roommates, and if this is denied him, he can and should physically attack and/or kill any roommate imposed upon him against his will.
The cage lock detainee has more power over his environment than most humans think. He only needs to stand up, within the Forbidden Truth glory of righteous love of Self, and demand what he deserves. Physical isolation is easy to achieve, and only an inferior would deny Himself this isolation. Medical care might be substandard, but it can be demanded and only rarely would it be denied outright. The nutritional value of regular meals may be substandard, but almost always there are options to obtain vitamins and better quality food, albeit at financial cost.
Self-love must be the weapon deployed by the cage lock detainee, in his chosen behaviors, in his demands and in his interactions with his oppressors.
And now, let us move forward to a dissection of how the Superior should prepare in advance for physical cage lock, on a physical level. These tactical suggestions are especially useful for those who might face the possibility of long-term, or even lifelong cage lock, in the near future.
Elective surgery can be difficult to obtain while under cage lock, and the prisoner is rarely able to choose his medical provider. Therefore it is an excellent idea to carefully contemplate undergoing elective surgery for medical conditions such as cataracts or hernias, prior to engaging in any behaviors that might be expected to potentially result in long-term cage lock.
Tooth decay is one of the more likely problems to be faced by the long-term cage lock detainee, and once again, dental care provided to those under cage lock can be substandard. An excellent, but expensive way to avoid this problem is to have all natural teeth extracted, and replaced by dental implants, which do not decay. A complete set of high quality dental implants impervious to decay, as offered by a top level provider such as Clear Choice Dental, currently costs approximately $42,000.00 USD. Not cheap, but imagine the pleasure of never having to face another cavity, or worry about dental decay while under cage lock. Check out this great new option here:

About Dental Implants

Having to rely on humans is never a good thing. But for those facing long-term cage lock, establishing a network of ideological supporters who might be willing to deposit funds into the prison account of the detainee, in order to allow him to enjoy a better quality of life, is a tactical option worth considering.
A far better option, and this applies even if the amount of funds an individual possesses is limited, is to establish a living trust fund for yourself. When established legally, such a fund makes it more difficult for society and government to seize your assets when you are cage locked, than is the case with bank accounts, real estate, or other assets held only under your direct name.
Establishing direct contact with an attorney prior to your cage lock, is also an effective way to try to protect your rights and retain high quality legal counsel. In many cases, an attorney will agree to hold specific documents under seal, never looking at them himself, unless and until you, as the client, advise or instruct him to open and view the material. This is also a very effective way to control and direct the dissemination of personal writings or videos, after you are subjected to cage lock.
There are other tactical actions that I would recommend, but in the interests of not potentially compromising their effective usage, I choose not to discuss them in this publicly open essay. The bottom line is, Superiors should never fear cage lock. Superiors should never allow the external threat of cage lock to control or dictate their behavioral choices, but Superiors should spend a great deal of time and effort analyzing and researching how to best mitigate the potentially negative impacts upon Self, both physical and psychological, of involuntary cage lock, and take directly proactive steps, such as I have outlined in this essay, to counter and to attempt to avoid, these negative impacts.
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Prisons and Freedom, Additional Forbidden Truths

My brilliant essay dissecting the deranged human construct of physical imprisonment as a form of dispensing justice, generated an interesting comment which deserves a comprehensive reply. Here is My initial post, please reread it before continuing with this follow-up essay:
And now my reply, in bold and non-italicized print:
“This is one of the best posts on this site in my opinion.
One of my biological siblings is currently being subjected to the cage lock for the “crime” of stealing.
I feel a deep sense of empathy for this particular sibling and rage on his behalf. This is not because of the delusion of a “blood bond”, but because I think he is very close to being a superior and I have experienced first hand the severity of our shared childhood torture. I would describe this sibling as a level 5.9 hater using your criteria (just slightly short of being a 6), for the reason that he is a “fan” and admirer of Charles Manson and his philosophy, and also of serial killers/shooters, but also possesses many inferior traits e.g. Nazism, racist views, methamphetamine use, “might is right” view toward government, hatred for “immigrants”, etc.
The existence of the cage lock completely morally justifies any and all acts of personal catharsis by individuals.”
Personal identification with fellow victims as individuals, is a positive and appropriate state of mind. It allows you to better recognize and understand your own personal victimhood status, as well as to perceive the reality of the universal victimization each of us is subjected to, again as individuals, as a collective whole. But at the same time there are two important caveats which must be understood and guarded against.
First, we must resist and reject all external efforts to place relative values upon victimhood status. For example, the cage lock guards are just as much victims and creations of society, as the cage lock inmates. This fact must be consciously understood, even as you personally identify with your brother. Truth must never be subjugated in favor of emotional or intellectual bias. The prison is a structure of systemic, institutionalized injustice. All individuals who function within a prison system, do so as victims of the structure itself, and humanity as a whole is the creator, the sponsor, the impositional force which causes, not simply allows, but directly causes, the prison to exist.
A sane species would never have conceived of inventing the concept of cage lock. A sane species would have consciously understood the very concept of locking others inside of a cage, and this includes animals in zoos as well as humans in prisons, as being inspired by a dysfunctional psychological need to feel free, to accept a false illusion of personal freedom obtained at the cost of denying others their personal freedom, and therefore in the process betraying their own sacred right, as individuals, to obtain freedom.
Second, the existence of difference forms of personal victimization involving loss of freedom, must never be allowed to inspire false illusions of freedom level status, within the conscious mind. For example, the Truth is that you do not enjoy any greater freedom than your brother, and you are not any less of a victim of society, than your brother is. Even as you recognize him as a fellow victim, this Forbidden Truth must remain at the forefront of your consciousness, as factual reality, and not compromised or mitigated by any perception of how he “must” be suffering or enduring harm. Of course he is suffering! Of course he is being harmed! But you are suffering, you are being harmed, and you are the owner of Yourself. If you fail to recognize Yourself as the greatest victim in the universe, you betray and you destroy Truth.
Being locked inside of a cage has never deprived anyone of their freedom, and being released from a cage has never provided anyone with any freedom, because freedom does not exist, and cannot exist, as long as humanity dwells within its webs of universal illusion. To fight to obtain freedom, you must fight to destroy human society and government itself, rather than fighting to get out of a prison cage, or even fighting to eliminate the structural institution of prison itself. Even if all cage lock were to be decreed a criminal injustice and eradicated throughout the world, this would not pierce the many other layers and structures of human imprisonment of body, mind, and soul, which render all of us lifelong victims, slaves, and Martyrs.
“Not only are law enforcement and judicial structures themselves are to blame, the average citizen is equally complicit. Prison is openly acknowledged as a government-sanctioned rape dungeon where even harmless people can be punished for minor “crimes” such as selling a mildly psychoactive plant. This is joked about and the plight of prisoners is openly mocked. It is seen as a “good thing”, and something they deserve. Something that benefits society and is even necessary to society. This truth completely shatters the illusion that humans inside the cage lock are “guilty” whereas humans outside of the cage lock are “innocent”. The humans outside of the cage lock display a maliciousness and callousness towards the innocent far more twisted and perverse than any of the “crimes” committed by those individuals inside the cage lock.”
You are absolutely correct in recognizing the guilt and responsibility that every human being who lives as a citizen, bears. And this is why all concepts of “justice” must be proactively defined, as functional reality, within the light of Forbidden Truth. For example, an individual locked up inside of a cage via the judicial or mental health systems of institutionalized victimization and injustice, “escapes”. He escapes, then kidnaps, rapes, tortures, and murders 100 six year old children. Is this justice???
It is the reflective justice of institutionalized injustice. It is the reflective achievement of imperfect justice, within a structure where all justice has been destroyed and rendered impossible to achieve. This is not rationalization. This is functional reality. The 100 six year old children did not deserve to be brutally victimized, any more than the individual who escaped from the cage deserved to be brutally victimized. But society is the creator and the sponsor of injustice and of victimization, for all. And so we respect the reflection of Truth by a victim, we respect and we honor it, because we are not biased hypocrites, because we recognize that justice for none, as social decree and as imposed reality, can only be reflected, deserves to be reflected, and Truth is honored in doing so.
All judicial systems ever devised by humanity, now and in the past, reflect and express the immorality, the injustice, the criminality, of the state, of human society and government, of the harm and trauma committed and carried out by human society and government, as public policy choice. Against every human being, every child, every adult of every age at every moment in every lifetime. The choice by the state, to inflict deliberate punishment via judicial law, against any individually created victim of this immorality, this injustice, this criminality, is impossible to justify, within law, within morals, within ethics, within philosophical debate, within intellectual reasoning, or within sanity.
So let us understand that justice is dead, and let us understand who murdered justice. Let us understand that no societal demand for justice, can ever be valid. Let us understand that every attempt by a society which is guilty of murdering justice, to impose justice upon its created victims, is the most evil of all acts, and the attempt itself, grants each of us a personal right to inflict limitless harm upon others, as True Reality reflection, and as a form of imperfect justice which cannot be externally denied from any rational or Truth-based perspective.
“I use the song Over The Wall by Testament to nurture my hatred and rage towards the cage lock system, and to enhance my minds eye fantasies of prisoners escaping violently. I use the song to honor every victim, present past and future, of the cage lock, particularly my sibling currently and recently the (tragically short-lived) TRIUMPH of tortured victims David Sweat and Richard Matt in courageously escaping the cage lock in a defiant refusal to allow their freedom to be stolen from them. This is a strongly emotionally resonant subject and in the justified hate it inspires I am often moved to tears.
“I’ve been a prisoner
Trapped in by fear
Ordered for the rest of my life
Condemned in a jail cell
Ain’t seen life in years
Escape is the only way out
Restart my life
Or self destruction
To climb this wall
Of dark construction
Holding the quest for freedom
That beckons me
My sanity is all but gone
My patience is growing very weak
I need to get a hold of myself
I stare at the wall
For the right time has come
Escape must occur on this night
Stand in my way
And I’ll run you straight through
There’s no one to stop me now
For I’m on the loose
And I’m ready to start
Torture and hell on this town
Over the wall!
The search will not stop
And hounds will not rest
Till I am back in my cell
For if I am caught, I’ll try it again
Over the wall I will go, I will go”
Thank you for this post.”
You’re welcome. I appreciate your passion of mind, yet the factual reality that David Sweat and Richard Matt were never free, not from the moment of their biological conception, not from the moment of their womb excretion, not at the moment they killed others, not at the moment they escaped their cage lock, and not at the moment that Richard was shot dead by a hired criminal and murderer of the state and David was recaptured by a different criminal who attempted to murder him, to be subjected to greater attempts by the state to traumatize and victimize him., must be understood within core consciousness.
David Sweat and Richard Matt were never free. Escaping cage lock did not and could not provide them with freedom. Freedom does not exist within the human matrix of universal slavery. The only way to obtain freedom is to completely destroy the matrix itself, a feat that no individual can achieve, not even The Seer of Forbidden Truth, and a feat that humanity as a species can never find the capacity to even try to achieve.
This fact must be primarily embraced, not to minimize or denigrate the personal courage or the reflective True Reality actions of Richard Matt and David Sweat, which are honorable and praiseworthy, but to place the human condition into proper context. You cannot obtain freedom if you do not define freedom accurately. It is the prison system itself, the existence of it, which greatly helps society and government to brainwash those who are not locked inside a prison cage, to believe that they are free. It is this lie which must be destroyed. And the only way to destroy this lie is to fully and completely destroy human society and government on a foundational level, as it exists today.
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Your Heroes Are Villains

When Truth is dead, nothing can ever be recognized or understood as it is. Truth is dead to humanity as a species, and this is why humanity has successfully created a universe of illusion for itself, where Truth never has to be affirmatively rejected, because it is never identified, recognized, or understood, in the first place.
You idiots prove Truth to be dead every day, in many thousands of different ways. In this essay I simply wish to provide a singular example, ripped from recent media headlines as propagandized by the slave state of amerikkka.
A tortured victim creation of amerikkkan society named David Sweat, fled the brutal injustice, victimization, and harm he was being subjected to by the amerikkkan government, approximately 3 1/2 weeks ago. He fled what you creatures call “prison”, a form of punitive punishment you have chosen to create and to maintain, in order to maintain for yourselves the lie, the functional delusion, that you are free.
The existence of prisons is impossible to justify, as is the punitive punishment of created victims, by their perpetrators, the state, human society, and all who choose to exist as citizen-slaves, in the process directly causing both the initial harms and victimizations, and the ongoing infliction of ritualized injustice for all.
Let us recognize David Sweat as a victim, a Martyr, and a hero. His heroism is demonstrated in his defiance of the injustice he has been subjected to for his entire lifetime. His heroism is demonstrated by his desire to break free of one form of slavery, bondage, institutionalized injustice, in the process shining a light of Forbidden Truth on the nature and the definition of freedom itself.
There is no freedom outside of prison, and perhaps David was not aware of this Forbidden Truth. But that is not the point. The point is that fighting for Self, fighting against injustice, helping to expose Truth, even if lacking conscious awareness of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth, is courageous, heroic, rare, and honorable.
The diseased and deranged society and government of amerikkka immediately embarked upon a mission to restore injustice against David, to hunt him down, capture him, or murder him, so that he would be subjected to further harm, injustice, and victimization. David was singled out as an enemy of the public, so that the public would never come to recognize or understand its actual enemy, its True victimizer.
For weeks, Martyr David evaded his enemy, agents and representatives of the State, of government, guilty of inflicting lifelong harm, injustice, and victimization upon him. Then, a few days ago, a paid assassin, an agent of government, elevated in status, officially empowered and rewarded by government for inflicting its injustice upon the general public, confronted Martyr David.
The name of this paid assassin is Jay Cook. Sergeant Jay Cook, he has been given an official, militarized rank by the amerikkkan government, in order to authorize him to inflict harm and injustice, up to and including murder, on behalf of and upon the order of, the amerikkkan government.
This paid assassin and governmentally employed terrorist, Segreant Jay Cook, saw a man jogging on the side of a road, demanded him to stop and identify himself, then shot him in the back twice, when he refused and tried to avoid a direct confrontation, which would have resulted in him being subjected to increased and further infliction of harm, trauma, and injustice.
The man jogging on the side of the road was David Sweat. David Sweat was unarmed. He possessed no deadly weapon. At no point in time, did David try to harm Sergeant Jay Cook. Further, it was impossible for Sergeant Jay Cook to know for certain, the specific identity of this jogger, as David Sweat did not identify himself.
David Sweat attempted to maintain his safety, he sought to avoid being subjected to further harm, victimization, and injustice. He pursued a narrow and useless, but nevertheless still functionally valid form of freedom, in fleeing from Sergeant Jay Cook. The state-sponsored terrorist Jay Cook chose to unholster a deadly weapon and open fire, shooting a helpless, unarmed victim as he attempted to avoid suffering further harm. He shot blindly, unable to know for certain the identity of the individual he was trying to murder.
David Sweat was indeed shot twice by terrorist Jay Cook, and is now a prisoner once again. being subjected to a form of injustice that should never have been invented in the first place, much less built up into a premier form of state sponsored terrorism: the prison. Obey and submit to brutal victimization, or else we will inflict much greater victimization upon you. This is the purpose, the ideological design structure, behind the creation and use of the physical cage within the judicial system, a system built to legitimize and mask the Forbidden Truth of universal injustice for all.
In the wake of terrorist Sergeant Jay Cook shooting victim and Martyr David Sweat, the media embarked upon a relentless campaign to idolize Jay Cook as a hero, a savior, a courageous agent of justice, who saved all of amerikkka from the threat posed by evil monster David. And of course it worked. It worked because Truth is dead. It worked because all terrorists are successfully positioned as heroes, to a targeted audience, via the brainwashing and indoctrination of the slave state.
Just as Adolf Hitler successfully positioned his nazi soldiers as heroes, and ISIS positions its suicide bombers as heroes, and Osama bin-Laden positioned his 19 9/11 airplane hijackers as heroes, the amerikkkan government successfully positions sergeant Jay Cook as a hero. All who seek Truth must understand that every government sponsors its own terrorism, against its own people, its own citizen-slaves, and integral to this process is the demonization of victims as evil monsters, and the sanctification of murder and injustice, as heroic, courageous, and glorious actions, to be celebrated and honored.
It is not My intention to demonize sergeant Jay Cook. In the name of Truth, he must be recognized as a created victim of the abuse, victimization, and injustice of government and society. But it is My intention to fully reveal the Forbidden Truths of your social matrix, a matrix within which definitional brainwashing is deployed by the state, to inspire you idiots to celebrate and to honor those who terrorize, victimize, and oppress you, and to demonize and destroy your created victims, who dare to try to stand up for themselves and who threaten, intentionally or inadvertently, to expose your universe of illusion for what it is.
Perversely, the attempted murder of David Sweat was greeted with public cheers and universal gratitude. Sergeant Jay Cook, who should be charged with attempted murder, and whose actions are impossible to morally justify, is now recognized as a hero. What you see here is the terrorized victims of a terrorist regime, oblivious to Truth, embracing their own universal terrorization, under the never consciously recognized fear that they could be subjected to much more brutal terrorism by this same terrorist regime. “I am free because I believe David Sweat will be less free than me.” How pathetic, that you creatures celebrate a delusional belief of imaginary freedom, and embrace this delusion so that all of humanity may be subjected to universal slavery.
To David Sweat: I recognize you as a heroic figure. I thank you for trying to expose the matrix of universal illusion. I wish you a full and rapid physical recovery, and I wish you strength of mind and limitless love of Self, so that you may continue to fight and win the lifelong war that each of us who embraces Truth must fight, each and every day, against our greatest enemy: The State.
To those of you who are unfamiliar with David and this event, this url provides a good overview:
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David Sweat: Victim. Martyr. Hero.

David Sweat: Victim. Martyr. Hero.

Cage Lock and the Matrix of Freedom Illusion

Seekers of Forbidden Truth must understand that no human social structure comes into existence by accident, or by any natural process. Every human social structure exists as deliberate artificialization of reality, and has an overt purpose of concealing Truth, of rendering actual, factual Truth invisible and impossible for the masses of human slaves to recognize, comprehend, or to place within a valid context relating to their envisioned existence.
In this essay I will be dissecting just one of the thousands of different artificial social constructs, and revealing the primary role it plays within the social matrix of universal slavery, a context which you humans are completely blind to and ignorant of. It is important, as you attempt to integrate the specific Forbidden Truths of imprisonment which I am revealing here, for all seekers of Truth to recognize that this is just one of thousands of different social constructs which are deliberately designed to achieve deception of intent, to brainwash and delude all citizen-slaves into believing that they serve specific primary functions, when in Truth they serve a very different primary function, which is concealed via deliberate brainwashing and propaganda, from the conscious awareness of the human masses.
Jail, prison, and involuntary commitment to and confinement at hospitals due to adjudicated mental disease or defect, these three organized social structures exist as socially sponsored and imposed cage locks, and for the remainder of this essay they will be referred to as physical confinement cage locks. There is no legitimate difference between these three forms of cage lock, and it is not appropriate to use any of the societal terms associated with these three forms of cage lock. The terms themselves serve to obscure and destroy Forbidden Truth. The prisons of education, family, employment, citizenship, and death, among many others, are rendered impossible to perceive, by the social imposition of the term “prison”, to describe the actual event of physical confinement cage lock.
Cage lock serves many different malicious goals and mandates of human society and government. None of these very real goals and motivations may be dismissed or ignored or trivialized, and it is not My intent to do so within this essay. My goal is to illuminate the #1 motivational intent and organized goal of the social structure of cage lock, the intent and goal which is masked, obscured, denied, and rendered invisible, by the intentional projection and dissemination by society and government, of other, secondary and tertiary goals and motivations.
Let us begin with the clear understanding that all cage lock is unjust and serves no legitimate or valid purpose. Therefore, all of the socially positioned reasons, explanations, and justifications for why cage lock is necessary and/or appropriate, exist as absolute lies and pure deception. Cage lock is always inappropriate and impossible to justify on any level, because it attempts to further harm individuals who are already victims of harm. Cage lock exists as a moral judgment that individual victims of harm deserve to be further harmed, carried out by the very structure, human society and government, which is guilty of and responsible for initiating and legitimizing the cycle of harm, the imposition of injustice itself.
Physical confinement cage lock can be Truthfully defined as: “The organized imposition of injustice and harm by human society and government upon specific individuals, for the purpose of covering up and denying the universal , deliberate, intentional imposition of injustice and harm by human society and government upon all children, upon all individuals of all ages, on a perpetual basis, for the malicious purpose of establishing an illegitimate code of morality and justice which has no basis in sanity, rationality, or functional Truth.”
So now, let us return to the main point of this essay, which is not to delegitimize all forms of social punishment, which I have already done in other essays. This text focuses on the primary mandate concealment of all human social structures, there are thousands of such structures, and cage lock is simply being used as a singular example.
So, what are the deceptively positioned, claimed primary mandates of the social structure of physical confinement cage lock?
1: To punish those who fail to conform to the terror-based demands of personal behavior imposed by society and government.
2: To allow victims of universal injustice and harm to believe that justice can be served by harming others.
3: To terrorize obedience from citizen-slaves via an overt threat of being punished via physical confinement cage lock.
4: To protect valued citizen-slaves from being harmed by unvalued cage lock slaves.
There are many other claimed mandates for the existence of cage lock, and these mandates exist to varying degrees of transparent openness, meaning society and government chooses to allow mainstream conscious awareness of these mandates, to differing degrees, as it finds them to be helpful in maintaining the universal matrix. For example, among the four articulated motivations above, #4, the claimed need to protect those who are not cage locked from being harmed by those who are cage locked, is most openly expressed as a primary reason why cage lock must continue and is absolutely appropriate and legitimate. #2, on the other hand, is only expressed via a layer of deception, the actual harm being committed via cage lock, disguised and concealed as a noble deliverance of justice.
But only above and beyond all of these claimed motivations and mandates, will we find the primary reason why the physical confinement cage lock has been developed and integrated as a vital aspect of every human society and government. It is this primary reason that society and government will never admit, will never allow to rise up to open public consciousness. And here it is:
The primary purpose and goal of the social structure of physical confinement cage lock is to obscure the universal slavery, the universal imprisonment, which is brutally and directly inflicted and imposed by human society and government upon every human child and adult, of every age, of every economic and social background, everywhere in the world, always, at all times.
The matrix is the prison, you idiots! Your minds are locked up in cages, so that you may never understand or be able to define, what freedom is. The womb is a prison, the crib is a prison, the stroller is a prison, the family unit is a prison, mom is the most brutal of prison wardens, dad is the most sadistic of prison wardens, the school is a prison, the teacher is a prison guard, the principal is warden of the prison, money is a prison, religion is a prison, employment is a prison, marriage is a prison, parenthood is a prison, your automobile is a prison, the airplane is a prison, the vacation is a prison, the skateboard is a prison, interactive sex is a prison, emotional connectivity is a prison, mortality is a prison. And the list goes on, blind and brainless fools!
Your existence within the social matrix consists of nothing more than an endless series of jails, prisons, institutions for the insane, an endless series of cages which must be made invisible to you, so that you willingly step into the cage, which you have been successfully brainwashed to perceive as a form of or gateway to, freedom. But it is not, it is pure slavery, it is the cage lock of the mind, the cage lock you cannot perceive or recognize.
Why can you not perceive or recognize these cages for what they are?? There are many different reasons, which I have comprehensively articulated in many of My writings. But on a primary level of consciousness, let us understand that the physical confinement cage lock, the jail, prison, mental institution, exists for the specific purpose of rendering invisible, the universality of every existence as that of perpetual prisoner.
“Look at them, they are physically locked up inside cages for doing bad things. They are not free, they are captive slaves. Now, look at yourselves. You are free, because you obey. Obedience is good. In obedience you do good things and you are therefore rewarded with the gift of freedom. You are not locked up inside of a jail, a prison, or a mental institution. You are free to do as you wish, as long as you obey. Here it is, just for you, the gift of freedom illusion.”–Human society and government to all citizen-slaves.
Do you understand now? Only by holding out the example and illustration of physical confinement cage lock as a prison, is society and government able to maintain the deception and illusion of freedom to you, as it inflicts the horror of a universal and endless series of prisons upon each of you, from biological conception all the way until you lose the ability to pretend to be alive, at the moment of your death.
I am proud to reveal that I have been forcibly incarcerated in both prison and mental institution, and the time I spent in both places, stands out as the time when I felt most free. Not because I was free, but because the mind cages of universal slavery which constitute your illusions of freedom, were most strikingly made clear to Me, on a directly personal level.
Of course physical movement cage lock does not constitute freedom. Of course not! But the freedom withheld by the cage lock is nothing, it is a minor inconvenience, when directly contrasted with the cage lock of the broken-minded citizen-slave who believes himself to be free, as he mindlessly transitions within an endless series of cages, prisons, and cells, lacking all conscious awareness of his plight, as a result of existing as a drone trapped within the universal matrix of social illusion.

“We’re all our own prisons, we are each all our own wardens and we do our own time. Prison’s in your mind. Can’t you see I’m free?”–Charles Manson

“My peace is in the desert or in the jail cell, and had I not seen the sunshine in the desert I would be satisfied with the jail cell much more over your society, much more over your reality, and much more over your confusion, and much more over your world, and your word games that you play.”–Charles Manson

“I have always been in your cell.”–Charles Manson

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The Family Unit: Child Prison

Drive or walk down any residential street, anywhere in the world, and look at the windows. Some will be covered by curtains, and some by venetian blinds and some by shutters and some by cardboard and some by newspaper. Some of the windows will have iron bars covering them, others will have cracked glass. Some will display twinkling lights while others display a “Secured by ADT” sign. Some of the windows might even be open, but this does not alter the Forbidden Truth: If a child dwells within the structure, that child is being held prisoner and hostage, by your choice.
The family unit is a prison for children. The family unit decrees every child a piece of owned property. The family unit is what empowers any adult to inflict any torment he or she can imagine, upon a child, with the impunity of ownership. Universal child abuse is what you want, it is your choice. You demand the right to own children as subhuman pieces of property, and within this demand, you respect the right of all others to own children as subhuman pieces of property.
All of your claims to value and love children, to abhor their mistreatment and to strive to provide them with the best possible life, are pure lies and the epitome of hypocrisy. You know children are being tormented, on every residential street you drive down or walk through. You know it! And you do not care in the slightest. Your sacred right to own children as subhuman slaves, supercedes all rights of all children to be protected from victimization. This is your chosen mandate, your morality standard, as a species.
And so you go home and you use your child prisoners to meet your needs. Maybe you kiss them, maybe you rape them, maybe you pour shampoo into their eyes to try to blind them. It is all the same. You are using them to meet your needs. And you sit there and you judge others, who harm and kill children. You judge the victims you are guilty of creating, you judge the killers of others, as you totally reject and deny your sponsorship of the destruction of all children, everywhere, on every block, as you drive and walk past the houses, not even imagining a right of the child to not be blindly imprisoned as an impotent slave to adults who are themselves victims of universal child abuse.
This is your world, the world you have created, the world that you protect and defend each day. And so I will judge you, as a species, unworthy of existence.
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