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A Forbidden Truth Understanding of Police Brutality

Can a police officer be guilty of committing an act of police brutality? Of course not! No more than a singular whale can be judged guilty of choosing to dwell in water over land, or a singular lion judged guilty of eating meat.
It is the functional and operational mandate of the police officer, to enforce and inflict the brutality of law, as created by government. You CANNOT be a cop unless you carry out brutality on a daily basis, the brutality of injustice, punishment, victimization of those already victimized.
EVERY cop is ALWAYS committing brutal, atrocious, heinous acts of directly personal harm, upon others. So why does media and government conjure up an endless stream of imaginary “police brutality” cases? To answer this question, you need only consult the Forbidden Truth for Dummies book, because it should be clear and obvious to the sane thinker and seeker of Truth:
Because the matrix of universal illusion best maintains the malicious lie that police are good, necessary, and helpful, by singling out a few as “rogues”, bad apples, perpetrators of unfairness and unjustice. Doing so successfully buries the Forbidden Truth, that all police are guilty of brutality, of constantly and foundationally carrying out acts of terrorism on behalf of the terrorist structure that is government.
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The Universal Injustice of Equality

All sane thinkers who are following the Baltimore, Maryland riots over the past 24 hours, should understand the game being played by the slave state of amerikkka. It is the exact same game this fascist dictatorship has been playing for hundreds of years: The use of economic and racial classism to position citizenship as a grand struggle to address injustice and achieve equality.
The Forbidden Truth is this: No class of citizen-slaves in amerikkka has achieved or is granted any privilege, freedom, or useful advantage, over any other class. All classes of amerikkkan citizen-slaves are oppressed, enslaved, terrorized, and victimized. The creation of an illusion of valuable class distinction by the amerikkkan government is a deliberately malicious ploy intended to perpetuate the peaceful embrace of universal injustice for all, by all citizen-slaves, under the cloak of a grand quest for equality which is, first, utterly impossible to attain under a regime which sponsors universal inequality, and far more importantly, would be utterly useless and provide absolutely no positive or Truth-based benefit for anyone, even if it were to be achieved, because everyone would continue to exist as terrorized and victimized slaves to the malevolent structure of government.
The problem is law. The problem is punishment. The problem is child abuse as institutionally sponsored by government via the family unit. The problem is the criminality of the state, which nobody, not even the rioters themselves, possess the capacity to understand. What did the rioters seek out last night? Prescription drugs and alcohol, so that they can alter their own brain chemistry and delude themselves into believing things are better. Things will never be better because Truth is dead. The matrix of government and media are out in full force today, convincing you citizen-slaves that peaceful protest must be restored, and that the government protects and respects peaceful protest. But the government is violence, defined. All laws exist as terrorized injustice, enforced via the direct violence of guns, bondage, cage lock, and every other form of state-sponsored terrorism.
The racism and classism of the state is targeted at every citizen-slave, from the dirt poor ghetto hood on food stamps, to the upwardly mobile college kid who knows a million dollars awaits him when dad dies, to the billionaire corporate ceo’s. The rich and middle classes must fear the anger of the poor, this is how the terrorism and universal oppression that is government, is cloaked from all conscious awareness of the middle and upper classes.
The poor must fear each other, so that they embrace the slave shackle of institutionalized poverty, tempered by the insane promise of a better existence upon death via the god myth, and the perverse decrees that if they only agree to suffer and struggle, obey and bow down, they might be allowed to someday, as old men and women, reach middle class status for a few years, before they are eternally unborn via death. They must be kept dependent upon government, mesmerized by the false faces of freedom illusion. Yes, you are free to get high, just don’t break into drug stores. We will give you enough money to drink and poison yourself to death, just obey and serve the slave state!
Yes, you are free to go to school, to be further stripped of all mind autonomy, to recognize the matrix for what it is. You are free to get a job, slave. Yes, of course you are! Think of your future, get a job so that your slavery can be officially cemented. You are free to protest peacefully, to fight for and to demand equality! Make this your noble goal, make this your life purpose, my dear, great idiot!
I demand equality, so chant thousands in baltimore today and tonight. Martin Luther King is our hero, he devoted his life to try to attain equality. You idiots, you pathetic fools! Do you know why Martin Luther King is an amerikkkan hero? Do you know why every major city has named streets in ghetto neighborhoods after him? Do you know why the government has made Martin Luther King Day a federal holiday? Do you know why your media endlessly exhorts all lower class citizen-slaves to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King??
It is because Martin Luther King is the embodiment of submission and slavery. He pioneered the concept of non-violence, in response to violence. And what is violence? Violence is the state, violence is being governed, violence is the application of law itself, not to mention judicial punishment.
Martin Luther King perfected the lie that justice can be attained via the achievement of equality. What a horrific lie! And now his lie will be relentlessly exploited by the amerikkkan government, right now, and in the future, as it has already been relentlessly exploited for the past 50-70 years. A non-violent pursuit of equality!! There is no more perfect ideological delusion! The greatest enemy of freedom and justice, no matter how hard he tried, could never dream up a more effective ideology to ensure the universal enslavement and universal injustice for all, that exists in amerikkka today, that exists under all governments of the world, and that will always exist, until humanity extincts itself.
The problem is not a few terrorists posing as police officers inflicting too much injustice upon a few individuals. The problem is that law enforcement itself, is a foundational structure of governmental terrorism. The police do not protect you from harm, the police sponsor the universal harm of the state. The police allow and cause everyone to be harmed, thus inspiring every reflective act of cathartic, True Reality-based violence and harm, that the government labels as “crime”. You do not need law enforcement to protect you from crime, you need the universal criminality and victimization of governmental rule, to be abolished from planet earth.
The only valid form of protest against any incident of police brutality, is to demand the dissolution of the structure of law enforcement itself, not locally, not nationally, but globally. Protesting for and demanding police reforms and punishment for specific pigs, or for entire police departments or agencies, is both tactically and ideologically insane, and can only be rationalized by the Truth-blind, by Self-haters, and by those unable to define freedom and justice for what they are.
thought police
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Every Cop is your Murderer

Hello pathetic, brainwashed, Truth-hating puppet humans. Your puppetmasters are at it again, as they are every moment of your existence, pulling your strings, manipulating reality, sabotaging Truth, leading you down to the abyss where you spend your imaginary existence.
For the past 36-48 hours, the amerikkkan media has chosen to provide saturation coverage of the shooting of a black citizen-slave by a white cop-slave in South Carolina. The actual murder was captured on videotape, providing the journalist agents of government with a perfect excuse to maximize media coverage, for the specific purpose of aiding and abetting the amerikkkan government in concealing and rendering invisible the Forbidden Truths of policing and law enforcement.
By playing the race card, the media deploys the same divide and conquer strategy which the government of amerikkka has used since its terror-based creation, to maintain obedience and allegiance from its population of citizen-slaves, regardless of racial or ethnic background. Michael Slager, the pig, deserves no criticism or condemnation for shooting Walter Scott, the citizen-slave, in the back. Walter Scott does not deserve to be decreed a martyr or a victim of police brutality. The entire incident itself, but much more so the manner in which both the usa media and government are treating the incident, is nothing more than a malicious cloak, intended to perpetuate the perverse illusions that government allows and provides for justice, and that law enforcement has a legitimate right to exist. Neither of which is True.
In demonizing officer Michael Slager, openly and relentlessly, the media perpetuates the lie that bad police officers are punished, thereby promoting the lie that law enforcement provides for justice, and is necessary and valid as a structure. It is not. In decreeing Walter Scott a victim and martyr, the media promotes citizenship, promotes obedience to all citizen-slaves, by convincing them that injustice is punished, concealing the Forbidden Truth that the imposition of universal injustice for all is the absolute mandate of all governments, and that such universal injustice is indeed imposed upon all.
Law enforcement should not exist. There should be no police officers of any kind, local, state, or federal. Police departments are organized terrorist cells, working both independently and in direct conjunction with each other to impose the malicious, unjust, harmful, and fatal ideological and behavioral doctrines and mandates of government upon all citizen-slaves. The nexus of all terrorism is government, government terrorizes each and every human being, including the police officers it deploys as hired enforcers, goons, hitmen, and terrorizers.
The above paragraph reveals Forbidden Truth. This Forbidden Truth must be forever concealed from all contemplation, much less realization and embrace, from you, the terrorized citizen-slaves. This is why the Michael Slager/Walter Scott soap opera is being played out for you. Walter was a good man, Michael did something bad, justice must be fought for, police officers must be better trained and screened. Lets punish Michael, a tortured and destroyed ex-child brainwashed into agreeing to serve as a terrorist on behalf of his greatest enemy and creator. Let us demonize him, destroy him even more, so that we can remain forever blind to the Forbidden Truths.
Let us resolve to fight racism, to pretend to engage in an epic quest to attain and bestow equality upon everyone, ignoring the Forbidden Truth that were are all already equal: Equal victims, equal martyrs, facing the exact same equality of daily injustice, daily victimization, and the eternal nothingness of death, via the same proactive murder that you are able to directly witness via this subversively titillating video recording.
And so it goes, april 8, 2015, you all continue pretending to be alive, and the Michael Slager/Walter Scott soap opera is being scripted by your overlords even as I type these words. Black and white, victim and villian, justice and injustice, punishment for a crime, reform and progress, never again until the second after never again, never again, but in Truth always and forever. The lies never end, the illusions are solidified into reality, as the matrix of universal illusion is strengthened, rendered bulletproof, to use a cute and very valid metaphor.
No, you hypocrites. Walter Scott is not dead because he was shot by a bad cop, or because he was shot by a good cop. Walter Scott is not dead because of anything done by any cop. Walter Scott is dead because you, each and every one of you who exist as citizen of amerikkka, collectively chose to sponsor, enable, facilitate, and cause him to be proactively murdered by a fellow victim of the government and the society that you are guilty of creating, supporting, and propping up.
You are the murderers of Scott, just as you are the murderers of pig Slager, just as you sponsor the universal abuse of all children. Your demand that justice be pursued and achieved by the punishment of pig Slager, represents the ultimate cop-out, no pun intended. What you are actually demanding, is universal injustice for all, the exact thing you sponsor by being a citizen of amerikkka.
Police brutality is not worthy of any debate. Racism is not worthy of any debate. How severely individuals who harm other individuals should be punished, is not worthy of any debate. How to reform law enforcement is not worthy of any debate. These are all malicious smokescreens and distractions, straw man issues and arguments intended by government to render forever hidden and invisible, the Forbidden Truths I have revealed above.
Human beings harm others because they have been harmed, because they are victims of harm. government and 21st century human society sponsors universal child abuse, which is the intentional, deliberate harming of all children. The use of laws and law enforcement to attempt to prevent harm, is absurd on every level of sane consciousness. The only valid way to prevent harm from occuring, is to prevent every human being from being harmed. Yet government sponsors the harming of every human being, thereby causing universal harm, thereby ensuring that all humans will be harmed. Every police officer is a victim of brutal and unjust harm, simply reflecting his own harm, in harming others.
I am an anarchist because as a consciously aware victim of harm, I recognize that government is my greatest enemy, government is the instigator and direct sponsor of all harm that I and all others born human, have, do, and will suffer. Therefore, government must be destroyed, so that none of the terror structures, such as law enforcement agencies and police officers, that government has built and deploys against Me and against all other victims of harm, may exist.
If anyone has not yet viewed the government sponsored murder of Walter Scott, or is not familiar with details of the incident, you can find a nice overview here:

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Forbidden Truths Exposed by Ferguson Verdict

The number one news media story in amerikkka today, is that one pig, a formerly tortured and victimized child, was decreed by the amerikkkan government, blameless and not guilty for murdering one tortured child, and the domestic unrest which has resulted from this judicial decision.
There are so many different Forbidden Truths being concealed, rejected, exposed, and ignored, just within this one incident and the resulting media and public response, that it is difficult to know where to begin, in terms of dissecting and revealing them. First, understanding that this blog has an international audience who may not have followed this case, here is a good overview, first from a recent wikipedia entry, and second from an updated news article just published today:
It is important for all readers to understand that the Forbidden Truths I am revealing below are universally applicable to all societies, and not in any way limited to the governmental or cultural dynamics of amerikkka. No matter which government enslaves you, and no matter how its cultural constructs and genocidal history may vary from that of amerikkka, the Michael Brown child murder by the amerikkkan government, and everything which has transpired in its aftermath, reveals many universally applicable Forbidden Truths which transcend all cultural and societal illusions of difference.
Let us begin with one of the grandest of themes: Punitive punishment is always wrong, and always impossible to justify. This Forbidden Truth is extremely dangerous to all slave-based social structures, and therefore must be completely concealed from all conscious contemplation. Consider: In the wake of a supreme act of injustice: The murder by the state of a tortured and victimized child, Michael Brown, the state puts forth the deranged concept that justice can be achieved by carrying out a new and different act of supreme injustice, in direct response to the initial act of supreme injustice: The punitive punishment of Darren Wilson, who exists as nothing more than another tortured and victimized child.
All punitive punishment by a nation-state or by any organized social structure, is always wrong, supremely immortal, and impossible to justify. All punitive punishment serves the interests of the slave-state in maintaining and legitimizing the perverse notion that punishment can be utilized to achieve justice, when in Truth the infliction of any type of punishment can never do anything but perpetuate the cycle of universal injustice upon which citizenship itself, and the structure of governance, was founded and is sustained.
Further, the very concept of punitive punishment posessing any legitimacy as an individual act of emotional catharsis or intellectual instruction, within any approved social ritual, is fatally flawed and impossible to justify. Spanking is marketed by society as an acceptable and appropriate punishment for children. Verbal terrorization and threat, social shaming, chores and homework imposed upon children, are all marketed as necessary and appropriate child-rearing techniques, when in Truth they are acts of punitive punishment which harm every child and destroy all human potential to evolve, as a direct result.
The punitive punishments suffered by fellow victims Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, directly led both of them to make the stupid, Self-hating, and Self-destroying choices of the Inferior human being, directly resulting in the incident itself which resulted in Michael Brown being murdered by the state. The murderer of Michael Brown is not Darren Wilson, but the government of amerikkka, which is guilty of and responsible for destroying both of these children.
Understand how the media and the usa government completely cloaks Forbidden Truths such as I have articulated above, by the very specific and deliberate manner in which it covers and positions a news event such as this, boxing it into absurd illusions of racial and economic strife.
So now we can begin to understand a second Forbidden Truth being exposed: Racism and ethnicity addiction is actively promoted by all governments and societies, in order to allow for and actively foster the blind misdirection of justified rage and hate by individual citizen-slaves, against each other, instead of against the government itself. government destroys each and every citizen-slave, then deploys the completely artificial construct of racial division and strife, to pit destroyed victims against each other, in an epic and grand struggle intended to stretch over centuries of time, because government understands that this struggle can never achieve any positive result, because it is fatally flawed and ignores the Forbidden Truth that government is the puppetmaster, the creator, of all racial and ethnic division.
The usa regime and its puppetmaster media deliberately played up the Ferguson incident, because an opportunity to exploit racial division was recognized as useful in solidifying the misdirection of social unrest. Now, the inferiors cannot understand how encouraging social unrest can strengthen a regime. Does not encouraging social unrest weaken a regime and make it more vulnerable to sabotage and destruction from within?? No! Especially not when a regime is as powerfully integrated to the core consciousness of its citizen-slaves, as amerikkka is.
Domestic unrest rooted within and directly inspired by the Forbidden Truths, poses an absolutely grave threat to destroy government itself. That is why government actively seeks to promote domestic unrest which occurs absent all recognition, much less embrace, of Forbidden Truth. These manifestations of social unrest, and the Ferguson police murder of Michael Brown is a perfect example, strengthen regimes, by allowing them to raise artificial constructs such as racism, to new heights of public obsession, making the True enemy, and all Truth-based solutions to eradicating the enemy, impossible to even imagine or conceive of.
Race and ethnic makeup had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, usa. Universal child abuse, the slave shackle of government, the imposition of universal injustice via law, and the institutionalized contempt for all Forbidden Truth which defines the human experience of existence in the 21st century, is what caused one tortured child to murder another tortured child in Ferguson, Missouri, an act identical to millions of similar acts which occur every year all across the world, directly linking to the Forbidden Truth that each and every one of us has already been murdered by the state in certain ways, is being actively murdered on a daily, ongoing basis, and will ultimately be fully and completely murdered by the state, just as Michael Brown was.
So now we can move on to another primary Forbidden Truth: As all murder is sponsored and solicited by the State, the very notion of the state holding any individual accountable, guilty, and responsible for carrying out any act of murder, is simply insane and absurd. Darren Wilson was employed by the government of amerikkka as a police officer. The mandate of the police officer is to force citizen-slaves to conform to the terrorism of unjust law, and to directly inflict harm, up to and including murder, upon any citizen-slave who defies the terrorist law being imposed upon him, without his consent. The police officer is empowered to commit murder, by the state, by the government, just as every military soldier is so empowered. Therefore, any act of murder carried out by a police officer, is an act of murder carried out by the state, which bears absolute guilt and responsibility for it having occurred.
The concept of “legal murder” has already been fully dissected and discredited by Me in a previous essay, so I will not repeat Myself here, only to affirm that the concept that in some situations a pig may legally and appropriately kill a fellow victim while acting as hired goon for a government, while in other cases his action is illegal, inappropriate, and constitutes an act of “murder” for which he himself deserves to be punished by the state, is supremely deranged.
Law as imposed by a government is nothing more than organized criminality: The legitimization of universal suffering and injustice and harm, built upon the specific standards as set by the organized criminal enterprise that is the nation-state. government gives itself permission to steal your very life, while decreeing you a criminal for stealing a cigar, after addicting you to the toxic and deadly substance of nicotine, by overtly encouraging and rewarding its production, sale, and usage. Smoke this Forbidden Truth, as you focus upon the detail that the alleged “crime” which prompted torture victim Darren Wilson to confront fellow torture victim Michael Brown, was the theft of a box of cigars from a store.
Which leads us to still more Forbidden Truths regarding the use of monetary currency by the state to inflict universal slavery upon all, and to specifically create a caste system of economic inequality to brainwash the majority of citizen-slaves that they must protect and defend their government because it has granted them a lesser degree of monetary oppression and injustice than it has imposed upon others. The Forbidden Truth: Nobody is rich, nobody is middle-class, nobody is poor. Money has no Truth-based value, it exists simply as a diversionary tool, to cloak the supreme injustice of universal slavery which every government imposes upon every citizen and resident.
government wants you to open a store and sell cigarettes and alcohol. Deliver the instruments of death to others, even as you accept your own death at the hands of the state. And government wants the ghetto, the slum, the homeless, so you can be successfully brainwashed into believing you are rich, believing that you are different, believing you have been given something of value by the state, something to protect and defend, believing that you owe something to the state, because it has managed to convince you that others are suffering more, and that it is protecting you from their suffering, even as it is guilty of sponsoring universal suffering of and for all.
And so you can turn on CNN right now and enjoy the ongoing propaganda campaign. The blacks against the whites, the rich against the poor, the good against the bad. The blacks are upset because they are being denied justice! Oh noble cause, let them fight for justice! But they burned down a store! Now the store can’t sell deadly tobacco and alcohol. What an injustice! We must stop the violence, lets unite behind this grand idea: No more violence! Never mind that each of us is a directly victimized creation of the genocidal violence of the state of amerikkka.
Dissect what is happening right now in Ferguson, Missouri with the Alien Eye of uncompromising Forbidden Truth and you will see what the amerikkkan media is making certain you can never see and understand:
1: Your government is your greatest enemy.
2: No police force has any legitimate right to exist.
3: All punishment is injustice.
4: No nation-state has any legitimate right to punish any individual for violating any law.
5: All actions designated by a nation-state as crimes, are deceptions which serve to cover-up the criminality inherent in all governance.
6: Race and class division is a deliberate and intentional construct of government and society, to pit victims against each other.
7: Domestic unrest, in limited and controlled environments, is deliberately fomented by nation-states in order to increase patriotic allegiance of the masses.
8: No riots or other localized incidents of domestic unrest can pose any threat to a government, unless the rioters and perpetrators of violence are specifically ideated, on a conscious level, to destroy government and institute anarchistic freedom.
9: All attempts by citizens to obtain justice within a legal structure as sponsored by government, constitute absolute betrayals of Self and Truth, which only guarantee the continuation of universal injustice for all.
10: The victimization of those successfully brainwashed to serve the state, such as police officers and military soldiers, is just as great and must be just as fully acknowledged, as the victimization of anyone that these victims may harm.
11: Justice is dead. Justice is a victim of the murder that is government propaganda and brainwashing. It is not possible for any victim of injustice to achieve justice, within any state or government sponsored structure, as government exists as the foundational source and root of all injustice.
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