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Tactical Lessons From The Ongoing Joseph Jakubowski Event

Joseph Jakubowski is a tortured victim-creation of 20th and 21st century amerikkkan society and government, currently being demonized as an enemy of the state, as the regime prepares to either murder him or permanently silence his voice via cage lock. Joseph is also an aspiring Superior, as evidenced by the truths he has so graciously chosen to reveal to the world, Truths being actively censored by the amerikkkan regime in real time, right now.
Read these two articles for an overview:
There are numerous useful tactical lessons to be gleaned by analyzing this incident. Very briefly, they include:
1: Do not sacrifice a larger planned operation, for a smaller one.
2: The value of operational anonymity should not be underestimated.
3: All governments will always censor written, audio, or video recorded Forbidden Truth as best they can, therefore if a torture victim deems the mass distribution of his ideological messages to be of extreme value, he needs to go to extreme lengths to circumvent and overcome this censorship.
4: The media will always collaborate with government in censoring, withholding, and distorting all Forbidden Truth revelations in terms of exposure to the general public.
5: Truth is dead to humanity, therefore even if there is saturation exposure of primary-level Forbidden Truths to the general public, nothing will change within the society as a whole, as The Matrix of Universal Illusion always succeeds in deforming all Truth revelations to the rantings of a madman, no matter how they are presented, and no matter who presents them.
There are other tactical lessons here, but to discuss them in an open forum compromises their tactical usefulness.
“Go and worship as you usually do. We will ensure that people can worship in a peaceful manner and safely.”—–Terrorist agent of the religiously fundamentalist regime of amerikkka.
Joseph Jakubowski Manifesto excerpts:
“Government was created to simply take the people’s eye off the priests and churches.”–Joseph Jakubowski
“This illusion we live in is not free! This is slavery!”–Joseph Jakubowski
Wishing Joseph all the best!
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How Many Shooters at San Bernardino Mass Murder Site?

As most of you should know by now, there is a dynamic, breaking news story out of San Bernardino, California, usa. Gunmen, yes gunmen, according to most news media and law enforcement reports, stormed the Inland Regional Center, a large building that houses local government offices and provides local government services, and opened fire with long guns, killing at least 14 humans, and wounding at least 14 more.
The gunmen successfully fled the scene and remain at large, unlike the vast majority of mass murder incidents which occur in amerikkka. The getaway appears to have been “clean”, especially given that 6-7 hours have passed since the rampage occurred.
One of the more intriguing and unresolved details concerning this massacre, is the number of gunmen who carried it out. The news we are being given is that there appears to be more than one gunman, and very possibly three gunmen. We must be cautious in jumping to conclusions, because the media and the pigs always seem to get a lot of details wrong, in the hours and days immediately following a high profile crime event like this.
But, for the sake of argument, let us assume that there were three gunmen. If so, this provides a significant tactical advantage to the three gunmen, especially for as long as they remain anonymous and unidentified. In terms of further tactical actions, and confronting law enforcement if and when they are located, there is an operational advantage in their favor.
If they split up, they have an advantage in terms of spreading the pigs thin, and prolonging their reign of terror. If they stay together, they are at greater risk of being located, but they retain a better capacity to fight back and take out law enforcement agents if and when they are located and confronted. Further, if they stay together, their capacity to successfully plan and execute another mass murder rampage, before they are located or identified by law enforcement, increases.
I don’t want to delve into this detail much further, especially since there is no official confirmation of the number of attackers, but it is very interesting to contemplate the tactical advantages that a trio of unidentified at-large gunmen might enjoy.
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Thriving Under Cage Lock: A Guide for Superiors

Everyone who seeks Truth, and everyone who aspires to become a Superior, should expect and prepare to face every imaginable form of offensive attack against him, from his greatest enemy: Human society and government. Physical cage lock, be it via the jail and prison system, or the involuntary mental institution detainment system, both of which are operated by the root structure of universal slavery and oppression known as government, is one of the most common and pervasive forms of attack carried out against Truth-seekers and Superior thinkers and activists.
The purpose of the diseased and deranged structure of socially sponsored cage lock is to terrorize obedience to the hive mind of universal injustice, and to silence, harm, and destroy all voices of Truth which challenge the hive mind of universal injustice. There is no greater injustice than cage lock, because cage lock is a primary root under which thousands of other forms of injustice are sheltered, protected, and maintained.
The purpose of this essay is not to argue that cage lock is or can ever be appropriate, beneficial, or desirable. Indeed, the sponsors, hosts, and supporters of the structure of cage lock, and this includes the zoo and “animal park”, are the only creatures diseased enough to deserve to be physically locked inside of cages, even though their created victimhood status remains absolutely valid.
The vast majority of humans do not anticipate, nor do they plan and prepare, for being subjected to physical cage lock. This is because the vast majority of humans are pathetic drones, mindless sheeple, docile slaves, and first and foremost, haters of Self.
Those of us who understand our existence to be a noble quest for Truth, know that involuntary cage lock is a constant threat we face, and this goes far beyond mere personal violation of the terrorist laws and rules being imposed upon us by the terror structure of governmental statehood. All Truth quests, in and of themselves, pose an existential threat to the hive mind of society, which in response, constantly seeks to silence, demonize, and destroy any and all individuals it identifies as overt seekers of Truth. Therefore, we must understand that avoiding the injustice of cage lock has nothing to do with obeying laws, and with submitting to the authority of our terrorizers. Avoiding the injustice of cage lock requires the abandonment of our Truth quest itself, which is unacceptable to any sane thinker.
And so, as lovers of Self and of Truth, we must anticipate and plan for being subjected to involuntary cage lock, be it short-term or long-term. We must fortify our brilliant brains on a tactical level, so that we thrive under this form of injustice, to the same degree that we thrive under all other forms of injustice, such as the absurd myth of being able to enjoy personal freedom as a mindless drone, a prisoner of mind identified as the respected citizen, the law-abiding slave who fits into his malicious, diseased, and deranged society.
I have personally been subjected to both involuntary caging under the psychiatric system of injustice, many years ago as a child, and the prison system of injustice, many years later. I thrived within both environments, maximizing both opportunities to grow and expand My mind, My consciousness, My understanding of the human condition, and My narcissistic love of Self. The time I spent suffering the injustice of involuntary cage lock has strengthened Me on many levels, and will always play a positive role in My experience of My existence.
The Superior knows and understands, on every level of consciousness, that no human being has ever been, is now, or can ever be, free. Being allowed to exit from a physical cage, no more grants freedom to anyone, than being allowed to choose whether you are eaten by a 600 pound grizzly bear, or a 500 pound tiger. Physical cage lock serves many malicious societal goals, but first and foremost, it helps to foster the absurd illusion that individuals can achieve and enjoy freedom, as citizen-slaves to a government.
In many ways, I experienced greater freedom while being subjected to physical cage lock, than the time I have spent outside of physical cage lock. But of course this “experience” does not translate to actually having been free. Therefore we must not covet cage lock, even if we can and do thrive better under cage lock than we do while trapped among the Unwashed Masses within the illusion of freedom. Cage lock is an injustice, it is an attempt to harm, silence, and destroy us. Our Self-obligation must be to thrive within all unjust environments imposed upon us, even as we condemn their imposition, and even as we make the best of every such environment via tactical preparation and planning.
Let us begin with the psychological aspects of cage lock, and let us be clear that the tactics I outline below apply equally to both involuntary psychiatric cage lock, and involuntary jail/prison cage lock. Further, all of my tactics are useful for both short-term and long-term cage lock, although some of the physical recommendations might be most valuable/suitable for those facing long-term or lifetime cage lock.
We begin with the psychological component because all Truth is mind-based, and all capacity to thrive must originate within intellectual reasoning and comprehension of the Forbidden Truths. All of human existence consists of an endless series of prisons and cages, shackles and chains. The umbilical cord is a shackle. The family unit is the most devastatingly harmful of all cages. The nation-state is an institution run by the criminally insane, with a barbed wire fence higher than anything you will find at any jail, prison, or mental institution. School is a prison which chains the mind of every child. Marriage is a shackle which imprisons the body and the spirit. Every romantic and interpersonal relationship is a suffocating weight, dragging the individual down to a grave of dependency and Self-hatred. Death is the strongest of all shackles, holding every human being in a fatal embrace, forcing every individual to pretend he exists, to pretend he has a future, to pretend that he is free.
Every human being is always trapped within multiple cages. No human being is ever free, ever! Not even for a single second. So let understand this Forbidden Truth, because only within this understanding is the terror threat of cage lock rendered impotent, an absurd pretense feeding upon a universal human illuson and delusion. Let us understand that within Forbidden Truth, and notwithstanding the injustices and traumas of physical cage lock, such cage lock offers positive opportunities to thrive within freedom of mind, autonomy of time, and ability to achieve personal isolation.
The Superior has no fear of physical cage lock. The Superior knows that within the achievement of an untouchable mind and limitless love of Self, a cage lock existence offers some very real advantages, along with some disadvantages, in comparison to existing outside of physical cage lock. Neither environment is worthy of preference, because injustice, slavery, and imprisonment is a universal weapon and is proactively utilized by society and government to inflict universal harm upon us all.
Only inferiors, addicted to substances and addicted to people and addicted to relationships and addicted to false reality perceptions, are terrorized by the threat of physical cage lock. Against the untouchable Superior, this threat is impotent. You cannot harm Me, because you cannot touch Me. The physical cage keeps others out, just as much as it keeps the cage lock victim in. 
The universe of Self can much more easily and powerfully expand under physical cage lock, than it can under the illusion of freedom. I experienced great leaps forward in mind expansion during both of My periods of physical cage lock, so much so that I very seriously considered choosing to spend time in the future under cage lock, as a preference over the greater stresses and impositions of being “out here” with you humans. In the end I chose not to. Only because to voluntarily choose cage lock would be a form of collaboration with My greatest enemy, the society and government guilty of My victimization, and such collaboration, even if personally beneficial in some ways, is ideologically and philosophically unacceptable.
I know that the vast majority of you humans can never thrive under cage lock. But you should understand the reason for this. It is not because physical cage lock is a terrible thing in comparison to your current experience of daily existence. It is because you are blind to the Forbidden Truths of what constitutes personal freedom. It is because you are addicted to illusions and delusions of imaginary freedoms which are in Truth, slave shackles. You are slaves pretending to be free, and you maintain this pretense by buying into the terrorist lie that physical cage lock is a terrible thing that must be avoided at all costs.
Know this: It is your desperate efforts to avoid physical cage lock, which directly serve to maintain the horrific and unbreakable chain of eternal imprisonment of mind and of evolutionary potential which destroys each and every one of you, from umbilical cord to grave, every day, at every moment. Your cage is far more horrific than any jail, prison, or mental institution cage could ever be, and the greatest horror of all is that you cannot comprehend this Forbidden Truth.
Let us move on to the practical side of physical cage lock: The negative physical consequences, and how they can be mitigated via both proactive planning, and direct action on the part of the cage lock detainee. We must begin with the psychological aspect: Self-love. Self-love is the most vital of all weapons that the individual must cultivate and perfect. If you love yourself limitlessly and unconditionally, you will fight to protect, preserve, and enhance your well-being at all times, in all circumstances. Physical cage lock provides your enemy with an opportunity to try to damage your health, endanger your safety and well-being, and victimize you via the denial of proper medical care, nutrition, and a comfortable living environment.
As a lover of Self, you can and you must battle your enemy at every turn, in full recognition of the war you are engaged in, the same war that every individual not subjected to cage lock faces. Only the details might be different, the nature of the war is exactly the same.
As a victim of physical and sexual abuse, I have always hated being touched by any human in any manner. This inspired Me to embrace, among other things, lifelong virginity as a glorious life path choice. I despise being touched, it is repulsive beyond all measure! And yet, I go to the dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings three times per year, more than the recommended twice yearly examination. And I go to the doctor every year for a full physical examination, even allowing him/her to touch my private parts, despite the immense homicidal rage that I experience in all these circumstances.
Why do I subject Myself to these traumas?? Because I love Myself, and will never allow My health and well-being to be negatively compromised or endangered, when it is within My power to try to preserve and protect and enhance My well-being. While subjected to cage lock, Superiors must maintain this same immense and untouchable love of Self, by standing up for and demanding proper medical care, nutrition, and a positive, healthy living environment.
To be certain, there are some things beyond the control of the cage lock detainee. He cannot search Angie’s List and Yelp to choose the top-rated local area dentist and doctor, as I can and do. But he can demand medical care, seek out properly nutritious food, limited as the choices may be. He can demand a personal cell with no roommates, and if this is denied him, he can and should physically attack and/or kill any roommate imposed upon him against his will.
The cage lock detainee has more power over his environment than most humans think. He only needs to stand up, within the Forbidden Truth glory of righteous love of Self, and demand what he deserves. Physical isolation is easy to achieve, and only an inferior would deny Himself this isolation. Medical care might be substandard, but it can be demanded and only rarely would it be denied outright. The nutritional value of regular meals may be substandard, but almost always there are options to obtain vitamins and better quality food, albeit at financial cost.
Self-love must be the weapon deployed by the cage lock detainee, in his chosen behaviors, in his demands and in his interactions with his oppressors.
And now, let us move forward to a dissection of how the Superior should prepare in advance for physical cage lock, on a physical level. These tactical suggestions are especially useful for those who might face the possibility of long-term, or even lifelong cage lock, in the near future.
Elective surgery can be difficult to obtain while under cage lock, and the prisoner is rarely able to choose his medical provider. Therefore it is an excellent idea to carefully contemplate undergoing elective surgery for medical conditions such as cataracts or hernias, prior to engaging in any behaviors that might be expected to potentially result in long-term cage lock.
Tooth decay is one of the more likely problems to be faced by the long-term cage lock detainee, and once again, dental care provided to those under cage lock can be substandard. An excellent, but expensive way to avoid this problem is to have all natural teeth extracted, and replaced by dental implants, which do not decay. A complete set of high quality dental implants impervious to decay, as offered by a top level provider such as Clear Choice Dental, currently costs approximately $42,000.00 USD. Not cheap, but imagine the pleasure of never having to face another cavity, or worry about dental decay while under cage lock. Check out this great new option here:

About Dental Implants

Having to rely on humans is never a good thing. But for those facing long-term cage lock, establishing a network of ideological supporters who might be willing to deposit funds into the prison account of the detainee, in order to allow him to enjoy a better quality of life, is a tactical option worth considering.
A far better option, and this applies even if the amount of funds an individual possesses is limited, is to establish a living trust fund for yourself. When established legally, such a fund makes it more difficult for society and government to seize your assets when you are cage locked, than is the case with bank accounts, real estate, or other assets held only under your direct name.
Establishing direct contact with an attorney prior to your cage lock, is also an effective way to try to protect your rights and retain high quality legal counsel. In many cases, an attorney will agree to hold specific documents under seal, never looking at them himself, unless and until you, as the client, advise or instruct him to open and view the material. This is also a very effective way to control and direct the dissemination of personal writings or videos, after you are subjected to cage lock.
There are other tactical actions that I would recommend, but in the interests of not potentially compromising their effective usage, I choose not to discuss them in this publicly open essay. The bottom line is, Superiors should never fear cage lock. Superiors should never allow the external threat of cage lock to control or dictate their behavioral choices, but Superiors should spend a great deal of time and effort analyzing and researching how to best mitigate the potentially negative impacts upon Self, both physical and psychological, of involuntary cage lock, and take directly proactive steps, such as I have outlined in this essay, to counter and to attempt to avoid, these negative impacts.
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Operational Tactics 101: Never Threaten Anyone

In the war of life, there are many tactical rules of operation. Most of them, I will never discuss with any human being, because such discussion, in and of itself, could potentially compromise the efficiency and usefulness of the tactical rule itself. The first rule of proper operational tactics is: Do not allow others to know or to understand the tactical rules you embrace.
So I have spend the past 15 minutes trying to figure out an important, but second-level tactical rule, which could be openly revealed, be of value to others, yet not compromise the first and foremost tactical rule of operations I have revealed above. What I came up with is: Never threaten anyone.
This is a tactical rule of operation I embrace, and that all who are tactically astute should embrace. It is very obvious to Me, as an important tactical rule, yet it is clear that most humans are unable to recognize or appreciate its value. I cannot say that there is no loss of tactical advantage in revealing this tactical rule, but the loss is minimal, unlike the vast majority of my hundreds of other tactical rules. And so I am sharing it here.
Never threaten anyone, because threatening others is a tactical mistake, always and in all circumstances. Doing so undermines the advantage that you, as a tactical operative, enjoy. Threatening an individual or a structure, alerts others to adopt a defensive posture which undermines the potential effectiveness of your tactical operation. Further, it provides a potential pathway by which your enemy may be able to utilize its legal system of institutionalized injustice, to derail and interfere with your tactical operation.
Inferior humans resort to threats because they lack the MindPower to realize achievement of their objectives as thoughts and experiences internal to their True Reality of brain function. Inferior humans feel the need to obtain pleasure via the real or imagined reactions of others. Superiors obtain pleasure within their own independent achievements of mind, and are in no way dependent upon the reactions of others. Inferior humans are ruled by emotional impulse. Superiors are not ruled, period. Superiors rule over their own minds, carving out a behavioral path within which they meet their own needs, and achieve their tactical objectives, with no compromise of personal safety, welfare, or forward-looking personal potential.
Superiors understand and know that you can terrorize others, without personally threatening them. And if terrorizing others is a legitimate objective, it should be achieved absent the personal threat. The personal threat is an offensive action which creates and exposes a defensive vulnerability, without providing a positive benefit-to-cost ratio.
In uniquely specific circumstances, a misdirected personal threat, immediately prior to the initiation of an offensive operation, could conceivably provide a useful tactical advantage. This would fall within the intermediate level of operational tactics, and therefore cannot be further discussed. I mention it only to point out that there is a minor difference between a “sincerely” directed threat, and a deliberately misdirected threat. The sincerely directed threat never provides a tactical advantage, and therefore must never be operationally deployed. The deliberately misdirected threat, only in very rare and uniquely specific circumstances, could conceivably provide a tactical advantage, but only when deployed after careful and full-spectrum tactical analysis of all potential negative costs and impacts. In other words, the tactical rule of Never Threaten Anyone, must still be applied.
To the tactical operative, within the scope of fundamental, primary level tactics of operation, all personal threats should be avoided and rejected, within conscious, deliberated choice of mind ownership, with the understanding that the achieved or perceived benefits of the threat, do not outweigh the actual and very real advantages of maintaining covert operational silence and anonymity.
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Tactical Analysis of the 9/11 Attacks

It is beautifully appropriate that I choose March 20th, 2015, the date that you humans consider to be the first day of spring, and celebrate as a renewal of your fatally flawed illusion of life, to offer up this tactical analysis of one of the most successful days and actions of human initiated destruction in the history of this doomed species. I refer to September 11, 2001, when 19 tortured victim creations of human society and government, directly, intentionally, and proactively harvested a total of 2,977 other humans.
This brief essay will provide a tactical overview of the primary components that came into play to allow and cause the specific revenge attack of 9/11/2001 to achieve a most impressive victim count in terms of fatalities, in comparison to all previous and later date revenge attacks by human victims. But let us first acknowledge that these attacks did not come anywhere close to maximizing human potential for fatal carnage. The fact that this incident stands as the most successful revenge attack by a singular or group of human beings, in known human history, speaks to the failure of humans to maximize their homicidal potential.
That being said, the 9/11 attacks achieved an impressive fatality count, in comparison to other planned and executed mass casualty revenge attacks, and it is well worth exploring the tactical factors and elements that came into play to allow this fatality count to be achieved. So, here we go:

  • Element of suprise: The 9/11 attacks successfully utilized an element of surprise which is essential to maximizing carnage. The coordinated hijacking of four large aircraft and their use as weapons of mass destruction was not expected or anticipated by any of the law enforcement structures of the amerikkkan government. This element of surprise played an integral role in helping the attack to be successful, and this is evidenced by the fact that any similar attempt made today, utilizing the exact same operational tactics, would stand a far smaller chance of achieving similar success.
  • Undetected and coordinated conspiracy: The 9/11 revenge attacks are an example of what rarely occurs and is difficult to achieve: An undetected, coordinated conspiracy among a group of human beings which plays out to its operational conclusion absent all governmental and law enforcement detection and intervention. 19 active players, backed up by a command and control structure which involved at least 3 additional players, worked together to achieve the end result of the 9/11 attacks. Due to the inferior nature of humans, these types of organized conspiracies targeting government and society rarely achieve success, and are therefore overtly encouraged by government, over lone wolf attacks. What we witnessed on 9/11 was the rare example of a conspiracy properly designed and executed, and not undermined by the functional inferiority of the typical and general human populace.
  • Suicidal ideation of the attackers: Let there be no doubt, the absolute willingness and desire of the 19 9/11 attackers to personally die, played an integral role in allowing for the achievement of their high harvest count. The 9/11 attacks were a suicide mission, all 19 attackers knew that, operationally, the only way their attacks could prove successful, would be for them to personally perish. Without the overt intention to personally perish, it would have been impossible for these specific attacks to be carried out in the specific way that they were.
  •  Innovative tactics: Every successful attempt to harvest humans on a mass scale must involve a specific tactical plan. The tactical plan of 9/11 was innovative, in a way that goes beyond merely being different from previous tactical plans of other seekers of vengeance. Specifically, an object not normally thought of as a weapon of mass destruction, a large aircraft, was recognized as being potentially useful as a weapon of mass destruction, and was deployed as such, in a specific plan which maximized its potential lethality.
  • Margin of error accounted for: The revenge attack of 9/11 were specifically planned to allow for a margin of error to occur, without resulting in catastrophic failure of the planned mass casualty outcome. Specifically, there were four separate and distinct components to the attack, and even the absolute failure of one or more components, would not have necessarily derailed the overall attack in a catastrophic manner. For example, even if a potential hijacker had been stopped by airport security and that specific flight cancelled or delayed, it is unlikely that the conspiracy plot as a whole would have immediately unravelled, and therefore the other three hijackings would have gone forward as planned.

Just as importantly, the operational failure of any of the four hijackings, once underway, would not and did not undermine the potential of success for the other hijackings. Each hijacking was designed to occur separate and distinct from the others, to stand on its own, with a singular failure only impacting 25% of the operational potential of the overall event. Even two or three failures, compromising 50% or 75% of the operation, still allowed for the achievement of an impressive fatality count.
In point of fact, this operation suffered a 25% failure rate, in terms of united airlines flight 93 crashing into an empty field, killing a total of only 40 people, yet this failure in no way compromised the much greater success of the remaining 75% of the operation. It is worth noting that even if all four hijacked planes had crashed into empty ground, causing no on-ground fatalities, we would still have had 227 fatalities, not including the 19 actors, which would not allow for the overall operation to be deemed a failure, when judged free of bias.

  • Good luck: Yes, good luck. It is clear to any unbiased thinker that good luck, and it would even be fair to use the phrase blind luck, played a significant role in helping the 9/11 attack achieve its high fatality count. It was impossible for the strategic planners of the 9/11 attack to know for certain, or even to logically assume, that one or both of the world trade center towers would actually collapse, in response to an aircraft being flown into them. Not even the most learned building engineer could have known exactly how the buildings would respond to such a trauma, even if given factually unknowable in advance information such as the exact speed of the aircraft, angle of impact, or location/building height of impact.

If one or both of the world trade center towers had not actually collapsed, the fatality count would have been much lower, there is no doubt about that. In fact, the overall harvest count might have been as low as 500 , or even less, if the entire incident had played out exactly as it did, with the only difference being that neither tower collapsed. The strategic planners of the 9/11 attack may well have hoped to cause both towers to collapse, but if they were logical thinkers and tacticians, they should not have assumed this would occur, even assuming direct strikes to both towers. Therefore, what we have here, even given the 25% failure of flight 93, was a “best case scenario” which did involve an absolute element of good luck, allowing the fatality count to reach the 2,977 mark.

  • Strategic planning and execution: The 9/11 attack plan was good, both in terms of chosen targets and in terms of operationally training and preparing the attackers, mentally and physically. The plan contained built-in redundancies to compensate for isolated failures, which in fact did occur and were compensated for. The execution of the plan itself, was also good. All 19 hijackers successfully bypassed airport security. None of them betrayed the plot itself, either intentionally or accidently, as would be expected given the nature of humans. Once aboard the aircraft, tactical actions were good and successful, even taking into account the ultimate failure of the four hijackers on flight 93 to successfully reach their desired destination. They still succeeded in bringing the plane down. In terms of piloting their aircraft, we see excellent training and retention of knowledge by the three pilots who did reach their destinations and made impact exactly upon their chosen building targets.

To conclude, the 9/11 attacks are an example of good tactical planning and execution. They cannot be “redone”, however. This type of attack can only achieve results on this scale, as a singular, uniquely planned event utilizing the element of surprise both in time and in specific tactics. It is always possible to nitpick details, in terms of critique. For example, the three most successful hijackings utilized five hijackers. The one “failed” hijacking utilized only four hijackers. Perhaps it would have been more successful, if five hijackers had been used?
No tactical action can ever be “perfect”. It must be judged by results achieved, and reasonable potential for the achieved results. Analyzed fairly and objectively, the 9/11 attack must be given credit for being innovative, well-planned, well-executed, and successful beyond even the reasonable expectations of those who planned and executed it.
For anyone who might need to be brought up to speed, no pun intended, on the exact events of 9/11/2001, a very good factual overview can be found here:
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Tactical Philosophy, Lesson #1

Every existence is an eternal war. Such is the reality that humanity has constructed for itself and for all of its created victims. Therefore, embracing this Forbidden Truth, we must, at every moment, maximize our tactical awareness so as to make decisions, at all times, which exalt Self and Truth, defending against the eternal war being waged against each of us.
Philosophy and operational tactics must be melded as one, blended together to achieve an understanding of mind which directly translates to tactical decisions and to chosen tactical actions. The Superior approaches his existence via the harmonious melding of brilliant philosophical Truths and the amoral ideology of Self-exaltation via tactical decisions maximized to preserve Self, at all costs.
The right to personal vengeance is a sacred right, but it is no more important than the obligation to proactively seek to protect Self from the justified vengeance of others, even as you fully embrace the right of all victims to seek personal vengeance.
The following quote expresses this duality of mind, of understanding, of choice, and of action, with enigmatic clarity and accuracy:

“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”–Niccolo Machiavelli

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